Component included in SAP NetWeaver Foundation for Third Party

Hi Experts,
Now, our team discussing on how we can use integrate based on ABAP Technology to integrate Enterprise Systems.
Then, we discovered the License, that SAP delivered, "SAP NetWeaver Foundation for Third Party".
I heard this license allows client to develop custom applications on standalone NetWeaver Application Server(ABAP/Java).
I think that the ABAP instance contains SAP_BASIS and SAP_ABA, and I have information that it allows to use also BRFplus,
but it is a little vague what function can be used.
Does anyone knows what component is included that license?
Especially, we want to know whather we can use NetWeaver Gateway with  standalone NetWeaver Application Server or not.
Best Regards,
//Naoya Tsugo

Well, the box is checked for that, so I have to assume that it is included.
What is the confusion?
Rich Heilman

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    Hi there is no SAP standard process for this. I can give you work around for that.
    1.. Receive the repairable product in the warehouse from customer - Normal customer returns or customise a movement type to receive it with our without value as per requirement
    2. Do the inspection in warehouse - Normal inspection
    3. Create a service PO with the vendor.
    4. Send the repairable product to the subcontractor to do the repair - Send using 541 movement type to vendor or use the copy of 541 movement type to send to vendor.(you can refer PO also system does not validate)
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      - How to make statistical receipts against sales order line items so that SO status will be updated.
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      - Are there any SAP standard configurations/ BAPIs/ BADIs available to achieve this integration.
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    This question is resolved. We ended up activating purchasing module and used purchasing documents PR/ PO to integrate with third party purchasing system.

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    I have install third party product in SAP PI SLD for an application,
    How can i specify the key or license agreement for the third party product.
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    Hi Harish,
    Deployed third party product in SAP PI Server which is Web UI(Application)
    for initiating the integration process,But when i run the application
    Its showing an error. "Error loading license agreement"

  • User Exit for third party order processes.Missing in ECC 6.

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    There is a user exit EXIT_SAPLJ3AM_003 which exist in 4.6C version of SAP for AFS.
    This user exit is for Third Party order processes. This is called within the include LJ3AMFD1 of the main program SAPLJ3AM.
    But this User exit is missing in ECC version of SAP for AFS.
    Could anyone please let me know how I can resolve this issue as I need this User exit for my requirement. Has SAP provided any enhancement spots for this?
    I tried to search the enhancement spots and OSS notes but couldnu2019t get any useful information.
    Please advice.

    changed our requirement

  • Plant Determination for Third Party Material as Child Item in Sales Order

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    We have an issue with the Plant Determination for Third Party Material as Child Item in a Sales Order.
    Even when a Delivering Plant is maintained for the child item which is a Third Party Material, the plant of the Parent Item is only populated as the Default plant in the Sales Order
    Can someone explain the reason behiind this determination.
    P.S.- For all non -Third PartyChild Items (with non-Third Party Item Catefory & Material Type), the Plant is population correctly as per Delivering plant in Material Master.

    Thanks everyone for the feedback.I agree with Samir Danish.It is a standard functionality of SAP which does not allow free goods for BOM material.
    However, can someone suggest work around to deal with this issue.I mean if any one has been doing any work around for this issue then please let me know.It s becoming critical for me.

  • PO Creation for third party sales

    We have the scenario Third party sales and High sea sales which is already in use (already configured) , where PR getting generated automatically .
    But client requirement is they want the PO to generate automatically by the system the moment i save the sales order .
    Where is the setting in the SAP , where system will generate the PO automatically instead of PR
    Please suggest

    Go to VOV7
    Select third party item category which u r using in sales order >>> Deatils >>> under transaction flow >>> Tickmark to CREATE  PO AUTOMATIC.
    If you activate this field, the system automatically generates both a purchase order requisition for third-party schedule lines as well as a purchase order in the background when you save the sales order.
    However u can not create PO directly.

  • Process demand for third party direct shipment

    Hello ,
    I need help in below given areas. in our rollout client is given statement of work like this.
    1)     Demand transfer to vendors
    2)     Reminder processing
    3)     Process demand for third party direct shipment
    Please can you explain me about these area, how it works with example. it is very benificial for us.

    Hi Sapera,
    There can be 3 typse of trading scenarios
    1. 3rd party with Shipping notification : Where in u create sales order  and create PO against the PR which si triggered in SAles order adn hen MIGO followed by MIRO and Billing. Here Billing to the end customer can be doen before MIRO because the billign quantity considered is based on the goods Receipt( MIGO) quantity. Many a times you might have your personnels or soem mechanisms to cross verify the delivered quanity as some times the vendor might not dispatch the quantiy in the PO. Here the MIGO doen si consumption posting/Non valuated GR as physically it doenot come into your stock and therefore is not shown in our stock. ITem category used in TAS
    2. 3rd party without shiiping notfication ; Here MIGO is not done and billig ncan be done only after MIRO as the billing quantity is based on the Invocie receipt quantity in MIRO
    3. Bought in items/ Dealer Sales : Here you bring in the materials from the vendor to our depot plant and then dispatch it to the customer . Here PR is geenrated from sales order followed by PO and MIGO. After MIGO you have to do PGI followed by Billing. MIRO doesnot have any impact on the PGI or Billing. Item category used is TAB
    But in all the three instancesthe configurational changes happen in schedule line cateogry and the account assignment which is maintiend in item category and for automatic determination of 2 different schedule line categories we need to maintian 2 different item categories alothough item category settings are almost the same.
    Hope this was helpful in giving you some insights on the trading processes

  • Account Assignment Category for third party process.

    Hi ,
              I would like to use different account assignment category for third party process. This account assignment cat must be assigned at the sales order itself. Is there any config for this.
    Kindly help me.

    You can create new account assignment category for 3rd party process  by copying existing std one 2 in configuration under MM - Purchasing - Account assignment - maintain account assignment category
    You can assign your own set of control for account assignment based on requirement.
    SAP use TAS item catgory in 3rd Sales order which is linked to Pur Req account assignment catgory 2.If you are defining own account assignment catgory than you need to config set-up with TAS sales order item catgory.
    Hope above details will help to move further...sanjay karkun

  • Risk Analysis for Third party ERP system

    We want to perform offline risk analysis for third party ERP(SRM) system.... We have already GRC system installed with Global rule set for SAP ERP & want to have another ruleset for offline risk analysis.
    Just would like to have a confirmation for below steps & estimated time for this.
    Activities Need to be performed from Our side(Client) :-
    1) Send the RAR format for Users/Roles/Actions & Permissions.
    2) Cross Verify the format.
    3) Create the connector for stored files.
    4) Upload the files via Data Extraction utility.
    5) Generate the ruleset for SRM(third party).
    6) Schedule the various background jobs.
    Activities Need to be Performed from Third Party - HUBWOO(Owns SRM ERP system) :-
    1) Convert users/action/roles and permissions files to RAR format.
    Activities need to be Performed  from SAP :-
    1) Provide the ruleset for HUBWOO SRM system.
    Please let me know if I missed any step above & estimated time to complete from our end & did anyone has come across ruleset for HUBWOO system..?
    Thanks in Advance!!

    Thanks all for your reply,
    Alpesh, but still I have small concern here, when SAP provide the ruleset files, it also provides for Oracle, People soft & JDE ERP.
    Though these are also third party ERP's for SAP...?
    Does it mean that we can'task for ruleset for other third party ERP from SAP...? or does SAP Charge something for it..?

  • Billing Due List for third party sales

    Need a help, I can't view in billing due list for third party sales
    How configure , in-order to view in billing due  list
    New Guy

    I guess in third party sales it will be sales order related billing.So in VF04 tick the check box of order related billing.
    Check the billing date and check if MIRO has taken place.In standard SAP before MIRO you can't do the billing for third party sale.
    Reward points if useful
    Amrish Purohit

  • Proxies for third party

    Hey guys
    is it possible to create proxies for third party if i have WAS>6.2? suppose we are doing a File to IDOC scenario and have WAS>6.2 then is it possible to do it like Proxy(file)-XI-Proxy(IDOC) or i cant generate any proxies for Flat files?

    Answered myself.
    no its not possible to create proxies for any third party,ABAP proxies are used to connect SAP systems and JAVA proxies are used to connect J2EE or J2SE .
    as long as i have WAS>6.2
    hope i m right?

  • How to know Delivery Note no. for Third Party sales

    Hello Experts,
    I am configuring Third party sales process.and got the suffcient help from old posts.But i got stuck in MIGO step.While doing MIGO we have to enter PO and Delivery Note No so where to find delivery note no.?
    Another confusion is, In some of the posts in community,for third party sales configuratuion MIGO is one of the step while in other similar posts there is no MIGO step instead they have shown direct MIRO after PO creation so which i should follow ?
    Thanks in advance

    Do you really just follow what others have posted and do not double check with the SAP documentation and even more important with your business needs and some logical thoughts?
    In all our >750 plants is a guy who receives the material that is coming in, he compares the paperwork with the goods and then enters the receipt in SAP.
    This is the normal and logical process of a receipt in your warehouse.
    And now compare this with a 3rd party sales, where the goods are shipped from your vendor directly to your customer.
    The warehouse guy does not get any papers from a truck driver, he can't count any goods before he could do something in SAP, he does not even know about this order. And exact this situation is the basis for the standard design: no goods receipt, just invoice.
    And any deviation is made because of some special requirements (legal and country specific, or just because of an almighty finance department which can't understand that some of their requirements do not make much sense in logistics. e.g. mandatory 3way matches PO - GR - IR which is not worth the name if you force warehouse people to make theoretical receipts which physically never happened and cannot be verified.

  • Item category used for third party

    need to know the item category used for third party process and its determination, kindly help.

    Dear Partasarathy,
    there are three different processes within the third-party.
    The usual third-party process (the delivery will be made directly from the third-party partner). The item category here is TAS in the standard.
    The individual purchase order (the delivery will be done from third-party partner to SD-partner and then the normal delivery will be created from the sales order). The item category here is TAB in the standard.
    The ALE-process is the third-party process where the purchase order (not only the purchase requisition) will be created after saving the sales order. The item category here is ALES in the standard.
    I hope, this additional info helps you further.
    Kind regards,
    Akmal Vakhidov
    Development Support IMS SD, SAP, Walldorf/Germany

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