Configuring CRM BP creation and HCM 0105 Infotype update from IDM

Hello Experts,
Can somebody please advise me the standard documentation for creating BP , Updating HR infotypes into backend CRM or HCM system ?
Is there any document where I can read about business suite connector tasks in IDM ?
Thanks & Regards
Deepak Gupta

Hello Deepak,
                      from a technical viewpoint the toSAPIdentity pass is used to update BP in Business
Suite Systems like CRM/SRM. For more information on this see the main IdM Documentation
page SAP Identity Management 7.2 Documentation ->
Identity Management for SAP System Landscapes: Configuration Guide
Extending the SAP Provisioning Framework
Hope this helps.

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  • Refresh buffer when rfc gets data from crm and the data was updated from R3

    hi all
    I have a program in r3 for maintenance of partners, so the user can create or update a CRM partner from the R3 system. if you are updating a partner, the program gets the data from CRM via RFC and saves the changes via zBDoc. if the user modify a partner and then try to check if the info were updated, he needs to leave the transaccion and run it again in order to the RFC gets the data updated. how I can avoid to leave the transaccion? i tried with a buffer refresh and commit but it doesn't works.... any idea?

    Hi Alan,
    THANK YOU for that hint. That brought me a giant step further, seriously! Many thanks! Now my report is running and hourly creating an instance, reeally nice!
    But of course, the next problem is arising rapidly: Now that I got my report creating instances, the funny thing happening is the following: I created the WebI report with the WebI-Rich Client and then saved it to the server. In InfoView I scheduled the instance creation and the strange thing is now: The values differ. In the original report the values for some percentage ratios (e.g. 50%) show up as they should with four decimals: 0,5000 (German way of displaying numbers with decimals). BUT: In the instances of the same report, exactly these numbers would appear as 0,0000. So the numbers would just not be displayed! But all other numbers (all numbers not having decimals) would show up as they are supposed to even in the instances of the report.
    This is kind of strange to me. Does anybody have a clue what the problem might be?
    Many thanks again! And I hope I am not bothering you guys with these "newbie" questions.
    Thanks and best regards,

  • When configuring new iPad, apps and photos did not transfer from"restore"

    when trying to "restore" from a computer and the cloud, apps and photos did not transfer

    Restore from iTune Backup
    1. Settings>General>Reset>Erase all content and settings
    2. You'll be asked twice to confirm
    3. You'll see Apple logo and progress bar
    4. You'll see a big iPad logo on screen
    5. Configuration start
    6. Set language
    7. Set country
    8. Select Network and input Password>Join
    9. Enable Location Service>Next
    10. You'll be given 3 options (a) Setup as New iPad (b) Restore from iCloud Backup (c) Restore from iTune Backup
    11. Select Restore from iTune Backup
    12. You will see picture of USB cable pointing towards iPad
    13. Connect iPad to iTune (make sure iTune is on standby)
    14. Tap Continue (computer)
    15. Restore iPad from Backup (computer)
    16. See progress bar with estimated time (computer)
    17. See Restore in Progress on iPad
    18. See Apple logo
    19. See Apple and Progress Bar
    20. Slide to Unlock
    21. Copying Apps back to iPad (computer)
    22. You'll see Loading/Installing/Waiting below the Apps (iPad)
    23. Sync Music/Podcast/Movies to iPad (computer)
    24. Sync completed (computer)

  • HT201263 I have had a new I phone 5s and am trying to update from i cloud but new phone is telling me it needs an update to ios 7.1.1. How do you do this,

    My phone saying 'no icloud backups are compatible with the version (ios 7.0.6) on this phone. But doesnt explain how to get the new update.
    Hoped/expectyed it would update automatically but sadly not

    It sounds like the iPhone setup is asking if you'd like to restore from an iCloud backup, and the Apple ID being used does not contain any backups which are compaible.
    If you tap "Back" on the top left, choose to "Set up as new phone" and then attempt to update. Once the update is completed you might be able to restore from a backup if you have one.
    If your iOS backup is from an updated/later version than what the iPhone is on, this may cause problems.

  • HT1338 I did not obtain the free Snow Leopard DVD when it was offered and now need to update from MAC OS X version 10.5.8.  What steps do I need to take?

    I need help updating from Mac OS X 10.5.8 to iOS6.

    Phone the online Apple Store and order it.

  • Plays and Last Played Not Updated from Device

    When I play a song from the cloud from one of my iOS devices, the Plays and Last Played fields are not updated.
    This does work, however, when a song is played from a computer.
    This is a deal breaker for me.

    Yup, I agree.  It's looking like the only really useful thing is that iTunes Match managed to get a whole mess of my songs updated to 256Kbps versions.  Not all, but a whole bunch.
    Still, I rely on smart playlists with Last Played being accurate to figure out what to listen to.  And, it keeps my playlist from being stale or repetitive.
    I can't wait for this to be changed.

  • Errors 1602 and 1604 trying to update from 1.1.4 to 2.0!!!

    Hi all.
    So I have two iPod Touch devices in my home. I purchased and downloaded the 2.0 update this morning. It got halfway through the update and then died, leaving the iPod in recovery mode where the display shows the sync cable and the iTunes icon. At first it gave me the 1602 error, and every time I tried to Restore it, iTunes would think about it for several minutes and eventually give me a 1604 error.
    After two hours on the phone with Apple support, I got it to work by plugging the iPod into a different USB port on my computer.
    Updating the second iPod had similar difficulties, except I couldn't fix it by switching USB ports. Another call to Apple, and again no real solution. They had me go to another PC and try restoring and iTunes then downloaded the 1.1.4 firmware and installed it, although my iPod was now wiped.
    I tried the 2.0 update on the new computer and now I'm right back to the 1604 error.
    What the heck is going on?!? Two different computers and I can't update this thing.
    It is NOT jailbroken or in any way modded - it was purchased brand new from Best Buy and has been treated like a baby its entire life.
    I am desperate, frustrated, and exasperated.
    Anyone, please, pretty please, oh please . . . can you help me?

    Hello all, I have the same problem. It is very frustrating. I have a single iPod Touch and two USB ports. The following steps have been taken, starting with my OOTB 1.1.4 iPod Touch running Windows XP:
    1. Upgrade iTunes to 7.7, purchase version 2.0 of software for $10 and attempt to install via iTunes - failed with Error 1602
    2. Exited recovery mode (this process has to be completed after each failed attempt as otherwise I am stuck with the USB cable / connect to iTunes image on the Touch's screen), attempted to perform restore via iTunes, selecting 2.0 software as source - failed
    3. Kicked out of recovery mode, attempted restore, selecting 1.1.4 software as source - failed
    4. Uninstalled iTunes / Quicktime / Apple Mobile Device Support / Apple Software Updater as per WinXP instructions at Repeated attempts above - failed
    5. DID NOT kick out of recovery mode, closed iTunes, started iTunes again. Prompted with "Detected an iPod in recovery mode, must be restored before use" - clicked restore, selected 2.0 as source - failed
    6. DID NOT kick out of recovery mode, closed iTunes, started iTunes again. Prompted with "Detected an iPod in recovery mode, must be restored before use" - clicked restore, selected 1.1.4 as source - failed
    7. Did several of the above steps with nothing else connected to USB ports, and switching up the USB ports - failed
    I seem to have exhausted all tips I have found online through Google and various forums, including the ridiculous instructions from Apple to just remove all Apple software and reinstall. What a waste of time. Anyway, the ONLY tip I have not attempted is to perform a restore / upgrade on a second computer - I don't have access to one at the moment and would like to solve this another way.
    I am definitely open to more suggestions as I would really like to get 2.0 up and running. I mean - I paid for it and this Touch is only about 3 weeks old!

  • Play Count and Last Played not updating from iPod in iTunes

    I've had this problem with 2 of my iPods over 2 different computers, and I have no idea what is causing it.
    For some reason, sometimes when I have finished listening to my iPod for the day and then go in to plug it and sync it with iTunes, none of the Play Count or Last Played updates from the iPod. But sometimes it DOES update, which is what frustrates me, as I cannot seem to pinpoint the problem.
    These are my specs at the moment:
    iPod: Fifth-gen 30GB video
    iTunes: 7.0 (also had this issue with 6.x and 4.x before this)
    Computer: P4 3.0GHz dual-core, 1GB RAM, WinXP Pro, USB 2.0 ports (also experienced this exact problem with Firewire ports).
    I always have iTunes set to automatically sync with the iPod. I have also gone through the 5 suggested steps (including restoring the iPod, restarting the computer and trying out other ports) on several occasions already.
    I also had this exact same problem with my old computer and old iPod, the specs which were as follows:
    iPod: Third-gen 20GB
    Computer: P3 450MHz, 384MB RAM, WinXP Pro, USB 2.0 and Firewire ports.
    Has anyone experienced this particular issue before? If so, is there a solution to this issue? It has been bugging me for a while now, and I don't know what other action to take. Thanks heaps in advance!
    P4 dual-core 3.0GHz   Windows XP Pro   1GB RAM, iTunes 7, USB2.0

    hi ozfrog80! sorry, my english is poor...i´ve got a similar problem with a 30gb-video-ipod at mac mini (g5).i just updated itunes 7 at saturday and it ran for 2 days without a problem. okay, some playlists seemed strange, but no problems with the sound (see other topics).
    i updated the ipod-software to the latest software-version on saturday too.
    while "connection" of ipod/itunes the sync.-symbol never dissappeared. but no new data was transmitted.
    yesterday, the ipod froze while running and had to be resetted. result: now the connection to itunes fails because "itunes doesn´t react".
    the ipod is "empty" now.
    i re-installed both quicktime and itunes (as considered in other topics) but that didn´t solve the problem.
    funny: itunes runs without a problem but won´t connect to ipod.
    i don´t know what the problem is.....i´m waiting for an update....thanx and good luck from mainz/germany.

  • Hi I have an 80G ipod classic, It is a few years old and i have recently updated from a pc to Mac. When i connect my classic to the Mac it tells me that this ipod is synced to another itunes account ! If i restore i will loose all my music. Help!

    I have an ipod Classic 80G. It is a few years old and hasnt been used for  a while. I have just tried to sync it to my new Mac and it says theat thei ipod is synced with another itunes account!!!
    It was orriganally managed through my old pc but as far as i am aware the itunes account is the same. If i sync with my mac it will remove all that is in the Classsic and replace it with current itunes!
    How can i get round this ?

    Hi Becki ..
    You need to "authorize" the Mac.
    Launch iTunes on the Mac then from the iTunes menu bar top of your screen click Store > Authorize This Computer.
    Now, using the same Apple ID as you used to purchased iTunes media originally, you should be able to sync all your content.
    More details here >  iOS: Syncing with iTunes

  • I have a apple ipod 3 gen and i need to updat from ios 4.3.3 and i have photos that are important they are on photo library and i cant import them to my computer how do i ?

    I;ve been trying to figure this out and i cant it wont let me do anything.

    The DropBox import, like regular photo/video import or works for items in the Camera Roll album. Not for photos synced to the iPod like the poster has.
    The poster can:
    - Email them and sync them to the updated iPod
    - Import them via a third-party computer program like TouchCopy or PhoneView. Those are paid apps.

  • I 'swapped' my iPad 2 today at Apple and my last iCloud update from yesterday won't load onto the new iPad because I hadn't previously downloaded the newest OS.  My last backup was from a month ago, any suggestions??

    I 'swapped' my iPad 2 today at Apple and when I tried to load my last update on the iCloud to it, it wouldn't let me because I hadn't previously downloaded the latest OS.  Any suggestions?

    1. Update IOS of new iPad to 7.0.4
    2. Restore iCloud backup to new iPad after the update.

  • I am using Aperture 3 and recently installed an update from Apple. After restarting the computer and opening Aperture all of the "colour" is gone from the toolbar and events icons. How can I rest the colours?

    How can i reset the colors of Aperture toolbars and event icons? They have all gone grey.

    Have you just upgraded to Aperture 3.3 or later? The grey design is a feature, ot a bug
    See the Release Notes: (Aperture 3.3)
    Newly designed monochrome source list and toolbar icons.
    The only way to change it, would be to manually replace the icons by colored ones in the Aperture application itself. You would have to patch the application bundle and to exchange some of the tiff files in the "Resources" folder.
    And each time there is an update you would have to start over.
    There are quite a few discussions on this, see:
    Re: After updating to Aperture 3.3 all my icons appears in Black and white. This includes the inspect button, photo stream button, the Facebook / flicker share button. Could you please help here ?
    Latest Aperture update - all icons on toolbar now grey
    Re: arghhh!
    Re: Why O Why did Apple removed the sidebar colors?
    P.S. Some hand colored icons to replace the grey ones are here:
    Re: After updating to Aperture 3.3 all my icons appears in Black and white. This includes the inspect button, photo stream button, the Facebook / flicker share button. Could you please help here ?

  • I hate wasting time and bandwidth to download updates from the stupid cloud.

    This new method of distributing software is not better... it's more laborious and time consuming and quite frankly a royal pain. Because it takes so ridiculously long, I haven't been able to download the entire CC suite AND actually do my work. I wish I wasn't so heavily invested in Adobe products for my work, 'cuz this madness is enough to make me wanna switch!

    I did think about that and if I have to I will do that, however there are about 50 songs. I have closed and reopened iTunes several times and I am sure that I have the latest version. It fails right away but I can click on the cloud download icon and download the song that it failed on ... therefore it is not that song "or any one song" causing the issue. Any ideas?

  • Service Entry sheet creation - Using a diffent contract diff from line item

    Here is the scenario...
    I have a services purchase order referring to contract  and its service item with services ( service masters) attached to it.
    And the PO  item is a limit item with some limits maintained on the limits tab, but contract reference is specified at the limits level it is only at the line item level.
    System version : ECC 6.0
    Lets say PO number : 123456789
    Lets say contract number and item is : 2323232323  item 10 ( Account assignment U )
    My supplier is : 111111111
    Now I am creating the Service Entry sheet  and I am trying to add the services  ( services selection button)  I get a pop up to  search for services  by certain selection criteria  and one of them is purch document ( remember it doesn't pre-populate and grey out the purch doc field with that the contract number from the item level) and now I can select any service contract that belongs to any supplier and select the services from it and complete my  SES.
    So lets say the contract from which I chose the service is : 3232323232
    And the supplier on the contract is 2222222222
    Is this a valid scenario or not?
    Has any body ran into this situation  before?
    Hope I was clear in explaining my scenario....  

    Hi Krishna,
    the External Services Management distinguishes between planned and unplanned services.
    In case you have ONLY limits, no planned services in the PO item, it does not matter if you have entered a contract number into the PO item - in this case this contract will be not a real reference for your services.
    If you have entered limit values only as overalllimit and expected value and you did not enter a contract limit on the contract limit tab, then you will not have a special contract reference on unplanned level neither.
    In this case it is NOT an error when you start the entry sheet creation and you can select services from other contracts or purchase orders against your limit values in the PO into the entry sheet.  The system does NOT check for a different vendor when you select services from other documents than the contract which you have specified in your PO item, because it is NOT a real reference - nor on services level as you have only limits in your PO item, nor on limit level since you have NOT entered a contract limit into your PO item.
    In order to understand this process please study the unplanned scenario and contract reference scenarios.

  • HT1218 I recently updated from O.S. 10.6 to Mountain Lion and had additional memory installed.  Now I can't get my wireless printer to print wirelessly.  I went to Airport utilities as suggested above, but it says it can't locate any airport base station.

    I just updated from OS 10.6 to Mountain Lion.  My HPC4780 wireless all-in-one will not print wirelessly, even though it indicates it is getting a wireless signal.  I followd the "airport base station firmware updates" suggestions, but my computer can't detect an airport base station, even though I am looking at it, and the light is green like it is supposed to be.  The printer works if I connect it, but won't print wirelessly.  Any ideas?  I am trying to learn Mountain Lion's ins and outs.

    I just updated from OS 10.6 to Mountain Lion.  My HPC4780 wireless all-in-one will not print wirelessly, even though it indicates it is getting a wireless signal.  I followd the "airport base station firmware updates" suggestions, but my computer can't detect an airport base station, even though I am looking at it, and the light is green like it is supposed to be.  The printer works if I connect it, but won't print wirelessly.  Any ideas?  I am trying to learn Mountain Lion's ins and outs.

Maybe you are looking for