Configure a monitored target from one agent to another

I am using OEMGC and agent
My question is .
On a particular server I have 3 agents A1,A2,A3
And each agent is monitoring 1 Target(DB and listener) T1,T2,T3.
Now I want to configure agent A1 to monitor all targets,so that I can get rid of agents A2 and A3.
Is there any way to do this,other than by deleting the targets from console and re discovering them ?
I have lot of jobs etc configured for each target; If I delete them I will loose history old job excen as well.
Please let me know if yo knw any way to do this.

We moved these databases from HA environment where fail over wz configured.
So v needed one agent per target so that agent will also failover along with database.
Now since it's moved out of HA env. we are planing to remove those additional agents.

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    we have two gridcontrols as follows
    we have to move the 10 targets from one OEM ( https://oemgrid1:7799/em/console) to another OEM ( https://oemcnt:7799/em/console ) inclusing data ...
    how to migrate , any idea ?

    A) Assuming that both the EM are of same version, then you cannt migrate data and targets from one em to another.
    B) Assuming that both the EM are of different versions like EM1 and EM2 then also you cannt migrate data and targets from one em to another. In this case you still have the option to undergo the EM Upgrade process which will automate the historical data and target migration. Read about EM upgrade :

  • Move OMS repository from one node to another&configure agents.OEM10.2.0.4

    Hi experts,
    I explain:
    my environment has two nodes:
    nodeA and nodeB (OSLINUX 64BITS)
    nodeA+nodeB has a database, DB1, that is a OracleRAC between these two nodes.
    OMS is installed on this database.
    I want to move repository,OMS in a third node, separately from these two, and migrate database repository to this third node.
    II have checked note. 382698.1
    How to move OMS repository from one node to another - Step-by-Step guide.
    but my version is (not 9i) and in this note don explain how modify file AGENT_HOME>/sysman/config/
    Can you help me, please?
    Thank you for your time.

    Once you move the repository, go to each agent and do this:
    1) Stop agent and cleanup the status, etc...
    cd <AGENT_HOME>
    bin/emctl stop agent
    rm -r ./sysman/emd/state/*
    rm -r ./sysman/emd/upload/*
    rm -r ./sysman/emd/collection/*
    rm ./sysman/emd/lastupld.xml
    rm ./sysman/emd/agntstmp.txt
    rm ./sysman/emd/blackouts.xml
    rm ./sysman/emd/protocol.ini2) Then edit the $AH/sysman/confiig/ with your new data (host:port):
    emdWalletSrcUrl= And finally start the agent:
    $AH/bin/emctl start agent
    $AH/bin/emctl upload:p
    PS: And be patient, it may take up to 30 minutes to re-sync with the new OMS.

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    We have two machines with OVD servers on them. The configurations should be identical from one machine to the other. We suspect there is a problem with the configuration on one of them. We need to know how to copy OVD configuration from one machine to another.
    Can you tell us how to do that?

    well i have this in mind which may help you.
    You would need to have a public ip address to the machine you have consoled to and on internet.
    Download the tftp software from below link.
    This software does not only act as the tftp server but also you can select the interface of you ethernet card as tftp server ip address.
    For ex if you are connected to a console and have a wireless card which is connected to internet also you connect you eth lan card to the eth or fast eth of the router.
    you can select which ever interface you want to act as the tftp server.
    you will need to add ip addres for you lan card and also config the router port as same if needed.

  • How to migrate configurator models from one instance to another in R12

    I want to migrate models from one instance to another using the Migrate models Program .For this do we need to create a Database link between the two configurator instances .Can anybody detail the steps to be followed

    I am trying to figure out how to implement copying a quote line from one quote to another. Could you please let me know waht you found out regarding the usage of package. As of now I am only trying it in R11 but I will also need to know how to do it in R12 for future. So could you please tell me how you accomplished it in both releases with probably some sample code.
    Thanks in advance,
    Vinodh Ramadoss

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    Hi Experts,
    i have scenario were i have to move a file from one location to another in a FTP the source and the Target  structure are same can we go  with only configuration(ID) why because there is no mapping done but i have dbout when we create a sender agreement,receiver agreemant we need to mention the Message Interface is there any way to skip the IR(Design) part
    Do provide inputs

    hi ,
      you can skip your IR part. follow this blog
    Edited by: Robin on Jan 20, 2009 11:50 AM

  • How do I copy the style from one control to another?

    I need to programmatically copy the style from one graph to another. I'm currently using the importstyle and export style functions but I'd like to avoid that since: 1) I'm creating >100 of the same graphs in a scrolling window and execution time is a concern, and 2) it makes it harder to redistribute the application, and 3) you shouldn't have to import/export from disk just to copy a graph style.
    I noticed the copy constructor was disabled so you can't just create a new one from the original. I suppose I could iterate through all the styles and transfer them from the master graph to all the copies but is there an easier way to do that? If not, is there some sample code for that?
    I'm using MStudio 7.0 for C

    One way that you could do this would be to create a helper method that configures your graph rather than configuring it at design-time, then use that helper method to apply the settings to the new graphs that you create. However, this would only work if you wanted all graphs to be configured exactly the same way - this would not work if the settings of your master graph are changing at run-time and you want the new graphs to be configured with the current settings of the master graph.
    Another approach is to query each control for IPersistPropertyBag, create an IPropertyBag, pass the IPropertyBag to the master graph's IPersistPropertyBag:ave, then pass the IPropertyBag to the new graph's IPersistPropertyBag::Load implementation. I'm not aware of any implementations of IPropertyBag that are readily available for use in applications, so the tricky part is creating the IPropertyBag. Below is a very simple implementation of IPropertyBag that should be enough to get the job done for this example. First, add this to your stdafx.h:
    #include <atlbase.h>
    CComModule _Module;
    #include <atlcom.h>
    #include <atlcoll.h>
    Here's the simple IPropertyBag implementation:
    class ATL_NO_VTABLE CSimplePropertyBag :
    public CComObjectRootEx<CComSingleThreadModel>,
    public IPropertyBag
    CAtlMap<CComBSTR, CComVariant> m_propertyMap;
    STDMETHODIMP Read(LPCOLESTR pszPropName, VARIANT* pVar, IErrorLog* pErrorLog)
    HRESULT hr = E_FAIL;
    if ((pszPropName == NULL) || (pVar == NULL))
    hr = E_POINTER;
    if (SUCCEEDED(::VariantClear(pVar)))
    CComBSTR key = pszPropName;
    CComVariant value;
    if (!m_propertyMap.Lookup(key, value))
    hr = E_INVALIDARG;
    if (SUCCEEDED(::VariantCopy(pVar, &value)))
    hr = S_OK;
    return hr;
    HRESULT hr = E_FAIL;
    if ((pszPropName == NULL) || (pVar == NULL))
    hr = E_POINTER;
    m_propertyMap.SetAt(pszPropName, *pVar);
    hr = S_OK;
    return hr;
    Once you have a way to create an implementation of IPropertyBag, you can use IPropertyBag and IPersistPropertyBag to copy the settings from one control to another like this:
    void CopyGraphStyle(CNiGraph& source, CNiGraph& target)
    LPUNKNOWN pSourceUnknown = source.GetControlUnknown();
    LPUNKNOWN pTargetUnknown = target.GetControlUnknown();
    if ((pSourceUnknown != NULL) && (pTargetUnknown != NULL))
    CComQIPtr<IPersistPropertyBag> pSourcePersist(pSourceUnknown);
    CComQIPtr<IPersistPropertyBag> pTargetPersist(pTargetUnknown);
    if ((pSourcePersist != NULL) && (pTargetPersist != NULL))
    CComObject<CSimplePropertyBag>* pPropertyBag = 0;
    if (pPropertyBag != NULL)
    CComQIPtr<IPropertyBag> spPropertyBag(pPropertyBag);
    if (spPropertyBag != NULL)
    if (SUCCEEDED(pSourcePersist->Save(spPropertyBag, FALSE, TRUE)))
    pTargetPersist->Load(spPropertyBag, NULL);
    (Note that "CreateInstan ce" above should be CreateInstance - a space gets added for some unknown reason after I click Submit.)
    Then you can use this CopyGraphStyle method to copy the settings of the master graph to the new graph. Hope this helps.
    - Elton

  • Utility to Move Custom Package from one instance to another

    I wanted to know that in EBS if we have any Forms Personalization or if we have added any custom Concurrent Program then using "FNDLOAD" utility we can easily transfer it from one instance to another.
    Similar to that is there any utility which we can use to deploy PL/SQL Package? I don't want to install Package using SQL* utility then is there any other way to do that? Please guide..

    Hi Priyanka,
    I do not want to leave the 'no' as the last statement. In my role as configuration manager for EBS projects, I have seen a lot of alternatives to prepare setup files (FNDLOAD) and database object files (Packages, Tables, Views etc.) in a professional way and make the same ready to deploy.
    You can choose from utilities such as self created scripts, but also other products from the market are quite good. The decision to choose a specific solution depends on the client requirements and expectations.
    Currently I am working with a professional solution to retrieve and deploy custom objects from one environment to the other, whereas the definiton is simple and the deployment can be done in seconds without any specific knowledge. This is a solution we have here created for a client with a target of around 2000 custom object files, grouped into 80 custom solutions.
    The more custom objects you have in total, the more changes you need to track, the more professional you should define your process.
    The evolution could be something like:
    manual deployment > script based > professional script solutions > tool based > standard product based Any follow up question is welcome!

  • Moving WCC cluster setup from one box to another box

    We want to move the existing WCC  (clustered) from one box to another box (both unix). We have the cluster/ folder {which have the folders cs/, vault/, weblayout/} on shared drive mounted in source machine running on
    We have installed the same installation in destination box. We want to follow the below steps to move the config., data from source to destination.
    1) Stop servers in source.
    2) Change the db details in weblogic console destination to source db.
    3) Unmount the shared/ folder in source and mount it in destination box. (The vault, weblayout, cs folders will be mapped directly in destination ucm)
    The other qns we have are
    1) Are the above steps are correct and will WCC run without any problems.
    2) Do the domain homes needs to be in sync (because the destination box is a fresh installation)
    Just to test it, I have copied the cluster/cs/ folder from source to destination and the destination content servers are working fine. (I have not copied vault/ weblayout and changing the db)
    I have seen a article on cloning WCC servers
    Is it Possible to Clone Webcenter Content 11g ? (Doc ID 1507480.1)
    It pointed to documentation
    For target already exists, it just asked to migrate config. using CMU. Do I need to worry about domain homes or cluster/cs is enough to run WCC smoothly if they are in sync?
    Narasa Kumar

    Domain home contains information pertaining to weblogic and it's clustering configuration. Most of the WCC related config data will be residing in Oracle_ECM1 and ucm/cs folders. if the domain data changes from source to destination then  there will be difference in behavior based on what changes are done in destination domain.
    Differences/ changes in intradoc.cfg and config.cfg between 2 environments will have impact.
    Better is publish your directory structure and then ask for Q and changes are that response might fit-in-better to your scenario.
    Ideally, have same structure and configuration on destination and then perform movement of WCC. Run a sanity to confirm working use cases and then perform any changes to configuration or other things have you planned.
    Thank you!

  • Passing Information from one RS to another RS

    How can we pass the information from one RS to another RS?

    yes,from EM when I am testing the webservice it is returning the string properly .
    In my ESB application I am calling this service thru a SOAP Service and I am using a FileAdapter to capture the result.Now to configure the RS shall i choose 'Generate WSDL from schemas' i.e. the request -reply option or 'Select Existing WSDL option'?I am choosing the first one.Now whn I am defining the rule there is a node mismatch in my source and target during mapping.When I am invoking the RS from EM i am getting some exception that "input is null".

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    What kind of information? You can sync things like Contacts and Calendars by using iCloud. You can backup one iPad to iTunes on a computer and then sync the backup to the other iPad. You can configure your iTunes content and sync the same content to both iPads.
    It is based on what you want to do. Or are you looking for a way to send files from one iPad to another wirelessly? There are apps to do things like that, as well as cloud services, such as DropBox.

  • Can I transfer info from one macbook to another by using a firewire cable?

    Can I transfer info from one mac to another by using a firewire cable?

    You can boot the computer that you would like to get the file from into target disk mode.
    This document will help you.

  • How can I move the ODI Work Repository from one server to another server?

    How can I move the ODI Work Repository from one server to another server?

    If you would like to move your source models, target models and project contents from Work repository 1 to another work repository.
    I.e. Dev. server to Prod Server.
    1. Firstly, replicate the master repository connections i.e. with same naming conventions manually
    2. Go to Dev. Server work repository -> File Tab -> Click on Export work repository (save it in a folder)
    3. After exporting, you can view the xml files in the folders.
    4. Now, Open the Prod. server and make sure you already replicated mas. rep. details.
    5. Now, right click on model and import source model in synonym mode insert_update (select source model from the folder where your xml file located)
    6. Similarily, import again target then Project.
    Now, check. It should work.
    Thank you.

  • Transfer data in the Ztable from one client to another client in a same ser

    Hi all,
    How can i transfer or move data in the Ztable from one client to another client in a same server .

    create a transport request (Workbench type) and add the following line into the transport request:
    R3TR TABU name_of_table
    save and doubleclick this line and enter the table keys for the required entries (if you need all antries: client and an asterisk will do).
    When it is done save again, release the transport and ask basis to import into target client (or you can do on your own in SCC1 transaction)
    hope this helps

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