Configuring CRM business Package - 4.0 60.2.3 and ISA on EP6SP11

Hi all,
We have installed CRM business Package - 4.0 60.2.3 on EP6 SP11. For which we have created SAP_CRM system, filled in the all required parameters like application host, gateway service, client no, user authentication type etc.( Not ISA related parameters).
Now some of the iViews throws "GenericISAComponent" error. I suppose its because we haven't configure ISA system for the same.
Can anybody help me in how to configure ISA System for CRM business package. Do i have to create new system or i have to fill in ISA parameters of SAP_CRM system.
Thanks and regards,

Hello James,
Thanks for the prompt reply...
But my question is whether I have to make these changes in SAP_CRM system itself or should i create new system namely ISA_B2B,SHOP_ADMIN,ISA_B2R etc.
With regards,
Note : If you have already configured the CRM business package, please send me the documentation or the screen-shots of the system defined in portal on my e-mail id([email protected])

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  • Configuring CRM Business Package

    Hi there,
    I am new to EP.  Anyway I am currently trying to install a CRM Business Package 4.0 60.2 onto our EP.  I think I have successfully imported the business package.  I am now configuring it using the guidelines in saphelp. 
    I am working on the section: 'Syatem Mapping Service'. I am not sure what this section is required.  I tried following the steps to 'Enable the System Mapping Service' however on step 4 I cannot locate the '' folder in the 'Service Configuration' section of the portal.  Does this mean I ahve not installed the business package properly?
    I did a search in the EP server and found a smilar file in the folder: EPFolder\j2ee\j2ee_no\temp\transport\import\EPT and the file is named ''.  Does this mean anything to anyone?
    Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks

    Hi Jo Jo
    Which document you are using to follow the steps?
    Can you send the lisk for the document

  • System Configuration for CRM Business Package 4.0-60.2 in Portal

    Hi All,
    We have configured CRM Business Package(4.0-60.2) on EP6 SP11.
    Also created the SAP_CRM system with required fields.
    But I am confused with where do I have to specify the ISA related parameters?
    Should I create new systems with the aliases specified in CRM Business Package Admin guide(i.e.according to Web Entry Point names)For e.g. ISA_B2B,ISA_B2R,SHOP_ADMIN,USER_ADMIN etc. or I have to specify this in SAP_CRM system itself?
    Your Help will be appreciated.....
    Thanks and regards,

    Hello James,
    Thanks for the prompt reply...
    But my question is whether I have to make these changes in SAP_CRM system itself or should i create new system namely ISA_B2B,SHOP_ADMIN,ISA_B2R etc.
    With regards,
    Note : If you have already configured the CRM business package, please send me the documentation or the screen-shots of the system defined in portal on my e-mail id([email protected])

  • CRM Business Package Error

    Hi Gurus!
    I have a EP6 SP10 installed and configured with ESS and MSS business packages, accessing a SAP R/3 4.7 system. Everthing is running ok!
    Now we decided to install the CRM business package into this EP. I did the same steps that I had done for ESS and MSS packages, but CRM iviews are still not work.
    - The business package importing was ok!
    - The communication test with the backend system (SAP CRM 4.0) was ok!
    - The user/roles are configured in EP!
    But no iviews work.
    Is there any other necessary step to be made?
    The error message from the log files is:[impl:3]_9##0#0#Error#1#/System/Server#Java###Exception ID:12:11_30/08/05_0027_2164550
    #1#com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.PortalComponentException: Error in service call of Portal Component
    Component : pcd:portal_content/bc.Bacen/bc.Funcoes/bc.regraCRM/
    Component class :
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.handlePortalComponentException(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.callPortalComponent(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.dispatchRequest(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.dispatchRequest(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.PortalComponentResponse.include(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.pom.PortalNode.service(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.callPortalComponent(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.dispatchRequest(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.dispatchRequest(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.runRequestCycle(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.connection.ServletConnection.handleRequest(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher$
    at Method)
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.service(
    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
    at Method)
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.AbstractPortalComponent.serviceDeprecated(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.AbstractPortalComponent.service(
    at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.callPortalComponent(
    ... 29 more
    Best regards,

    Hi Adriano,
       Take a look at following forum post by me.
    Re: Business packcage for CRM 60.2.3 marketing calendar iview,
    PS: Please reward points for helpful answer or problem resolved.

  • Creating transport package for CRM Business Package

    Hi there,
    I have recently installed the CRM Business Packages 60.2 onto our EP6.0 SP2 server.  I have also performed quite a lot of configuration on the portal e.g. creating new roles, worksets, iviews etc.
    We have now installed a new EP6 server which is running on EP6 SP12.  I now need to install the CRM Business Packages 60.2 along with my work again onto the new EP server.
    Anyway I have some questions below:
    1) I was wondering whether I could create various 'Transport Packages' using the Transport > Export functionality under the System Administration tab.  So if I create Transport packages which contains the CRM business packages, export these to the server, then on the new EP6 server import these.  Is this possible or is it advisable to install the CRM business package again.
    2) In addition to this say for example I could create transport packages for the CRM business package, can I also create transport packages for the new roles, iView etc I created and import these into the new EP server?
    3) If say I decided to install the CRM Business Package onto the new EP server, but then I imported my work from the old EP server (i.e. new roles/worksets etc) into the new EP server, would this work.  Reason I ask is because some worksets I used in my new role on the old EP server are delta links to the migrated content.  If I only import my work how does it know where the delta links are pointing to?
    I hope this makes sense.

    Hi JoJo,
    Can you please give me the link of latest version of CRM Business package for EP 6.

  • CRM Business Package 60.2.3 Config

    I'm trying to configure this business package in EP6 SP14 but I'm getting a number of problems. I think I have setup the required system definitions in the PCD as per the documentation.
    I have also been told to configure the table CRMC_PRT_CUSTOM but have conflicting information as to the contents, or even whether this is necessary at all.
    I have the Interaction Centre webclient and Service Orders iViews up and running. If I click on a link in Service Orders, e.g. the one to maintain a business  partner, I get the following error:
    BSP Exception: the Application Name in URL /roles/ is invalid.
    Can anyone explain what is causing the error and how I go about fixing it?

    In general, in order to be able to download, the following prerequisites apply:
    - you need to hold the license of the Business Package
    - you need to be signed in to SDN with you Service Marketplace user
    - user mapping for the data source 'Service Marketplace' needs to be maintained
    If the problem persists, please send an email with the error description to directly to [email protected]
    It would be best if you can include screenshots in case you receive error messages.
    Regards, Anke

  • Problem with CRM business package- Customer iViews throws runtime error

    Hi all,
    We have installed EP6.0 SP11 Patch3 on windows machine.
    Also we have uploaded CRM business package with all required systems (e.g. SAP_CRM,SAP_BW etc.)
    All the iviews are working fine except which are under Customer and Customer Admin Role. These iViews throws following exception :
    Portal Runtime Error
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : pcd:portal_content/
    Component Name :
    Has anybody face this problem earlier....???? If so plz help.....
    With regards,

      i didnt configure customer and customer administrator roles...however i was dealign with other roels of CRM business package.. I can jsut give you a asuggestion ..i.e. i see that there is a property cateogry "ISA" after you create the i think these properties need to be filled up.

  • Permission issues with CRM Business packages

    I have imported CRM business packages 5.0 to EP7 Portal.
    created System object SAP_CRM.connection is fine.
    Assigned predefined CRM roles(Content provided by SAP)to new users.but when I click on the CRM iview,
    getting following error.
    Portal Runtime Error
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : pcd:portal_content/
    Component Name :
    Exception in SAP Application Integrator occured: Cannot retrieve system object for this alias. System Alias: 'SAP_CRM', System ID: 'pcd:portal_content/'. User: 'crm_user', Reason: Access denied (Object(s): portal_content/
    Exception id: 06:14_10/05/07_0071_303671250
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file
    but when I add Super admin role to the works fine.
    I have addeed end user permission to EVERYONE group and theser CRM users are part of the group.Everyone group is also part of Portal Content folder and System Folder.
    please help.

    Hello John,
    It seems to be a permission issue. Just open the permission editor of the system and assign the everyone group to it. Select the checkbox corresponding to end-user. save it.
    It will solve ur problem.
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  • CRM business packages

    Hi Alle,
    Is it some SAP CRM business packages for portal to kommunicate with CRM function modul? As we have for HA (ESS)...

    I install new installation

  • CRM business package 60.1.2 vs 60.2.3

    We are currrently investigatiing integrating CRM 4.0 functionality into Portal 6.0 SP19 using business packages.
    I would like to know what are the main differneces between CRM Business Packages 60.1.2 and 60.2.3?
    The link to online documentation via seems to point to the same information for both. (
    Which is the correct version to use with SAP Best Practices V2.60, N12?

    Infact, there is already an OSS message existing. I did
    search with wrong 'application component' name.
    Inbrief, the solution is that you are not supposed to use
    those two iviews with ECC50, since they belong to prior
    release of HR implementation.
    Hope this helps,
    Prasad Nutalapati

  • Is KM ,TREX  is must For implementation of CRM business package?

    Hi all,
    Is KM ,TREX installation   is must For implementation of CRM business package on EP?

    As you probably already have checked on portal content studio, this business package is functionally identical to the Business Package for CRM 50.2. The only difference is the addition of more languages that are not supported by EP 5.0.
    System Availability
    Primary Backend System 
    SAP - CRM 4.0   
    Portal Release 
    EP 6.0 (SP2 and higher), NetWeaver '04 (SP Stack 03 and higher), NetWeaver 2004s (SP Stack 04 and higher)   
    Other Prerequisites:
    SAP BW 3.1 + CONT 3.20
    R/3 4.6C (and higher), Plugin 2003.1
    SEM 3.5
    iView Runtime Technology:
    Java / HTMLB (WAS 6.20 and higher), BSP iView on WAS, BW iView (BW 3.20 and higher)
    English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Slowakian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish 

  • CRM Business Package 5.0.0 SP1 in Netweaver Portal 7.3?

    at the moment we have a Netweaver Portal 7.0 with CRM Business Package 5.0.0 SP1.
    We are planning to upgrade our Portal to Version 7.3 but are not able to upgrade CRM to 7.0 at the moment, so we have to stay a while at Version 5.0.
    Could anybody tell me if it is possible to use our current Business Package also in 7.3?
    As i see there are no further SPs for this Business Package, so i only can use the one i already have!?
    Many thanks for your answers

    We are also facing same issue : Installing BP CRM 5.0 with EP 7.31.
    Error we have :
    Content pass of Application integrator failed ''
    Unable to parse template '<PSID.CRMUnique>'
    Hereafter you will find summarised what we tried (without success) :
    Add role CRM Default service
    Upload component com_sap_pct_crm_core_services.par (see oss note 1175462, 1291058)
    We raised an OSS Note asking for BP CRM 5.0 compatibility with EP 7.31. SAP answer is : no compatibility.
    We do not understand why and are looking for a document where it is clearly indicated.

  • Implementing CRM business package in EP 7.0(sp9)

    we have deployed CRM business package 5.0 SP01 on our development portal 7.0(NW04s).
    I would like to know how to implement the package into the portal EP7.
    As I'm new to the process, I would really appreciate a step by step explanation if possible.

    Hi Amit,
    Please check the below links,
    Documentation of CRM business package setup inside portal
    Best Regards.
    Reward points if it is helpful.

  • Standard CRM Business Package appearing in Detailed Nav

    When we try to access the standard CRM Business Package content through our portal, all the content (including iViews and Pages) start appearing in the Detailed Nav instead of the content area.
    Any clue about how to resolve this problem?

    Hi Vibhu,
    I don't no to much about the CRM BP but this sound like the iViews on the page have been assigned to 'dynamic Navigation' instead of Page Content. Did you have a look at the pages in the PCD?
    Kind reagrds

  • Page cannot be displayed in CRM Business Package

    I have installed SAP-CRM Business Package. While testing with ServiceRep role, navigating to Service & Support -> In-House Repair Orders, I get a "The page cannot be displayed" error in internet explorer.
    Can anyone help?

    I think you should post this question in the <a href="">CRM Development Forum.</a>.

Maybe you are looking for

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