Compare and adjust business processes to a solution directory

Dear all,
I'm having truble with viewing changes that I have made in my maintenance project, using the compare and adjust function. Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
These are the steps I took:
1. I chose a solution using transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER.
2. I have made the solution settings, including creating a maintenance project, and enabling the check out/ check in & history functions. 
3. Added business scenarios to the solution directory (some I chose from a project, and some I have created manualy).
4. Checked the Scenarios out to the maintenance project.
5. Made some changes in the maintenance project, including adding documents and transactions (transaction SOLAR01).
6. Changed my user-specific settings to comparison mode - "display changes made in original".
7. Checked the edited business scenarions back into the solution directory. I have checked, and the changes I've made in the maintenance project apeared now in the solution directory.
Now starts the trouble...:
8. I checked the scenarios out again from the solution directory to the maintenance project.
9. Went to transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN, marked the maintenance project line, and did "compare and adjust" of a "new version of original" .
10. Went back to SOLAR01 and try to view the changes I have made in the maintenance project. I CAHNGES I'VE MADE ARE NOT MARKED...
Sorry for the long description. Can you please help?
Thank you,

Did you find a resolution to this problem? we are faced with the exact type scenario.

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  • Compare and adjust functionality for Solution Directory

    Hello all,
    I am trying to use the Compare and Adjust function with a Solution Directory. There is a previous discussion about how to do this between a Master Template and Implementation Project. Now that the Solution Directory exists, I would like to do the same thing. I.e. take scenarios from the Solution Directory into individual projects to extend them before putting them back into production. Together with the check in/out function, I would like to use the Compare and Adjust (SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE) function to identify differences periodically. The button for this appears in the transaction SOLMAN_DIRECTORY, but I can't seem to activate it - i.e. it is faded out. For projects, you must first run SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE to activate this button. However, you cannot select a Solution when running the project upgrade transaction. Does anyone know how to do this? Is anyone using the Solution Directory in a similar way and have advice?

    Hi Marcel,
    Funnily enough I have the exact same question.
    Is there a way to compare changes between a maintenance project (business scenarios checked out this project) and the solution. This way the person approving the check in can see the changes before approving.
    Have you had further information on this?
    Referring back to your question, ideally once you've checked out a business scenario to a maintenance project you wouldn't continue to maintain it. It is the responsibility of that project to maintain it. In the meanwhile if you have a support issue that requires that business scenario to be updated, this will have to assessed and handled by either the project or the solution administrators.

  • Project "Compare and Adjust" Functionality

    We have created a template project that we are using to capture all the business processes we have implemented.  When we have a project we create an implementation project and pull in the associated business processes from the template project. If we are adding a new business scenario/process/step, then it is first put on the template project and then added to the implementation project.
    We then associate our documentation and objects in the project documentation tab, transaction, configuratino, and development tab.  After I run the project "compare and adjust" in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN, I expect to see the differences between these tabs in SOLAR01/02.  This is not the case.  When I go to the tab and click "adjust to origina" I can see there is a difference between the template and implementation project.  I want to have the difference e.g. document be adjusted/copied to the template project through the copy command.  Unfortunately this is not working.  Any ideas????

    Thanks Andreas!
    I checked the user settings and they are set as you described.  It is a rather odd problem.  Sometimes the "yellow icons" appear but not consistently.  It is almost as if something must be "re-set" before I can see the changes.  I did find an relevant OSS note so we are in the process of applying that to see if our problem will be resolved. 
    For the second issue, when I do the "yellow icons", I click the adjust button and there are differences visible on the two sides of the pop up.  However, I am not able to complete the adjust functionality.  So to give more context here is what I am doing... I have created a template project - let's call it master and an impementation project.  I have created the business scenario/process/steps in the master plan.  I then have created the same business scenario/process/steps in the implementation project with the "master" template project as the source.  I then had added documentation to the project documentation and development tab.  In addition, I have added items to the configuration tab.  I want to be able to reflect the documents back to the "master" project so others can reuse.  How can I do this?  I have been running the compare in solar_project_admin by selecting the implementation project and entering the master template project on the selection screen.
    Any additonal thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

  • How to downloadin Business Process Repository in Solution Manager?

    Does anybody know how to download whole Business Process Repository from solution manager?
    I know how to download BPR, that are related to project, to excel file, but I want to download all the scenarios,processes are inbuilt to the Solution Manager business blueprint.
    Can anybody help me?

    Hello Mahantesh,
    I suppose that your idea behind this question is that you would like to browse the contents of the BPR. For this specific pupose, SAP will deliver a new web dynpro application with SAP Solution Manager 4.0 SP 12 and the respective stack coming out mid June 2007 which allows you to browse all BPR contents in your SAP Solution Manager system. So you no longer have to create a seperate project and select the contents via F4 value help in SOLAR01 in order to access the contents.
    For further updates, please check the news mid June:
    <a href=""></a>
    Media Library -> Technical Papers. It will probably be called: "4.0 Support Package Stack <latest stack> [probably stack 12]"
    However, please note that an individual download of the entire or partial BPR structures into MS Excel will not be possible.
    Best regards,
    Doreen Baseler

  • Establishing current business process baseline in Solution Manager

    Hello Guru,
    We had implemented ECC 5.0 a year ago.
    We had used business blueprint SOLAR01, SOLAR02, to document some of the business processes.   We found ourself currently have an incompleted business process blueprint.
    We want to use Solution Manager to manage the ECC 6.0 upgrade, how do we establish the current business process baseline?
    Is there a tool that will browse through ECC 5.0, and create business process map of what the current business processes that have been implemented, and the configuration objects that have been customized?
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Anny,
    I am afraid there isn't a tool that can help retrospectively build SOLAR01 or SOLAR02 related structure and contents.
    The only three possible areas for exploration I can suggest for you to investigate further, are:
    (1) Use of Reverse Business Engineer (RBE)
    (2) Use of SAP TAO to at least build Testing scope retrospectively
    (3) Seek any views from IDS-Scheer on whether they have any plug ins for ARIS that can do a retrospective process mapping
    Best regards,

  • Automate Compare and Adjust functionality

    Hello Experts,
    I would like to know if there is an easy way to automate the entire process of "compare and adjust" in template management. I mean not only the transaction SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE execution but also all the adjustments in the roll-out projects (yellow flags): I do not want to click on every process / tab where the yellow flag appears and click on the button "compare and adjust", but click just once and my roll-out project is updated...
    Thanks a lot !

    Hello VIctoria,
    You are not the first one to ask this question.
    Please have a look at this link. The last comment is from Andreas Diebold and he is a developer with SAP, so he is authoratative in this regards.
    Accept all changes after SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE
    To summarize: there is no way to do this presently.
    Hope this puts this issue to rest for the time being.

  • How do you restrict access to a business process structure in Solution Mngr

    We have set up a business process structure in Solution Manager that includes Finance to Manage and Hire to Retire.
    Although it is Ok for people to display the documentation in each area, we do have the requirement that the people owning Finance to Manage should not able to change the documentation in Hire to Retire and visa versa. Is there a security object that restrict this access? Are there other ways doing this?

    I am not a security person, but we have the following details in the profile. You can change these if you click on these areas changing it to display or change mode
    SAP Solution Manager Tab AI_SA_TAB
    --> SAP Solution Manager Tab 
        ---> Activity 02, 90
        ---> Tab in SAP Solution Manager BCSETS, CONFIG, CUSTDOCU, GRAPHIC, IMG, ISSUE, (ETC.)
    > Transaction Type in SAP Solution Manager  1
    Hope this helps

  • Business process (Integration) monitoring - Solution Manager?

    Hi Experts
    I have a requirement here for business process monitoring at my client. The client wants to have a solution for monitoring of few key business processes for example incoming orders. The flow data flow is as follows: third party system -> AS2 -> XI1 ->XI2 -> MQ->ERP. Ideally, all the incoming messages should be processed within 3 minutes of sending by thirdy party system. The basic requirement from business to have a view of the number of messages sent by the external system and numbers of orders created in the system and if there is any message with processing time of more than 3 minutes, it should be reported. Also, if there is any failure in any of the points of failure - the reason of failure needs to be reported
    I am thinking of using solution mnaager diagnostics and willy introscope for collecting data from XI Adapter framweork and Integration engine and the ERP system.
    My queries -
    Can solution manager fetch the data from non SAP system - AS2 service/MQ etc? if yes, how?
    The solution i am thinking of - is it good one or is there any better solution - light weight/performance efficient?
    In case i go ahead with the approach mentioned above, would there be an extra licensing cost for installing SMD agents and Willy on different applications?
    Can we do a simple reporting i ERP system by fetching data from XI1 & XI2 systems? I understand that it wouldnt give us any details of the Java components or non SAP applications, but keeping in mind the limitations, is it a viable solution?
    Any inputs would be great.

    HI Ethan,
    I'm not sure about the BPMon framework in Sol MAn 7.0 if it can be used with PI or not. I remember from teched that the end-to-end monitoring for PI was available only in 7.1 and with SAP PI 711.
    From what I know wily gives you information about the status on the system (CPU, memory consumption etc) and not about the message flow so you can still use it but for the technical monitoring set up.
    Also in teched I have participated at a hands-on workshop (ALM361 []) where we enabled the BPMon framework to use webservices provided by a non-sap application.
    Hope this helps.

  • Business Process Procedure from SOlution Manager

    Hello Gurus,
    I am working on technical upgradation from 4.7 E to ECC 6.0. We will have to create Business Process Procedures for each module. Could you please tell me how we need to extract the BPPS from solution manager.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Pavan P.

    Hi Pavan,
    The way to extract from BPS may be a long drawn one. The shorter way is to attempt the following:
    Go to, supply your OSS ID and password.
    a) On the left hand panel, go to SAP Solution Manager in Detail -> Implementation -> Implementation Content
    b) Downloads -> view screen on the right hand side and then click on "overview of the current implementation content".
    I'll try to figure out any other way and get back to you.
    Best regards,

  • Error handling, logging and monitoring business process

    I would like to know more about error handling, logging and monitoring in business process? Can someone give more information on this one?

    Please refer to following tutorials to understand each of these topics in detail:
    Exception Handling:
    Fault Management Tutorial:
    Business Activity Monitoring Tutorial:
    You'll have to refer to Oracle documentation to understand more finer details.

  • Oil and Gas Business process overview

    Hello experts,
    I am a SAP BW consultant, I am very much interested to know
    the business process flow in the Oil and Gas company
    so that i can explore before entering into the project.
    Hope you experts will help me out with some Good Stuff
    which give the details flow of the oil and Gas company
    as well as the table and T-code for this application.
    Thanks alot  in Advance.
    Edited by: KK on Jan 28, 2010 1:46 AM

    Please go throgh below link
    if this suffice please give marks
    Thank You

  • Personas - 1 Transaction, 2 Flavours and 2 Business Processes

    Any tips on how to handle this situation ...
    We use a lot of notifications for different things, we are using them for our helpdesk system and now for something else... We also use the worklists for notifications and the various workflows.
    So I have 2 flavours for a notification transaction IQS23, and 2 of the worklist and of the workflow inbox, how do I get Personas to know which flavour I want it to render based on which worklist or business process I'm coming at it from?
    I have shortlinks created for all my transactions but that doesn't seem to matter since I'm coming at the transaction from a worklist or workflow inbox.
    This must be possible...

    This would require dynamic flavor switching once you entered the transaction, which is not yet provided in Personas.
    Right now what you could do is to have a script that makes the decision which flavor is needed and then calls the appropriate shortlink, but the issue is that this will open a new tab or browser window.

  • Compare and Adjust

    Dear All,
    After clicking "Copare and Adjust" button several other buttons show up. One of them is "Complete" button. My question is what this button does? What this button is for?

    have you read that documentation yet?

  • Business Process Repository in Solution Manager

    My question on the BPR is two-fold:
    1) Where exactly is the file located in the marketplace to update the BPR for Solution Manager 4.0? I've looked and I've searched and have been unsucessful in finding it?
    2) From the current BPR in Solution Manager is it possible to extract the data there into a csv, txt or xls file? I've seen another thread in the forum on extraction (a link was provided) and unfortunately the link that was provided did not hold the information required to answer this particular question?

    Hi Daniel,
    >1) Where exactly is the file located in the marketplace to update the BPR for Solution
    >Manager 4.0? I've looked and I've searched and have been unsucessful in finding it?
    The BPR is contained in software component ST-ICO 150_700. Check the schedule: <a href="">Support Package Schedule - SAP Solution Manager</a>
    You may also check the <a href="">Download Area</a> at quick link <a href="">solutionmanager</a>.
    Best regards,

  • How to copying, comparing and control large projects with deeply arranged directory tree?

    MacBook Pro, Redina, Mid 2012.
    When copying large projects with su and sub-subdirectories some files are copied with 0-data and other files are not at all.
    Is there a command to copy and compare files with deeply branched directory?
    To copy level by level of the directory is very time-consuming.

    Its good that u pasted the complete log file. In your environment you have to run this upgrade tool only once from any of the middle tier.
    And with respect to your error that u got in precheck is quite simple. All u have to do is just run this script from by connecting to portal schema using sqlplus.
    Run dropupg.sql
    Location-------- /raid/product/OraHome_1/upgrade/temp/portal/prechktmp/dropupg.sql
    Later you re-run the upgrade tool and let me know the status.
    Good luck

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