Concatenate measure and dimension field shows not enough memory available

Hello, I need to concatenate a measure and dimension, for dummy test I did  Cstr([Measures].[MeasureName]) + "dummy string, (unit of measure required here)"
but this generate an error, please see image for required measure. 
Executing the query ...
Server: The operation has been cancelled because there is not enough memory available for the application. If using a 32-bit version of the product, consider upgrading to the 64-bit version or increasing the amount of memory available on the machine.
Execution complete
MDX Query:
MEMBER [Measures].[Cant Fact Umv2] 
AS Cstr([Measures].[Cant Fact Umv]) + "dummy string, (unit of measure required here)"
 NON EMPTY { [Measures].[Cant Fact Umv], [Measures].[Cant Fact Umv2] } ON COLUMNS, 
([Categoria Materiales].[Categoria Material].[Categoria Material].ALLMEMBERS * 
[Productos].[Producto].[Producto].ALLMEMBERS * 
[Ventas Analisis].[UM Venta].[UM Venta].ALLMEMBERS ) } 

Why cant this be done at the presentation? why should you do it in MDX?
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  • I'm trying to buy some music and iTunes says there is not enough memory available?

    I'm trying to buy some music and iTunes says there is not enough memory available?

    I found the answer for real.  I called apple and talked to some dude.  All you have to do is clear your payment information, save it and then re-enter it.  thats the  bug, thats it.
    go to the store drop down menu on the itunes toolbar... click view my account... click edit payment information... select 'none' for your credit done...   then try and buy your music...  if you have a gift card or whatever.   if you are just using your credit card or debit card, re-enter your payment information.
    it worked for me i hope it works for you.

  • Problems opening outline: Not enough memory available

    Dear all,
    since about 3 or 4 weeks I have problems with opening an outline in EAS console: After a double klick on the outline and about 1 minute waiting the following message pops up: "There is not enough memory available on the Administration Server to open this outline." If I try to open the outline in "view mode" everything works fine. I dont know where the problem is - I have restarted the whole system, all other applications/databases are down - where is the memory?
    Does anybody know this problem? How can I trace it? How can I see/change memory settings? We are working with Oracle Application Server on Windows NT as container for APS, HSS, AAS (EAS). Essbase Analytic Server is installed and running on HP UX.
    Thanks in advance!

    This wouldn't be an ASO database by any chance, would it?
    Because if it is, you're likely seeing the effects of a fragmented outline.
    It seems awfully big for the number of members you are describing.
    Take a look at this thread: Re: ASO too large for techniques on how to get around the ASO outline fragmentation issue.
    It might at least be worth trying to build the dimensions in a new database and see if the error occurs. If it does not (as this will be a fresh database, it won't be fragmented) you have pretty convincing proof that the issue is related to ASO outline fragmentation.
    Cameron Lackpour

  • I tunes says not enough memory available...

    Ok my old I pod kept freezing my i-tunes so i restored the factory settings and could not get any music back on it. So I just bought a new one backed up my library deleted everything i-pod and itunes related off my computer and started over.
    Now I am trying to sync my new i-pod the rest of the way (it already put some music on there) and it is saying "Atttemping to copy to the disk "SAMAIRA'S I" failed. There is not enough memory available.
    It's 120 GB and even I-tunes says there is still 111.55 GB free!!!!
    Someone please help I've already been without one for a month now and it *****.

    I need help! When I'm on the "Summary" tab on itunes, at the bottom where it shows my capacity, what is "other"?! It's taking up more than half of my space!? I deleted alot of my contacts on my ipod. I don't have any videos, pictures, movies or tv shows on my ipod. Very few apps. What gives? I had to take off a lot of my music, where as before, all of my music would fit on my ipod.

  • TS3274 iPad 2 cannot be synced. There is not enough memory available....but 40Gb available!!

    iPad 2 cannot be synced. There is not enough memory available....but 40Gb available!!.
    I just finished copying my CD collection across to iTunes, sunced and all was fine.  I then changed some of the track names and it came up with this message. Help?

    just67 wrote:
    Now taking into account that the body of the message also shows I had just synced the device with no problem and the only changes made thereafter were to the titles of a few songs, you can't be serious in telling me that it suddenly used 40Gb ?! ....or are you? 
    No .... But that should be a clue that changing the titles of the songs corrupted something .... Doesn't that make sense?
    You also said that you "tried the troubleshooting stuff". So what does that leave to try?  The "non troubleshooting stuff"?
    Did you try unsyncing all of the music and then try syncing it again? Or don't sync the songs that you changed the titles of and see if the message is still there.
    If the sync is successful, slowly add those changed titled songs back to the iPad and when you get the message again, you might be able to assume that one of those songs is corrupt.

  • There is not enough memory available on the Essbase Administration Server to open this outline

    When I am trying to open outline it is showing the below error-
    "There is not enough memory available on the Essbase Administration Server to open this outline"
    Please advise what can be the reason and how can we solve them?
    I checked the earlier post and JVMOption is set with the current maximum size of the JVM e.g. -Xmx512m. Still we are receiving the error. Could you please help?

    Thanks John for the reply.
    Couple of things
    1) We use Block Storage Outline. Does it matter while compacting the outline using ESSCMDQ?
    2)  At the moment the JVM is set to -Xmx512m. Should we increase from 512 to 1024 or what is recommended.
    We are doing ESSBASE 7.1.3  to 11.x ( migration (AS IT IS migration) and we are facing this problem. Quite strange that we didn't get any memory error version 7.x whereas we are getting error in 11.x  My understanding is that the current ESSBASE server has 6 GB RAM and in all ways it has higher capacity than server 7.x. But not sure why we are getting this strange error.
    Is it possible to check the JVM size in ESSBASE 7.1.3 (or where we need to check the memory size).
    Thanks in advance.

  • Can't authorize music "There is not enough memory available"

    For some reason, my computer got deauthorized last week. When I try to reauthorize the computer, iTunes claims to successfully authorize the computer (it even increments the number of authorized computers). However, it then says:
    "We could not complete your iTunes Store request. There is not enough memory available.
    There was an error in the iTunes Store. Please try again later."
    It's been doing this for about a week now. I try to reauthorize once or twice a day, and it just doesn't work. Any ideas?

    This is most likely due to a problem with your Ethernet port, which is where authorization for the iTunes Store is based for Macs. To test this, do the following:
    1) Go to the Apple Menu and select "About this Mac". On the screen that opens click the "More Info" button.
    2) The System Profiler will open. On the left column under "Contents" click on "Network".
    3) To the right, under "Active Services" click "Built-in Ethernet".
    4) In the area below, scroll all the way to the bottom, looking below all the "Proxies".
    5) If a section called "Ethernet" does not appear below "Proxies" or there is nothing underneath "Ethernet" or there is nothing next to where it says "MAC Address:" this means the Ethernet port is not functioning. It will need to be repaired, requiring a logic board replacement. Contact Apple.
    Note that this issue may be intermittent. If so, the Ethernet problem will likely only show up when you are having a problem with inability to play purchased music.

  • Could not Purchase (desired tune). There is not enough memory available.

    There's nothing wrong with the 1 gig of memory in my G4 Powerbook, and I've made no system changes in the last 6 months, but today when I tried to purchase a tune from the iTunes Store, instead of working normally like it has always worked in the past, iTunes 7.6.1 gave this cryptic error message:
    "Could not purchase (the tune I selected). There is not enough memory available. There was an error in the iTunes Store. Please try again later."
    What gives? This is truly bizarre; no other apps running; fresh reboot; has the iTunes online store's server at Cupertino lost its memory? Bizarre

    Thanks Mike; I'm not interested in upgrading beyond 10.3.9, either. I'll wait and see if they fix it. It would seem logical that they would not want that defect to cause lost sales worldwide.
    If they don't fix it, I'll just stop buying music online. If a system upgrade is necessary to use the new itunes in order to buy music, the system upgrade ought to be free.

  • The iPhone could not be restored. There is not enough memory available.

    Hi guys,
    you all seem the be fairly acquainted with all possible iPhone problems. I was searching this forum for an answer to my problem. iTunes won't restore my iPhone because of an error mentioned in the title of this topic - The iPhone could not be restored. There is not enough memory available. I haven't found anything on the net that I haven't tried yet.
    Am using Windows XP, iTunes 7.4.3 and the iPhone used to be on the firmware 1.0.2. I was trying to do the restore but it gave me that error message. I tryed uninstalling everything with WinASO registry cleaner, iTunes, apple device thing(or whatever), installed it 3 times, tried to force the previous firmware with Shift+restore, but nothing. I also tried to switch USB ports. I followed the instruction on how to remove iTunes exactly like it was described in another thread - no success.
    Is there any help you can maybe provide, but don't tell me to go/send it to an Apple Store, since I live in Europe, where there is no official iPhone yet.
    PLease help

    iohen wrote:
    is there a newer version of iTunes than 7.4.3, which I am already using ?
    I don't think so.
    And no, the iPhone has not been hacked before, I was using it like iPod, internet browser and stuff. But no calls.
    My version of iTunes say
    I assume that by saying that your iPhone has not been hacked before means "it has never been hacked."
    Are you paying AT&T for monthly service?
    I would still try to download a fresh copy of iTunes if possible.
    If it does not work, I think that you need to take the iPhone back to the Apple Store or call AppleCare for assistance. The store, and AppleCare, has a number of software tools to potentially diagnose the problems you are encountering.

  • I have been coping my cds.  Now I get this message:  The iTunes Library file cannot be saved.  There is not enough memory available.  How can I proceed?

    I have been copying my cds into my iTunes library.  I lost all my folders 2 years ago when I replaced my laptop and just now have the time to do this.  Right in the middle of copying my christmas cds I get a message that the iTunes Library cannot be saved. There is not enough memory available.  Help  How can I proceed?

    trash stuff form your computers hard drive to free up space.

  • "...There is not enough memory available."

    I'm running the most recent version of iTunes. I've got quite a bit of purchased music.
    So, I'm coming home from college. Just before I leave, I download and install the newest update. I come home, fire up iTunes, and I am told I need to authorize.
    I enter my password in. It works! (I had to deauth all comps first, but the point is I could log in)
    Having logged in, I get a new error message:
    "We could not complete your Music Store request. There is not enough memory available. There was an error in the Music Store. Please try again later."
    I've emailed the iTunes support people and they were basically useless, telling me to make sure I was updated and that I had free authorization slots.
    The problem seems similar to this old thread - - but it is locked. And the person didn't mention which cache files he deleted.
    Could anyone offer any advice?

    Please help...I have the exact same problem...iTunes support is totally useless as well as applecare, they just keep resetting my password. Every time I try to authorize I add another computer to the maximum of five and then I get the too many computers authorized message. Before I reach that point I get the not enough memory message. I am desperate.

  • Flash CS3 says"Error creating Flash movie...not enough memory available."have 100GB of virtual mem

    With large .fla files I often can't get Flash to output .swf files.  Usually I get the message "Error creating Flash movie.  There was not enough memory available."  Sometimes though Flash looks as if it has finished publishing (although slightly too quickly to have really done it), and then there has not been a .swf file created.
                Sometimes it's simply a matter of restarting Flash and trying again a few times until Flash decides to cooperate.  But now I have a file that just seems like it will never output.   My computer has 3 GB of RAM and 100 GB of virtual memory.  The .fla file is 152 MG and the .swf would probably be about 20-25 MB.
    If there is a workaround in CS3, that would be great.  If not, I would upgrade to CS5, if I knew that it would not have the same problem.
    I was told by at least two people at Adobe support that the problem has gone away with CS5, but I downloaded the CS5 trial version, and it will not output a .swf of my project.  In this case it doesn't give the error message, but just fails silently.

    Has this memory limitation been fixed in CS4 or CS5?  I have to say, I'm geting really fed up with having to
    spend hours coaxing Flash to output .swfs.  Is there a reason that it can't use the
    3MB of Ram available to it?

  • ITunes won't open: "Not enough memory available"

    Whenever I try to open iTunes, I immediately get this error message: "The iTunes application could not be opened. There is not enough memory available." I click OK and iTunes quits, and that's the end of the conversation. Does anyone know why this is happening? It can't mean RAM, since I have 185MB free and 492MB inactive, and it can't mean HD space because I have 21.4GB free, which is unusually high. This just started occurring today, for no apparent reason. Please help me, I want to watch The Office!
    Edit: I just tried running a copy of iTunes from a backup I have, and it works just fine, so it has to be something with my computer specifically.

    Hey, I had a similar problem. . .
    My problem was that I had mine skinned (with aqua for itunes) and for some reason it wouldn't open for that same error message i reopened aqua for itunes and told it to unskin it and restore it to regular settings and itunes works like a charm, does that help any (although i really like the look from aqua for itunes)

  • N81 8gb Not enough memory available

    Hello, today I installed n-gage first access >_
    using Nseries pc suite, and choose memory card (8gb) as place for install
    then I did this:
    "7. Start the N-Gage application on your device by clicking the N-Gage icon in the Applications Folder.
    8. Now you are ready to install the games. Double-click the N-Gage game file (the .n-gage file) on your PC, and follow the on-screen instructions.
    9. The on-screen instructions will remind you to have the N-Gage application installed, and prompt you to finish the installation on your device.
    10. With the N-Gage application running, install the games to your device's mass memory or memory card."
    So why this on-screen INSTRUCTIONS dont suggest to choose a place for install and games didn't install.
    "NOTE: If you encounter the error "Application can not be installed to the device. Not enough memory available." during PC Suite installation, this means you do not have enough free device memory to begin with. Please free up enough device memory to proceed"
    Before this actions I have more than 10 megabytes of free phone memory, now I have only 8Mb, and there is nothing in my folders of phone memory. I lost 2Mb. AND HOW I CAN FREE PHONE MEMORY?
    N81 8GB

    I had a few problems installing the games myself, so here's how I solved that:
    1. Run PC Suite
    2. Choose the application installer
    3. Make sure you've selected your memory card from the right list and not the phone's internal memory, then select and install a game
    4. Once installed, run the phone's built-in file explorer (I think you'll find it under Tools)
    5. Go to your memory card and look inside the n-gage directory
    6. The install file for the game which you just transfered should be there - execute it
    Message Edited by conradargo on 09-Feb-2008 07:34 PM

  • IPod cannot be synced. Ther is not enough memory available

    When I try to sync my ipod i get an error that says "iPod cannot be synced. There is not enough memory available." I checked and I have more than half of my iPod's memory free. What can I do to fix this? I have glanced at a few somewhat related issues and they keep mentionin the iTunes upgrade. Is this true? If so, are they going to put out another upgrade??

    I've tried all these. I was hoping for some guidance..not some form you answer every question with. I already know how to trouble shoot. I don't think it's my ipod. I think it's my itunes..

Maybe you are looking for

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    Primary (internal battery) 601 very low how to correct this my model no is HP pavilion g4 its g series

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