Connecting different versions of MQ Ibm Websphere using PI 7.1

Hi Experts,
We are having one mq server which is installed on a third party system which we are currenlty using without having any issues.
the mq series is ibm websphere version 6.
we have these following jar files installed on pi.
we are able to connect to this system sucessfully using jms.
the issue we are facing now is we have now another new mq server installed which we want to use
this is version ibm websphere 5.3.
we have gone through sap notes and found that these jar files need to be in place for 5.3
MQSeries 5.3
connector.jar (this file can also be retrieved from the SAP J2EE server directory)
by comparing with the jar files we currenlty have installed
this jar file is missing for 5.3
we are unable to connect to this new mq server and facing the issues.(reciever jms)
the message in rwb is
Error creating JMS connection. JMS provider gave error message as MQJMS2005: failed to create MQQueueManager for 'Servername:Queuemangername' MQJE001: An MQException occurred: Completion Code 2, Reason 2009
MQJE016: MQ queue manager closed channel immediately during connect
Closure reason = 2009, and error code as MQJMS2005.
we have gone through notes 1086303 and found that it might be due to wrong queuemanager name.
our mq team is saying that they have configured everything perfectly.
what we have is now 2 queries:
1. is this error caused due to the mqbind jar file missing.if so than we can tell our nw team to install that jar it necessary as we have already jar files for version 6? will version 6 jar files be compatible if we install these new jar file which is missing as we dont want to mess the existing scenarios?
2. is there any other config we are missing on pi side so that we are 100 percent sure its not the error on pi side and some config is missing on jms side.
please advice.
many thanks.

Hi Jyoti,
You say to choose between the possibility of a missing jar and other of a Queue manager. I think first and foremost get the missing jar file installed and secondly , try the following suggestions.
1) It appears that the MQ JMS server is refusing connections from the MQ JMS c=
lient. I suggest looking up "MQJMS2005" in the IBM documentation and also =
checking if the IBM specific connection string '
G' is correct.
2) I guess so because 2009 indicates a communication problem. It appears that the foreign JMS provider is restricting the number of conne=
ctions that can be made to it. I'd check the license restrictions/configura=
tion of the foreign JMS provider and ensure it allows the required number o=
f concurrent connections. The closure reason code 2009 should indicate what=
the problem is.

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        - Also, as it is recommended in the referred article, the files required by IBM's iiop protocol (ibmext.jar ibmorb.jar ibmorbapi.jar) were put to the folder jre/lib/endorsed of the server(Sun JVM 1.4.2 is used by SAP WebAS / XI).
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    IBM Websphere Default JMS Provider which is installed alongwith the application server is nothing but a scaled down version of the IBM WebSphere MQSeries. you should be able to connect to it with the same settings that can be used for a separate MQSeries server connectivity from XI.

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    Write a batch file that sets the environment properly and restores it afterwards, here is a sample batch file we use which switches to IBM's JRE to run an app:
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    Please open the associated whitepaper, and you can find the download link to the .ZIP file on page 4. to set up single sign-on between an ibm websphere portal and the sap enterprise portal using jaas.pdf
    Hope that works!

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    Just add the account again.
    File|New|Existing Mail Account&hellip;
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    Don't forget to give Kudos to good answers and/or questions

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    Once those values are in my template I want to pull summed values from the template and place them into a final excel file for printing.
    I have attached examples of the files I am working with to help you better understand what I am trying to do.
    I hope that makes sense.
    Jason Phillips
    HourlyTotalsTemplate.xls ‏120 KB
    eb_rain_gauge_ss.csv ‏23 KB
    EastBankHourlyRainReport.xls ‏28 KB

  • I just bought an iPhone 5, and tried to sync it to my iTunes account but when connected it says:  "...cannot be used because it requires iTunes version 10.7 or later." However when I try to get iTunes to update it says: "This version of iTunes (10.6.3) is

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    filterc-r wrote:
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    Be careful - there's a difference between update and upgrade.  Your machine is saying there are no updates available, meaning no later versions of OS X 10.5 (Leopard).  However, you can very likely upgrade - at least to OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), and possibly then to OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
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    Please disregard my question. I just conducted more web search and learned how to use Firefox's profile manager in order to make a separate profile for Firefox 3.6.15.
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    PD.: i tryed to add a manifest file to the one jar which makes use of one of the dublicated jars to specify which jar to take direcly but it makes no difference since once classes loaded they cant be distinguish ....see:

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    I have just brought 2 mini's for my boys for xmas.  1. can I connect them both to my existing Itunes account or do I need to set up something different. and 2. can they be used on their dads account as well as mine, or only one?

    You can set them up with your Apple ID if you want to. You can also set them up with their dad's Apple ID. Depending on how old the boys are, you can even let then have their own Apple ID's. The one thing that you don't want to do is have them use more than one Apple ID on their iPads.
    If you want to be able to share purchased content, then setting them up with either your ID or your husband's (?) ID would be the way to go. If the boys share an ID with one of you, they can download content that you have already purchased without having to pay for it again.
    If you and have the financial wherewithal to allow them to purchase their own individual content, I would recommend letting them have their own Apple ID. This way, as they grow older and eventually move on, they will have their own accounts, their own purchases .... No ties needed to your ID or to dad's ID. FaceTime and Messages will be a little easier to set up if they have their own ID's and they can have their own iCloud accounts as well. However, they must be 13 years old in order to have an Apple ID and iTunes account. If they are under 13, then it's a no brainer you will have to use yours or their father's ID.
    Whatever you decide to do, just don't switch from one ID to another ID on the iPads. That gets confusing and they could end up locking themselves out of one of the ID's for 90 days if they download a past purchase using a different ID.

  • How can I handle deploying multiple test systems on the same PC that have been developed using different versions of LabVIEW, TestStand, and/or Switch Executive?

    The major issue here is that the test systems must be documented and validated before being released to the production floor. Given this if a test station has multiple test systems deployed on it that have been developed on various versions of LV, TS, and Switch exec how can I force the test system selected to use the correct versions of TS, LV, and Switch exec.? I understand that the solution would be to recomplie everything and bring them up to the latest version but that would then require re-validation according to the QA department. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    It would be nice if theTS deployment was more like an LV executable... meaning when a LV executable is launched it always knows what LV runtime engine to use when there are multiple engines installed on a PC.

    Multiply versions of teststand can reside on the same system, but only one version can run at a time. They is a utility that has to be run to set the active version.
    The SequenceFiles have a version number, and you will find an error will be generate if you try to Load the sequencefile in the wrong version of TestStand.
    The labview VIs will only work providing the correct version of the RTE is also installed on your system, even a labview executabe requires the correct RTE to be installed, either as part of the executable installation or as a seperate installation, before the labview exe will work correctly.
    I'm not fimilar with the Switch exec but I would expect that it will also require the correct lower level device drivers to be available for the version you are using.
    Therefore, as you are indicating that some of your system are at  a older version, its difficult to image how you could achive this, considering if you say you have different versions of the software(s). For a start, you may have the problem that newer code/ sequencefiles using additional functionatily not available in the older versions.
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    Ray Farmer

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