Confirming a Transfer Order for RF

I am trying to find a BAPI or function module that will confirm a transfer order for use with a RF device.  We have tried using a BDC, but it is too unreliable because of the limit on the number of handling units that it can do at 1 time from the same bin.  If you have a way of confirming 30 or more handling units using transaction LT12 in a BDC, I will try that as well.
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Hello ,
you could try with BAPI_SHIPMENT_CHANGE,
but it's released and not documented. So, it's at own risk.
Regards Wolfgang

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  • Customized RF transaction for Confirmation of Transfer Order for WM

    Hello everyone !
    I need to develop a customized RF transaction for tcode LM05 and LT11. where i need to call custome screens for
    1. Select transfer order - ( which will fetched from any handheld device like BARCODE scanner )
    2. Navigate to screen SOURCE INFORMATION - Multiple Materials on pressing on NEXT button the control goes to
    3. Destination Information - Multiple Materials and on ENTER pushbutton the TO gets confirmed.
    Basically i need to create ZLM05 and do the above.
    Please can any one provide the steps to achieve the above funcitonality ,
    Thanks & Regards,


  • Stop Automatic creation and confirmation of Transafer Order for a doc type

    Hello All,
    There is a requirement that I need to stop Automatic creation and confirmation of Transafer Order for a particular document type.
    The issue is that sometimes the cycle goes upto creation of Invoice automatically but sometimes this does not happen. More over the user wants that the transafer order needs to be confirmed manually.
    Can u please provide the .steps involved for thie case.

    Dear Steve,
    Thanks a lot for giving reply with what I need to do, but I am unable to see result.
    I have down configuration like below even though system not processing Auto TO creation. Can you explain me if I have down any mistake below.
    Click on ‘Assign’ button,
    Press on ‘New entries’
    WhN = ‘900’
    Reference Movement Type = ‘101’
    Movement indicator = ‘B’
    Movement type for Whse Mgmt = ‘101’
    TR create Transfer Requirement = ‘X’
    Immed.TO Creation
    Mail confirmation for background processing = ‘01’.
    GR date = ‘2’

  • IDOC for transfer order for delivery note LT03

    Hi All,
    I need to generate an outbound IDOC upon transfer order creation in Tcode LT03.
    I found there are two types of IDOC discussed in this forum before. One is the Canceling Transfer Order IDOC and another one is the Confirmation Transfer Order IDOC.
    I'm not sure whether these relevant to what I need or not.
    Can i know what FM, message type and basic type should I use for this situation?
    (generate an outbound IDOC upon transfer order creation in Tcode LT03)
    Please advice.
    Best Regards,
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    I found something here,
    Someone is using FM: L_IDOC_INPUT_WMTORD, message type WMTORD and basic type WMTOID01 in doing this when trying to send an Idoc to an external system when a transfer order for a delivery note is created (LT03). Is it OK ?
    need advice.
    Thanks again.

  • Unwanted automatic confirmation of transfer order

    I am kind of out of good ideas. The problem is following:
    I pick for production orders to fixed bins using several different WM movement types. When I am low on stock the production orders then cannibalizes on each other when picking in background. I dont have "propose confirmation" set in any of the WM movement types concerned.
    2 pcs are in interim storage type 914, then I generate a transfer order for interim storage type 924 (copy of 914), which picks from 914 and confirms automatically.
    thanks for any ideas of what else to check.

    the thing I need to understand is:
    1. why does the transfer order pick from another interim storage type in background.
    2. why does this type of movement between interims auto-confirm

  • Issue during Transfer Order for Process Order

    Can anyone tell me how can I create a Transfer Order for picking items once the Process Order is created.
    I have created a Process order and released it abd trying to create a Transfer Order via LB13 but it says " No data available for criteria specified:
    I am missing some steps before I create the TO or something is missed in the configuration.
    Can someone tell me the steps after creation of Process Order until the confirmation mainly the WM steps.
    Please let me know ASAP
    Thank you
    SAP FAN....

    As far as I know in case of PrdOrds you can:
    1. Book GI (mvt 261) and after that start to process the TR from LB10.
    2. Set up WM-PP interface (
    2a) Set SAP to create TR when releasing and saving the PrdOrd
    2b) LP10
    (In case of pick parts...)

  • Error during creation of transfer orders for mateRIA

    hi gurus,
    I am getting an error while moving material from sl0c2 to sloc1 which is connected to wh by mvmt 321. the document is getting posted and the stock is coming to sloc1,but the error is
    "Error during creation of transfer orders for to correct the error.

    The material is maintained at the Warehouse level, hence warehouse transactions have to be completed, by creating a transfer order and the confirmation of the same will create a transfer posting from SL1 to SL2 in the system. This is trigerred automatically depending on the sytem configuration.

  • Create Transfer Order for Consingment Pick up

    Hey, is there anyone know how to create transfer order for consignment pick up.
    I had tried it using LT06 by using GR material document but it didnt work.
    Please i need the answer rather sooner than later.

    Customer consignment pick is from customer consignment stock back to plant stock.. First of all check in MMBE whether stock exists for that material under customer consignment stock. You can check this in MMBE.
    Your stock should be maintained  in customer consignment and not in interim storage type.
    Ideally your process shall flow like this
    Sales order (KA-Consignment Pick up with item category as KAN & schedule line category: F0 & F1)>>Enter the order reason, material and quantity in sales orde & Save It>>Create Outbound delivery (VL10B/VL01N)>>Now Create Tranfer order to move the stock from consignment to warehouse stock>>Go to VL02N Choose from menu  Subsequent Functions u2013 Create Transfer Order & Enter>>Add Storage bin if required>>Confirm the transfer order (LT12)>>Do the Post Goods Reciept (VL02N)
    Now Check Consignment stock quantity with MB58 Add Material , Plant , Customer Execute

  • Auto Confirmation of transfer order - 999 mvt from storage type W01 to S01

    I am trying to automate the confirmation of transfer orders between storage type W01 and S01 using a 999 movement type. The 999 movement type appears to work perfectly when doing a bin to bin movement within the W01 storage type (for example move batch abc from bin 01 to bin 02) no confirmations are required. However if I transfer from a bin in W01 storage type to the S01 storage type (which only has a single bin to represent a staging area) a manual confirmation of the transfer order is required via lt24 or lt12. It appears therefore that the issue is with the storage type S01 for this particular Warehouse. The setting to confirm the TO immediately is already activated for movt 999 in customizing, is there a setting for the storage type that must be defined.

    F1 help for field V_T333-SQUIT:
    Means that the transfer order item can be confirmed immediately during the creation procedure.
    SAP online help:
    To set the confirmation requirement for foreground processing, select the indicator for TO item can be confirmed immediately.
    As per my understanding the immediate confirmation indicator does not mean that the transfer order will be confirmed immediately. It makes possible that during the creation of transfer order you CAN put a flag in the confirmation checkbox.
    If you use it together with "propose confirmation" flag (setting for WM movement type; V_T333-VQUIT), the falg in confirmation check box will be populated automatically during TO creation.
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  • Error in confirmation of Transfer orders at Header level (TC LRF2)

    Hello All,
    A transfer order has single item.  It has got confirmed at the item level for the full quantity.  The confirmation switchbox at item level is checked in by the system automatically.  But in header level the switch box is not checked in.
    While trying to confirm the Transfer order at header level, the error message shows that the Transfer order is already confirmed.  But the Transfer order still exists in LRF2.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Marcos
    Note 566995 is an old correction note, which is probably already implemented on your system but it describes the standard system design regarding confirmations posted in mass processing transactions:
    When you enter an operation confirmation via the order info system or the mass processing the system now sets the confirmation type to 'Automatic final confirmation' as well as the indicator 'Post open reservations'. Thus the system automatically generates a final confirmation when you confirm the whole planned quantity and the operation receives status CNF (finally confirmed) instead of PCNF (partially confirmed).
    System is designed that way because a mass processing transaction will be generally executed in background mode and a huge number of confirmations can be posted at the same time. Therefore, user will not be able to enter any value to the confirmation.
    If you don't want this behaviour you could use the BAPI
    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_HDR to develop your own mass processing transaction to post confirmations.

  • Error :-Cancel transfer order for item

    The material has batch split and we are facing an error while cancelling transfer order for one item.Now here 4 items are there out of which item 1 is batch split i am able to cancel transfer order for 2,3 and 4 item whereas in item 1,sub category 10 (pick quantity is grade out) can you suggest why i am not able to cancel it.

    Since item 10 is covered via WM hence the picking qty is grayed out.
    You can go the document flow and find out for item 10 what is the TO no and also if its  completed ( confirmed) or not. If its confirmed, then you cant cancel the TO.
    If its no you can cancel the TO via LT15.

  • Change in Transfer Order for Storage Type & bin

    I want to change destination bin change during TO Creation. Steps are given below.
    a) SPRO : Storage type setting: Two options are t there in stock placement section
                     Storage bin cannot be changed during confirmation
    1     Storage bin can be changed during confirmation
    I set it to 1.
    b) LT06 : TO Created.
    c) LT12: TO Confirmation: TO lines are coming grayed out. We can not change Destination storage bin, storage type , and section.
    Could you please advice me how to change TO Bins change during confirmation.
    Clients requirement: System will pick bin automatically. Print will be taken for this. Once placement is done & some of material are not kept as per TO Bin number. its a different bin,. Now User want to change bin number during TO Confirmation.
    Thanks ,

    Hi Gupta,
    In WM customizing - master data - storage type - in the detail data of     
    the relevant destination storage type you set the flag                     
    'Dst bin ch. during confirm.' from space to 1. Then the destination        
    storage bin "in general" can be changed at confirmation time.                                                                               
    Additionally you need to setup for the movement types that you are using   
    that you work with the new confirmation list, see detail of the movement   
    types, box screen control. (Try changing this setting to '1').                                                                               
    Please also read in the R/3 library - logistics - logistics execution -    
    warehouse management - warehouse movements - transfer orders - transfer    
    order confirmation - confirming transfer orders.                                                                               
    Here it is described when the destination bin can't be changed even        
    with the correct customizing settings.                                                                               
    If you set the indicator for Destination bin change during confirmation    
    for the desired storage type in Customizing for Warehouse Management       
    under Logistics Execution -> Warehouse Management -> Master Data ->        
    Define Storage Type, you will be able to change the destination bin when   
    confirming a transfer order if, for example, the destination bin           
    proposed by the system is damaged.                                                                               
    NO destination bin can be entered during confirmation for:                                                                               
    - dynamic coordinates                                                     
    - return items                                                            
    - Lean WM (if the destination bin is defined in the movement type)        
    - posting change TOs                                                      
    - inventory based on putaway                                              
    - additions to existing stock in storage units                            
    - transaction Confirm single item                                         
    Please check if your TO is related to one of these cases !!!

  • Warehouse management - how to de-confirm a transfer order item

    This is probably not the best forum for the question, but you guys are the best so here goes:
    In our warehouse we create transfer orders for picking.  We can confirm them via LT12 to confirm the entire Transfer order, or use LT11 to confirm each item of the transfer order one at a time.  Is there any way to de-confirm (IE cancel the confirmation that was previously done) for an item of the transfer order.  It looks like our only option is to cancel the entire transfer order.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    To confirm Transfer Order--LT12

  • Creating Transfer Order for a Material document

    I am transferring the Unrestricted stock from one material to another material through Movement type 309.
    I am creating a material document through BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE. Once the Material document is created and if the stock is in multiple storage types or storage bins, then I need to perform LT06. Instead of doing BDC recording I am using L_TO_CREATE_MULTIPLE function module for creating the TO. I am passing all the necessary values to this FM. TO is getting created but the Material document is not reflecting in that TO.
    As per the configuration, movement type 309 will create the posting change only not the Transfer Requirement.
    Does anybody have encountered the same problem?. If so please let me know how you have resolved the issue.

    Hello Kirankumar,
    It is possible to assign external number ranges for Storage unit, so maintain storage unit number range to assign SU number externally.
    Now when you create Transfer order for material document at that time you can assign SU number externally.
    Hope this helps.
    Arif Mansuri

  • Single Transfer Order for Multiple Handling Units

    I have been researchig the ability to create a single transfer order for multiple handling units.  My assumptions are if it can be done that:
    1) A transfer order can have a single source, so if the source document for the handling unit (delivery) is different, that means different transfer order
    2) A TO can have multiple materials (line items) with different destination bins and quantities per bin
    I looked at the configuration for TO Split, but it's not clear that this will handle my requirement.
    I also saw this and it also says that my requirement can't be meant.  I'm just checking before I tell my customer this cannot be done.

    Yes you are right, if Source document is different, you need to go with different TO.
    But you can choose the Handling unit split, while creating a TO itself. i.e., You can quantify the goods for each handling unit.
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