Compatibility w Network connect

I use Safari and Network Connect for my VPN connection for my work at NASA, but recently I cant get the application to launch properly....I suspect it has something to do with the recent Safari upgrade to 6.0.3 and/or a Java upgrade....can anyone help? how do I set up proper configuration or loading....(btw Network Connect works properly when I use firefox. ;-(

No crazy file names. Basic OS install, and drive names are single words with no symbols.
Update on testing: Even though I didn't want to, I did a fresh install of the OS and started loading my extras one by one to see where the problem started occurring.
I was able to connect after a fresh install, so it wasn't the Momentus 500 GB 7200 rpm drive, which was my first assumption, based on all the bad info online about that drive. Next I installed the iSCSI initiator (for SAN connection) and still was able to connect. Then I installed FibreJet SAN software (which includes HASP drivers for the dongle) and configured the network location in System Prefs to connect to the SAN. (Current configuration is LAN going in through built-in ethernet port, SAN going in through expresscard/34 ethernet adapter.) After installing FibreJet and plugging in the expresscard, couldn't connect to volumes.
So I'm wondering one of two things:
1. Is the expresscard having some kind of communication problem with the network? (The iSCSI bridge is separate from the LAN, but I noticed that I still have volume connectivity through that switch - could there be a conflict when trying to connect to volumes on individual computers?) I've been doing this successfully for 2 years now, but using USB ethernet adapters at 100Mb/s connection over the LAN. This week is the first time I started using the scpresscard ethernet adapters, so I'm doing some troubleshooting today.
First thing today I setup new network locations in Sys Prefs, and I was able to connect to one of the computers over the LAN. (I took the SAN connection out.) I'm making sure all OS updates are identical, and then I will add the HASP drivers without the iSCSI initiator and see if they are the cause. If not, I'll add back the initiator, but not the expresscard, and lastly, add the expresscard back into the equation. Those are the only elements that are different.
I'll report back with results.
Thanks for the response.

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    Hi Team,
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    So switch a LAN card fix this issue...seems a compatibility issue or maybe some packs or programs you installed recently cause this issue.
    Have you manually check the network adapter driver from the PC's manufacture website? sometimes, it will be a time delay before Microsoft push out the driver update.
    Check if issue exists in safemode with network, this mode will launch Windows with limited sets of files and drivers. 
    if you have a restore point, restore the pc to a previous point at which the pc is functioning fine.
    Yolanda Zhu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Why does my apple tv 2 lose network connectivity?

    I've searched on this topic for a while and have not found an answer as to why I keep losing network connectivity.  After owning my apple tv for almost a year it started losing network connectivity.  At first like many others it just required me to re-enter my network information.  Now however the only solution is to restore the apple tv downloading the latest OS.  I first believed this was due to its IP address expiring and the apple tv not acquiring a new address.  So I set a static IP address for the apple tv.  It worked for a few more days and then stopped working again.  Next I thought it was perhaps the actiontec router I have with my internet service so I added another router to fix this problem.  I first set the router up with my macbook and checked its connectivity (everything worked fine).  When I went back to the apple tv I had the same issue.  I selected the new network and entered the WEP password and received the 3902 error message.  I know now the only way it will work is if I restore the apple tv.  And I know at some point no matter what router I use it will stop working.  Because I've loaded various iterations of the OS I have to believe its a hardware issue.  And unfortunately when I finally discovered this problem my 1 year warrant expired so I'm SOL.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is occurring?  I've read and tried the various "solutions" others have used for networking issues (static ip's, fixing the channel etc.) and nothing seems to work.  I have no means of hardwiring this thing so if no solution is found I will need to dump it for something else.  Worst apple experience I have had to date and it really leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

    Can you explain your thinking or if you have ideas on what it might be? I should not say its a hardware problem but I do believe it's the apple tv. I have friends with the same setup as me without problems. They have the same service provider, router (make, model) without any issues. And like I said it worked for almost a year. And the only fix is a restore of the apple tv. Rebooting the router, changing ip address assignment, fixing channel, downgrading to b or g from compatability mode has no affect.

  • Loss of network connectivity at random times to guests and now hosts Server 2012 R2 Hyper-v on Dell R620...Guests virtual disks reside on a NAS.

    We have set up 2 Hyper-v environments (Server 2012 R2 fully updated) on Dell R620's. The guest machines are configured do that they reside on a NAS (also a Dell R620 with server 2012). We are having an issue on both the environments where the guests will
    lose network connectivity. The servers ran well for about 4 weeks and recently the guests started having issues and we have even had to reboot the host due to network connectivity problems.
    We have 4 virtual switches set up. 1 connected to its own NIC. 1 for management and the 3 others for guests.
    The 3 for guests are not configured to allow host OS sharing.
    We do not have IP addresses on the NICS for the guests. Only on the management port. (all 1 GB NICS)
    We have updated the firmware and drivers for the standard Broadcom Netxtreme cards.
    We do not have Jumbo frames enabled because of some issues with switching compatability.
    I've seen articles recommending to turn off TCP offloading and to disable virtual machine queues. Is this best practice?
    Any thoughts of where I might look to help diagnose this issue?

    Hi ,
    "1 connected to its own NIC. 1 for management and the 3 others for guests."
    Also you mentioned that : " is only hosting these 24 VMs ".
    First please try to disable the RSS in the property of the NICs for guests .
    Then run powershell " Get-NetAdapterVMQ " to check the parameter "NumberOfReceiveQueues"  (NumberOfReceiveQueues – The number of queues that the NIC has available to use and assign to VMs,
    the host and a default queue) .
    If I understand correctly ,when you enable VMQ  the number of connected VMs on that NIC should not be more than the value of  "NumberOfReceiveQueues" -2 .
    For details please refer to following link:
    Hope this helps
    Best Regards
    Elton Ji
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  • Juniper Network Connect broken in IE 10

    Windows 8 x 64 Pro.... IE 10 has broken my VPN which uses Juniper Network Connect 7.1.8 are there any fixes on the horizon?  Anybody know? Anybody have the same problem?

    Seems a software compatibility issue with Windows 8. I suggest you contact Juniper support for help since this involves 3rd party application.
    Juke Chou
    TechNet Community Support

  • Programs that require a network connection won't work because there is no virtual IP address available for this session.

    Programs that require a network connection won't work because there is no virtual IP address available for this session.  Per application IP virtualization is enabled.
    There are in fact available IP address's within the dhcp scope.  Before I dig to deep into root cause.. Could the problem be RDS CAL licensing running out, or isn't that not a symptom of my error message?

    Thank you for posting in Windows Server Forum.
    As per my research, there is no any issue related to RDS CAL licensing. Prior to the issue which you are facing, there are some basic setting which need to configure.
    Application Compatibility – Turn on Remote Desktop IP virtualization
    Some applications require a unique IP address, which is by default logically not the case if the application is running on RD Session Host. To solve this issue, Remote Desktop IP Virtualization is introduced. With this setting you enable the IP virtualization
    feature. When enabling this setting you need to specify if the virtual IP is provided per session or per program. When using per program you need to define the executable to which an IP address should be configured. Desktop IP virtualization also needs the
    configuration of the next setting.
    Application Compatibility – Select the network adapter to be used for Remote Desktop IP Virtualization
    When you need to use Remote Desktop IP virtualization configuring this setting is mandatory. You need to specify the IP address of the Network Interface Card which should be used for this feature. Besides the IP address you need also to specify the network
    mask using the slash notation, for example
    Application Compatibility – Do not use Remote Desktop Session Host server IP address when virtual IP address is not available
    More information:
    Microsoft RDS Policies explained (Part 2)
    Configuring Remote Desktop IP Virtualization II
    Hope it helps!
    Dharmesh Solanki

  • Sprint Palm Treo 755p Network Connection Inconsistent

    I've had a Sprint Palm Treo 755p for almost 2 years now, and multiple times a week during this time the connectivity ceases and I have to power down the phone connection and restart it to make a call. This is the 3rd device Sprint has replaced for me and I'm finished talking with them. They acknowledge that this is a chronic problem with this device and don't have a solution to recommend. It is updated. I use the default applications, with only text readers as the extra 3rd party applications. My fidelity to the Palm product is waining thin since it seems that this problem is unresolvable.
    Question: Is it too much to expect that the phone will work consistently when in a strong network area? I've seen other users' posts about this but have yet to find a solution. Any help will be appreciated.
    (The phone will show bars/connectivity status when it won't dial out nor receive calls. I'm not in non-network areas when this occurs.)
    Thank you!
    Post relates to: Treo 755p (Sprint)

    Hi..  Welcome to the Palm forums.  If you have had 3 device replacements and the same problem repeats itself, unable to connect to the sprint network, what is the common factor here?  As you stated in the subject "Sprint Palm Treo 755p Network Connection Inconsistent".  It is highly unlikely that this is a hardware issue for your 755p.  The one consistent factor is the Sprint network and your provisioning on that network which has all the settings and information that allows your account to connect to it.  What needs to happen here is you need to talk to Sprint, have them totally remove your provisioning setup on their network and then rebuild it from scratch.  All your 755p does is receive what it is given by the network and it connects with the instructions in that provisioning.  
    The only other possibility, did you have a older device before th 755p?  If so and you synced to the same user name its possible some internal settings got synced into the 755 that are causing problems due to compatibility issues. When you have done a hard reset did you sync immediately?  If so you need to sync to backup data then hard reset, go to (for palm desktop 4.?) c:\program files\palm (or palmone)\your user name folder and right click on the backup folder and rename it backupold.  (if palm desktop 6.2) Go to c:\my documents\palm os desktop\user name folder and rename backup folder. Befor you do sync use the device for awhile to test and see if the same problem happens.  If not then sync.  You will not have any of the stored settings or 3rd party sw, they will have to be installed manually.  Once you sync do not install any of the 3rd party sw for atlease a day and test.  If no problems go to that backupold folder and find the .prc file and double click on it to put it in the installer and sync.  Only install one at a time and test till you sure all is fine before reinstalling another and continue to test till you find a file that may be causing problems.
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  • Wireless network connect problem for B209 printer

    Install went great until I tried to connect to my network. Got the following (weird) message.
    " Your printer has limited connectivity. Your printer address is using IP address which is not compatable with IP address for the PC. Power off your printer and then power on and wait 60 seconds for the printer to acquire an IP address. Then Click retry"
    I installed on a XP/SP2 Home system. My other PC's are a XP/SP1 Home system and a Vista/SP1 Home Premium.
    What does that message mean and how can I get back on track.
    I did suceed in installing using the USB connection.
    Any help is appreciated!!!
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    What that means is that your printer is not connected to your wireless router.
    Since your USB connection is working, follow the directions (Change the HP Photosmart from a USB connection to a
    network connection) on page 3 of this. 
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    I am employed by HP

  • 1 of 4 computers on my home network connects to hu...

    I have recently installed the BT home hub 2.0. I have 4 computers on my network. 3 of these run on windows XP, and 1 on windows Vista. The 3 XP computers all connect perfectly to the home hub, and can all access the internet. The Vista computer connects to the hub, and sees the other computers on the network. The other computers also see the viista computer, so I'm sure that the connection to the hub is OK, and file sharing and printer sharing works fine. The problem is that the Vista computer cannot get a connection to the internet.
    When I run the network diagnose and repair function on te Vista computer, it tells me that the computer is connected to the internet, and there is no problem with the connection.
    When I look in the home hub manager, it shows that the broadband connection from the router is fine. It also shows that the vista computer is connected.
    However, whatever brouser I try to use I keep getting the message that it cannot display the web page. And when I do the diagnosis, it says there is no internet connection. I have also tried running updates on anti-virus software, and I get a message saying no update possible because there is no internet connection.
    Has anybody experienced the same problem? I don't know whether it's a problem with Vista or with the BT hub, or some sort of compatibility problem between the 2. I have checked all the settings I can think of, and have run out of ideas.
    Go to Solution.

    Sometimes Vista/Windows 7 can have problems with IPv6 connectivity
    In Vista go to Control Panel->Network and Sharing and Click on Wireless networks....
    A dialogue box called wireless network connection" will appear like this:-
    AS you can see from mine, I have no internet acces on Ipv6....
     If you are on Ipv6 instead of Ipv4 click "wireless prperties" and in the next dialogue box, uncheck the Ipv6 box but leave Ipv4 checked...I can't remember but you may have to restart the Vista machine..

  • Knocked out wireless compatibility with network printers?

    I'm having this same issue with my 2008 MacBook running 10.7.5. Reading some other forums, it seems as if Lion knocked out wireless compatibility with network printers...
    I have rebooted my machine, uninstalled and reinstalled all my drivers and continue to have this issue while not having the same issue with my Dell (work issued) laptop. First time a PC has ever performed better than my Mac.
    <Re-Titled By Host>

    I still have questions about how to connect the Brother printer through ethernet. When connected does the airport utility have some area where you can identify the printer as a network printer as opposed to USB?
    The AirPort Utility would only come into play if the printer was attached to the TC's USB port. Printers, attached by Ethernet, would have to "network-ready." Controlling these types of printers would be through the printer driver that you would access through the operating system interface.
    In my HP example, the HP printer driver does provide access to a number of features particular to this printer model. Most manufacturers include an installation CD that provide useful utilities ... albeit most are written for Windows. I would suggest checking out the Brother support site to see if they have Mac-specific drivers or utilities.

  • Hi, I am trying to update an iPhone 4 from iOS 4.3.3 to iOS 7.0.4, and every time I try to update it comes up with an error message saying that there was a problem because the network connection was reset. Is there any way I can get past this and update?

    The full message said:
    There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone "Judy's iPhone 4". The network connection was reset.
    Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or try again later.
    I am trying to update the iPhone for my grandmother, Judy, as I am leaving for Paris on Wednesday night and we want to have Facetime installed on her iPhone before then, so we can stay in contact with each other. It is the simplest way for this to happen but the program simply will not allow me to update her iPhone.
    Is there any way to get past this error and update her iPhone? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Dear Jody..jone5
    Good for you that can't update your iphone because I did it and my iphone dosen't work for example I can't download any app like Wecaht or Twitter..

  • ITunes 10.0.1 "the network connection could not be made"

    This was not a problem for me on 10.0. I can no longer update my podcasts because I get this error message
    "There was a problem downloading (podcast name) the network connection could not be made"
    so first I ran diagnostics for the network connection and it said that it could not make a secure connection to the itunes store. I clicked help and it said to add a rule to the windows firewall (even though one already existed), I did that and now its green but I still get the same error message. Here is the information from the diagnostics.
    Microsoft Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition (Build 7600)
    QuickTime 7.6.8
    FairPlay 1.9.16
    Apple Application Support 1.3.2
    iPod Updater Library 10.0d2
    CD Driver
    CD Driver DLL
    Apple Mobile Device
    Apple Mobile Device Driver
    Bonjour (214.3)
    Gracenote SDK
    Gracenote MusicID
    Gracenote Submit
    iTunes Serial Number 0637C6B672852BC1
    Current user is not an administrator.
    The current local date and time is 2010-09-28 09:37:04.
    iTunes is not running in safe mode.
    WebKit accelerated compositing is enabled.
    HDCP is supported.
    Video Display Information
    ** External Plug-ins Information **
    No external plug-ins installed.
    iPodService is currently running.
    iTunesHelper is currently not running.
    Apple Mobile Device service is currently running.
    ** Network Connectivity Tests **
    Network Adapter Information
    Adapter Name: {A05144D0-DC62-4367-9AEA-8537EF0D39C9}
    Description: Intel(R) 82577LC Gigabit Network Connection
    IP Address: none of your business
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway: none of your business
    DHCP Enabled: Yes
    DHCP Server: none of your business
    Lease Obtained: Tue Sep 28 09:02:30 2010
    Lease Expires: Thu Sep 30 09:02:30 2010
    DNS Servers: none of your business
    Adapter Name: {E8E377A7-4E43-4F3C-9BE3-9218319096C5}
    Description: VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter
    IP Address: none of your business
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:
    DHCP Enabled: No
    DHCP Server:
    Lease Obtained: Thu Jan 01 09:00:00 1970
    Lease Expires: Thu Jan 01 09:00:00 1970
    DNS Servers:
    Active Connection: LAN Connection
    Connected: Yes
    Online: Yes
    Using Modem: No
    Using LAN: Yes
    Using Proxy: No
    SSL 3.0 Support: Enabled
    TLS 1.0 Support: Enabled
    Firewall Information
    Windows Firewall is on.
    iTunes is NOT enabled in Windows Firewall.
    Connection attempt to Apple web site was successful.
    Connection attempt to browsing iTunes Store was successful.
    Connection attempt to purchasing from iTunes Store was successful.
    Connection attempt to iPhone activation server was successful.
    Connection attempt to firmware update server was successful.
    Last successful store access was 2010-09-28 09:34:16.
    I modified it slightly because my IP address is not necessary for troubleshooting this issue. is anyone else having the same problem? how can i fix this

    Did you get anywhere with this? I'm getting the same error when I try to use Home Sharing. It worked through all the 9.x versions, but with 10.0.1, I can't even home share between two identical MacBooks. I get the above error when I try to copy a song / video / etc. from one library to another.

  • ITunes Store Error Message: "network connection was reset"

    I've been having trouble connecting to the iTunes Store since Dec. 25, 2006. The last time I was able to connect to the site was Jan. 2, 2007!
    The error message that I have been receiving is: "iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. The network connection was reset."
    Here are the troubleshooting issues that I have already performed.
    1) Ensured that my internet connection was active.
    2) Checked to make sure Windows XP Service Pack Updates were compatible. No problems with the firewall detected.
    3) Have the latest version (7.02.16) of iTunes.
    4) iPod software is up to date.
    5) Ran iTunes diagnostics which states:
    Windows Firewall is on.
    iTunes is enabled in Windows Firewall.
    Connection attempt to Apple web site was unsuccessful.
    The network connection was reset.
    Connection attempt to iTunes Store was unsuccessful.
    The network connection was reset.
    Secure connection attempt to iTunes Store was successful.
    Does anyone have this problem? Can anyone recommend a solution that worked for them?
    Sony   Windows XP  

    PS: I also went into Internet Explorer...
    Selected Tools, selected Internet options, then selected Advanced Tab
    Then I looked for the security section and made sure that SSL 2.0 was selected.
    I was still unable to access iTunes Store.

  • PCs losing network connection

    We often have one of our ethernet-connected PCs lose its network connection.  (not just the internet, the entire LAN connection). To get it back we either reset the Homehub 3 or simply swap the cables between ports on the hub.  It isn't always the same PC that loses the connection, so pretty sure the problem isn't at the PC end.
    I've spoken to BT in India and they sent a replacement Homehub 3, but the issue persists.  Both Homehubs are Type A.  The person I spoke with insisted they no longer make the Type B hub (which I wanted for its newer firmware).
    Although we do have the workarounds above, this issue is annoying so I'd like to find a solution.

    Hi foxycat,
    Do you get any error messages on the computer when it loses connection? I presume the error messages are the same on each computer? I'm also presuming each computer is connected to the Homehub using a different ethernet cable so this would rule out the cable being at fault. Is there one computer that doesn't lose connection at all, or does the issue occur when you switch on a certain device?
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  • I keep getting an error message when trying to log on to FaceTime and iMessage on my iPad mini with wifi...could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again. Help!

    I keep getting an error message when trying to log on to FaceTime and iMessage on my iPad mini with wifi...Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again. Help!

    Using FaceTime
    Troubleshooting FaceTime
    The Complete Guide to FaceTime + iMessage: Setup, Use, and Troubleshooting
    Troubleshooting FaceTime and iMessage activation
    Using FaceTime and iMessage behind a firewall
    iOS: About Messages
    Set up iMessage
    Troubleshooting Messages
    Setting Up Multiple iOS Devices for iMessage and Facetime l
    FaceTime and iMessage not accepting Apple ID password epting-apple-id-password/
    Unable to use FaceTime and iMessage with my apple ID
    For non-Apple devices, check out the TextFree app
     Cheers, Tom

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    Hi there, Hope everyone is well and wonder if anyone can help me. My problem is my daughter’s laptop, she is in the middle of studying at Uni and all her work is on her laptop which is a: HP Pavilion G61331sa/1.6 GHZ AMD Quad-Core A8-3520M APU with R

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    On several of my songs it will cut to another song and play a bit of that and then switch back. It always does it on the same songs. I've tried restoring my ipod and it still does it, it just changes the song that it cuts out on. Anyone know what mig