Combine multiple JPGs into 1 JPG for standard report

I am creating a standard report and I have to include some pictures. Since I cannot align or using any of those functions, is there a way I can combine two pics (place them side by side) using picture functions and call them as 1 picture into the report ?
Has anyone used standard report for making decent sized report with bunch of pictures ?
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I am not sure if this is what you need, but you'll tell me ...
I made the attached VIs a while ago when I was still a trainee, basically, feed it with a folder path that contains the images you want to bind and it might only work with bmp images but it will be easy to change it to jpg or else.
Also, when I didi that I was to rebuild an image from triggered linear camera so maybe image must have the same hight in pixel... I don't remember, you might have to check this and maybe to perform a resize before binding...
Good luck
Hope this helps
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    If you want, I can send the file to you.

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    You can not automatically turn off this action nor can you remove the 'file_name.pdf' heading, but you could add a button or menuitem to remove the 'file_name.pdf' from the bookamarks. Yes, it is one more step to perform when combining PDFs, but is you want until you have all of the PDFs combined you only need do it once.
    Removing filename bookmarks created by Acrobat by Sean Stewart
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    "With the release of Acrobat 6 came the ability to create a composite (binder) document from multiple files, (i.e. File > Create PDF > From Multiple Files.) When this is done, Acrobat automatically inserts a new top level bookmark at the start of each new file. The bookmark title will correspond to the source filename of the source file. While this level of separation can be helpful, it is counterproductive when the user wants the bookmark tree in the merged document to be continuous.
    "Here's a sample JavaScript to remove the top level bookmarks from the bookmark tree. This script will look for a ".pdf" extension to decide whether to remove the bookmark."
    With some additional coding you can add menu item or toolbar button.

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    Hi Priya,
      You can do this by merging the requets.
       1. goto Se10 and right click on the request and seelct merge requests.
       2. It will ask you from request and to request. Give the request names.
       3. After merging first request contents will be added to second request and
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      Like that you can merge 3 requests to one request.
      Let me know if you want more info.  
    Thanks & Regards,

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    Thanks & Regards,

    Delivery in STO is created for single order and for same delivery date, same delivery no. for different delivery date and  for multiple STO is not possible and its not logically correct,since after creation of delivery you will be doing picking and packing and Goods Issue.
    Please check

  • Excel Output For Standard Report In R12

    Hi Experts,
    My Client wants Excel Output for Standard Reports ( ex:-Open Purchase Order Report (by cost center)_xml)
    I changed the default output to Excel in Template of xml publisher administrator Responsibility.
    Now it is showing the Excel output, but The layout of report is not same as layout which in text output of standard report.
    Please guide me is there any solution to develop the reports layout in ms-excel using xml file rather than rtf template.

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for your replay.
    Generating the new rtf template which is same as standard layout is difficult task for us. Actually we have 120 reports which have same requirement.
    Is there any other solution for this . please guide me
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    Are these files fillable forms?
    Could you need to combine more than 100 MB of files?

  • Append or combine multiple IDOCs into a single IDOC file

    Hi All,
    We are implementing multiple new payment types that will generate IDOC files for us to send to the bank.  To keep the cost to the minimum, the requirement is to combine multiple IDOCs to a single file.
    I'd like to know the most efficient way to complete this task.  Also, I am new to this forum, please let me know if I need to include additional information.
    Your help will be deeply appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Joanne T.

    Hi Milind,
    One way you can do this is generate each report in PDF or Postscript, and then use Adobe Acrobat Distiller to combine the files into one PDF document.

  • How can I combine multiple pdfs into one document?

    I need to consolidate multiple docs into one.  How do I do that?

    It's pretty easy. Open multiple PDF documents in Apple Preview that came with your Mac. Choose View/Thumbnails so you can see the page thumbnail icons. Select any number (or all) of the page thumbnail icons of one document and drag them to any point in the thumbnails of another document.
    For example you can drag page 6 of one PDF between pages 40 and 41 of another PDF doc. But it sounds like you want to select all pages of one PDF and drag them to the end of another PDF doc.
    If you need more powerful document combining you can use PDFpen or Adobe Acrobat Professional, but they cost money.

  • How to Combine multiple files into the one file?

    Hi all,
    How do I combine multiple canon hf10 avchd files into the one file with a new extension. No need to be compressed.
    Afterwards, I also want to split this combined file to original files.
    Need Help!

    Yes, angelanna. You can merge or split your video file via FCP sequence.
    ahaah, maybe I think angelanna would like to get the resulting file with MTS format because he mentioned “No need to be compressed”. Are you asking for this, angelanna?
    If so, a simple MTS files managing and editing tool  is needed. Maybe you can have a try the Mac version of Aunsoft Final Mate for managing HD camcorder footages. I just downloaded its free trial version and it offers a simple way of garping footages directly  from camcorder. And also it provides a attractive feature to join flawlessly and split accurately native MTS files for video file output with original MTS format.
    Maybe this is the tool cwhich an help you out, angelanna.
    Enjoy your video.

  • KSBB transaction - text to be added for standard reports

    We have a requirement of changing / filling the texts for the Statndard reports and User defined reports in the KSBB report tree.
    Client has provided an excel sheet containg the report texts for Languages DE, EN, ES, TR, ZH and KO.
    We could see the descriptions if we login into DE,EN,ES,TR but for Languages ZH and KO it appears like below in the Production system - with BLANK description:
    Wheras, we have values in our development system for these as below:
    Cost center Accounting
        Plan / Acutal comparisons
           Cost centers: Actual/Plan/Variance  (Standard Report : S_ALR_87013611)
    The question is how to IMPORT these values from development system (also with values given in the Excel sheet) to the production system above.
    PS: client also mentioned like "for the standard reports it is only necessary to import the reports from client 000" does this have any relevance to this above issue?
    Request you to provide solution to the above issue. Also, please let me know in case of  further explanation required for analysis.
    With Regards,
    Ravi Raghavan

    Hi Ravi,
    Can you try in the following IMG path.. I never faced this, but gut feel says importing report from 000 should help
    IMG Path is Controlling > Cost Center Accounting > Information System > Standard Reports
    Ajay M

  • Adding Vendor Descrption for  standard report in  mb51.........

       i am using MB51  Standard Report..
    i want  to add the vendor description to  this standard report...
    please suggest in  any procedure..
    hw can i write coding  for  add the descrption in  satndard program.
    Thanks & Regards..

    Better to copy the standard report prog into Z prog and modify that.

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