Configure  MOPZ after EHP1 in solution Manager

Dear Experts,
We have fresh installed SAP Solution Manager 4.0 on windows 2003. Now we have to update EHP1 with SP26 i.e.SAP EHP 1 for SAP Solution Manager 7.0.Now I want to configure Maintenance Optimizer in this Solution manager.So that We can downlaod Support Package via this solution Manager.
What is pre-request to configure MOPZ .When I run solution_admin  transistion .it is  going to portel and ask  SAP Web Application  ask user ID and  Password.
Whats User ID will come here ?. I am giving J2EE_admin and Basis user ID. But its not taking these Users.
Whats User ID it will take.
How to configure MOPZ , Please give me step by step process . So that I  can configure MOPZ.
i will give thanks in advanced for my help

When I am using User ID  J2EE_ADMIN   and Password as below
SAP Web Application Server
User Name :    J2EE_ADMIN
My default client is 100 and this user ID and password is working perfectelly in sap gui logon.
Belwo error mesee come  during  user ID J2EE_ADMIN and Password .
Error when processing your request
What has happened?
The URL http://testserver:8000/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/wd_sise_main_app was not called due to an error.
The following error text was processed in the system SAL : Die URL enthält keine vollständige Domainangabe (testserver statt testserver.).
The error occurred on the application server testserver_SAL_00 and in the work process 0 .
The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
The ABAP call stack was:
Method: CHECK of program CX_FQDN=======================CP
Method: EXECUTE_REQUEST of program CL_HTTP_SERVER================CP
Module: %_HTTP_START of program SAPMHTTP
What can I do?
If the termination type was RABAX_STATE, then you can find more information on the cause of the termination in the system SAL in transaction ST22.
If the termination type was ABORT_MESSAGE_STATE, then you can find more information on the cause of the termination on the application server testserver_SAL_00 in transaction SM21.
If the termination type was ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE, then you can search for more information in the trace file for the work process 0 in transaction ST11 on the application server testserver_SAL_00 . In some situations, you may also need to analyze the trace files of other work processes.
If you do not yet have a user ID, contact your system administrator.
Error code: ICF-IE-http -c: 100 -u: J2EE_ADMIN -l: E -s: SAL -i: testserver_SAL_00 -w: 0 -d: 20110813 -t: 204925 -v: RABAX_STATE -e: UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION
HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error
Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team
what it show.

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  • Configure TMS in fresh installed Solution Manager system

    Hi Expets,
    I have fresh Installed Solution manager. Configure TMS and now want to configure solution manger so that I can monitor all our SAP system from Solution manager. How I configure our SAP system in solution manager?
    Also would like to know after TMS  implementation if we like to use ChaRM or CTS+ so what changes required in current TMS setting? Thanks in advance.

    No Deejoy, I provided you with how to resource to do the things you requested.
    TMS is transport Management System.
    If you want to manage transports with an enhanced product CTS+ I provided the configuration guide.
    If you want to implement ChaRM, I pointed you to the Wiki.
    If you want to inegrate CTS+ with ChaRM, I also provided you with resources.
    And lastly, I directed you to RKT-SOLMAN which can help you configure any aspect of Solution Manager.
    But I do not see where I said to manage TMS on Satellite systems you need to implement ChaRM.
    Charm was only raised, because you raised it in your question.
    You have all the resouces you require to address everything you raised.
    This is what is provided in my earlier reply.

  • Regarding this issue in the configuration on smsy in the solution manager

    hai all,
    i am havig an issue when trying to configure the smsy in the solution manager
    the issue is
    Invalid user s0001234567 when calling SAP Backend system
    all the rfcs related to the oss is fine
    i had maintained the user in the aisuser tcode correctly
    and then i router is finly working
    software component : st is 400 kernel and level is18
    hope all the experts of solution manger help me
    thanks & regards
    praveen kumar

    Invalid user s0001234567 when calling SAP Backend system
    Is it a valid S-USER?
    Use valid S-USER and update the user details in AIUSER.
    Nick Loy

  • How to configure dba cockpit in sap solution manager

    Hello colleagues,
    how to configure dba cockpit in sap solution manager??

    Hi Victor,
    Please go through this doc, it might helps you.
    Sap Solution Manager - Dbacockpit
    Sap Solman Instguide Dba Cockpit Setup

  • SAP EHP1 for Solution Manager 7.0 - Post Install Procedure

    Hello Folks:
    I completed Sol Manager 7.0 EHP1 installation on Win 2008 R2 with MS SQL in a sandbox environment. This is the first time I ever installed SAP on my own and i am in the process of performing post installation steps from Installation Guide.
    In the install guide, there is no mention of creating a new client ex: 100. Could you please, provide a list of tasks that generally needed to perform after the installation is completed and before doing any configuration in Solution manager.
    I have some very basic idea on the Basis but while going thru Installation Guide I am not sure if there any steps that generally need to perform to complete the installation.  My goal is to complete the Sol Mgr installation first and then start preparing for ECC 6.0 Installation.
    Thanks a lot in Advance.

    First - the basic post installation steps are:
    1. sick t-code need to execute
    2. se06 --> Perform Post-Installation Actions
    3. RZ10 --> Utilities --> Import profiles --> Of active servers
    4. execute sgen T-code --> This will take some time
    5. setup STMS
    6. create client (If custom required)
    7. Take backup of the system
    For the solution manager client you could use the default created '001' client.
    Next you need to run the solman_setup template which 'sets up' the SolMan for usage.
    Follow config guide at:
    For installing the ECC system, only a install key(from SMSY) is to be generated from SolMan. But if you want to use the SolMan effectively, suggest you to run the entire solman_setup.

  • How to configure rz20 and dswp in solution manager ?

    Hi all,
    I have configured the ccms agent and ccms ping in the satellite system and all the connectivity with solution manager.
    but then i haven' got the idea how to configure the template in the RZ20 and DSWP ?
    Please advise on document / blog etc regarding this kind of configuration ?
    Thank you and Best Regards

    check below link:

  • Integration of new BPM (NWDS EHP1) and Solution Manager process graphics

    Hi Experts,
    we are trying to use Solution Manager for our client's process documentation. Now, Solution Manager generates a graphic which unfortunately is almost unusable (no lanes, no transaction link, just visio-like graphic). Even the old ASAP 4.6C graphic tool was better and more interactive.
    On the other hand the new BPM in NW Developer Studio EHP1 Composition Environment seems to provide a perfect graphical tool for process modeling and documentation.
    Does anybody know if there is a (future?) possibility to integrate these two tools?
    As an alternative, does anybody have an idea how to get better Solution Manager process graphics?
    Michael Meissner

    I also digged a little into this topic since I was wondering about the different modeling techniques SAP currently provides and how they will be integrated in the future.
    [This|] great blog entry about NW BPM also includes some comments about the future vision of integration between NW BPM and SolMan. It looks like in NW BPM 7.2 (planned for end of the year) there will be a "read-only" integration with SolMan processes while in the future there will be a bidirectional integration which means that BPM can import SolMan processes, enhance them and again export the models to SolMan. This is a great step further to the Common Process Layer SAP is referring in the [BPM Roadmap document|].

  • Managed System Configuration: SSO setup failed for Solution Manager 7.1 sp11

    Hi Folks,
    While doing Managed System Configuration for Soman system i am getting error in SSO Setup
    Currently I am in
    8. Configure Automatically :Single Sign On Setup
    This is i am going for managed System (Solution Manager System Itself)
    Below is error log..
    SSO setup failed : a problem occured while attempting to add login modules for ticket authentication
    Screen shot attached.
    Found SID for SSO ACL entry : SMP
    Found login.ticket_client for SSO ACL entry : 000
    The Read entry permission on TicketKeystore/SAPLogonTicketKeypair-cert was given to
    The TicketKeystore/SAPLogonTicketKeypair-cert was succesfully read (619 bytes)
    The SSO ticket Certificate <OU=J2EE,CN=SMP> has been successfully imported into ticket Keystore
    SSO setup failed : a problem occured while attempting to add login modules for ticket authentication
    SSO setup failed : error while updating login modules : Caller not authorized.; nested exception is:
    java.lang.SecurityException: Caller not authorized.
    at Method)
    The SSO ticket Certificate <CN=SMP> has been successfully imported into ticket Keystore
    SSO setup failed : a problem occured while attempting to add login modules for ticket authentication
    SSO setup failed : error while updating login modules : Caller not authorized.; nested exception is:
    java.lang.SecurityException: Caller not authorized.
    at Method)
    java.rmi.RemoteException: Caller not authorized.; nested exception is:
    java.lang.SecurityException: Caller not authorized.
    at Method)
    at Method)
    Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: Caller not authorized.
    at Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    ... 8 more

    Hi Sandeep,
    It seems authorization issue. Please check the below SAP Note :
    1988642 - Warning 'caller not authorized' in Step 'Single Sign On Setup'
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Configuring user specified alerts using solution manager

    We are having SolutionManager 4.0 with sp 12.
    We configurred alerts for different production systems which are in the
    landscape.Right Now We have special requirent for our R/3 Producton
    We need to setup alert for monitoring of avg response time of
    ZBAPI_TD_Salesorder_Create (function module) preferably for just SCMICAN(user) . SAP team should be alerted when the call avgs more than 25
    seconds over any 15 minute time frame
    Can some give resolution for this kind of special requirement

    go to this link you will get all info regarding solution manager
    <a href=""></a>

  • Configuring the Alert monitoring of Solution Manager 4.0

    Dear all,
    How can I notify from the central monitoring system when alerts happened?
    I have already create and assign auto-reaction method to specific monitor attribute with alerts, but nothing happend. I even looked at the table CSMCENTOOL where the alert data suppose to stored, and the table is still empty.
    I will be greatfull if anyone can provide me appropriate document in this matter, or guide me with a list of things that need to be done.
    Kind regards,

    Hi Kai,
    Thanks for your quick response.
    I have already create and assign the central auto-reaction method exactly as in the example,
    and when I try to start the auto-reaction method I receive the alert information "Cannot determine data for method DUMMY_TOLL_FOR_DOUBLEHOP".
    I have overcome this alert information by changing the excute method of the <i>defined central auto-reaction</i> from <i>Only in central system, trigged by CCMS agents</i> to <i>Periodically in process(Short running program)</i>, and still, nothing notify when alert happened.
    Should I configure the "Related Solution Manager configuration guides on SDN" which describe in the bottom blug as well?
    I also didn't understand you when you say to send from SAP-System to another account?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Configuration of service desk on solution manager 4.0

    hi all
    plz tell me how to configure service desk on sol 4.0
    The available guides for 3.2 is not helping for 4..
    plz tell me from wer i can get a proper guide ...
    Thank you

    Congrats that you are into Solman 4.0 We have got Hardship ahead.
    As first thing you need to <b>Define Service Desk Destination in the Solution Manager</b>.
    then define number range for message types.
    Also take care that your IBase componants are intalled, Create Business partners.
    This will enable you to create support message and keep exploring.
    In the process if you get any runtime error you may need to apply some patches.
    Hope this will help you.
    Feel free to revert back i hope i can help you.

  • Configure Service Desk in SAP Solution Manager

    Hi guys,
    I'm currently trying to configure SAP Service desk to our custumers but i really dont know how much steps i must take to do that.
    Im currently have users from satellite systems generated by tcode BP_GEN in Business Partners.
    But, how it really goes?
    When i using the following site:
    which data i must provide to logon on workcenter!
    How can i assign systems from one customer to the user that represents it to, when he logs to the workcenter, he can see the respective system information that belong to him.
    I know that i must provide diferent roles for the administrator  and the users that represent the customer!
    Can anyone give any ideas or a point of direction?

    Based upon the BP identification system entries maitained for respective users
    they/Reporter can see only those systems in the list
    Rest is same for all users they have to logon with userid pwd of solman in the URL
    and automatically based upon the roles you have assigned to them in su01 they can see the reporter or processor interface of service desk

  • Configure microsoft products in Sap solution manager

    can any one tell me how to configure different microsoft products in sap solman.
    As well as configure powerpoint desk in SOLMAN.
    Thanks in advance.

    ramkrishna borhade wrote:
    how to configure different microsoft products in sap solman.
    As well as configure powerpoint desk in SOLMAN.
    Ellaborate your requirement!! What do you mean by configure???
    Feel free to revert back.

  • Prblem Service Desk configuration in Solution Manager 4.0

    Hi All,
    Here I have done the configuration of Service Desk in Solution Manager 4.0 by using the document which I have for release 3.2. However I have face some problem in Step “Initially create and Assign the Satellite Systems as iBase C” and “Manually create and Assign the Satellite Systems as iBase Co” .So I exclude above mention step. But still I am able to create the support message from Satellite Systems.
    So can please let me know whether it will work fine in upcoming time or Do I need to test my Service Desk configuration for same.
    Moreover please let me know how to test Service Desk configuration for real time environment.
    Following are the step and problem which I face while doing the Service desk configuration.
    <b>STEP 1 #Initially Create and Assign the Satellite Systems as iBase C</b>
    To be able to use the Service Desk and Change Request scenarios in SAP Solution Manager, you need to define the Installed Base (iBase). An iBase component has to be created for each satellite system from which Service Desk messages will be sent to the SAP Solution Manager system.
    The iBase components for the iBase structure SOL_MAN_DATA_REP (installation 1) can be created and assigned either automatically or manually. Note that these components and the assignments can only be created once automatically for every solution.  To refresh your existing iBase data execute IMG activity Manually Create and Assign the Satellite Systems as iBase Components.
    You have defined your system landscape in the Solution Manager System Landscapes(transaction SMSY).
    1. In transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER,  open a solution.
    2. Choose Operations -> Service Desk.
    3. Choose Edit -> Initial Data Transfer for iBase.
    The data is copied automatically. The iBase systems for the solution are automatically assigned to SOL_MAN_DATA_REP (installation "1"). An iBase component is created for each system installation number (which can be displayed by choosing System  ->  Status).
    For each solution repeat these steps.
    <b>Problem in STEP1 :-</b> I am not able to check the System &#61664; Status.
    <b>STEP 2 #Manually Create and Assign the Satellite Systems as iBase Co</b>
    In this IMG activity, you define the Installed Base (iBase) manually, i.e. for refreshing existing iBases after solutions have been changed.
    An iBase component has to be created for each satellite system from which Service Desk messages will be sent to the SAP Solution Manager system.
    1. In transaction Change Installed Base (IB52), use the input help (F4) to find the Installed Base with external ID SOL_MAN_DATA_REP.
    2. Continue as follows:
    •     If SOL_MAN_DATA_REP does not exist:
    a) Call transaction Create Installed Base (IB51).
    b) Choose iBase Category 01 (Installed Base).
    c) Choose Enter.
    d) Specify the iBase header data in the iBase section.
    e) Specify the external ID SOL_MAN_DATA_REP and enter a short description.
    •     If SOL_MAN_DATA_REP exists:
    a) Choose iBase No. 1 (SOL_MAN_DATA_REP).
    b) Choose the SAP WEB AS component.
    3. To assign the systems as iBase components, go to the Text item tab.
    Three components are included in the standard package.
    4. Add all the satellite systems as text items to the table:
    o     Column Short text: Description of the system
    o     Column Identification: System ID, space, installation number
    5. Save.
    After changes have been made to a solution, repeat these steps to update system landscape data for iBase.
    Every system is only listed once in the iBases. That means a system is not listed in an iBase if it has been listed in another iBase before.
    <b>Problem in STEP2:-</b> Here I am not able to find Text item tab as per point 3 .
    <b>STEP 3 # Assign Business Partners to iBase Components</b>
    You need to assign business partners to the new iBase components.
    1. In transaction Change iBase (IB52), choose Goto -> Partner
    2. Assign business partners with the following functions to the new iBase component systems:
    o     Administrator
    o     Key User
    o     Sold-to Party
    3. Save.
    4. Repeat these steps for each iBase component.
    <b>Problem in step3 :-</b> In IB52 t-code screen there no any menu path like goto &#61664; partner
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi Harshall,
    You have to enter the value as 1 in Installed base field and then press enter.
    You will be taken inside and then you will be able to see the Goto - Partner screen.
    Hope this will help.
    Please reward points suitably.

  • Configure ECC 6.0 EHP4 in SAP Solution Manager SP15

    Hi all,
    I just upgrade a system from R/3 4.6c to SAP ECC 6.0 EHP4 NW 7.01. I want to configure the system in SAP Solution Manager just upgraded to SP15. But I don't understand how I must to configure the system and to assign a logical component. It seems not to be the same possibilities between System configuration and Logical configuration.
    For system configuration I can choose product version EHP4 FOR SAP ERP 6.0 / NW7.01 and a full list of usage type
    For logical component I only found product SAP ERP ENHANCE PACKAGE and a very short list of version and usage type (??)
    Is someone know if it is normal or if it is necessary to patch solution manager ?
    Is ther a documentation existing to configure ERP EHP4 systems ??
    Thanks for your answer.

    I have not seen any document to configure EHP4 systems specfically.
    I do not think, Solman SP15 should create any problem in that. But, since you are upgrading your landscape to EHP4, so why leave solman to SP15 instead of Ehp1 (SP18/19/20)...
    You might want to have a glance over some notes
    Note 1283307 - SMSY: Product version cannot be determined correctly
    Note 1301106 - SMSY: Enhancements and errors in Enhancement Package 1
    Note 1320545 - Updating the product version in SMSY

Maybe you are looking for