To forum visitors:
I am prepared to pay a standard shareware fee of US$20 to a user who can resolve this technical problem.
If your advice resolves the problem, I'll forward the payment to your postal address (include your
address with your reply, and also your email address)
I am attempting to enable a HTML button (using Javascript's onClick command) to directly input a number into one of the parameter text boxes in the Easy Filter Java applet (ie, enter a new color value number in the text field of the standard Colors Multiplicator Filter interface).
The applet is Freeware and can be downloaded at:
(It is a very effective bitmap display and editing utility)
To achieve this, I am trying to access the part of the applet that defines and sets the textbox. The text box is defined in the .class file by accessing the parameter details in the genericfilter.txt file (accompanies the .class files). I need to access 'private String appletInitialize()' and then one of the 'textFieldParameters' which sets the textbox.
I understand the basic syntax for referencing the applet:
document.appletname.setString("An example"). However, accessing the text fields in this applet is more complex!!
Please can you recommend the correct Javascript syntax to achieve communication with the applet.
Thank you for your kind assistance.
JM Graham
[email protected]
The Java source code for the applet: EasyFilter.class
# Easy Filter - E.B/JavaZOOM 1999 #
# Contact: [email protected] #
# #
/* Originally compiled from */
import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.Applet;
import java.awt.event.KeyEvent;
import java.awt.event.KeyListener;
import java.awt.image.MemoryImageSource;
import java.awt.image.PixelGrabber;
import java.util.Vector;
public synchronized class EasyFilter extends Applet implements KeyListener
private String paramFileName;
private Color bgColor;
private Color fgColor;
private Color parColor;
private Color sepColor;
private Color titleColor;
private Color helpColor;
private int WinWidth;
private int WinHeight;
private String title;
private String logoFileName;
private String originalImageFileName;
private String filteredCaption;
private String originalCaption;
private Vector paramsName;
private Vector paramsValue;
private Vector paramsComment;
private Panel panelParameters[];
private Label labelParameters[];
private TextField textFieldParameters[];
private Label labelComments[];
private int nbParameters;
private ScrollPane scrollPaneParams;
private Panel panelParams;
private Image theLogo;
private Image theOriginalImage;
private Image theFilteredImage;
private int theOriginalPixelArray[];
private int logoWidth;
private int logoHeight;
private int imageWidth;
private int imageHeight;
private drawCanvas canvasTitle;
private Panel panelTitle;
private Label labelTitle;
private Panel panelImages;
private Panel panelOriginalImage;
private drawCanvas canvasOriginalImage;
private Label labelOriginalImage;
private Panel panelFilteredImage;
private drawCanvas canvasFilteredImage;
private Label labelFilteredImage;
private Panel panelHelp;
private Label labelHelp;
private int Yspc;
private FilterImplementation theFilter;
public void init()
String string = null;
string = appletInitialize();
if (string != null)
Label label = new Label(new StringBuffer("Error: ").append(string).toString(), 1);
Panel panel = new Panel();
setLayout(new FlowLayout(1, 5, Yspc));
public void keyPressed(KeyEvent keyEvent)
boolean flag = true;
if (KeyEvent.getKeyText(keyEvent.getKeyCode()).equals("Enter"))
for (int i = 0; i < nbParameters; )
paramsValue.setElementAt(new Double(textFieldParameters.getText()), i);
catch (NumberFormatException e)
labelHelp.setText(labelParameters[i].getText() + ": Not a Number");
flag = false;
if (flag == 1)
labelHelp.setText(" .... Running, please wait .... ");
theFilteredImage = createImage(new MemoryImageSource(theFilter.getFinalImageWidth(), theFilter.getFinalImageHeight(), theFilter.getFinalImageBuffer(), 0, theFilter.getFinalImageWidth()));
canvasFilteredImage.setBounds(0, 0, theFilter.getFinalImageWidth(), theFilter.getFinalImageHeight());
labelHelp.setText("- Done -");
labelHelp.setText("- Press Enter to run the Filter -");
public void keyReleased(KeyEvent keyEvent)
public void keyTyped(KeyEvent keyEvent)
private String appletInitialize()
WinWidth = size().width;
WinHeight = size().height;
if (getParameter("bgcolor") == null)
bgColor = new Color(0, 0, 40);
bgColor = new Color(Integer.parseInt(getParameter("bgcolor"), 16));
if (getParameter("fgcolor") == null)
fgColor = new Color(255, 255, 255);
fgColor = new Color(Integer.parseInt(getParameter("fgcolor"), 16));
if (getParameter("sepcolor") == null)
sepColor = new Color(158, 128, 128);
sepColor = new Color(Integer.parseInt(getParameter("sepcolor"), 16));
if (getParameter("parcolor") == null)
parColor = new Color(24, 24, 24);
parColor = new Color(Integer.parseInt(getParameter("parcolor"), 16));
if (getParameter("titlecolor") == null)
titleColor = new Color(255, 255, 0);
titleColor = new Color(Integer.parseInt(getParameter("titlecolor"), 16));
if (getParameter("helpcolor") == null)
helpColor = new Color(0, 255, 255);
helpColor = new Color(Integer.parseInt(getParameter("helpcolor"), 16));
paramsName = new Vector();
paramsValue = new Vector();
paramsComment = new Vector();
paramFileName = getParameter("paramfile");
String string = readParams(paramFileName);
if (string != null)
return string;
MediaTracker mediaTracker = new MediaTracker(this);
theOriginalImage = getImage(getDocumentBase(), originalImageFileName);
mediaTracker.addImage(theOriginalImage, 0);
if (logoFileName != null)
theLogo = getImage(getDocumentBase(), logoFileName);
mediaTracker.addImage(theLogo, 1);
catch (InterruptedException e1)
return "Error while loading image";
if (mediaTracker.isErrorAny())
return "Error while loading image";
if (logoFileName != null)
logoWidth = theLogo.getWidth(this);
logoHeight = theLogo.getHeight(this);
imageWidth = theOriginalImage.getWidth(this);
imageHeight = theOriginalImage.getHeight(this);
theOriginalPixelArray = new int[imageWidth * imageHeight];
PixelGrabber pixelGrabber = new PixelGrabber(theOriginalImage, 0, 0, imageWidth, imageHeight, theOriginalPixelArray, 0, imageWidth);
panelTitle = new Panel();
canvasTitle = new drawCanvas();
labelTitle = new Label();
panelTitle.setLayout(new FlowLayout(1, 10, Yspc));
canvasTitle.setBounds(0, 0, logoWidth, logoHeight);
catch (InterruptedException e2)
return "Internal Error, Try RELOAD !";
if (title != null)
labelTitle.setFont(new Font("Dialog", 1, 14));
panelImages = new Panel();
panelOriginalImage = new Panel();
canvasOriginalImage = new drawCanvas();
labelOriginalImage = new Label();
panelFilteredImage = new Panel();
canvasFilteredImage = new drawCanvas();
labelFilteredImage = new Label();
panelImages.setLayout(new FlowLayout(1, 10, Yspc));
panelOriginalImage.setLayout(new BorderLayout(0, 2));
panelOriginalImage.add("Center", canvasOriginalImage);
canvasOriginalImage.setBounds(0, 0, imageWidth, imageHeight);
panelOriginalImage.add("South", labelOriginalImage);
labelOriginalImage.setFont(new Font("SansSerif", 0, 10));
panelFilteredImage.setLayout(new BorderLayout(0, 2));
panelFilteredImage.add("Center", canvasFilteredImage);
theFilter = new FilterImplementation(paramsValue, theOriginalPixelArray, imageWidth, imageHeight);
theFilteredImage = createImage(new MemoryImageSource(theFilter.getFinalImageWidth(), theFilter.getFinalImageHeight(), theFilter.getFinalImageBuffer(), 0, theFilter.getFinalImageWidth()));
canvasFilteredImage.setBounds(0, 0, theFilter.getFinalImageWidth(), theFilter.getFinalImageHeight());
panelFilteredImage.add("South", labelFilteredImage);
labelFilteredImage.setFont(new Font("SansSerif", 0, 10));
scrollPaneParams = new ScrollPane(0);
panelParams = new Panel();
nbParameters = paramsName.size();
int i = WinHeight - (33 + 7 * Yspc + logoHeight + imageHeight + 23);
if (i < Yspc + 2 + 24)
i = Yspc + 2 + 24;
scrollPaneParams.setBounds(0, 0, WinWidth - 10, i);
panelParams.setLayout(new GridLayout(nbParameters, 1, 5, Yspc / 2));
panelParameters = new Panel[nbParameters];
labelParameters = new Label[nbParameters];
textFieldParameters = new TextField[nbParameters];
labelComments = new Label[nbParameters];
for (int j = 0; j < nbParameters; j++)
panelParameters[j] = new Panel();
panelParameters[j].setLayout(new FlowLayout(0, 5, 1));
labelParameters[j] = new Label();
labelParameters[j].setFont(new Font("Dialog", 1, 12));
textFieldParameters[j] = new TextField(8);
labelComments[j] = new Label();
panelHelp = new Panel();
labelHelp = new Label();
panelHelp.setLayout(new FlowLayout(1, 5, 0));
labelHelp.setText(" Change colour values and press enter ");
return null;
private String readParams(String string1)
Object object1;
String string2;
if (string1 == null)
return "Filename of filter's parameters needed";
URL uRL = new URL(getDocumentBase(), string1);
URLConnection uRLConnection = uRL.openConnection();
BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(uRLConnection.getInputStream()));
string2 = null;
catch ()
return object1.getMessage();
catch ()
return object1.getMessage();
catch ()
return object1.getMessage();
if (bufferedReader != null)
Object object2;
for (object2 = bufferedReader.readLine(); object2 != null && string2 == null; object2 = bufferedReader.readLine())
string2 = extractFormat(object2);
catch ()
string2 = object2.getMessage();
if (string2 != null)
return string2;
return null;
private String extractFormat(String string1)
if (string1.length() == 0)
return null;
int i = 0;
int j = string1.indexOf(" ", i);
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format error (space missing)";
String string2 = string1.substring(i, j);
if (string2.equals("TITLE"))
i = j;
j = string1.indexOf(34, i);
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format (Double quote in TITLE missing)";
i = j + 1;
j = string1.indexOf(34, i);
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format (Double quote in TITLE missing)";
title = string1.substring(i, j);
return null;
if (string2.equals("ORIGINALCAPTION"))
i = j;
j = string1.indexOf(34, i);
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format (Double quote in ORIGINALCAPTION missing)";
i = j + 1;
j = string1.indexOf(34, i);
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format (Double quote in ORIGINALCAPTION missing)";
originalCaption = string1.substring(i, j);
return null;
if (string2.equals("FILTEREDCAPTION"))
i = j;
j = string1.indexOf(34, i);
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format (Double quote in FILTEREDCAPTION missing)";
i = j + 1;
j = string1.indexOf(34, i);
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format (Double quote in FILTEREDCAPTION missing)";
filteredCaption = string1.substring(i, j);
return null;
if (string2.equals("LOGO"))
i = j + 1;
j = string1.length();
logoFileName = string1.substring(i, j);
return null;
if (string2.equals("ORIGINALIMAGE"))
i = j + 1;
j = string1.length();
originalImageFileName = string1.substring(i, j);
return null;
if (!string2.equals("PARAM"))
return null;
i = j;
j = string1.indexOf(34, i);
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format in a PARAM line";
i = j + 1;
j = string1.indexOf(34, i);
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format in a PARAM line";
paramsName.addElement(string1.substring(i, j));
i = j + 2;
j = string1.indexOf(32, i);
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format in a PARAM line";
paramsValue.addElement(new Double(string1.substring(i, j)));
j = string1.indexOf(34, i);
catch (NumberFormatException e)
return "Bad format in a PARAM line";
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format (Double quote in PARAM comment missing)";
i = j + 1;
j = string1.indexOf(34, i);
if (j == -1)
return "Bad format (Double quote in PARAM comment missing)";
paramsComment.addElement(string1.substring(i, j));
return null;
public EasyFilter()
logoHeight = 33;
Yspc = 5;

Addition to my above submission
To clarify, I'll offer the US$20 to the FIRST person who offers me a workable solution to the problem, not to everyone!!!

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    B  New connection 0 created
    M sysno      04
    M sid        CUS
    M systemid   560 (PC with Windows NT)
    M relno      7000
    M patchlevel 0
    M patchno    52
    M intno      20050900
    M make:      multithreaded, Unicode, optimized
    M pid        456
    M  kernel runs with dp version 210000(ext=109000) (@(#) DPLIB-INT-VERSION-210000-UC)
    M  length of sys_adm_ext is 572 bytes
    M  ***LOG Q0Q=> tskh_init, WPStart (Workproc 0 456) [dpxxdisp.c   1293]
    I  MtxInit: 30000 0 0
    M  DpSysAdmExtCreate: ABAP is active
    M  DpSysAdmExtCreate: VMC (JAVA VM in WP) is not active
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(wp_adm)          18304     (1408)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(tm_adm)          3954072     (19672)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(wp_ca_adm)          24000     (80)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(appc_ca_adm)     8000     (80)
    M  DpCommTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/tableSize=500/8/528056/528064
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(comm_adm)          528064     (1048)
    M  DpFileTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/tableSize=0/0/0/0
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(file_adm)          0     (72)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(vmc_adm)          0     (1452)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(wall_adm)          (38456/34360/64/184)
    M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(gw_adm)     48
    M  DpShMCreate: SHM_DP_ADM_KEY          (addr: 05C00040, size: 4613144)
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated sys_adm at 05C00040
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated wp_adm at 05C01E28
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated tm_adm_list at 05C065A8
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated tm_adm at 05C065D8
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated wp_ca_adm at 05FCBB70
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated appc_ca_adm at 05FD1930
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated comm_adm at 05FD3870
    M  DpShMCreate: system runs without file table
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated vmc_adm_list at 06054730
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated gw_adm at 06054770
    M  DpShMCreate: system runs without vmc_adm
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated ca_info at 060547A0
    M  DpShMCreate: allocated wall_adm at 060547A8
    X  EmInit: MmSetImplementation( 2 ).
    X  MM diagnostic options set: 0
    X  <ES> client 0 initializing ....
    X  Using implementation flat
    M  <EsNT> Memory Reset disabled as NT default
    X  ES initialized.

    M Wed Aug 31 15:45:41 2011
    M  ThInit: running on host crmsys

    M Wed Aug 31 15:45:42 2011
    M  calling db_connect ...
    C  Prepending D:\usr\sap\CUS\DVEBMGS04\exe to Path.

    C Wed Aug 31 15:45:47 2011
    C  Client NLS settings: AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8
    C  Logon as OPS$-user to get SAPSR3's password
    C  Connecting as /@CRM on connection 0 (nls_hdl 0) ... (dbsl 700 240106)
    C  Nls CharacterSet                 NationalCharSet              C      EnvHp      ErrHp ErrHpBatch
    C    0 UTF8                                                      1   0619F158   061A46F4   061A3F7C
    C  Attaching to DB Server CRM (con_hdl=0,svchp=061A3EC8,svrhp=061B5794)
    C  Starting user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=061A3EC8,srvhp=061B5794,usrhp=061CA558)

    C Wed Aug 31 15:45:48 2011
    C  Now '/@CRM' is connected (con_hdl 0, nls_hdl 0).
    C  Got SAPSR3's password from OPS$-user
    C  Disconnecting from connection 0 ...
    C  Closing user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=061A3EC8,usrhp=061CA558)
    C  Now I'm disconnected from ORACLE
    C  Connecting as SAPSR3/<pwd>@CRM on connection 0 (nls_hdl 0) ... (dbsl 700 240106)
    C  Nls CharacterSet                 NationalCharSet              C      EnvHp      ErrHp ErrHpBatch
    C    0 UTF8                                                      1   0619F158   061A46F4   061A3F7C
    C  Starting user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=061A3EC8,srvhp=061B5794,usrhp=061CA558)
    C  Now 'SAPSR3/<pwd>@CRM' is connected (con_hdl 0, nls_hdl 0).
    C  Database NLS settings: AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8
    C  Database instance CRM is running on CRMSYS with ORACLE version since 20110831

    B Wed Aug 31 15:45:49 2011
    B  Connection 0 opened (DBSL handle 0)
    B  Wp  Hdl ConName          ConId     ConState     TX  PRM RCT TIM MAX OPT Date     Time   DBHost         
    B  000 000 R/3              000000000 ACTIVE       NO  YES NO  000 255 255 20110831 154542 CRMSYS         
    M  db_connect o.k.
    M  ICT: exclude compression: .zip,.cs,.rar,.arj,.z,.gz,.tar,.lzh,.cab,.hqx,.ace,.jar,.ear,.war,.css,.pdf,.js,.gzip,.uue,.bz2,.iso,.sda,.sar,.gif

    I Wed Aug 31 15:46:12 2011
    I  MtxInit: 0 0 0
    M  SHM_PRES_BUF               (addr: 0A7C0040, size: 4400000)
    M  SHM_ROLL_AREA          (addr: 788A0040, size: 61440000)
    M  SHM_PAGING_AREA          (addr: 0AC00040, size: 32768000)
    M  SHM_ROLL_ADM               (addr: 0CB50040, size: 615040)
    M  SHM_PAGING_ADM          (addr: 0CBF0040, size: 525344)
    M  ThCreateNoBuffer          allocated 544152 bytes for 1000 entries at 0CC80040
    M  ThCreateNoBuffer          index size: 3000 elems
    M  ThCreateVBAdm          allocated 12160 bytes (50 server) at 0CD10040
    X  EmInit: MmSetImplementation( 2 ).
    X  MM diagnostic options set: 0
    X  <ES> client 0 initializing ....
    X  Using implementation flat
    X  ES initialized.
    B  db_con_shm_ini:  WP_ID = 0, WP_CNT = 13, CON_ID = -1
    B  dbtbxbuf: Buffer TABL  (addr: 10E700C8, size: 30000000, end: 12B0C448)
    B  dbtbxbuf: Buffer TABLP (addr: 12B100C8, size: 10240000, end: 134D40C8)
    B  dbexpbuf: Buffer EIBUF (addr: 0FBA00D0, size: 4194304, end: 0FFA00D0)
    B  dbexpbuf: Buffer ESM   (addr: 134E00D0, size: 4194304, end: 138E00D0)
    B  dbexpbuf: Buffer CUA   (addr: 138F00D0, size: 3072000, end: 13BDE0D0)
    B  dbexpbuf: Buffer OTR   (addr: 13BE00D0, size: 4194304, end: 13FE00D0)
    M  rdisp/reinitialize_code_page -> 0
    M  icm/accept_remote_trace_level -> 0
    M  rdisp/no_hooks_for_sqlbreak -> 0
    M  CCMS: AlInitGlobals : alert/use_sema_lock = TRUE.

    S Wed Aug 31 15:46:15 2011
    S  *** init spool environment
    S  initialize debug system
    T  Stack direction is downwards.
    T  debug control: prepare exclude for printer trace
    T  new memory block 1946AA80

    S Wed Aug 31 15:46:16 2011
    S  spool kernel/ddic check: Ok
    S  using table TSP02FX for frontend printing
    S  1 spool work process(es) found
    S  frontend print via spool service enabled
    S  printer list size is 150
    S  printer type list size is 50
    S  queue size (profile)   = 300
    S  hostspool list size = 3000
    S  option list size is 30
    S      found processing queue enabled
    S  found spool memory service RSPO-RCLOCKS at 1D6D00A8
    S  doing lock recovery
    S  setting server cache root
    S  found spool memory service RSPO-SERVERCACHE at 1D6D0430
    S    using messages for server info
    S  size of spec char cache entry: 297028 bytes (timeout 100 sec)
    S  size of open spool request entry: 2132 bytes
    S  immediate print option for implicitely closed spool requests is disabled

    A Wed Aug 31 15:46:18 2011

    A  -PXA--
    A  PXA: Fragment Size too small: 73 MB, reducing # of fragments
    A  System page size: 4kb, total admin_size: 5132kb, dir_size: 5076kb.
    A  Attached to PXA (address 688A0040, size 150000K)
    A  abap/pxa = shared protect gen_remote
    A  -PXA--

    A Wed Aug 31 15:46:20 2011
    A  ABAP ShmAdm attached (addr=57A40000 leng=20955136 end=58E3C000)
    A  >> Shm MMADM area (addr=57EB5E58 leng=126176 end=57ED4B38)
    A  >> Shm MMDAT area (addr=57ED5000 leng=16150528 end=58E3C000)
    A  RFC Destination> destination crmsys_CUS_04 host crmsys system CUS systnr 4 (crmsys_CUS_04)

    A Wed Aug 31 15:46:21 2011
    A  RFC Options> H=crmsys,S=04,d=2,
    A  RFC FRFC> fallback activ but this is not a central instance.
    A  RFC rfc/signon_error_log = -1
    A  RFC rfc/dump_connection_info = 0
    A  RFC rfc/dump_client_info = 0
    A  RFC rfc/cp_convert/ignore_error = 1
    A  RFC rfc/cp_convert/conversion_char = 23
    A  RFC rfc/wan_compress/threshold = 251
    A  RFC rfc/recorder_pcs not set, use defaule value: 2
    A  RFC rfc/delta_trc_level not set, use default value: 0
    A  RFC rfc/no_uuid_check not set, use default value: 0
    A  RFC rfc/bc_ignore_thcmaccp_retcode not set, use default value: 0
    A  RFC Method> initialize RemObjDriver for ABAP Objects
    M  ThrCreateShObjects          allocated 13730 bytes at 0FFB0040

    N Wed Aug 31 15:46:22 2011
    N  SsfSapSecin: putenv(SECUDIR=D:\usr\sap\CUS\DVEBMGS04\sec): ok

    N  =================================================
    N  ===...SSF Security Toolkit name SAPSECULIB .
    N  ===...SSF trace level is 0 .
    N  ===...SSF library is D:\usr\sap\CUS\DVEBMGS04\exe\sapsecu.dll .
    N  ===...SSF hash algorithm is SHA1 .
    N  ===...SSF symmetric encryption algorithm is DES-CBC .
    N  ===...sucessfully completed.
    N  =================================================

    N Wed Aug 31 15:46:23 2011
    N  MskiInitLogonTicketCacheHandle: Logon Ticket cache pointer retrieved from shared memory.
    N  MskiInitLogonTicketCacheHandle: Workprocess runs with Logon Ticket cache.
    M  JrfcVmcRegisterNativesDriver o.k.
    W  =================================================
    W  === ipl_Init() called
    B    dbtran INFO (init_connection '<DEFAULT>' [ORACLE:700.08]):
    B     max_blocking_factor =  15,  max_in_blocking_factor      =   5,
    B     min_blocking_factor =  10,  min_in_blocking_factor      =   5,
    B     prefer_union_all    =   0,  prefer_join                 =   0,
    B     prefer_fix_blocking =   0,  prefer_in_itab_opt          =   1,
    B     convert AVG         =   0,  alias table FUPD            =   0,
    B     escape_as_literal   =   1,  opt GE LE to BETWEEN        =   0,
    B     select *            =0x0f,  character encoding          = STD / <none>:-,
    B     use_hints           = abap->1, dbif->0x1, upto->2147483647, rule_in->0,
    B                           rule_fae->0, concat_fae->0, concat_fae_or->0

    W Wed Aug 31 15:46:24 2011
    W    ITS Plugin: Path dw_gui
    W    ITS Plugin: Description ITS Plugin - ITS rendering DLL
    W    ITS Plugin: sizeof(SAP_UC) 2
    W    ITS Plugin: Release: 700, [7000.0.52.20050900]
    W    ITS Plugin: Int.version, [32]
    W    ITS Plugin: Feature set: [10]
    W    ===... Calling itsp_Init in external dll ===>
    W  === ipl_Init() returns 0, ITSPE_OK: OK
    W  =================================================
    E  Enqueue Info: rdisp/wp_no_enq=1, rdisp/enqname=<empty>, assume crmsys_CUS_04
    E  Replication is disabled
    E  EnqCcInitialize: local lock table initialization o.k.
    E  EnqId_SuppressIpc: local EnqId initialization o.k.
    E  EnqCcInitialize: local enqueue client init o.k.

    B Wed Aug 31 15:46:48 2011
    B  table logging switched off for all clients

    M Wed Aug 31 15:47:55 2011
    M  SecAudit(RsauShmInit): WP attached to existing shared memory.
    M  SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of SCSA........... = 05BD0040
    M  SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of RSAUSHM........ = 05BD07A8
    M  SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of RSAUSLOTINFO... = 05BD07E0
    M  SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of RSAUSLOTS...... = 05BD07EC

    A Wed Aug 31 15:48:44 2011
    A  RFC FRFC> fallback on the central gateway crmsys sapgw04 activ

    B Wed Aug 31 15:49:47 2011
    B  dbmyclu : info : my major identification is 3232288873, minor one 4.
    B  dbmyclu : info : Time Reference is 1.12.2001 00:00:00h GMT.
    B  dbmyclu : info : my initial uuid is D98FA690E8AA314D9B69930868792664.
    B  dbmyclu : info : current optimistic cluster level: 0
    B  dbmyclu : info : pessimistic reads set to 2.

  • Communication between Abap and Java and Java to Abap

    I have installed BI 7.0 and the user complaints that BEx WEB Application Designer Query results are not showing up in the WEB URL Link.
    and the BI user suggests that communication between Abap to java and Java to Abap has to be done?
    How to setup ABAP to JAVA and JAVA to ABAP communication?

    Jco conn from ABAP to Java
    You can use the JCO RFC Provider Service of the Web Application Server for your ABAP to Java calls.
    The steps involved in that are
    1. Configure destination in SM59 in SAP.
    2. Create RFC Destination in Visual Admin.
    3. Create a stateless session bean with JNDI name as the name of calling function module in SAP.
    4. Add a business method public void processFunction(JCO.Funtion fn) which is called by the JCO RFC Provider Service. The name should be 'processFunction'.
    5. Set library references in application-j2ee-engine.xml to type weak for the following
    b. (if you are using the logging api )
    Here is the sample code for the EJB biz method
    Business Method.
    public void processFunction(JCO.Function function) {
    try {
    // Get the import parameters for the function module
    JCO.ParameterList importList = function.getImportParameterList();
    logger.infoT("The value sent is" +
    // Set the export parameter value for the function module
    JCO.ParameterList export = function.getExportParameterList();
    export.setValue("From EJB", "RETURN");
    catch (java.lang.Exception e) {
    Jco conn from Java to others(ex:ABAP)
    • Open Visual Admin(C:\usr\sap\SID\JCxx\j2ee\admin\go.bat) and connect to server
    • Go to Destinations service
    • Open HTTP Settings Tab
    • Add/Edit destination SLD_DataSupplier and type following values
    URL – http://xyz.corp:53000
    Authentication - BASIC
    User – dynproxxx
    Password - bp52st000
    • Press save and test (if you get response code 200 everything is o.k.)
    • Add/Edit other HTTP Destination named SLD_Client with the same values as SLD_DataSupplier:
    URL – http://xyz.corp:53000
    Authentication - BASIC
    User – dynproxxx
    Password - bp52st000
    • Press save and test (if you get response code 200 everything is o.k.)
    • Go to SLD Data Supplier service.
    • Press the button named: Send the Data to SLD and confirm triggering SLD Data transfer (if you receive successful message everything is o.k.).
    following blog might helpfull
    for basic infor
    Award points if it helps

  • Communication between c++ and java

    Hi all,
    I am developing a client-server system using C++ and Java.
    C++ programs is used for client part while Java program (servlet) is used in server side.
    I want to ask:
    How can I make communication between them?

    Servlets talk with a Web server and a Web Browser. Unless the C++ app is a Java Servlets client or server then you cannot communicate directly through HTTP and JSP with the C++ app.
    Look at RMI, and CORBA. CORBA is a non-Sun made protocol and RMI is a Sun-made protocol. For best results read the information about each method - RMI and CORBA (which go hand-in-hand).

  • Communication between SOAP and java proxy does not work

    Hi Group,
    i want to proceed following scenario:
    For that i have created of the message interface of a remote function module my java proxy.
    Calling the java proxy with following scenario works successfully:
    Further, i have created in the integration engine(configuration) my wsdl file. In the SAP
    Netwaever Developer Studio, i have made a standalone proxy project, that is consuming the
    web service out of the wsdl file.
    Testing the web service client with following example works fine:
    But when i try the scenario SOAP->XI->JavaProxy, i get following rmi exception on client side:
    java.rmi.RemoteException: Service call exception; nested exception is:
    java.lang.Exception:  Element 'Z_GPS_PING.Response' not found in response message.
    at com.demo.test.TT_Pinger.main(
    Caused by: java.lang.Exception:  Element 'Z_GPS_PING.Response' not found in response message.
    ... 1 more
    In the monitoring, the execution of both directions is ok. In the response message, i can see the result of the java proxy.
    Here is the result:
    <ns:Z_GPS_PING.Response xmlns:ns="urn:sap-com:document:sap:rfc:functions">
    My first thought, was, that i have a problem with the prefix, so i have changed it via xslt transformation into "rfc",
    but it got the same error message.
    Does anyone know, which problem we have here?
    For any hint or suggestion, i would be much obliged.
    P.S. WAS and Sap Netweave Dev Studio is on patch level 12

    Hi Group,
    the SAP has solved the Problem now.
    The coresponding OSS note is: 862926
    (release date 18.07.05)
    The reason was, that the response payload name wasn't
    "maindocument". For that, the adapter didn't found the payload and returned an emty one.

  • Communication between Javascript and StageWebview

    Hi All,
    As we know that LocationChange event is a way to senting data from JS to stagewebview, but i don't want to use it so is there any other way to sending data from JS to stagewebview.

    Addition to my above submission
    To clarify, I'll offer the US$20 to the FIRST person who offers me a workable solution to the problem, not to everyone!!!

  • What're the differences between JSP, Java Script, and Java Applet?

    I am confused by the concepts: JSP (Java Server Page), Java Script, and Java Applet? What are their main differences?

    I don't know about differences, but one of their main similarities is that each of them has a page in Wikipedia.
    [Java applet|]
    There. That should give you enough information.

  • Communication between jsp and abstractportalcomponent

    Hello All
    Communication between jsp and abstractPortalComponent.
    jsp contains one input text field and one submit button.
    when the user clicks on submit button it will call the component and that input value will
    display in same jsp page.
    how this communication will happen?

    Hi Srikanth,
    In the JAVA File, 
    OnSubmit Event,
    String inputvalue ;
    InputField myInputField = (InputField) getComponentByName("Input_Field_ID");
    if (myInputField != null) {
                   inputvalue = myInputField.getValueAsDataType().toString();
    request.putValue("textvalue", inputvalue);
    In JSP File,   to retreive the value,
    String  textstring = (String) ComponentRequest.getValue("textvalue");
    <component name="component name">
            <property name="ClassName" value="classname"/>
            <property name="SafetyLevel" value="no_safety"/>
            <property name="tagLib" value="/SERVICE/htmlb/taglib/htmlb.tld"/>
    Using the code above, You can pass and read values between abstract portal component and Jsp Page.
    Instead of this, I suggest you to use JSPDYNPAGE Component for Data Exchange.
    Check the [Link|].
    Hope this helps you.
    Eben Joyson

  • Use context to pass value between JPF and Java Control

    Can we use context to pass value between JPF and Java Control? It works if i m using InitialContext in the same machine but i dun think it will works if i put Web server and application server in different machine. Anyone have an idea how to do it?
    I also want to get the method name in the onAcquire callback method. Anyone knows how to do this?

    Yoy can the next options for make this:
    1. Pass your values in http request.
    example: http://localhost/index.jsp?var1=value1&var2=value2&var3....
    2. You can use a no visible frame (of height or width 0) and keep your variables and values there using Javascript, but of this form, single you will be able to check the values in the part client, not in the server. Of this form, the values of vars are not visible from the user in the navigation bar.

  • SSO between Portal and Java WD application

    Hi Experts,
    I am using CE 7.2 on localhost and I am very new to SAP.
    I need to know how can I get SSO between Portal and Java WD.  I have a WD application that displays the logged in user using "IUser currentUser = WDClientUser.getCurrentUser().getSAPUser()", as well I can use "IUser user = UMFactory.getAuthenticator().getLoggedInUser()".  Both work.
    Q1. What is the difference in the 2 above?
    Q2. My WD application is set to authenticate user.  The WD application is in URL iView.  I need SSO between Portal and WD application.   Is there a way to get this SSO without SAP Backend (ECC), for now I just need SSO between Portal and Java WD appl.
    Everything is in localhost.
    Please advice. Thanks.

    > need to know how can I get SSO between Portal and Java WD.
    Then I suggest you ask your question in the Web Dynpro Java forum instead of the Web Dynpro ABAP one.

  • Is in PI7.1 possible asynchronous communication between SOAP and ABAPProxy?

    when method execute_asynchronous has disapeared since XI/PI 7.1, is
    there still way how to use ABAP proxy in asynchronous way?
    We need to build asynchronous connection SOAP->PI->ABAP_Proxy.
    In PI, both interfaces are defined as asynchronous (outbound for SOAP and
    inbound for ABAP Proxy).
    Despite of this fact, when message is sent, it is processed
    synchronous way.
    I have set breakpoint in my implementation of method for ABAP Proxy
    message processing. When message is sent and breakpoint is reached,
    whole connection stays open (between SOAP and PI and between PI and
    ABAP Proxy) and waits for processing method (the breakpointed one) to
    return. Only when processing method returns, is connection finelly
    If i understand it correctly, this is synchronous behavior. In
    asynchronous behavior, as i understand it, should be connection
    between PI and ABAP Proxy of application server closed immediately
    after message has been delivered. This mean before my processing
    method is even called.
    The same could be said about SOAP and PI communication. Connection
    should be closed immediately after PI has received message. From
    definition of asynchronous communication of PI is obvious, that PI
    should receive message correctly and close connection to sender system
    even when receiver is unreachable. It should deliver message later
    when, receiver system is back on line. So why it keeps connection to
    sender system open while it waits for receiver?
    Why is this happening, when both interfaces are defined as
    asynchronous? Could be the reason for this, if APPLICATION
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT is set on by default? If so, how can i change it
    to SYSTEM ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, or disable it at all?
    Or is this kind of asynchronous communication even possible since
    XI/PI 7.1 ?
    Processing of message we are sending can take some time, so we dont
    want connection pending open while waiting for finish of
    processing. Thats the reason why we have chose asynchronous model to

    Quote from How to Use the J2EE SOAP Adapter:
    "If you select Best Effort, the Web service client will receive a response
    message in the SOAP body. Otherwise, the Web service client will not receive a
    response message if no error occurs."
    "if no error occurs" - that is the problem. In either case he still
    waits if some error occure or not. I dont want it. Once PI has
    received message, I want the connection with sender to be closed. If
    there will be error in communication between PI and reciever, I want
    to see it only in PI log. That mean no notification to sender to be
    send about that error.
    Is that possible?

  • Communication between : AP and WLAN controller

    The communication between AP and WLAN Controller is ( Data and Control ) UDP.
    Source port 1024 and destination port 12222 and 12223. Actually which device listen to which port or both should listen as control and data can be generated from both the devices.
    How does the user ( wireless client) traffic is switched - if user traffic is a TCP traffic. It will be sent to WLANC and then WLANC forwards it to respective VLAN or default gateway ( depending upon the destination in the packet ).
    Please explain / share the experience.
    any link on
    Thanka in advance

    "the LWAPP Control and Data messages are encapsulated in UDP packets that are carried over the IP network. The only requirement is established IP connectivity between the access points and the WLC. The LWAPP tunnel uses the access point's IP address and the WLC's AP Manager interface IP address as endpoints. The AP Manager interface is explained in further detail in the
    implementation section. On the access point side, both LWAPP Control and Data messages use an ephemeral port that is derived from a hash of the access point MAC address as the UDP port. On the WLC side, LWAPP Data messages always use UDP port 12222. On the WLC side, LWAPP Control messages always use UDP port 12223.
    The mechanics and sequencing of Layer 3 LWAPP are similar to Layer 2 LWAPP except that the packets are carried in UDP packets instead of being encapsulated in Ethernet frames."
    Taken from "Cisco 440X Series Wireless LAN Controllers Deployment Guide"

Maybe you are looking for