Consignment settlement using currency USDN

Dear All,
I have a question in regards to consignment settlement using currency type USDN.
**My client would want to use 5 decimal places and hence using USDN currency type**
At present for consignment process, we are maintaining a Cons info record with 5 decimals using USDN currency type.
And apparently this is the only place where we can control the currency through the whole process till settlement.
Once PO, MIGO and the transfer posting is done, during the settlement process MRKO, the final document currency is obtained in USDN
Is there any way we can obtain the document currency in USD and yet have 5 decimals? like having a user exit

Before MRKO, check following;
1. ME11 - Purchase Info Record with Info Category "Consignment" (In PIR, maintain Net Price as well as Tax Code)
2. MB1B - Transfer stock from Consignment to Unrestricted (own stock), using 411 K
3. MRM1 - Maintain condition record for Output type KONS i.e. Consignment
4. MRKO - Refer the Material document of 411 K and In selection screen select "Withdrawals Not Settled" and Under procesing select "Settle" radio button.

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  • Consignment settlement and a vendor paper invoice

    Is anyone aware of a SAP solution that allows a supplier to send an invoice for consignment materials?
    If there is no known SAP standard solution, has anyone developed a customized process that would integrate the two?  

    You do not expect an invoice from the vendor for goods withdrawals from consignment stocks or a pipeline. Instead you settle posted withdrawals and return deliveries yourself and send the vendor a statement of the settlement. You can perform this settlement periodically in the background. The following documents can be involved:
    Credit memos
    Consignment settlement is connected to message determination. As a result, you can define a form in Customizing. A message record is created during each settlement. This message record completes the form. Depending on the system settings, you can send this form to the vendor immediately on posting or at a later time.
    If you want to change document header data for consignment settlements, use the Business Add-In MRM_MRKO_HDAT_MODIFY. For more information, see the documentation for the Business Add-In.
    Canceling Consignment Documents
    Cancel the documents in Inventory Management and start consignment settlement. The system generates a credit memo for the returned document. If the consignment prices have changed since the original goods receipt, post the credit memo in Financial Accounting. Clear the invoice and the credit memo in Financial Accounting.
    Consignment and pipeline settlement is not connected to the purchasing information system, because the purchase order history is not updated during consignment settlements.
    You cannot make any net postings during consignment settlement. This means that you cannot calculate any cash discounts. To take cash discounts into account, you must include these in the consignment price. This ensures that the cash discount is implicitly posted during the goods withdrawal and settlement.
    You cannot settle delivery costs.
    To process consignment and pipeline withdrawals, choose Logistics Invoice Verification ® Automatic Settlement ® Consignment and Pipeline Settlement.
    The selection screen Settle Consignment/Pipeline Withdrawals appears.
    Narrow down the selection by:
    Company code
    Document date
    Posting date
    Material document
    In the Selection frame, select the withdrawals that you want to take into account during processing.
    Only consignment materials
    Only pipeline materials
    Consignment and pipeline materials
    In the Processing frame, you can select whether you want to process withdrawals or return deliveries:

  • Linking Consignment Settlement (MRKO) with Value Contract

    Hi Guys,
    We are trying to set up Consignment stock functionality in our company. We have successfully configured and tested it but there is only one problem, we want to link this consignment functionality with and Outline agreement (Value Contract to be exact), so that every time we do a settlement using MRKO, the invoice value is deducted from the total value of the contract. My first question is
    1 - Can we link consignment settlement (MRKO) and Value Contract in such a way that each time we run consignment settlement using MRKO , the open/ remaining value of the Value Contract is decreased by the invoice amount. If YES, then how can we do it (Please mention the steps if possible)
    2- If NO, then what is the way to achieve above task, is their workaround for it ??

    Normally we do not get into consignment arrangements with supplier with value limites or qty limites. It defeats the purpose of consignment, where idea is to reduce inventory carrying cost and yet have full availability of stock.
    Also, you will provide a dedicated space in your premises to your Supplier and hence to limit him with total value of your consumption is difficult to achieve. Even if you make some enhancement in system to achieve it, on shop floor how can you control it, if you have inventory open for use? If you have negotiated with consignment vendor based on value, I am sure Vendor will not replenish any inventory once he thinks that overall value limit is breached and hence suddenly one day, without any indicators to you, you will run out of those components which you do not have in your inventory, nor in your consignment inventory.
    You can implement any exit, which may stop you post the transaction in system, but I believe if you are entering into such contracts with your supplier, you may need to have some sort of notification once you are close approaching the overall limit, to either re-negotiate the contract or to have those components ordered for your inventory directly to ensure availability of stock.

  • How can I settle just 1 line item using MRKO (consignment settlement)?

    Hi All,
    In consignment settlement, if for a given company code, say material document 41234552 has 3 unsettled line items, say 1 2 3.
    Is there a way I settle just line item 1 and 3 and not settle line item 2 for the material document 41234552?

    This is not possible. Have to clear the entire doc. Hence, closing this thread.

  • Consignment settlement - payment terms

    I had a vendor that use to buy consignment and non-consignment part. Both consignment and non-consignment they have different payment terms. I found out that when we do consignment settlement the payment term is retrieved from vendor master. i try not to set payment terms manually everytime create a PO for non-consignment part. Is there any methods that we can use?

    Dear Janice,
    Maybe you can try to activate " Sub range" function in vendor master, with this sub range you can specify various Purchasing data for various plant.
    Activate the sub range funtion in Tcode OMSG

  • MRKO Consignment settlement against a PI partner

    I have a problem with the vendor the MRKO settles against. The scenario is that I want to settle the against a PI maintained in the vendor master (in the partner function) which is different to the VN that the MRKO run settles against because this is the vendor the info record is created for and the PO was created against.
    Please help

    Check the OSS note 451370
    The consignment settlement does not take partner function 'Invoice presented by' possibly stored in the vendor master into account but instead always creates the consignment invoice with reference to the vendor of the consignment goods.This vendor must be created in the relevant company code and purchasing organization.
    Other terms
    Reason and Prerequisites
    For the following reasons, the consignment settlement is unable to take partner role 'Invoicing party presented by' stored in the vendor master into account and can only create the invoice for the goods supplier:
    1. Normally, the consignment liability account is managed as a current account.The posting period and the vendor number are usually the sort and assignment criterion of the items on the account.Only by using this sort/assignment criteria can you determine from an FI point of view which consignment liabilities are created in a certain posting period for a certain vendor, and to what extent these were cleared by an invoice.
    2. The inventory management of the consignment stock is always executed for the goods supplier and the goods movements are always executed with reference to this vendor accordingly.The resulting posting of the consignment liability is therefore executed with the number of this vendor as part of the sort/assignment criterion.
    3. If the settlement of the consignment withdrawals does not then work with this vendor but instead works with the invoicing party assigned to this vendor, this would cause the posting on the consignment liability account to contain the vendor number of the invoicing party as a sort and assignment criterion, as the document only contains this vendor. Therefore, the postings could no longer be cleared and the documents could no longer be archived.It would also no longer be possible to execute evaluations via the consignment liability account for the determination of open items.
    For the above reasons, in consignment processing, you can only work with the goods supplier which must be created in the corresponding company code and the corresponding purchasing organization.

  • Automotatic Message Determination:Consignment Settlement

    I need some help in after doing the consignment settlement process:
    After I run MRKO and settle the consignment once a month, I need to send a form to the vendor detailing the settlements done over the period of one month.
    My questions specifically are:
    1. What are the output methods for this form?
    2. I think there would be several, if so, how do I configure email,fax etc.
    3. Also, after I settle, I am trying to send the document to the local printer but I am getting the following error message
    "No messages for initial processing exist". Can someone please explain what are the places I need to check to make sure everything is configured properly.
    Thanks in advance ....

    Thanks for your prompt reply. However this did not solve my problem. Please look at my comments below and respond:
    1. What are the output methods for this form?
    Ans: - SAP Standard output type is "KONS"
    I am using the KONS, but I am unable to see email as an option. I see simple mail, but do not see email.
    2. I think there would be several, if so, how do I configure email,fax etc.
    Ans: - Use the appropriate transmission medium in MRM1/MRM2 for KONS
    In MRM1/MRM2, I have configured my CoCode using the PI partner function with options 1(Transmission medium:Printer) and 4 (print immediately)
    3. Also, after I settle, I am trying to send the document to the local printer but I am getting the following error message
    "No messages for initial processing exist". Can someone please explain what are the places I need to check to make sure everything is configured properly.
    Ans: - Go to MR90 and here in selection screen, specify the "Processing mode" as "2" i.e. Repeat processing or "3" i.e. Error processing and then execute and print it again.
    *I tried mr90 and mr91 transactions with 1,2 and 3 options. But it still gives me the same error - No messages for first/repeat/error processing exist *

  • Consignment settlement output title

    we print a KONS output (MR_PRINT form) for consignment settlements (triggered by trans. MRKO). On the paper ouput we need to slighly rephase the name of the document printed in French language. For example - from "Consignment invoice" to 'Consignment consumption settlement". Please advise where are stored texts for titles in different languages.
    Thanks a lot
    Kind regards

    Interesting - I've always known the t-code and have not tried to access through the SAP menu so can't tell you differently.
    In the end SAP standard is not designed to output consignment documents via MR90 so you will need to make adjustments to your user profiles and processes to use MR91.

  • Consignment Settlement(MRKO) Problem

    For consignment stocks, after GR from PO, we'll either do a mvt:211K to cost ctr or mvt:411K to inventory. Now this will create a settlement entry in MRKO based on the existing PIR(purchase info record) unit price.
    After 6 months, vendor sends the invoice for the above PO but with a different unit price billed. In this case how can we settle the consigment items(based on the orginial 211K and 411K PIR price) in MRKO as the price does not tie back to the vendor invoice price. Any possibilties to do the consignment settlement based on the vendor invoice latest unit price?

    To be clear the vendor should not be sending an invoice for goods on consignment.   However I understand that this is done as we are facing the same delima.  
    The only way to settle using the price on the invoice the vendor sent, is to reverse your goods issues, change the price and do the goods issue again.   Not a good process and in most cases not a supportable work process.
    Our current process is to settle the consignment, reverse the invoice and post an FI invoice to match the invoice the supplier sent.   We are considering changing that process to settle the consignment then post a subsequent debit/credit.  
    Good luck.   I hope someone else has a better answer for you.  I have posted a similar question to this forum and did not receive any helpful responses. 

  • Consignment Settlement - MRKO

    Hello Friends,
    I am doing consignment settlement in MRKO. But here i am getting the following error.
    Tax code V0 country JO does not exist in procedure TAXJOR.
    I have also done MRM1, that is, condition record for consignment. Still I am getting this error.
    Can anybody suggest me what I have to do further to solve this error?? Do I have to create a new tax code V0 for JO - Jordan??
    If yes what is the transaction code for this??
    Kindly advise me on the above.
    Thanks and Regards.

    Maintain taxcodes using trnasaction code FTXP

  • Consignment Settlement By MRKO

    Hi Friends,
    I know the consignment process from Consignment Info Record to MIGO. But when I am about to settle the consignment by using the T.code MRKO, I am not succeeding. Although when I am executing MRKO, i am getting the list of Consignment Stock. Further how to settle it, I don't know.
    Plz help me out.
    Thanks & Regards
    Saeed Arif

    For doing consignment settlement we have to use MRKO. What are the necessary steps to be followed while dealing with this T.Code MRKO?
    For doing consignment settlement.
    you should have consignment PO ( item category K) with tax code
    Info recore is must with consignment
    when u received the good through movement type 101K no accounting do will generate. since it is not valuated materila ( it owns by the vendor)
    Transfer the consignment materila to own (movemetn type 411K ) or Goods issue to consumption( movement type 201K) ... now accounting document will generate.
    settele the the account through MRKO transcation.
    If you find error that messeage determination not set.... go the SPRP setting ..logistic Invoce verification > Messeage determination >>> maintain condition >>> create condition.... create for KONS
    Hope this will useful

  • Error in viewing Accounting Documents at consignment settlement

    When I am trying to do consignment settlement, I am encountering two errors, the screen shots of which I am posting herewith, After I am clicking on the documents created, its popping error  message "Document 5100000000 1010 does not exist in Fiscal year 2014". How to solve this error. I've maintained number ranges for the running year also. Still am not getting the solution for it. Please help.
    Sowmyesh Maniyar

    Considering you have all consignment setting and find condition record maintained in MRM1 t.code with your Output type KONS with Invoicing Party & Company Code
    Now check did you have Partner Function-PI(Invoicing Party) in your Consignment output type(message type) by using t.code:NACE with MR application and find consignment output type have Partner Function-PI(Invoicing Party) with Program,  routine,Form/ Smartforms.
    Also cross check you have Partner Function-PI(Invoicing Party) in  your Vendor masterin Purchasing organization data in Partner Function views.
    For message " Document 5100000000 1010 does not exist in Fiscal year 2014" .1st try to know difference between Fiscal year & Calendar Year . 2ndly ,check Fiscal Year Variant for your company code and then enter Document number 5100000000 with Company code 1010 with correct Fiscal year to check accounting entries.
    Biju K

  • Currency Translation Type in queries using currency conversion

    I have a question on the Currency Translation Type (EUR_VAR) that is used in all of the queries using currency conversion on the fly. (currency is maintained automatically nor in table.)
    User wants to use 2 different exchange rates in a single query. The months in 2010 (Actuals) are to
    be converted using Xchangerate-type EURO and the months in 2011 (Planned) to use Xchangerate-type USD.
    But store different rates with different starting dates. This is however not possible because the Currency Translation
    Type is set-up (1) to work with Query Key date - rather than a characteristic in the data and (2) apparently these
    currency translation types only work with time characteristics like 0fiscyear
    My idea is therefor to:
    1. Create a new variable (similar to EXC_RATE) to prompt for a 2nd Exchange Rate type when query starts
    2. Create a new Currency Translation Type (next to EUR_VAR), referencing the new variable or sticking to fixed Xrate type, fixed to EUR
    Is this possible to create Idea (2)
    Many Thanks in Advance.

    The best way would be to create two curr conversion types , one converting to EUR and other to USD .Put them in properties of coressponding KFs in query.For timref in RSCUR , variable time ref can be used individually for two conv types.

  • How to use currency format set

    Hi All,
    I have to use currency format set to mask the amount values to their respective currencies ,
    i reviewed the Oracle XML Publisher Administration and Developer's Guide and followed all the steps mentioned there ,i m also quoting the same over here
    To define a Currency Format Set:
    1. Navigate to the Currencies page under the Administration tab. Select Create
    Currency Format Set.
    2. Enter a Name and a Code for the set. The Code is a unique identifier and cannot be
    changed later. Select Apply.
    3. The Currency Formats page will display for your newly created set.
    To add currency formats to the Currency Format Set:
    1. Select Add Currency Format to add a format to your set.
    2. Select a Currency Name from the list.
    Note: This list is generated from the FND currency table and
    should include all ISO currencies. Additional currencies can be
    added from the System Administrator responsibility.
    3. Enter the Format Mask you wish to use for this currency and select Apply.
    The Format Mask must be in the Oracle number format. The Oracle number format
    uses the components "9", "0", "D", and "G" to compose the format, for example:
    9G999D00 where
    9 represents a displayed number only if present in data
    G represents the group separator
    D represents the decimal separator
    0 represents an explicitly displayed number regardless of incoming data
    See Using the Oracle Format Mask, Oracle XML Publisher Report Designer's Guide for
    more information about these format mask components.
    After a currency format has been created, you can update or delete it from the Currency
    Formats page.
    i followed all the above step ,i need to use germany currency ,i have also used the format-currency command in my RTF template,but still its not working ,i used 9G999D00 for masking .
    Any hint would be very helpful ,thanks in advance .Please let me know if my question is not clear

    hi all
    Thanks ,this is resolved ,i just missed clearing cache ,after clearing the cache its working .

  • Using currency conversion and text variable at the same time

    Hi all,
    In a 3.5 bex query, i am applying currency conversion on a key figure with a variable of 0currency.
    as i know, to be able to apply currency conversion, variable of currency should not be in Free characteristics or in Filter.
    it has to be selected only on the key figure.
    but now, i want to use text variable for selected currency (with type replacement path). But as i know, to be able to use text variable, variable of currency has to be
    in Free characteristics or in Filter.
    Can you please advise, how to both use currency conversion and text variable on currency?
    Thanks in advance.

    I'm not 100% sure about this, but I'm thinking that if you are pulling the text variable from a selection in a structure, you should not need it in the free characteristic or filter. Try creating a structure, placing the currency in it as a selection, and creating a text variable as the title for the selection that is based on the currency. This may help.

Maybe you are looking for

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