ConnectToTCPServer Failure in Windows7

I am using "Measurement Studio Version 6.0, Labwindows/CVI" for my TcpIP Server and Client Program.
It works very well in the Windows XP circumstance using below functions. 
But the function ConnectToTCPServer fails with error message like below, whereas RegisterTCPServer works successfully at Windows XP and Windows 7 OS.
I tried ConnectToTCPServer function at three computer, which results in same error message.
I am looking for anyone like an angel who can help me. Thanks.
<server side>
RegisterTCPServer(6000, Server1Callback, 0);
<client side>
unsigned int handle;
ConnectToTCPServer (&handle, 6000, "", ClientCallback,NULL, 5000);
<error message at client side>
Non-fatal run-time error
Library function error (return value == -2 [0xfffffffe]).
Unable to establish conneciton

Hi seong-yeon
Did you confirmed if that port is available? Also try the computer name as the server host name in ConnectToTCPServer.
Do you have all firewalls disabled? You can confirm with your IT department if there is any network security installed.
This article discuss how to build applications with the TCP Support library and offers a couple of examples you can try to test the connection between the client and the server.
Chris S.

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    Could I please be assisted with recurrent failure for iTunes to install correctly on my Dell desktop running Windows7 Professional? Thank you. Bobby

    Well, I found a workaround for my issue. It's described in this article:
    [url="iPod not recognized correctly on Toshiba laptop"][/url]
    By disabling the "Sandard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller" in device manager, my iPod was correctly recognized and I was able to sync with iTunes. That's the good news.
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    so i am attempting to build a htpc for a friend. got all the parts in the mail and started assembling the thing. installed the the m/b, cpu, hard drive, DVD drive, and power supply into the case and hooked up a old VGA CRT monitor and PS/2 keyboard and mouse. attempted to load the OS (specifically Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 1-Pack for System Builders - OEM)(purchased from newegg) which is where my problems started.  pardon the length here but i will try to be as detailed as possible to describe the issues.
    initial boot, everything powers up goes through the MB splash screen and it asks for bootable media.
    i put the install disk in the DVD and reboot, it comes up and boots from the DVD and brings up the windows install desktop. copies files, expands files, installs features and updates then auto shuts down to reboot.
    on reboot it brings up the desktop and starts flashing the 3 little dots next to the words completing installation. it does this for approximately 2 Min's then the computer crashes and app 20 seconds later the monitor led turns from green to amber for loss of video signal.
    computer reboots with MB splash screen then brings up the windows shut down unexpectedly screen "what do you want to do?"
    if i start windows normally it brings up the windows splash screen with the 4 fireflies that turn into the windows icon, blinks once then black screens. few secs later the monitor led goes amber and the system reboots.
    if i start in safe mode it will go Through the windows splash screen to the desktop and gives me the message "cannot finish installation in safe mode please reboot"
    as of this time i have swapped the memory out for the smaller module listed in my Sig. i started with a 4GB module of gskill ripjaw but have read that windows7 sometimes doesn't like more then 2 GB installed so used a spare i had laying around. i also tried another harddrive, i have run memtest86 as well as a harddrive diagnostic on the installed drive. i have swapped the drive sata cables around a bit. currently have hd in sata1 and DVD in sata4.
    i reflashed the bios from v1.3 to v1.5 with no change in the symptoms.
    i also unplugged everything from the front panel of the case except for the power/reset switches and power/hdd LEDs. no overclocking. insured the overclock dips on the MB were set in the off position.
    i also have tried to install both 32 and 64 bit versions of 7 ultimate. both fail in the exact same way. however a copy of server2008 32bit installed just fine.
    i made a tech support ticket with msi and hit the highlights in my post there, the response was that this type of concern is typically caused by memory issues but since i had both swapped in another memory module and run memtest that it was likely a MB issue and i should contact my reseller for an exchange.
    before making an rma request i wanted to touch base here and see if anyone might have a solution that wont require me waiting another week or so to get this thing up and running. it almost sounds like i may have a driver type issue that is causing things to wig out on me, since it boots OK in safe mode but not in normal mode. but i really dont have any idea on how to test that theory.
    in advance thank you for any suggestions

    well i tried out a diferent dvd and cable today and no go on a resolution that way.  and yes the ram module is in the dimm1 slot
    as a hail mary i stuck my HD into my other computer and installed the os that way and then ran the msi driver disk as well before parking the HD back in the other case. amazingly the thing booted up just fine and loaded a bunch of drivers. everything seemed ok until i rebooted and got a bsod during loading into windows. at least now i have a direction to go with. the minidump info listed the nvlddmkm.sys driver as the fault. from a quick websearch this seems to be a issue with the nvidia driver sets. i am currently attempting to locate a stable driver set version. will post back with either success or failure results

  • DTM for Mac OS 10.6 is a complete failure

    I have been searching for a fix to this problem since April, when I upgraded my Mac to a MacBook Pro and my BB to a Curve 9300. I downloaded DTM to handle transferring data to the 9300, it worked >once< and has categorically refused to link to my 9300 ever since. I get a "failure to recognize DFTP version" failure... whatever that is (I can't even find a decent explanation for that exception). I used a PC with Vista Home to run the Windows version and load the 9300, but I am sick of not being able to sync the basics (calendar, addresses, files etc.) with my own gear. I have combed the knowledge bases and the web trying to find a clue, but to no avail. None of the standard fixes (hard reboot of BB, reinstall DTM, trash preference files) have worked.
    This is completely unacceptable. Once I am sure I can find the iPhone apps to do the work that the BB has done now for years for me, I will get an iPhone and be done with all this nonsense. It is a pity, because as a phone I like the 9300 very much. The inability to sync with a Mac is a major liability for me. I know the Apple crowd is still a minority, but surely RIM's programmers can do a better job than this.

    The Wanscam site says:
    Microsoft Win98 SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7/Mac OS.
    What happens when you try to view the cameras on Safari on the Mac?
    Have you tried  the Chrome browser?

  • PC wont recognize iphone4 after restore failure trying to upgrade to OS5

    After trying to upgrade to OS5, I received a failure notice on the restore and it said to update my Windows7 and restart. Now my PC will not recognize the iphone as a device in MyComputer or in iTunes.  The phone just displays the illustration screen asking to USB connect to iTunes.  I've tried a hard reset on the phone but it doesn't help.  It's not the computer's USB port, I've tested that...  Help?

    Did you see the very end of this about not having enough space left on your computer specific to therror code 3014?
    Errors 3000-3999 (3004, 3013, 3014, 3018, 3164, 3194, and so on): Error codes in the 3000 range generally mean that iTunes cannot contact the update server ( on ports 80 or 443.
    Update to the latest version of iTunes.
    Verify the computer's date and time are accurate.
    Check that your security or firewall software is not interfering with ports 80 or 443, or with the server
    Follow Troubleshooting security software. Often, uninstalling third-party security software will resolve these errors.
    An entry in your hosts file may be redirecting requests to (see "Unable to contact the iOS software update server" above).
    Internet proxy settings can cause this issue. If you are using a proxy, try without using one.
    Test restoring while connected to a known-good network.
    Error 3002: If you experience this error while updating an iPod touch (2nd generation) or iPhone 3G, please use the standard update or restore process in iTunes (click Update or Restore).
    Error 3014 may indicate that you need to free up more disk space on the computer before trying to restore again.

  • PCI-1422 Windows7 32bit Problems

    I have a legacy program that I am trying to port from WindowsXP to 32bit version of Windows7.  This program is based on the PCI-1422 frame grabber.
    For historical purposes, I have to use NI-IMAQ version 2.5.3, which installs version of NI-MAX
    From a clean build of Win7 x32, I can install NI software, and the old application which creates correct camera definition files.
    When I add the frame grabber card, Windows device manager is happy... the card is correctly identified and seems to use driver files which match the old WinXP install.
    When I look at the card with NI-MAX, the camera correctly appears in the configuration list.  If I highlight Channel 0 device and run 'Diagnostic' all tests seem to pass correctly.  (Again the displayed output matches the results from the same operation on the old WinXP box)
    However if I try to 'Snap' or  'Grab' a frame, I get the following error box:  Title = 'Acquisition Error'   and there is NO TEXT in the error description, only a yellow ! warning icon.
    (The legacy program performs all controlling functions via two other PCI cards, but halts when trying to grab a frame as well.  The above behavior can be seen with or without these additional PCI cards)
    I have tried both installing and executing the EXE files with or without 'Run as Admin'  and/or 'WinXP SP3 compatibility mode'.  In some cases, the available camera list disappears, but nothing I have done has been succesful at grabbing a frame from the camera.
    Any suggestions about compatibility and/or why the error box is missing all text?
    Thanks in advance,

    Good questions...
    I have been asked to 'upgrade' a commercial system that was developed 10 years ago.  The system works currently... an XP based system with old frame grabber.   I was asked if I could upgrade the PC, because of concerns of PC failure with a 10 yr old box.  We found a new motherboard that supports the necesary 3 PCI slots for frame grabber, and newer CPU of course.
    The question remains however, can we migrate to Win7, or...   do we try to install WinXP on the new PC hardware, with the older interface cards.  To add to the difficulties, the original company than produced the software is no longer in business.  Fortunately I have remained in contact with some of the developers that are giving me some support, but they haven't supported the product for years either.
    The basic issue remains...  hardware and software that worked on XP, has been migrated. The devices appear in some sense to be detected correctly.  But the critical important issue, grabbing a frame from the camear, fails.  What can be done?

  • Recovery Disc Failure after Hard Drive replace of a DV7 series notebook

    I have a HP Pavilion dv7-4270us with Windows 7 64 bit and recently got a message on bootup stating that the SMART system of my Hard Drive has failed. I purchased a Momentus XT Hybrid drive. I purchased the Recovery discs, since I neglected to follow my own advice and didn't make a set. Replaced the Hard Drive, and started the Recovery process, after the Application disc, the system said Finished, Clicked on the button, the system shutdown. Turned the power back on, Recovery took over for a couple of minutes stating that it was copying some files, a couple of minutes later it claimed that it was finished asking me to click finished. After I did so, the system rebooted hanging on the HP logo screen with the statement in the lower left corner stating "Press ESC for the Startup Menu". My only recourse has been to power down machine. When I restart the computer I get the message "Bootmgr missing".
    I have already poured through the forums and tried downloading the Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit DVD from Digital Life. As it begins the Install it states that a driver is missing, I have poured through the drivers for this computer and don't see anything for SATA, and none of the others would be needed for bootup. I have been successful in loading my Windows 7 Professional on the system, but since I don't have an extra key code for Professional lying around, it isn't helping right now.
    I have also attempted to partition the new drive manually using my desktop and a device allowing me to see the drive using a USB port, but it did not go right. The good news is that the old drive is still working to a point. I can read it through the USB port, and I can back-up the drive, except for the Recovery partition. But when I put the new drive in and setup the partitions similar to the original drive, it still does not boot.
    I have attempted many other things all to utter failure, I am not used to failing when it comes to computers, so be gentle.
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    The missing driver is due to either a bad burn or use a different brand DVD. You have to burn the ISO file at the slowest possible speed you can.
    Also, double check the file size of the ISO you downloaded. Sometimes you don't get the full 3.xx GB even though the download says completed.
    If you have a 4GB or larger USB flash drive you can install W7 that way.
    Just follow these instructions...
    Download the MS W7 USB installation tool, and read the instructions on the page for use.​bPage.Help_Win7_usbdvd_dwnTool
    You may also need to do this mod like I did if the flash tool errors out.
    Download the bootsect file form
    You will need to go to the control panel, select the large icon view, go to the folder options icon, View tab, and select the show hidden files and folders option.
    Once downloaded, copy the BootSect.exe file to the same folder that includes the installed Windows7-USB-DVD-Download-Tool.exe file. The default install directory of that file in Windows 7 is C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Apps\Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool\
    Run the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool application as indicated on the Microsoft Store web site. The end result will give you a bootable USB flash drive that contains everything you need to install the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

  • Windows7 (64bit) and itunes 64-bit installer failing

    I'm trying to install the itunes 64-bit installer on my new windows7 64bit system to sync my phone and pad but comes up with the following error
    any ideas?

    These ones are typically caused by underlying problems on the PC that also often cause Windows Updates to fail to install. If we can fix the Windows Update trouble, we can usually get the iTunes trouble cleaned up en passant.
    Go into your Windows update and try to check for new updates. If updates install, stock up on the ones you're behind on, restarting the PC if requested to do so. After the restart, try installing iTunes again. Does it go through this time for you?
    If windows updates fail to install, go into your Update History and doubleclick the failures. What alphanumeric codes appear for you? (For example, 8007000B.)

  • I have a Windows7 machine that is crashing/restarting, need help troubleshooting

    I have a workstation that is stable until an application's service starts.  After a few moments, there is a very short BSOD, followed by a restart.  After looking around, I've found the location where I believe the dumps are supposed to be stored.
     However, there is nothing but an old dump file there.
    Any thoughts?

    Windows 7 is configured by default to restart after a major system failure like a Blue Screen of Death. Unfortunately, that doesn't give you any opportunity to document the error message so you can solve the problem.
    You may disable Automatic Restart on System Failure from the Advanced Boot Options menu in Windows 7 to get the .
    a. Before your PC automatically restarts, press the F8 key to enter Advanced Boot Options
    b. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, highlight Disable automatic restart on system failure and press Enter.
    After disabling the automatic restart on system failure option, Windows 7 may or may not continue to load depending on what kind of Blue Screen of Death or other major system problem Windows 7 is experiencing.
    Since you disabled the automatic restart on system failure option in Step 2, Windows 7 will no longer force a restart when it encounters a Blue Screen of Death.Now that you have the STOP Code associated with the Blue Screen of Death, you can troubleshoot the
    You may also refer to the article below to check the issue:
    "Resolving stop (blue screen) errors in Windows 7
    In addition, I would like to suggest you refer to the suggestion provided by Zigzag to find the dumpfiles and check the issue.
    Hope it helps.
    Blair Deng
    Blair Deng
    TechNet Community Support

  • Software downlaod failure L7590

    I am running windows7 home permium (64 bit).  I have an Officejet Pro L7590 and am trying to update the drivers.  The download fails every time.  Running the Install Wizard the failure message says "download cancelled".

    Hi @bob_cox,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I understand that you are getting a software download failure with your HP Officejet L7590 running on Windows 7.
    I am happy to help!
    Please try the following:
    Uninstall the software. (in case it was partially installed, if no software was installed continue to the next step). Uninstalling the Printer Software.
    Clean boot the computer. How to perform a clean boot in Windows.
    Re-install using the HP Printer Install Wizard for Windows again.
    If the download fails again, then try downloading the full feature software and drivers at this website. HP Officejet Pro Full Feature Software and Driver.
    Hope this will resolve your issue, please let me know if you have any further questions!
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos Thumbs Up" to say “Thanks” for helping!

  • Fac Reset and boot selection failure: 0xc000000f

    I see some stuff here similiar but not quite what I need.
    My brothers computer was having issues so we went to factory reset it and set it up with the minimum, like only windows and drivers and upon reboot it said Boot selection failure because a required driver is innaccessible. Status: 0xc000000f.
    Please help! Thanks :)

    Did you have recovery disc?
    If yes, please use it to repair your system:
    Create a system repair disc
    Karen Hu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Verizon Call Assistant (VCA v2.7.79) Sign-In Failure - DAILY! err!

    My computer is on 24/7.  No viruses, no spyware.
    Every single day when I get on my computer in the morning the Verizon Call Assistant has at least 1-5 popup windows telling me "Sign-In Failed, Please try again."
    The computer is running, no suspend mode, no screen saver, drives run continuous.  (the power company loves me)
    WHY is this software doing this!!?
    I'm pretty good with computers and have no problems with other software.   Internet working fine, no disconnects or anything.  
    1)  I've uninstalled and reinstalled the VCA
    2)  I've signed in online to the web-based VCA with no problems.
    3)  I've clicked OK on the error windows and it then signs me right in.
    Is there software disconnecting me from the VCA server after a period of time of no computer use?   I can use the computer all day long and it never gives me the error.   Its after the computer sits for many hours, or overnight with no human interaction.    Again, no screen saver or "power savers".   The only thing I do is blank the monitor after 4 hours.

    Yes, the constant failures of VCA have been a  problem ever since I started using the program almost 2 years  ago.  I have to turn it off at night and restart again the next day.  Running Windows7.  I think the program needs another upgrade, but VCA seems to be  supported somewhere in California and the local (MA) people know nothing about it.  It is nice when it works, but it is buggy.

  • Install FormsFT Helper Failure

    I have added two Scripts as Master Drive - Child and in that I have to close browser after 1st script Execution and relaunch the Browser in the initialise of Second script execution.
    Browser is closing correctly after executing first script and while launching second script getting the error: Failure when running child script Approve_Reject. Caused by: Install FormsFT Helper Failure:
    Thanks in Advance

    It looks too me you do not have the right version of JRE.
    If this is windows7 try to install Java1.6.0_45 (32bit)..

  • Red Rocket initialization failure

    I started a new project this morning that would use Red R3D media and found the playback of 3K 2:1 R3D media quite choppy and then saw that a red X in the bottom right of Premiere CS 5.5.
    Event:  Rocket Initialization Failure
    Unable to initialize the REDRocket(s).  1 requested, 0 initialized.  The SDK reports 1 should be available.
    Device 0 returned status:  Old driver of firmware, driver available: ( required), firmware available ( required).
    I am running driver and firmware
    RedCine-X v487 (Win7/64) sees the card and runs smoothly with it.  Windows7 control panel sees it (and the driver/firmware) just fine.
    Any suggestions as to why Premiere 5.5.0 can't use the card?  Any help would be really appreciated, I need to get a jump on this job.
    Win7/64  (all current patches applied)
    12Gb RAM
    GeForce GTX 480 with hack
    external eSATA RAID
    Red Rocket

    Any Adobe folks reading this?  I've tried posting on Reduser as well without any replies.

  • MacbookPro 5,4 - Failure(s) installing Win7 x64 using Bootcamp (aka help!)

    I'm running a Macbook Pro 5,4 and am having a hard time figuring out why Win7 x64 keeps failing during the install process. I'll start with the failures, then add what I've attempted to fix the problem.
    Following the Bootcamp guide exactly, I get through the initial copying, expanding and updating process just fine. The system reboots but never makes it into windows. Instead I get the, "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause." Sometimes it lists a driver (the list is long and seemingly random). Sometimes it lists the kernel (ntoskrnl.exe).
    My attempts at a solution:
    1. The recommendation from MS is to boot to the install disk and run a start-up repair. When I do this, it returns the message, "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically". Dead End.
    2. Because it looks like a possible corruption issue I first tried the cheap route of installing from another disk - in fact I've borrowed two other Win7 Pro x64 disks (all 3 disks I've used are legitimate) and have had the same problem, so I'm ruling out the media.
    3. The system is less than two months old but it could still be the HDD so I ran a check in OS X and it finds no problems. I've replaced the drive twice and the problems with installation remain consistent.
    I've run a check on the memory as well - again, no problems detected.
    So far I've completed 9 attempts, with fresh partitioning and formatting and have yet to successfully install Windows 7 on this system. In contrast, it was a simple process to install the 32 bit version on my wifes MacBook Air. Am I missing something obvious?

    Found a workaround, to sum it up, it's pretty much my dead internal superdrive (as for unbootable USB, that's still a mistery). What I did was moving the HDD to my 2012 MBP and install from there. The problem is now that since I installed it on another machine (with ofc all different hardwares) I got blue screen whenever I tried to start Windows7 (in 2007 MBP after moving the HDD back there).
    Next step will be replacing the superdrive on 2007 MBP with 2012's. Or if someone got a suggestion like installing the drivers via target disk mode etc, please advice

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    Hi Experts, My scenario is File to IDoc. Once file has been picked up by the file adapter from source directory and it has to archived in other (target) directory with DIFFERENT file name. By using following dynamic configuration code I have changed

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    Hi Gurus, I installed BO XI Edge series trial version. The installation was successful. I selected express installation as its only for my practice. Now I want to login to designer/CMC/Infoview/WebI etc. Please let me know what logon credentials I ne

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    Hi , I have created a form in which a "Browse" button is been created which will function just like the Attachment Option in Employee Master Data .But while coding the Open File Dialog in VB.Net it is showing errors. Code which i have used is :- Dim

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    I'm editing a JTable cell, just using default editor provided by JTable I click a save button elsewhere in my GUI The value typed into the cell so far isn't stored in the TableModel yet and so doesn't get saved. How can I make sure the value gets sto