Connecting legacy system to sap bw

Hellow PPl
I am in to  implematation for a proj. The client was using the legacy system for reporting and now they want SAP BW
Moreover they were not having r3 is the past but now they are implemeting r3 and will post their documents there.
They are intersted to fetch all the data whihch is in their legacy system in to sap bw and once  its done they will post all the documents in r3 and as per that we will connect R/3  to bw.
My question is
1) How to connect the legacy system to bw
2) If its possible , will it be advisable to have 2 source systems attached to bw OR after loading data from the legacy system into bw., we should scrap the system as it is not rquired for furute use. (As from no onwards data will be posted in r3)

Please check the thread below:
SAP BI - Legacy interface (DB Connect or connect via XI)

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  • Data migration from legacy system to SAP

    hi all,
      could you please post some docs on migration from legacy system to SAP system., also the problems faced while migration and best practices in data migration

    Hi ,
    I require few details from you.
    1. What ETL tool you are using, If Informatica, it already have PowerConnect to connect to SAP. So you can create source and Target Structure and also you can use RFC's to send data to R/3. Else, for other ETL tools, can you prepare RFC's or any other way to send data to R/3. let me know the tool.
    2. Does R/3 contains the master data tables? If yes, then try to use LSMW for Mass upload of data to tables.
    If your client don't want to use either of these options please elaborate, what is the case.
    Aashish Sinha

  • How to make interconnection between a legacy system and SAP system?

    Hi Group,
    I have a query on the interconnectivity between a legacy system( non-SAP ) and an SAP system.
    The legacy provides data in the form of Files only.
    my queries are as under:
    how can I make a connection to the Legacy from my SAP system?
    what are the different ways by which I can connect these 2 different systems?
    I hope there might be a chance of connecting the systems by way of using webservices, in this case what are the things I need to follow inorder to make the connection and get the data from legacy?
    please provide me with necessary info on these queries to proceed further.
    thanks in advance.

    U can use the GUI function m modules to fetch the data from legacy systems.
    Also With the help of Remote FMs u can get connected to the SAP backgrounds from NON SAP background like Portal.XI is an interfacing tool used to connect 2 SAP or SAP to non SAP medium.

  • How to UNLOCK  queues when data is migrated from legacy system to SAP syste

    Hi  All,
    I need some help regarding queues (SMQ2). XI is been used to migrate data from legacy system to SAP system. Sometimes the queue is getting locked. Once the queue is unlocked then the message is processed correctly. So, the incoming queues must be "unlocked" routinely so that they can process through the system. There is a standard report RSQIWKEX available that can be scheduled in SAP system to automatically unlock the queues. Before using the standard report RSDIWKEX, we made sure that we have added parameter MONITOR QRFC_RESTART_ALLOWED set to "1" in Integration Engine specific configuration (TCODE SXMB_ADM).We are unable to analyze the reason for locking of queues and how to avoid it. If the locking of the queues can not be avoided, is there any way to unlock the queues? We tried executing this report but were not successful in unlocking the queues. Please guide us in solving this issue. It would be really helpful if you can give us a direction in solving this problem.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Just check if the Queues are registered in Transaction SMQR.
    If its not, then register the Queue by pressing 'Register' Button

  • How to extract non-sap data (A/R Invoices from Legacy system) into SAP ICR

    We are trying to bring A/R invoices from a legacy system into SAP ICR special ledger so that ICR tool can be used these items for intercompany reconcilliation. Could you please let's know the way to load these legacy AR invoice items into ICR data base using any function moduels.

    Hello Eswar,
    In what form do you have these "external" open items? If they are contained in a file you should simply import the file in ICR during data selection using the File Upload functionality. There is no need to store them in a special purpose ledger first. Actually you would have to create a BADI implementation to extract the data from that special purpose ledger during data selection. Please consider using File Upload standard functionality.
    If for some reason this cannot be used you could implement a logic calling RFC enabled function module FB_ICRC_ADD_DATA_RFC which will take the open items you are supplying in your logic and push them into the ICR database. This strategy could be used to include these external open items without them being processed during data selection.
    Best regards,

  • Transfer of GL a/cs manually from legacy system to SAP

    How do you transfer GL a/cs manually from Legacy system to SAP,  what offset a/c would you use.  Also how would you open AR and AP transactions manually in SAP.  Please help my email id is [email protected]

    U can open one opening balance account.
    Separate u r trial balance in following
    gl account use key 40/5O  GIVE NET EFECT TO OP BAL ACCT
    Asset- use key 70 -75 GIVE NET EFECT TO OP BAL ACCT
    Customer use key 01/11 GIVE NET EFECT TO OP BAL ACCT
    Vendor use key 21/31 GIVE NET EFECT TO OP BAL ACCT
    Material accts - this will be loaded thru mm and bal will go to initail entry acct revert one enrty from that to OP BAL ACCT
    now u have uploaded all tb hence u r opening balance should be nil.
    Warm Regards

  • How to transfer data from legacy system  to SAP

    Hi Friends,
    I would like to know the process and the steps followed to transfer data from my legacy system to SAP.
    Suppose if i have all the data in the form of Excel sheet or doc type. How can i transfer this data into SAP.
    Please explain the steps followed.
    Appreciate your help

    Hi ,
    Conversion of legacy data into SAP can be uploaded using a standard SAP Tool called LSMW ( TCode:LSMW).
    the below link gives a brief explanation of the LSMW tool
    There are various methods to upload data within LSMW. If the number of records are very high like Article Master or  Conditions for Retail the IDOC method must be used.
    Standard IDocs
    1. Article Master - ARTMAS
    2. Conditions - COND_A
    3. Source list - SRCLST
    4. Customer Master or WRF3/WRF6 tables - DEBMAS
    5. Vendor master- CREMAS
    Etc. Use transaction code WE60 to see the structure of each of the idocs. New enhancements can be done for the idocs if the required field is not available.

  • This is regarding interface from legacy system to SAP

    Hi All,
    We have trasferred the one file from legacy system to SAP, and it was created a session in SM35, it contains 1000 errors.
    we don't want correct those errors and these entries should be delated, could you please let me know are these errors can I see in any error table in SAP, is this facility is availbe in SAP or not?
    becuase it isl very difficult to go and delete the entries one by one in sm35

    1) No updates will have been done for the items with errors.
    2) Mark the Batch, then press F2 to call up the analysis. You can check here for the cause.
    3) If you are not going to correct the items or the cause so as to post them, just delete the batch.
    Kind regards

  • Upload data from legacy system to SAP through ALE IDOC

    Hello All,
    I have a requirement where i need to upload the data from legacy system to SAP. So i am using ALE IDOC.
    In my requirement i need to extend the Standard IDOC. I have extended the IDOC and even found the exit for the updation of the extended fields to SAP. My data would be be placed in the application server.
    Can anybody tell me how to retrieve the data and update in the tables for the extended fields.
    Could you please provide a sample program for retrieving data for IDOC.

    You can find the sample code in the following link.
    Re: calling idoc_input_creditor

  • Interface from Legacy system to Sap

    Hi all,
    I worked in the functional design and implementation of an interface that works to update sales order from a legacy system to Sap
    Now after some test, i receive the ok to move all the program in production enviroment
    I'd like to know and to be sure of all the step to be checked and needed. The mail one for sure are related  the data. So I checked all the custom table I created for this purpose.
    Please advise me If I'm missing some important step
    Many thanks for your help

    I'd like to know and to be sure of all the step to be checked and needed. The mail one for sure are related the data. So I checked all the custom table I created for this purpose.
    'The mail one for sure': What mail one?
    'Custom tables': Why did you create custom tables? Don't you just use a BAPI to update / create Sales Order?
    What do you mean by interface? An RFC (remote enabled function module)?
    In general: Everything you have developed for this, should be in a transport request. I you want to check this, go to the package you created for this development in transaction SE80. Start from the (RFC) interface and check everything this function module needs to function like data elements, domains, structures etc.
    You do need to create new rfc destinations in SM59 (in case you are updating sales order via RFC interface.
    Haven't you moved it from development to quality before?

  • BO DI for extracting data from legacy system to SAP BW 7.0

    Has anyone worked on scenario where BO Data Integrator is being used as ETL tool for extracting data from legacy systems to SAP BW 7.0 ?
    Please share your experience on such a landscpae or related documents any of you had come across.

    There are couple of them - Lawson ERP, Kalido, AS/400.  ECC 5.0 might be there as well.
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  • Uploading data from Legacy System to SAP (In PS Module)

    While Implementing Project system Module, Whether LSMW is applicable for uploading data from Legacy sytem. If not, then what is the method used for uploading the data from Legacy sytsem to SAP

    For creating/uploading the master data from legacy system to SAP we either use below options
    1. BDC (recording)
    2. BAPI
    3. ALE iDoc.
    I would sugguest you to use BAPI and there's already this post which explains few details about the BAPI:

  • Upload Opening balance of G/L accounts from legacy system to SAP, and also

    Hi Gurus,
    How to upload Opening balance of G/L accounts from legacy system to SAP, and also Vendor and Customer balance.
    My Doubt is when you upload the customer balance and vendor balance will it effect the sundry debtor account and sundry creditor account if not the how will the sundry debtor account and sundry creditor account will be posted with the balance. Please send me the general entry passed for posting the same.
    What I understood is that when we are uploading the customer and vendor balances through LSMW, no entry will be passed and it will update the customer and vendor sub ledger in FBL1N and FBL5N but it will not affect the sundry debtor account and sundry creditor account.
    To give effect to sundry debtor account and sundry creditor account we need to manually pass a journal entry as follows.
    1)  Sundry debtors account A/c -
          TO clearing account A/c
    2)     clearing account A/c -
         Sundry creditor account A/c
    Please let me know whether iam correct
    Also please tell me what will be the scenario for uploading of the assets balances through LSMW.

         When you uploading any data from legacy system to sap normally we will be using LSMW or BDC,thru this we will be uploading master data like G/L,vendor,Customer and asset master these are the some examples and we will upload transaction data also that is P&L Account and Balance sheet.When we do uploading data thru LSMW system will update all the values of vendor,customer and asset values as well as subsidary ledger also.No need to do manully.

  • Loan upload from legacy system to SAP

    Hi Experts,
    I have a query regarding uploading Loan from legacy system to SAP.
    We are implementing SAP HR for a client going live by 1st jun 2011. The scenario is the client has few employees who have taken loan for various reason, i have configured the same through my query is when i ask the client to provide me with loan data:
    1. We are running payroll from 1st April 11, should i ask the client to give me the loan amount as the current standing loan amount
    2. when i am uploading loan in 0045, should i put something in third tab payment
    Thanks for your support.

    This third tab basically create a record for info type 0078(Loan Payments). If you don't have any records in 3rd tab/0078, system will not start loan recovery in payroll.
    Find the response for 2 scenarios-
    Scenario 1 & Scenario 2:
    maintain these fields in the table control of 3rd tab-
    Date(GT_PAYM-ZAHLD) - 01.04.2011....Basically payments and repayments starts date also used for interest calculation
    PmntTyp(GT_PAYM-ZAHLA) - 100(Loan payment (external)) ....Contains information on the direction and method of payment. Also control wage type generation in loan PCR and Functions
    Amount(GT_PAYM-BETRG) - Balance Amount ....The total of payment or repayment amounts which you enter here, may not exceed the amount that you have entered in the Approved loan amount field on the Basic data tab page ....For your both of  the scenariof, this amount will be same.
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  • Legacy System to SAP

    How to Transfer the files from Legacy System to SAP and Viceversa ? And
    How does one know that the Legacy files have come on to the SAP server you are working on ?


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