Combined sales orders to one delivery

is there a way other than vl10c to combine delivery and make one bill, I mean this is background and when combine three sales orders and one delivery document and when in delivery document says "in process"
any foreground process?? if yes then what are the steps please tell me

Split Invoice,in that case, please check the following in the two sale orders whether they are same.
1) Payer
2) Inco Term
3) Payment Term
4) Shipping Conditions
5) Exchange rate at header level
If either of the above differs in the two sale orders, then you will get invoice split.
You can use split analysis to review why the system has split a billing document. It compares two billing documents and lists the fields which have differing contents.
To display the split analysis for one of these screens, proceed as follows:
1. Enter the number of the first billing document that you wish to compare.
2. Choose Environment
--> Split analysis.
Enter the number of the second billing document which you wish to compare to the first in the dialog box.
3. Enter the billing document number and choose Continue.
The system displays the Billing document split analysis log. It is made up of three parts. The first shows the header partners and header fields which are different in the two documents while the second and third columns show the respective values for these fields...
But for comination of delivery what ever transaction above are the ones available.

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  • Can't combine Sales Orders into One Delivery

    A customer has started sending us 850's for their products.  Each 850 creates a new Sales Order from the ORDERS IDoc.
    We can not combine two different Sales Orders into one Delivery even if all the data is identical other than the Order Number itself.  The Error Message is VL067.
    The log reveals that the only data difference is the Address number.  Each time a new Sales Order is built SAP creates a new Address Number even though the customer is the same, and then it won't let you combine those two Sales Orders into one Delivery because the Adderss Number is different.
    We either need to make SAP stop creating a new Address for the same Customer, or we need to make SAP ignore the difference in Address Number when combining them into one Delivery.
    Any ideas?

    Hello Shiva,
    My apologies - I am too focused and forgot to say thank you for your tip.  I appreciate your time.
    I have discovered that the address check is only made if the value of ADRDA in VBPA is B or E, which both mean that the address was manually entered - actually, it came in via IDoc.
    Does anyone know how to control that value so it is not B or E?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Combing multiple sales order into one delivery - help needed!

    basically, this is what im doing and maybe someone can direct me in the right direction?
    i goto vl10c, enter the shipping point and then goto the sales order tab and enter one sales order in sales document 1st field and then in the second field for sales document i enter the second sales order. it then opens up a list of the 2 sales order and i can check mark one or both sales order here. after i check mark both, im not sure what to do to combine the 2 sales order into one delivery document. anyone???

    I will suggest you to go through the link []
    I request you to search the SD forum before posting the issues. You will get plenty of treads on this subject.
    Check the required confiquration for "combing multiple sales order into one delivery" and if still problem persists then you post the error you are getting for resolution.
    Best Regards,
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    Edited by: Bashir on Oct 16, 2009 8:58 AM

  • Combine purchase orders on one delivery

    I´ve a problem to combine purchase order positions from different purchase orders together on one single delivery. This should be similar the order combination indicator in customer orders.
    In the moment I get the Handling Units pack data in the shipment from the external warehouse. Different delivery positions can be packed together into a HU. This makes it impossible to get the pack data from the transport into the inbound delivery where it is requested for the EWM.
    Now the idea is to have just one delivery on one shipment to make it easier to get the pack date on the delivery.
    Thanks for your ideas.
    Kind regards

    HI Dieter Irmler,
    Please refer NOTE: 386340: Grouping purchase orders into one delivery using Vl10*.
    Refer: Combine stock transfer orders with different delivery dates into 1 delivery
              VL10B - Create several outbound deliveries for ... | SCN
    Hope it helps..

  • Combine Sales Orders into one invoice.

    Hi friends,
    My invoices are order related. When I try to combine Sales Orders they are split because of different Assignment No., Reference No., Different Partners, Division and Payment Reference. The Sales Orders have same Payer, Payment terms, Incoterm.
    What should be the routine to combine Sales Order into a single invoice if the Sales Org, Distribution Channel, Sold to Party, Billing date  is same irrespective of the other fields.  Please advise/.

    Thanks Lakshmipathi for the reply. I tried this option, now split analysis shows the following :
    "Split due to different header data
    Combination criteria in the bi   00341A27110000931  00341A2711000932
    Referenece document number  4600000363    4600000362
    Payment reference                  4600000363    4600000362."
    How do i avoid the split due to these.
    Please advise.

  • Multiple Sales Order in one Delivery Order

    Is it possible to create a delivery order with multiple sales order in it ? Does it need any additional configuration or the basic SD Module in SAP can support this kind of transaction?
    Anyone can advise me on this issue as my experience in SAP SD Module is not more than a year. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Hi Heng,
      The sales orders can be combined in one delivery if the following parameters are same for those orders:
    1) Delivery date for the materials( schedule line tab)
    2) Ship to party is same for them
    3) Shipping point is same for all of them.
    If all the above parameters are same then you can goto transaction VL10A and can put your aboce 3 parameters and execute the transaction.
    All the orders will have one delivery order in that case.
    Reward points if it helps.

  • Delivery of two sale order in one delivery

    Hiii Guru's,
                      Can we make one delivery for two sale order of same customer?
    Plz reply fast.
    Will assign points.

    Yes, its possible. In delivery make Add new, select customer and then Copy From button on right down corner. Then select all orders you want and click ok.

  • SD scenario (collect few sale order into one delivery or TO)

    I am looking for following SD scenario.
    customer send as few orders
    order-1 material-1 quantity-10 input date 01.12.2009  req delivery date 20.12.2009
    order-2 material-1 quantity-15 input date 03.12.2009  req delivery date 20.12.2009
    order-3 material-1 quantity-20 input date 05.12.2009  req delivery date 20.12.2009
    This order should be processed by ATP and reserve stock separately according input date.
    start of problem----
    But our warehouse need  single item  (quantity 45)  in transfer order document  to optimize internal processes (pack processing VS single pc. processing).
    Any ideas?

    Yes it is possible to have single delivery for many sales orders provided you have similar criteria between sales order and delivery like:
    Shipping Point
    Inco Terms
    Delivery Date
    Ship to Party
    Payment Terms
    The transaction code to be used is VL10A

  • Combine sales orders of different division

    Hi all,
    I have issue where two sales orders are of different division and i want  to combine the both sales order into one delivery document and make one invoice ,but delivery its not allowing me to do so,though copying requirements 051 exits,so SD experts help me out whaere i am going wrong.

    In order to combine sales order into one delivery you need to check whether following parameters are same in all the sales order that you want to combine
    Ship to party
    Shipping Point
    delivery date
    For creating single invoice for multiple deiiveries, following fields should be same
    Billing Date
    Payment Terms
    Destination Country
    If these fields are same in all sales orders then you can very well create single delivery for all the sales oder
    Hope You get some idea

  • Combining several orders in single delivery

    I want to combine sales orders which have different requested delviery dates. There will not be availability check in the order creation phase. The planning results will not be updated in item schedule lines. Rescheduling will not be run. So is that possible to combine multiple sales orders with different requested delivery dates in one single delivery without taking into account the item schedule lines?
    So the delivery date should be the date of delivery creation date. It shouldn't take into account the requested delivery dates even if they are different.
    For example
    order1 requested del. date 08.06.2009
    order2 requested del. date 10.06.2009(future)
    In case of that the materials are already produced for the second order too. We should be able to combine order2 and order1  in one delivery document on 09.06.2009 and ship them.
    Keep in mind that requested delivery date is entered as the goods issue date in the order creation. Because transportation lead time is 0
    Thank you

    Hi Friend,
    Single delivery for multiple deliveries can be possible with some configuration settings.
    1. In the copy controls from the sales order to delivery VTLA  the combination requirement should be 051
    2. The order combination field in the customer master should be activated .
    3. In the VTLA the copy item number should be deactivated

  • SD consolidating multiple sales orders onto a delivery

    Dear SD gurus,  I have a situation where I am trying to consolidaqte multiple sales orders onto a delivery.  I have read the documentation and have created sales orders with the same: ship to party, incoterms ect.  I have also selected the 'combine orders' check box in the customer master record.  I am generating the deliveries using VL10A - but I am still getting one delivery for each order.  Is there anything else I need to do?

    Hi Jacqueline,
    Basically, all fields which are copied to the header of the delivery (tableLIKP) via the routines of the copy control lead to a delivery split. Furthermore, some fields are copied to the header by all means and are relevant for the split there.
    Split fields that cannot be changed are:
    VSTEL Shipping point
    KUNNR Goods recipient
    ROUTE Route
    The following split-relevant fields can be affected via the copy control,however, they should not be filled differently from the defaults since they are necessary for the control of the shipping process:
    VKORG Sales organization
    AUTLF Full delivery indicator
    VSBED Shipping condition
    FKARV Billing type (customer billing document)
    LIFSK Delivery block
    STAFO Update group for statistics
    STWAE Statistics currency
    KKBER Credit control area
    KNKLI Account number of the customer with the credit limit default
    GRUPP Customer credit group
    SBGRP Processor group for credit management
    CTLPC Credit management: Risk category
    CMWAE Currency key of the credit control area
    WAERK Currency of the sales document
    INCO1 Incoterms 1
    INCO2 Incoterms 2
    KZAZU Indicator order combination
    KDGRP Customer group
    PERFK Invoicing dates (calendar identification)
    Hope this helps

  • Report for viewing Sales order no against delivery date & actual GI date

    Hi Experts,
    Is there any report for viewing Sales order no against delivery date & *actual GI date*
    Because in VL06F , i can only able to get planned GI.
    Please guide regarding the same where i can get 'ACTUAL GI DATE ' against above combination .
    Sujit S.

    dear Hrishi,
    i followed your suggestion, but couldn't get desired results,
    here i can get planned GI date, where i wanted to get Actual GI date for complted deliveries,
    thanks for your valuable reply.
    @ G. Lakshmipathi ;-
    i think i will need to develop z-report for fetching the data from the tables
    VBAK (to get sale order reference) and
    LIKP (to get delivery and actual GI date)
    thanks for your reply,

  • Transfer sales orders from one compnay code to another

    Is it possible to transfer pending sales order from one company code to another? if yes please let me know complete procedure.

    You cannot transfer the sales order like this.If your company is getting closed then you can keep a deadline date before which you can close all the open orders and after that you can start creating the orders in the new company code.
    If your delivery date is beyond the deadline date then you can reject the sales orders and create them with new G/L accounts from the new company code.
    For this,you have to assign your sales organisation to the new company code.
    Reward points if it helps.

  • How to get master sales order number from delivery number

    Hi All,
    I need logic for getting master sales order number from available Delivery number.
    Note: There can be many SO's in diffrent levels.
    Finally i need to pick up master sales order no.
    Thanks in advance.

    I have a outbound delivery[VL03N] 'X' in my system .
    Then for getting sales order no i am writing below code:
      SELECT single vbelv vbeln
             from vbfa
             INTO (vbelv, vbeln)
             where vbeln   EQ p_vbeln AND
                   vbtyp_n EQ 'J'.
    Then vbelv i need to pick up master sales order no.
        SELECT vbelv vbeln
               from vbfa
               INTO TABLE i_so
               where vbeln   EQ l_vbelv AND
                     vbtyp_n EQ 'C'.
    If i write code as above it is giving four sales orders which one of them is master sales order no!

  • List of sales order line items delivery

    Hi All,
    I want to know from one single table, the list of sales order line items delivery completed and still having stock.

    Pl refer SAP Note : 1166713 for the Problem which says " You have posted goods issue and therefore the delivery requirements should no longer be existing. These inconsistencies can be seen using report SDRQCR21"

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