Compatible PC laptop?

I'm looking for a PC laptop good enough to use for transferring files on-set when shooting with a Red One (and soon the Epic).The specs for that are discussed here What it amounts to is having two firewire 800 ports or USB 3, or an express card slot to allow for the expansion.
There's only one Mac that meets this spec, and it's the 17", which is a bit big for lugging around on a set. I'd rather have a 15" laptop. Fact is,  I'm currently a PC user, so I'd rather stick with what I know.
I also want to be able to run Premiere and AE CS5. Adobe specs here A VGA port would be good to to get dual monitor.
Any suggestions? 

I'd look into the Sager and find a multi-chip ExpressCard IEEE-1394b, like I did.
Good luck,

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    Do  you meet all requirements:
    Upgrading to Mavericks
    You can upgrade to Mavericks from Lion or directly from Snow Leopard. Mavericks can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for FREE.
    Upgrading to Mavericks
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  • Laptop won't power up with AC adapter and won't charge battery

    Here is the thing.
    1) the laptop doesn't power on without a battery when directly connected to ac adapter.
    2) the light which would indicate that the laptop is plugged into the ac adapter is not on when the ac adapter is plugged in.
    3) the battery charge light is also not on, which would indicate the battery is being charged.
    The battery does not charge... Laptop turns on the battery backup mode, but not on ac adapter connection. I tried connecting the battery to another compatible hp laptop (both my laptop and the other test device support same battery models). It was charging fine on that laptop. And when switched it back into my laptop, laptop was running fine, but it does not charge in my laptop. But ac adapter is fine too. So whats the issue? And what can I do to get it sorted?
    My laptop is not on warranty anymore. But i replaced battery 4 months back, so its not a fault with battery or the ac adapter.
    The AC adapter is fine, tested with other laptop.
    The battery is also new and works fine

    Hi  ,
    Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. It is a great site for information and questions. I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion g6-2004tx Notebook and issues with the battery not charging. Here is a link to calibrate and test the Battery. Calibration should eliminate this issue. Plug the power adapter directly into a functioning wall outlet. Do not plug it into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source as this could cause and issue.HP Battery Check in HP System Diagnostics for Windows 8, would give you details of charging and discharging.Testing and Calibrating the battery using HP System Diagnostics in Windows 8. At the starting of the Notebook, Press F2 to select F2 System Diagnostics. Then choose Component Tests, then battery. If the battery was purchased from HP it could be in warranty. Here is a link to check. If purchased from another source you would have to contact them. Hope this helps. Thanks.

  • Installing Solaris 8 (Intel)on Toshiba laptop

    I will try to install Solaris 8 (Intel) on Toshiba laptop. but before I do that I would like to know if if this version of Solaris is compatible with laptops (Toshiba Satellite 4000).or I need additional drivers (if yes where can I get them from).
    I have 160 Mbyte of physical memory on this machine and it is P2 266 MHZ.
    i would really appreciate the help

    Hi, Me too wanted to install Solaris 8 (Intel) on Toshiba laptop(Toshiba Satellite 2800). Maybe I will install GNOME onto it, keep in touch if any luck. Thanks!

  • Satelite M30 : where can I download the drivers for my laptop

    I recently formated my laptop and didnt stop to think that I would need to back up my drivers. The OS was XP home edition but Ive installed XP Pro. I have lost my drivers where in Device Manager theres an exclamation mark under the heading of Other Devices:
    Base System device, Ethernet controller, multimedia audio controller, network controller, universal serial bus, unknown device, video controller (VGA compatible)
    This laptop is 2nd hand and I dont have any of the back up CDs. ekkkk!
    When I try to connect to the net whether is wireless or through a net cable there are no network configuration details. I have also lost my Toshiba software also.
    Im in deperate need of help, I would be most grateful for your help!

    I dont know if you will be able to order the Toshiba recovery CD form the service partner in your country because you have purchase this as a second hand notebook.
    However, on the Toshiba driver page you should find all the necessary drivers and tools.
    You have to install the drivers in the right order. Chipset utility and the beginning.

  • How to create a Real Time Interactive Business Intelligence Solution in SharePoint 2013

    Hi Experts,
    I was recently given the below requirements to architect/implement a business intelligence solution that deals with instant/real data modifications in data sources. After going through many articles, e-books, expert blogs, I am still unable to piece the
    right information to design an effective solution to my problem. Also, client is ready to invest in the best 
    infrastructure in order to achieve all the below requirements but yet it seems like a sword of Damocles that hangs around my neck in every direction I go.
    1) Reports must be created against many-to-many table relationships and against multiple data sources(SP Lists, SQL Server Custom Databases, External Databases).
    2) The Report and Dashboard pages should refresh/reflect with real time data immediately as and when changes are made to the data sources.
    3) The Reports should be cross-browser compatible(must work in google chrome, safari, firefox and IE), cross-platform(MAC, Android, Linux, Windows) and cross-device compatible(Tabs, Laptops &
    4) Client is Branding/UI conscious and wants the reports to look animated and pixel perfect similar to what's possible to create today in Excel 2013.
    5) The reports must be interactive, parameterized, slice able, must load fast and have the ability to drill down or expand.
    6) Client wants to leverage the Web Content Management, Document Management, Workflow abilities & other features of SharePoint with key focus being on the reporting solution.
    7) Client wants the reports to be scalable, durable, secure and other standard needs.
    Is SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence a good candidate? I see the below limitations with the Product to achieve all the above requirements.
    a) Cannot use Power Pivot with Excel deployed to SharePoint as the minimum granularity of refresh schedule is Daily. This violates Requirement 1.
    b) Excel Services, Performance Point or Power View works as in-memory representation mode. This violates Requirement 1 and 2.
    b) SSRS does not render the reports as stated above in requirement 3 and 4. The report rendering on the page is very slow for sample data itself. This violates Requirement 6 and 7.
    Has someone been able to achieve all of the above requirements using SharePoint 2013 platform or any other platform. Please let me know the best possible solution. If possible, redirect me to whitepapers, articles, material that will help me design a effective
    solution. Eagerly looking forward to hear from you experts!.
    Please feel free to write in case you have any comments/clarifications.

    Hi Experts,
    Request your valuable inputs and support on achieving the above requirements.
    Looking forward for your responses.

  • HDMI cable compatibility with Computer

    Hi, I tried buying a Google Chromecast, it didn't work they said because it's Windows Vista. Then I bought an HDMI cable to connect my TV to my computer, that's what I heard to do. There is no connection to the computer for the HDMI cable. Is that because it's too old? Its about six years old. Will a new computer be compatible?

    Laptop or Desktop.
    If your computer has HDMI output it should project on the TV.
    However, you need to extend your display to the TV.
    If your on a laptop there may be a key on the keyboard, often a secondary function of an F# key, that you can press and extend your display.
    Or, and I don't know how to get into it on Vista, you need to go into your display properties and extend the display to the TV.   Possibly a right click on your desktop.
    and I am not certain how display properties look on Vista.  
    Do this with the hdmi cable plugged into your TV and computer.  In display properties if you only see one monitor there should be an option to add a second,  Then there should be an option to EXTEND the display.  You can either show the same thing on both displays or set it up as a second display.
    I know Vista can support this.  I installed a GPU with an HDMI output on my fathers computer some years ago so he could watch Netfliix on his TV
    Do a Google Search for 
    about tech display vista
    The third hit when I did it is for online-tech-tips and it gives a good simple way to do this with pictures.

  • Hardware Upgradation

    We have a couple of applications running in different departments on their individual Database servers. Now we want to move all these databases and the applications onto one single server. What would the procedure to move these different databases into a new database server that we will be installing? If there are any documents on such situations kindly mention those as well.
    Varunraj Dhawan

    Hi there
    Go through page 1-2, 1-3 in this manual:
    RAM: You can put MAX. two 4gb DDR2 PC2-6400 800MHz RAM modules identical in all respects including Brand (Samsung, Hynix, Crucial etc are some examples)
    HDD: Upto 500gb 7200rpm 2.5 inch SATA hard drive is tested compatible in laptop.
    Page 3-9, 3-13 lists the HP part number for reference. Page 4-8 to 10 describes the replacement procedure which is simple.
    This Crucial online scanner would also help in listing compatible upgrades:
    IMO You can also replace current 320gb HDD with 256gb SSD (would be costly compared to HDD, but dramatic performance boost would be obtained)
    Related white paper:
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  • Dual-USB External DVD/CD RW 'drawing too much power'

    I had to make an emergency purchase down my local electrical store because my internal drive has stopped working properly. So, bought one of these: ( DVD/RW that is supposed to be mac compatible. It has two USB connections - one for power & another for data I presume.
    When I plug it into a USB port, a dialogue box appears saying 'Because a USB device was drawing too much power from your computer, one or more of your USB devices have been disabled.' And so therefore there isn't any power to the unit... and it won't work.
    This appears immediately after plugging one of the two in. When I plug in the second USB connection a second, identical dialogue box appears. If I connect then re-start, two of the dialogue boxes appear...
    Might it be that this unit is not compatible with laptops? (there is no information about voltage on the unit).
    Many thanks,

    Optical drives have motors and that makes them power hogs. If it does not get power from its own power brick, it could be overpowering your USB bus, especially if you have other USB devices connected.
    Have you tried swapping the cables on the Mac's ports? Some people report that the left- and right-hand ports produce difference power levels.
    If the drive does not have a separate power source, it was designed for mobile use on a notebook computer but someone in Marketing was not thinking about power issues when trying to jump on the mobile bandwagon.
    I see two solutions, the best listed first:
    1) return the drive for one that has a power brick self-powered)
    2) Purchase a powered USB hub (has a separate power brick). That way, the drive gets a lot of power from the hub. This one:
    shows an ac adaptor is included

  • I need a game controller for a HP ENVY

    System:   Hp Envy 17  - Windows 8.1 - Intel Core i7  4700 MQ  CPU - Nvidia GE Force GT 740 M   Does anyone have a good quality controller they'd recommend.  A wired usb controller , with twin joysticks preferrebly I know it has to be able to run with Windows drivers, but I don't know a good brand to get .  I don't want to have to return one because it isn't compatible with laptop.  I see them advertised  but don't know which one has the better reviews. I'd appreciate any suggestions - thank you  ,    Z
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    Sure. You will need an xBox 360 wireless or wired controller and an interface like the one in the video. See the video.
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  • C4180 Printer unable to download driver

    Have C4180 printer and original driver cd, but not compatible with laptop running windows vista. tried to download from website still unsucessful.

    Nope, this printer is not wireless capable. But you can purchase a wireless addon/accessory to use it wirelessly. Search for HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit in if you're interested.
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  • MXI Express - Unable to boot

    Hi all,
    I am using MXI Express (PXI-8360) to control a PXI-chassis using an external PC.  The setup was working for several months, then all of the sudden I can no longer boot into Windows.  In fact, I cannot even get passed the BIOS.  Both LEDs on the PXI-8360 front panel are solid green.  The PC starts normally when I removed the MXI cable or turn off the PXI chassis.  The problem fits the description of the MXI BIOS compatibility issue described here:
    I have tried the followings.  None resolved the issue.
    1) Install the MXI board in a different PXI-Express slot.
    2) Update the PC BIOS.
    3) Put the MXI board into mode 1 by setting the DIP switch.  Install NI MXI-Express BIOS compatibility Software Ver 1.3.  Now the booting process is halted at Windows boot up screen.  I am thinking about going to Safe Mode and uninstall the program.
    System Info:
    - PC: Dell Optiplex 980, BIOS version A07.
    - PXI-1042 chassis: PXI-8360, and houses the following PXI boards: 6508, 4461, 4065, 2569, 2530.
    It’s an all-else-fail scenario.  Please HELP.
    Go to Solution.

    Dear Sir,
    two quick questions need to consuly you,
    After reviewing
    May I know what "MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility" for? to fix issue of boot-freezing, right?
    If I do need to solve the PCI resource issue, should I still need to update the BIOS depends on selected laptop?
    Does that mean if I got problem for using 8360 with my Laptop in the first installation for booting problem,  I can use "MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility" to solve the booting issue, and use my 8360 with limited condition on PCI resource enumeration?
    Install NI MXI-Express BIOS compatibility software if your Windows XP or Vista-based computer does not boot when connected to your PXI chassis through MXI-Express, or if Windows does not properly discover your devices. (That is, it shows yellow exclamation points with Code 12 or Code 31 errors in Windows Device Manager, despite drivers for all devices being installed.) 
    In below page
      National Instruments works closely with Dell to ensure that the basic input/output system (BIOS) for the current  
      generation desktop PCs, laptops, and workstations works with MXI-Express. Before using MXI-Express     products   with Dell or other name brand computers, make sure that the BIOS is updated to the current version to  benefit fr  om the latest BIOS improvements.
    Do you have a complete list of compatible Dell laptop for using ExpressCard 8360?
    I did not finy the information on you web and even from the Forums.
    Thank you,

  • Qosmio F30 and Radio tuner for WMC

    I found software (radio tuner) but the problem is I couldn't run it. I don't have hardware (Floppy disk drive) to run on it.
    And maybe it is not compatible for my Qosmio F30. Is there any another software that compatible for laptop?

    I saw your posting where you asked about this software. Why you didnt wrote there where you found it exactly. This can help other forum users.
    Sorry but it is not so cool just to ask something, read answers and ignore what other people wrote to you.
    So if you have European notebook model it will probably not work. As far as I know US models have this function.

  • Please Reverie PAVILION DV6-2150US NOTEBOOK

    Iarvaq I have a laptop
    It was me Reverie But cleared of a laptop 
    Juan O frankly I'm tired I'm looking for Sde which is compatible with laptopI have tried to buy from HP
    But I think they have a problem to me all that I press the message coming to me to confirm payment Ath wrong in the information and the board of his Saheeh to withdraw $ 1 each to confirm what I want to withdraw dollars, but that the withdrawal of $ 10 card
    Please you guys help me
    Will tell you the type of laptop
    Serial Number: {Content Removed}

    No, its few year old now:​lc=en&docname=c02029513
    You can't simply replace the keyboard, you need new mother/sysem board which has places for you to plug thos lights. This can be costly or impossible.
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  • HP Probook 4440s CPU upgrade?

    Hi, I have a HP Probook 4440s and I am slightly confused as to what CPUs my laptop is compatible with. My issue is mostly understanding the socket type. I have found from various sources that my laptop has a G2 cpu socket which has something (that I cannot fully grasp) to do with PGA988. I would like to buy a Intel Core i5 3380M if possible but it is listed as being for socket PGA988. Is this CPU compatible with laptop? I know the G2 socket and PGA988 are related in some way and they might be the same but I cannot find a concrete source that says either way
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    McSquid wrote:
    It currently has a sandy bridge Core i3 2370M which is why I wanted to upgrade
    Well, Ivy Bridge is backward compatible with Sandy Bridge so the socket must be the same but the chipset is more important. What's the graphics card? Is it only the Intel HD or is there a dedicated vga?
    Dv6-7000 /Full HD/Core i5-3360M/GF 650M/Corsair 8GB/Intel 7260AC/Samsung Pro 256GB
    Testing - HP 15-p000
    HP Touchpad provided by HP
    Currently on Debian Wheeze
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    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I will honestly say I have tried to read allot of posts before I spoke up but.... I have: K8t NEO 3200 64 Updated to the latest BIOS Corsair Overclocking RAM (I am looking up the specs) 256 sick on slot 1 256 stick on s