Configuring the appbuilder chart using SQL Statements

Hi all!
I am able to create a chart using .mameta
My Chart is able to read in data and display on a chart successfully.
What i could not achieve was that the chart doesn't read and display the numbers correctly as shown below.
It read by ID instead of TOTAL COUNT
Does anyone knows how to display the count correctly?
Your replies is much appreciated.

Hi Satish,
Modularity per se, i.e. using a function implies a new database object, source control et. al. which is an overhead.
If we can use an sql statement and handle it in the control file itself, then any future enhancements/bug fixing would involve only modification to the control file, i.e. patching would be easier in this case.
Thanks for the reply!!!
Have a nice day!!!

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    can we change the system date using Sql statement..
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    There is an initialization parameter called FIXED_DATE which lets you set a fixed sysdate for testing purposes, and you can alter that date using the ALTER SYSTEM command, but as implied by the name you are setting a data/time that doesn't change. Since the normal sysdate is derived from the O/S it cannot be altered through SQL

  • Issue Related to limit the result in prompt by using SQL statement.

    Hello Gurus,
    I am facing one issue rite now with our testing environment in some Dashboard Prompt. it seems like they are working fine in our Development environment.
    basically I am using SQL statement in prompt to limit the values for current + last 2 years in drop down.
    Here is the SQL that I am using SELECT Time."Fiscal Year" FROM "Financials - AP Overview" where Time."Fiscal Year" <= VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.CURRENT_FSCL_YEAR) AND Time."Fiscal Year" >= (VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.CURRENT_FSCL_YEAR)-2) ORDER BY TIme."Fiscal Year" desc
    Now it's working fine in our Dev but geeting failed in Test environment.
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    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred.
    [nQSError: 43113] Message returned from OBIS.
    [nQSError: 43119] Query Failed:
    [nQSError: 22023] An arithmetic operation is being carried out on a non-numeric type. (HY000)
    SQL Issued: SELECT Time."Fiscal Year" FROM "Financials - AP Overview" where Time."Fiscal Year" <= VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.CURRENT_FSCL_YEAR) AND Time."Fiscal Year" >= (VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.CURRENT_FSCL_YEAR)-2) ORDER BY TIme."Fiscal Year" desc
    Please let me know your output.
    Thanking You..

    Couple of possibilities..
    1. environments may be at different patch sets, may be causing the issue.
    2. data in working environment is fine but in other environment.
    to further debug use the same logical sql in both environments and compare the results..
    hope this helps..

  • Assigning values to 2 fields using sql statement

    db11g , apex 4.0 and firefox 24 ,
    hi all ,
    i am trying to follow this tutorial to assign values to 2 items on a page using sql statement ,
    and i am using the same sql statement the tutorial uses
    select d.loc location, count(e.empno) num_employees from dept d, emp e where d.deptno = e.deptno(+) and d.deptno = :P3_DEPTNO group by d.loc -- btw , what does the "+" sign mean?
    after the e.deptno in the where condition .
    but i am facing this error
    1 error has occurred
    Wrong number of columns selected in the SQL query. See Help of attribute for details.
    and it does not work with two columns in the select statement under any conditions , i tried to remove the group function and the group clause ,
    it does not work unless i use only one column in the select statement ??

    And how exactly is this rewrite of the sql statement resolving the OP's issue.
    You are still using more than 1 column which will still result in the error message:
    Wrong number of columns selected in the SQL query.
    As mentioned in my earlier post APEX 4.0 (the version the OP is using) does not handle a sql statement with multiple columns for the dynamic action Set Value.
    Which means the fastest  and simplest solution is splitting up the dynamic action in multiple Set Value actions.
    Using this plugin or upgrade to a newer apex version would also be a possibility.

  • Using SQL Statements in Error Exceptions

    Is there any way to include SQL statements within my catch routines (i.e.
    catch ( ex) {
    System.out.println("An error occurred whilst writing to the message buffer: " + ex);
    #sql { COMMIT };
    As it stands I get the following error upon compile:
    Error: Unsupported Java type for host item (at position#1):
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You can use SQL statements in your catch blocks, just not SQL statements that use Java types which do not map to SQL.
    You cannot pass exceptions from Java to SQL. You can catch a SQL exceptions as a SQLException in Java. However, any exception that is thrown by a Java Stored Procedure (including SQLException) is rendered as an "Uncaught Java exception" in SQL.
    When you receive a SQLException there is information about the originator, the error message, etc. in the exception object. See:
    While you cannot insert a Java exception per se into a table, you can extract the message string(s)/code and insert that in a table.

  • Update record using SQL statement

    I have VB6.0 and Oracle 10G Express Edition in Windows 2000 Server. My procedure in VB 6.0 can't update record in the table using SQL statement, and the Error Message is " Missing SET keyword ".
    The SQL statement in VB6.0 look like this :
    General Declaration
    Dim conn as New ADODB.Connection
    Dim rs as New ADODB.Recordset
    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    dim sql as string
    sql = " UPDATE my_table " & _
    " SET Name = ' " & Text3.Text & " ' " & _
    " AND Unit = ' " & Text2.Text & " ' " & _
    " WHERE ID = ' " & Text1.Text & " ' "
    conn.Execute (sql)
    Private Sub Form Load()
    Set conn = New ADODB.Connection
    conn.Open "Provider=MSDASQL;" & "Data Source=my_table;"& "User ID =marketing;" & "Password=pass123;"
    I'm sorry about my language.
    What's wrong in my SQL statement, I need help ........ asap
    Best Regards,
    /Harso Adjie

    The syntax should be
    SET FLD_1 = 'xxxx',
    FLD_2 = 'YYYY'
    WHERE ...
    'AND' is improperly placed in the SET.

  • Can the format of a SQL Statement modify the execution time of an SQL ....

    Can the format of a SQL Statement modify the execution time of an SQL statement?
    Thanks in advance

    It depends on:
    1) What oracle version are you using
    2) What do you mean for "format"
    For example: if you're on Oracle9i and changing format means changing the order of the tables in the FROM clause and you're using Rule Based Optimizer then the execution plan and the execution time can be very different...
    [My Italian Oracle blog|]

  • Determining the "type" of a SQL statement

    I'm using the Oracle thin driver with my JDBC program.
    I want to be able to accept a String containing a SQL statement from the user and execute it. If it's a select statement then present the rows returned in a JTable, otherwise retrieve the return value for the command (eg INSERT, DELETE, etc).
    Is there any "readymade" method in JDBC or Oracle driver to determine the type of a SQL statement in this sense. Or do I have to parse it myself? (Imagine having to write code to strip comments out etc!)

    There is no "readymade" method. But an easy way to check will be to check the first 6 charchters of the string.
    You could use
    newString = SQL.substring(0, 5); to obtain the first 6 characters.
    if the characters are "select"
    //do select things
    // do insert/delete whatever things

  • Defaulting DFF Segment Value using sql statement in SSHR gives error when using parameter

    Dear All,
    i am having an issue that i am making one segment in DFF (SEGMENT3) being defaulted by using sql statement
    The Above Select Statement is working fine on the PUI form and getting the Default value correctly but when opening the SSHR page that contain this DFF, it  gives me the below error.
    "No field listener is registered to resolve field ANALYSES.PERSON_ID referenced by the flexfield with application short name PER and name PEA. Please contact your system administrator. "
    Any Help Please???

    Please see the following docs.
    Cannot Add Salary:No Field Listener is Registered to Resolve Field Review.assignment_id (Doc ID 558295.1)
    No Field Listener Is Registered To Resolve Field Assgt.Effective_start_date (Doc ID 889794.1)
    List of Current Enhancement Requests (ER) for Oracle EBS Self Service Human Resource (SSHR) (Doc ID 1381936.1)
    No field listener is registered to resolve field referenced by the flexfield with application short name ASO... (Doc ID 1359270.1)
    Customer Form, Address Error: No field listener is registered to resolve field GLOB.FLEX_COUNTRY_CODE referenced by the flexfield with application short name AR (Doc ID 1276934.1)
    DFF issue : No Field Listener Is Registered To Resolve Field XXX Referenced By The Flexfield (Doc ID 555589.1)

  • Check the validity of a SQL statement before execution

    Hi everyone,
    In an applet I have created, I am allowing the user to create a SQL statement which will be sent to a servlet that in turn issues the JDBC request for the SQL statement. My concern is that since my GUI lets the user create more or less any kind of SQL statement (including an illegal one) I need to verify if the user has created the correct SQL. How can this be achieved?
    To recapitulate and summarize, I need to know how I can check the validity of a SQL statement without actually executing it and handling the SQLException. FYI, I am using the mm-mysql driver.

    jschell is correct. Unless you're writing something like an ISQL tool you want to be very careful doing this.
    Having said that Mimer SQL have SQL validators that may do what you want
    They've also got the SQL Validator running as a web service that you can use. Theres example code here showing how to use it.
    At the risk of being accused of selfpromotion you can check out the SQL Validator plugin for SQuirreL SQL CLient. This is a fully functional example of using the Mimer SQL Validation web service.

  • How to export the result from executing sql statement to excel file ?

    HI all,
    Great with Oracle SQL Developer, but I have have a trouble as follwing :
    I want to export the result from executing sql statement to excel file . I do easily like that in TOAD ,
    anyone can help me to do that ? Thanks so much

    Hello Sue,
    I just tried to export to excel with the esdev extension and got java.lang.NumberFormatException. I found the workaround at Re: Windows Multi-language env, - how do I set English for application lang?
    open the file sqldeveloper\jdev\bin\sqldeveloper.conf and add the following two lines:
    AddVMOption -Duser.language=en
    AddVMOption now my date formats in excel are 'american-style' instead of german. For example 01-DEC-01 so excel does not recognize it as date and therefore I can not simply change the format.
    When export to excel will be native to 1.1 perhaps someone can have a look at this 'feature'

  • How to show the VALUE as the Column Header using SQL query?

    I have a requirement to show the picked value as the column header using SQL query.
    WHERE EMPNO=7934;
    Result Should be:

    I have a requirement to show the picked value as the column header using SQL query.In sql*plus you can do
    SQL> set verify on
    SQL> def e =  7934
    old: SELECT empno "&&e"  FROM emp  WHERE empno = &&e
    new: SELECT empno "7934"  FROM emp  WHERE empno = 7934
    SQL> SELECT empno "7934"  FROM emp  WHERE empno = 7934
    1 row selected.

  • Question about reconciliation, by using SQL statement

    Dear All,
    Does any know how to print out A/R invoice which are internally recon, by using SQL statement. It seems like GL report.
    For example:
    InvoiceNo                     Recon
    INV222000001              Yes
    INV222000002              No
    INV222000003              No
    From Samson

    Dear Samson,
    Please try this one:
    SELECT T0.DocNum AS 'Invoice No.',  CASE WHEN SUM(T1.IntrnMatch)=0 THEN 'NO' ELSE 'YES' END AS Recon
    INNER JOIN DBO.JDT1 T1 ON T1.TransId = T0.TransId
    WHERE T0.DocDate BETWEEN [%0\] AND [%1\]
    GROUP BY T0.DocNum

  • Configure the dynamic vlan using packet tracer

    How can i configure the dynamic vlan using packet tracer?
    Posted by WebUser Amienudin Alam Syah Husein from Cisco Support Community App

    I guess this forum platform has been misconfigured, questions coming from the mysterious Web User on various R&S topics keep ending up here.
    Let's flood their forum with some tricky CC related questions, in return!
    Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

  • Populate chart using sql query

    I have some sql queries that I run in a database. This queries uses the "Sum case" method.
    I'm trying to create a rdlc file in order to report a pie chart.
    But I don't know how can I configure the Chart on the rdlc file to get the data.
    My queries are like this:
    Dim Pesquisa As String = "SELECT Origem," _
    & " SUM(CASE WHEN Qualidade_Passagem = 'Otimo' THEN +1 ELSE 0 END) AS Otimo ," _
    & " SUM(CASE WHEN Qualidade_Passagem = 'Bom' THEN +1 ELSE 0 END) AS Bom ," _
    & " SUM(CASE WHEN Qualidade_Passagem = 'Regular' THEN +1 ELSE 0 END) AS Regular," _
    & " SUM(CASE WHEN Qualidade_Passagem = 'Ruim' THEN +1 ELSE 0 END) AS Ruim" _
    & " FROM Atendimentos where Data Between '" & Datainicial.Date.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy") & "' and '" & Datafinal.Date.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy") & "'" _
    & " GROUP BY Origem" _
    & " ORDER BY 1"
    But I can't insert this query in the right place...
    How can I do that?

    Hi Governm,
    Per my understanding that you want to make the query to execute and get the correct fields which will use in the pie chart, right?
    You query is like below:
    SELECT Origem,
    SUM(CASE WHEN Qualidade_Passagem = 'Otimo' THEN +1 ELSE 0 END) AS Otimo ,
    SUM(CASE WHEN Qualidade_Passagem = 'Bom' THEN +1 ELSE 0 END) AS Bom ,
    SUM(CASE WHEN Qualidade_Passagem = 'Regular' THEN +1 ELSE 0 END) AS Regular,
    SUM(CASE WHEN Qualidade_Passagem = 'Ruim' THEN +1 ELSE 0 END) AS Ruim
    FROM Atendimentos where Data Between  Datainicial.Date.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")  and Datafinal.Date.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy") 
     GROUP BY Origem
     ORDER BY 1
    Generally, when create an dataset of an RDLC report, a dataset specifies the data that you want to use from a data connection. A dataset is based on a data connection that has been saved in the report as an embedded data source or a reference to
    a shared data source on a report server. The dataset includes a query that specifies a set of fields. As you drag these fields to the design surface, you create expressions that evaluate to the actual data when the report runs.
    If you right click the DataSource and select the DataSet found there is nowhere to add an query, you can reference to article below which contains the sample code to help add the query successfully(You can add the code to the .aspx file):
    If you still have any problem, please feel free to ask.
    Vicky Liu

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