Configuration not possible in mto process

i am getting a error message configaration not possible for reason:3 when i am saving the sales order in make to order process.
Can anyone please answer this question.

Dear Arun
Probably, you would be trying to create a sale order for configurable material the settings for which has not been done properly.
Go through the link and check whether your settings are in line with the link
[Material Master Data for Configurable Materials |]
G. Lakshmipathi

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  • "Configuration not possible for material PC-2011 : Reason 3"

    Hi any MM guys,
    Please help me to solve the following thread.
    "Configuration not possible for material PC-2011 : Reason 3 --> Help
    Message no. V1360"
    Thanks and regards
    D.Srinivasa rao

    I believe you are trying use Sales order for services....and you have created material in services if I am not wrong.
    Again sticking to basic rules, you can configure only materials with type KMAT. Further for services, I believe there is a concept called milestone billing...which I am not sure about.
    Chk SAP notes, 625092, 26187

  • Item configuration not possible in Sales Order

    Dear friends,
    Our requirement is as follows:
    I have created a configuration material and assigned MTS strategy (10) in MRP3 view.
    As I am carrying out cost estimate run and SAP does not allow to calculate std cost for config material, I assigned same material in MRP3 view as variant. This allows std cost estimate run.
    Now while creating sales order, system is showing configuration screen in display mode.I am not able to input characteristics in Sales order.
    Is there a way out??
    I have changed the requirement class relevant to strategy 10 and put configuration allowed tick.
    Additional Information:
    1. If I don't assign the material in MRP3 view, sals order config is allowed. But then I could not run the cost estimate.
    2. If I assign account assignment category M or E in requirement class, sales order configuration is possible. But then sales order becomes MTO, which is not accepted.
    Thanks in Advance,

    usuaully, config material, business follows MTO strategy,
    Good Question. Let me explain why MTS with configuration.
    We always try to produce high quality product - Char Fe content should be 90%. Because this product will always have higher demand and higher price.
    But as ours is a process industry we end up producing FE content 80 to 90 % (about 40 % of our material is between 80 to 85 %Fe content). FG is stored in batches according to Fe content.
    Now I take orders from customers for the low Fe content produced with reduced rate. The negotiated Fe content I want sales team to put in Sales order configuration. That is the only reason I want the chars editable in SO.
    Even customer asked for low Fe content, I can supply high Fe content and take additional amount according to contract. This is how the industry works. Basically customers are putting orders for low FE, as high Fe material is not available in the market.
    As I will always try to produce high quality product, the scenario can not be MTO. But I want to mention customer demanded Fe content in Sales order so that I can supply him right batch from yard.

  • Configuration not possible

    i am getting a error message configaration not possible for reason:3 when i am saving the sales order in make to order process.
    Can anyone please answer this question.

    Dear Pingali
    Check whether your configuration is in line with this link
    <a href="">Make To Order Sample Scenario</a>
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Parallel for-lopp configuration not possible

    I have problems in running a parallel for-loop. The task manager indicates only 8% workload, showing that only one of the 12 cores is running. I need that for image processing of a directory of about 20 000 tiff-images (U16, greyscale)
    I first thought it is a problem of Vision-vis, as they use pointers as image references. Pointers would cause troubles in a parallel for-loop. Therefore I briefly rewrote the morphological filter vis without using the vis from the vision-toolbox. but it does not help. The programm is still running with 8% workload, indicating only 1 core is active.
    A small test showed that labview is able to run a task with all 12 cores. It is not a windows configuration problem.
    Maybe someone has an idea why this doesn't work so far. The main programm ist called 'StreifenWegmachenAlleBilderv11Multicore'. All other vis are sub-vis. At the moment it would take ~1 week to process all images. I want to speed it up for an overnight-operation.
    Go to Solution.
    BildStackBearbeitung.llb ‏549 KB

    Yamaeda wrote:
    GaussFilterOhneVision isn't reentrant, that'll effectively stop parallelization.
    Yes, the missing reentrancy is the main problem. You could even inline it.
    I also get more than 2x faster result by parallelizing the outer, instead of the inner FOR loop. (~ 1.2seconds on my 16 core Xeon)
    Have you tried the 2D convolution directly. Probably would save you quite some programming effort. Even has the padding built-in
    Also, your generation of the Gaussian kernel is a bit convoluted. You could use the outer product of a 1D gaussian. The results agree within ~1e-18 (see snippet, probably irrelevant after converting back to U16)
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .
    GaussKernel.png ‏46 KB

  • Configuration not possible for materi Reason 1 -- Help

    Dear Experts,
    Please suggest your valuable points for the above subjected issue. Im facing the issue while creating the sale order in va01 t-code.

    Dear Sundaresan . E. V,
    Hope fully you answered my questions as well. But i did  minor mistake while enter the line item material i forget to enter the plant, that is the reason for that error.
    Anyway thanks for your valuable reply.

  • Configure iSCSI multipath in OVM 3.1.1 with storage plug-in not possible ?

    I have a configuration with 4 iSCSI paths to storage system. All is working fine if the discover and login
    process was performed manual. Multipath is working well with 4 paths.
    # iscsiadm -m session
    tcp: [13],25
    tcp: [14],26
    tcp: [15],27
    tcp: [16],28
    # multipath -ll
    3600000e00d10000000100000000c0000 dm-2 FUJITSU,ETERNUS_DX400
    size=30G features='1 queue_if_no_path' hwhandler='0' wp=rw
    |-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=50 status=enabled
    | |- 25:0:0:1 sdg 8:96 active ready running
    | `- 26:0:0:1 sdi 8:128 active ready running
    `-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=10 status=enabled
    |- 27:0:0:1 sdk 8:160 active ready running
    `- 28:0:0:1 sdm 8:192 active ready running
    I want to configure iSCSI multipath in OVM manager using specific storage plug-in.
    I proceed “Discover SAN Server” with following parameter:
    Name: Storage-Name
    Storage Type: iSCSI Storage Server
    Storage Plug-in: Fujitsu ETERNUS
    Admin Host: IP-Addr. of storage system
    Admin Username: user name to access storage system
    Admin Password: password
    Access Host (IP) Address: 
    After this configuration I see my storage system and assigned physical volumes to an access group.
    Now the volumes are available on the OVM storage server, >>>> but I lost the multipath functionality <<<<<.
    # multipath -ll
    3600000e00d1000000010000000120000 dm-1 FUJITSU,ETERNUS_DX400
    size=30G features='1 queue_if_no_path' hwhandler='0' wp=rw
    `-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=50 status=active
    `- 33:0:0:1 sdd 8:48 active ready running
    The reason for this behavior is that only one Access Host (IP) Address can be specified.
    With this IP address a session was established … but only 1 session and not 4 !!
    How can I specify the remaining 3 paths to have proper multipath functionality?
    I know that Citrix XenServer accepts more Access Host (IP) Addresses,
    Thanks for help.

    Yes, you are right. The storage plug-in is for management of the storage within OVM.
    This is working well, but I'm still missing the multipath fuctionality. This storage plug-in is not responisble
    for establish the multipath, but OVM should take care of this.
    Yes, OVM did only open one session and loggin only to one target, because only one Access Host (IP) Address:
    can be specified.
    # iscsiadm -m session
    tcp: [21],25
    In my point of view it is not possible to configure the remaining targets, so this is a design problem.
    Any new inputs and informations are welcome.

  • Process Component Assignment Not Possible

    i have created a process component within a process component interaction model. Unfortunately I'm not able to assign anything to the component. Hence it's lacking a namespace.
    Are there any special prerequisits for assigning a namespace to a process component?
    Thank you for any help in advance,
    see also: Does Model Configurator in ID works for ProComp Interaction model

    Just a quick thought:
    If your order is having status CRTD or REL (but without any confirmations, goods issue, settlements) then you can use the Read PP Master Data (Order header - Functions - Read PP Master Data) & this will re-read your routing & BOM. But for this to work for you, the routing should be updated with the assignments.
    So what you could do is start processing your order as late as possible, thereby you can re-read the BOM & Routing as the modifications take place.
    But if this is not possible in your scenario, then i am not aware of a BAPI or a FM which adds components to different operations in production order, you might evaluate writing a BDC program for the same. Anyways will update you if i manage to find a BAPI or a FM for this.
    Hope the above helps.

  • It is not possible to configure the selected XI domain

    PI 7.0 server on Windows environment and database is SQL Server.
    PI Server pick and place the messages from r/3 to r/3 in Oneway but in the reverse it is pick the messages from source but it is not place to the target system.
    The error messsage in RWB in end to end monitoring...
    It is not possible to configure the selected XI domain because the Integration Server does not exist or could not be read from the SLD
    In Component monitoring...
    500 internal server error
    Application error occured during repuest processing..

    Thanks for your promp response, tbluong.
    The configuration in SXMB_ADM > Integration Engine Configuration is already done and its check (F7) returns success (all green): "Role of Business System: Current Configuration = System Landscape" and "Corresponding Integration Server: Current Configuration = System Landscape".
    Any suggestion?

  • My total process is mto process, all materials configurable  materials ,

    i am working steal company ,
    my total process is mto process, all materials configurable  materials , its bases on characteristic , how to configure the r/3 and apo , what is the main parts and settings , how trigger the global atp with based on characteristic , and what configurations
    how to create the production order,
    i create the 10 sale orders with one production order , how to configure this , what are the settings needs, how to system internal settings
    please help him

    It is contrary to forum rules to place email addresses in posts.
    Creating a new implementation for APO is not a trivial matter.  Most companies will hire a consulting company experienced in such matters to assist them. 
    However, if you wish to tackle this yourself, a good starting point for documentation is Best Practices. Your business requirements are unclear, but I will assume you wish to configure Global ATP, and I will further assume you wish to implement some kind of planning (either PP or SNP).  Here are the required modules:
    For general info about GATP, refer to SAP help
    Best Regards & Good luck,

  • The following error text was processed in the system IDS : Access via 'NULL' object reference not possible.

    Hi all ,
    Im getting the below error , actually recently i created my own custom table zstudent, later i wrote select query to fetch data from the same and dump at internal table and then bind this to the table node.
    But im getting below error, even i removed the select query still same error is occuring.
    Error when processing your request
      What has happened?
    The URL http://********00.***** was not called due to an error.
    The following error text was processed in the system IDS : Access via 'NULL' object reference not possible.
    The error occurred on the application server axsids00_IDS_00 and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    Method: WDDOINIT of program /1BCWDY/YUSM2Q74A826Y0JY1I4V==CP
    Method: INIT_CONTROLLER of program CL_WDR_CONTROLLER=============CP
    Method: INIT_CONTROLLER of program CL_WDR_COMPONENT==============CP
    Method: INIT of program CL_WDR_CONTROLLER=============CP
    Method: INIT of program CL_WDR_CLIENT_COMPONENT=======CP
    Method: INIT of program CL_WDR_CLIENT_APPLICATION=====CP
    Method: IF_WDR_RUNTIME~CREATE of program CL_WDR_MAIN_TASK==============CP

    Thanks Rama,
    Acutally i accidentally commented the lo_nd_student = wd_context ....etc
    this line was commented .
    i have one small requirement to fetch data from local customised table and fill the same to internal table and bind that to table node.
    my table node is student having attributes as name , city and number , all are of type strings.
    now i created one custom table zstudent having ID - char of length 10,
    name of type string
    city of type string
    num of type string
    i have inserted records
    but when i use select query to fill data from this zstudent to my internal table of type lt_student type wd_this->elements_student ,
    im getting same above error.

  • Cannot purchase records/"processing of credit card data not possible"

    Since last Tuesday I cannot buy records at iTunes store (Austria). Whenever I click the "purchase" button the systems sends back the message that "currently the processing of credit card data is not possible".
    That's interesting as I have been handling my purchases since months using a Click and Buy account without any problems.
    The ITS support team did not yet answer to my request.
    Any ideas how to fix? Thx!
      Windows XP Pro  

    The security code is the 3 or 4 digit code outside of the actual card number (and NOT the same as your PIN). It is usually located on the front of AMEX cards and on the back of Visa and MC. You typically wouldn't need that for purchases in a physical store. Log into your AppleID, modify the payment method  and set it with the proper code.

  • No Function Identifier maintained. Configuration check not possible

    Dear PM team,
    While doing the Equipment installation with goods movement through IE4N, transaction code, system throwing following error messages.
    1. No function identifier maintained. Configuration check not possible
    2. Message for the configuration check.
    Please guide me where i did the mistake? and suggest me how to correct this error message, without doing the changes in message controls.
    thanks & regards

    My guess is that you are using Configuration Control.
    If so, then have a look at these transactions:

  • "This virtual machine is configured for 64-bit guest operating systems. However, 64-bit operation is not possible.  This host does not support Intel VT-x"

    Hi, I have installed vmware 5.5 hypervisor on hp G8 microserver. I have created one vm as windows 2008 R2. I have also install vmware workstation 11 on this vm. In this workstation when I tried to run vmware 5.5 hypervisor I come across "This virtual machine is configured for 64-bit guest operating systems. However, 64-bit operation is not possible.  This host does not support Intel VT-x" this statement. Which shows that the host machine does not support virtualization and for that you need to go in Bios and enable it but in present case as host machine is also a vm and you would not find much detail of Bios when you log into the Bios therefore, I am pretty much stuck here. I don't see any information in relation to this. Now my question is:
    1. Can we run ESXi inside a vm which is already sitting on ESXi?

    I moved the discussion from VMware Workstation to Nested Virtualization which contains several hints on what's possible and what needs to be configured to make things work.

  • Error in bdc (Background processing not possible for material)

    Background processing not possible for material with serial number reqmt
    Message no. M7419
    You tried to enter the count for a material managed with serial numbers using background processing. This function is not supported.
    Use the transaction 'Enter inventory count' (MI04) to enter the count for materials managed with serial numbers.

    Can You Run this BDC in Foreground Mode
    I am doubtfull for that.
    please check
    Gaurav Sood

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