Configuration parameter which are stored in automationBuild.xml file

Do you know the correct path for below configuration parameter which are stored in automationBuild.xml file which is kept in src folder of osm project?
<property name="studio.weblogic.home" value=""/>
     <property name="" value=""/>
     <property name="studio.osm.sdk.home" value=""/>

Hi Sachin,
Here is the info,
studio.weblogic.home=<Weblogic_Installated Dir>/wlserver_10.3 <JDK Installed Dir> +(C:\jdk1.6.0_11, Something like this)+
studio.osm.sdk.home=<OSM Installed Dir>/SDK
Naveen Jabade

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    Hi Kiran,
    You can use the following method to get the information. For example if you want to get BO documents for a customer
    CALL METHOD cl_binary_relation=>read_links
         is_object           = ls_lpor
         it_relation_options = lt_relat
         et_links            = lt_links.
    then fill  ls_por-instid with a customer number (KUNNR), ls_por-typeid = 'KNA1' and ls_por-catid = 'BO'.
    Table  lt_relat should contain a line option  for each document type (for example 'I' 'EQ' 'NOTE', 'I' EQ 'ATTA', 'I' EQ 'URL', ...
    In table lt_links you will get your information.
    Maybe some other methods of class CL_BINARY_RELATION may also solve your issue.

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    Hi Miriam1972,
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    I don't think that things have changed going from 10.5 Mail to 10.6 Mail in this regard (I need to log on to my laptop more often). So, assuming that my premise is correct, in the left hand column of the mail window, underneath your inbox, drafts, sent, trash, and junk mailboxes, there should be the descriptive name of your mail account, written in gray capital letters, with a gray triangle to the left of that name. If the gray triangle is pointing to the right, click on it so that it points downward. That will expand the account view of mailboxes on the server. You should be able to see all of the other folders.

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    Here you can find an applet example example
    it is made with javafx
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    Is it possible to access the cache datasource inside the script component which is available in the same data flow task??
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    Before you go, move the files to I tunes and sync them down.  There is no viable way to stream from your nas drive to the pad.

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    The ipad won't sync some photos, saying the file can't be read by the ipad, however it will sync some photos taken at the same time which are the same size and file type.  Why does it reject some and accept others?

    Hi there. I'm having the same problem: my iPad won't import some photos from a folder, saying that they can't be read. They are all JPEGS and some photos taken at the same time have synched fine, but out of a folder with 200 photos, it only lets me synch 37. I'm synching albums created via Photoshop Elements 6, which has worked fine until now.
    I've tried deleting all photos and re-synching, and have also deleted the iPod Photo Cache, but it hasn't made a difference.
    The iPad auto-updated to the latest version of iTunes, so maybe that's what's causing it?
    Any advice gratefully received!

  • How to Get Resource value which are referred in code behind file using IResourceProvider

    Hi Everyone,
    Currently I'm working on moving the Resource file from "App_GlobalResources" to Database by using IResourceProvider. I created a CustomResourceProvider project using ResourceProviderFactory and able to get the resource values from DB which
    are used in aspx page.
    But i'm not able to get the values which are referring from code behind file.
    Ex: Label1.Text = Resources.Common.Car; // This is still coming from resx file.
    Can any one please let me know how to get the value from DB instead of resx file which are referred in cs file.
    Appreciate your help. 
    The below code uses the ResourceProviderFactory which calls this method and gets it from DB. Please let me know if you need any more info.
    public class DBResourceProviderFactory : ResourceProviderFactory
            public override IResourceProvider CreateGlobalResourceProvider(string classKey)
                return new DBResourceProvider(classKey);
            public override IResourceProvider CreateLocalResourceProvider(string virtualPath)
                 // we should always get a path from the runtime
                string classKey = virtualPath;
                if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(virtualPath))
                    virtualPath = virtualPath.Remove(0, 1);
                    classKey = virtualPath.Remove(0, virtualPath.IndexOf('/') + 1);
                return new DBResourceProvider(classKey);
    Regards, Ravi Neelam.

    Hi Ravi Neelam.
    >>Currently I'm working on moving the Resource file from "App_GlobalResources" to Database by using IResourceProvider.
    Based on this message, your issue related to web application, questions related to Asp.Net should be posted in
    Asp.Net forum.
    Please reopen a new thread in that forum. You will get more efficient response.
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • [Forum FAQ] How to get SSIS packages XML definition which are stored in SQL Server Integration Services instance

    Integration Services gives you the ability to import and export packages, and by doing this change the storage format and location of packages. But after import packages into package store, how can we get the package XML definition?
    As we know, SSIS packages are stored in msdb using existing SSIS storage table([msdb].[dbo].[sysssispackages]). The “packagedata” column store the actual SSIS package with Image data type. In order to get the package XML definition, we need to convert “packagedata”
    column through Varbinary to XML. You can refer to the following steps:
    Using the following query to get package GUID:
    SELECT [name],
      FROM [msdb].[dbo].[sysssispackages]
    Using the following query to convert packagedata column to XML: SELECT id, CAST(CAST(packagedata AS VARBINARY(MAX)) AS XML) PackageDataXML
    FROM      [msdb].[dbo].[sysssispackages]
    WHERE id= 'ABB264CC-A082-40D6-AEC4-DBF17FA057B2'
    More Information
    sysssispackages (Transact-SQL):
    Applies to
    SQL Server 2005
    SQL Server 2008
    SQL Server 2008R2
    SQL Server 2012
    SQL Server 2014
    Please click to vote if the post helps you. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

    Hi Ketak. Thank you for replying. I already followed your instructions - specifically -
    You do not see the SQL Server Reporting Services  service in SharePoint Central Administration after installing SQL Server 2012 SSRS in SharePoint mode
    I get the following error when I run rssharepoint.msi on the APP sever (where Central Admin is installed). I have to run this other wise
    Install-SPRSService and Install-SPRSServiceProxy 
    are not recognized as commands on that server.
    Failed to call GetTypes on assembly Microsoft.AnalysisServices.SPAddin, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91. Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.AnalysisServices.SPClient, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91'
    or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

  • Where PI Configuration Scenario details are stored under ABAP stack Tables?

    HI Experts,
    I want to know ABAP  table name where the PI Configuaration Scenario details are stored.
    I want to display the  list of all the Configuration Senarios created for different senarios under PI system.
    please let me know the table name or any other process.
    Thak you.
    Regards ,

    I am not sure why you need this.
    If it is one time activity, log in to ID. Go to configuration scenario. Select All and paste in Excel.
    You will get list of configuration scenarios.
    But if you need in any program, I am not sure if there is any table which stores configuration scenario name. You will get many tables having BS, Comm Channel, Interface, Namespace, etc. but I doubt abt Scenario.
    We will also see replies from other's if they know any table.

  • Not able to make change of text in text symbol which are stored in txt pool

    Hi Experts,
    I have new problem today. I have been told to make changes of header text which is displayed after running one customized program.
    Program name : ZSDXXXXX1 which is attached in one Tcode: ZSDXX2.But when I goto SE38 and display the program to make changes, it shows the following different report name like AQCSSYSTQV000009ZSDXXXXX1 and the text symbols text-f58 which are somewhat different.
    Pls gide me to proceed further...
    In SE38:
    report AQCSSYSTQV000009ZSDXXXXX1
       line-size 253 no standard page heading line-count 000(003).
    include <symbol>.
    include <icon>.
    selection-screen: begin of block prog
                               with frame title text-f58.
    tables LIKP.
    data %count-LIKP(4) type x.
    data %linr-LIKP(2).
    tables aqldb.
    include rsaqexcd.
    data: begin of %st_liste occurs 100,
              line(6) type n,
              cont(1) type n,
              fcol(1) type n,
          end of %st_liste.

    As per the report name "AQCSSYSTQV000009ZSDXXXXX1", it seems that there will be a SAP Infoset "ZSDXXXXX1"
    Go to transaction SQ02 with this infoset name "ZSDXXXXX1" then press change button.
    Then on right hand side there witll be field groups/data fields. Select the folder corresponding to Text-F58 and then press change button .
    If it does not work try transaction SQ01 & SQ03.
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  • How to configure a JNDI ressource in the web.xml file

    does someone know if there is a way to configure a JNDI ressource with its parameters only in the web.xml file ?
    In my case, the JNDI ressouce is an oracle database an its conenction paramters: driverClassName, username, password, etc...
    Actually, I put everything in the configuration file of Tomcat but I would like my war file to be 100% independent of the application server.
    Thanks in advance.

    I wrestled with this for a long time. I may have done something wrong, but to get my mySQL JDNI reference to work, I had to add it to the server.xml file. You can try with web.xml, but I eventually just got frustrated and put it in server.xml.
    The following is between two <context> tags:
    <Resource name="jdbc/instance_name_goes_here"
              <ResourceParams name="jdbc/same_instance_name_here">
    - Saish
    "My karma ran over your dogma." - Anon

  • Storing data in XML file

    I am a student and very new to XML. I know what it is but I never had developed anything in it.Now I am doing an assignment for which I need your help.
    I have to store Customer data in XML file after he enters it in GUI.Customer is having the following fields:
    String street1=BuyerGui.street.getText().trim();
    int zipcode1=Integer.parseInt(BuyerGui.zipCode.getText().trim());
    String email1=BuyerGui.eMailAddress.getText().trim();
    I may have to update it some times.
    I am working in Java 4.2. I heard that I can use JAXP but no idea how to do it.
    Anybody help me with sample code because I dont have verymuch time for my assignment.
    Thanks in advance,
    Sai Ram

    Here is sun's tutorial on JAXP with samples:

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