Content of file i saved

i wish to know whether the content of the file i saved is viewable?
let's say i FileOutputStream something(eg. hello) in a file.txt. so can i view the content of file.txt ('hello')?

in java you can use a filereader to see the content, else outside of java on your platform you can use normal texteditors, like vi or notepad.

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  • Viasualize attached files withou saving in the computer

    I would like to be able to open my attached files without saving in my computer

    That is not really something that will happen, the computer will actually save the file at least temporarily on your computer if you open the attachment.
    What I expect you to be trying to do is
    * open the file and view the content in Firefox
    * or open the file directly with some other application
    What sort of files are you asking about e.g. pictures, Word Documents, or pdf s .
    I am not yet entirely certain what you re trying to do but you may be interested in the solutions in one or more of these articles.
    * [[View PDF files in Firefox without downloading them]]
    *[[Use the Adobe Reader plugin to view or download PDF files]]
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    *[[Change what Firefox does when you click on or download a file]]

  • Lost audio files after saving.

    I lost my audio files after saving in Logic X and now my project file has the extension .logicx on it and my audio files are nowhere to be seen. I made some changes to the project, moved the file to another folder, then they asked if I wanted to replace the other file with the new and I said yes not thinking that it would matter. Is there any way that my audio files are still out there somewhere? And no I don't have time machine hooked up.

    if you replaced that file.. then you have lost it's contents as they have all been replaced with the one you copied over... and as you have no backups you cannot, as they say.. un-scramble the egg...
    Finally start making backups as soon as possible...
    As the old saying goes...
    "There are three things in life you can always count on.. Death.. Taxes...and you will need a backup of your computer data at some point"

  • Uploading the contents of file into  custom table

    Hi ,
    I have a req where in i want to put the contents of the file into the Z table . I have taken a file upload UI element and in that i have taken 4 attributes as file name f, file type ,file size and file contents and binded this file contents to the data property of the UI element. Now with out explicitly defining the fields i want to put all this content of file into the Z table created  for any file created or if i could put the whole text file into that table so that any one could see that file even though its not saved in the desktop for that user.
    Can any one help me out?

    Yes i am converting it inot the lstring using the same FM which you have given. I have to store the total file but the only doubt is like if its a input field how could i save a file form. Can you please check the code i want to save the total file into the table.
    DATA lo_nd_upload TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
        DATA lo_el_upload TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_element.
        data  i_data TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF string.
        DATA ls_upload TYPE wd_this->Element_upload.
        data lv_field type string.
        data lt_file type TABLE OF ZFILE_UPLOAD.
        data ls_file LIKE LINE OF lt_file.
        data l_xstring type xstring.
       data  fields TYPE string_table.
    data l_String type string.
      navigate from <CONTEXT> to <UPLOAD> via lead selection
        lo_nd_upload = wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_upload ).
      @TODO handle non existant child
      IF lo_nd_upload IS INITIAL.
      get element via lead selection
        lo_el_upload = lo_nd_upload->get_element( ).
      @TODO handle not set lead selection
        IF lo_el_upload IS INITIAL.
      get all declared attributes
            static_attributes = ls_upload ).
       DATA lv_file_contents TYPE wd_this->Element_upload-file_contents.
    navigate from <CONTEXT> to <UPLOAD> via lead selection
    @TODO handle non existant child
    IF lo_nd_upload IS INITIAL.
    get element via lead selection
       lo_el_upload = lo_nd_upload->get_element( ).
    alternative access  via index
    lo_el_upload = lo_nd_upload->get_element( index = 1 ).
    @TODO handle not set lead selection
       IF lo_el_upload IS INITIAL.
    get single attribute
           name =  'FILE_CONTENTS'
           value = l_xstring ).
    for text file conversion we have to FM
      FROM_CODEPAGE       = '8500'
        IN_XSTRING          = l_xstring
      OUT_LEN             =
       OUT_STRING          = l_string.
    SPLIT l_string  AT cl_abap_char_utilities=>newline INTO TABLE i_data.
      LOOP AT i_data INTO l_string.
        SPLIT l_string AT cl_abap_char_utilities=>horizontal_tab INTO TABLE fields.
        read TABLE fields into lv_field index 1.
    ls_upload will contain all the file details
    ls_file-file_size = xstrlen( ls_upload-file_contents ) * lv_float  .
    ls_file-file_name = ls_upload-file_name.
    ls_file-file_type = ls_upload-file_type.
    ls_file-file_contents = ls_upload-file_contents.
    insert ZFILE_UPLOAD FROM ls_file.

  • Will all my files be saved on my Mac after I upgrade? Because I do not have an external drive.

    Will all my files be saved on my Mac when I upgrade? Because I do not have an external drive.

    Upgrading should not damage your content, however, it is strongly recommended that you make a current backup on an external drive just in case something goes wrong.  I have never had to use a restore but always have a backup just in case.

  • When I attempt to open a PDF file I saved from a website, I get the message "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired." Is there any way to correct this problem?

    When I attempt to open a PDF file I saved from a website using Safari, I get the message "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired." When I save the same PDF file using FireFox it opens up immediately. Is there any way to correct this problem with Safari?

    Back up all data.
    Triple-click the line of text below to select it, the copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C):
    /Library/Internet Plug-ins
    In the Finder, select
    Go ▹ Go to Folder
    from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-G. Paste into the text box that opens (command-V), then press return.
    From the folder that opens, remove any items that have the letters “PDF” in the name. You may be prompted for your login password. Then quit and relaunch Safari, and test.
    The "Silverlight" web plugin distributed by Microsoft can also interfere with PDF display in Safari, so you may need to remove it as well, if it's present.
    If you still have the issue, repeat with this line:
    ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins
    If you don’t like the results of this procedure, restore the items from the backup you made before you started. Relaunch Safari again.

  • Apple loops for garageband pack doesn't show the folder content (loops, files...)  in ableton live suite 8 library browser, but I can see all the loops in the folder from finder. how can i fix this? help please.

    apple loops for garageband pack doesn't show the folder content (loops, files...)  in ableton live suite 8 library browser, but I can see all the loops in the folder from finder. how can i fix this? help please.

    Thanks Barney, I tried that but all that comes up in Spotlight are the log files that show the file paths! I don't know how Steam works. Are all the files held by Steam on their server perhaps?

  • How to edit the content.opf  file of a FXL EPUB?

    I'm exporting a fixed layout epub and I cannot find out where the content.opf file is and how to edit it.  I'm trying to do the same thing that was done here: Indesign CC 2014 Fixed Layout export
    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've googled to no end!

    Please follow these steps to edit your EPUB:
    1. Download Sigil
    2. Open your EPUB in this editor.
    3. In the book browser view on your left, look up for content.opf file. Edit this file and save your EPUB.
    InDesign Engineering

  • Errors were found when compiling the workflow. The workflow files were saved but cannot be run.

    Greetings All,
    I am having issues with a SharePoint Designer workflow.  This is a SharePoint 2013 environment, I'm using SharePoint Designer 2013 and working on a SharePoint 2010 workflow.  I'm developing this as a SharePoint 2010 workflow because I need to do
    The environment and workflow have been running, in the past week, without issue.  I went to add a couple steps and now I cannot publish the workflow.  While in SharePoint Designer, I receive the error:
    "Errors were found when compiling the workflow.  The workflow files were saved but cannot be run."  When I click the Advanced button on the error dialog, the message is "Unexpected error on server associating the workflow." 
    That is all the error information I have available; nothing is in the log files.
    I have investigated this error and tried the following:
    Cleared the SharePoint Designer cache.
    The WebApp.UserDefinedWorkflowMaximumComplexity was at 7000 so I increased it to 10000.  Restarted the servers (which may not have been necessary) and tried again receiving the same error.  I then increased it to 30000 with the same error result.
    Since this is a large workflow, I tried created a workflow with a single action, write to workflow log, with the same error results.
    I reboot the servers and try again and now I can publish the small test workflow but not the original.  However, neither will run.  When I attempt to manually run the small test workflow on an item, I get an error: "Sorry something went wrong.
    An unexpected error occurs.  I checked the log files for the correlation id and nothing, nothing was logged for the error. ~arg~
    Also, now no workflows can be published in this web app.  Not just the one I was working on but none of them!
    Does anyone have a clue what has happened to the SharePoint 2010 workflow service?  Or some suggestions for me to try?
    Thank you in advance for your help!
    Bob Mixon

    try these links:
    Hi Sagar,
    I appreciate it but if you see my original post, this is a SharePoint 2010 workflow that cannot be published; which has now caused all SharePoint 2010 workflows in the same web app to error.
    Your first link is specific to SharePoint 2013 workflows.
    Your second link refers to the UserDefinedWorkflowMaximumComplexity.  If you read my original post, I've already tried this and I've tried to publish a small (single activity) workflow.
    Your third link also refers to large workflows with many approval activities.  My workflow doesn't contain any approval activities.
    And you fourth link refers to 2013 workflows not 2010.
    My issue is with publishing and running a SharePoint 2010 workflow in SharePoint 2013.
    Thank you...

  • Content of file is different on some machines?!

    I'm the networkadministrator of a company that uses a couple of macs and macbooks with CS2 & CS3 in a simple network. The data is shared on a network drive and contains all the files we work with. If user A change something in file X and saves it then user B doesnt see those changes... Otherway around it does show the changes. Does Illustrator has a function were you can check if you want to see changes made by other users or something like that?
    I'm more a Windows guy, so i am not aware of any synching functionality that keeps local copies of network files. In that case user B is probably working with a local copy instead of the network copy?
    I can't figure it out, can someone please give me a clue what's going on?
    Tx in advance!

    We work in the same way as you do, using a central server that all designers have access to. Adobe doesn't recommend this practice but it's the only reasonable way of working in a firm like ours where maybe several people are working simultaneously on the same project (although not on the same files).
    Sometimes we have to wait a while for the server to respond, but recently saved files should become available for other Mac users pretty quickly.
    Closing server windows and reopening them usually does the trick although some users' machines seem to take a bit longer than others.
    All our artwork files are saved on a Mac server. We don't allow direct access by Windows people. This can cause serious problems, things like EPS picture files getting saved so that their original applications don't recognize them any more.

  • Portlet backing file vs content backing file

    could someone explain the differences between a "portlet backing file" and a "content backing file". Both are properties available on a portlet.

    According to the documentation, here is the difference:
    Scoping and Backing Files
    The difference between having a backing file as part of <netuix: portlet backingfile =some_value> or part of <netuix: jspContent backingfile=some_value> is related to scoping.
    For example, if you have the backing file on the portlet itself, you can actually stop the portlet from rendering. If the backing file is at the jspContent level, the portlet portion of the control tree has already run; you use this implementation to run processes that are specifically for the JSP in the portlet.
    See for more info.

  • Sender File (FCC) - Content of File into single XML Tag

    Input file
    This is Line1
    This is Line2
    Expected Sender File adapter FCC into XML
    ..<Content> This is line 1 This is line2</content>
    FCC is giving the following output with the below config,
    File.fieldNames = Content
    File.fieldSeparator = '0x1A' (HexaDecimal rep for EndOfFile)
    ..<Content>This is line 1</content>
    ..<Content>This is line 2</content>
    How can i read the complete file into a single XML tag?
    I am aware of other options (AdapterModules or Javamapping). But i want to keep it simple to FileAdapter using FCC or using MessageTransformBean (if possible)

    FCC donse't work here, So i wrote a simple Java map inside Execute method to convert the content to the required format.
      public void execute(InputStream in, OutputStream out)  throws StreamTransformationException{
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
           try {
           BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(in, "UTF-8"));
           while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null) {
           } finally {
    After i had the input string, i formatted it to get the required output as XML ...
    ..<Content> This is line 1 This is line2</content>

  • Unable to edit file after saving with add-in

    I'm only just starting to test the Vibe add-in. Looks good so far, but I've noticed one fairly important issue.
    If I start with a new file and save it for the first time, all is well from within MS-Word. I can save, continue editing, and save again. However, if I then login to the Vibe site I can't actually edit the file, at least not immediately, nor can any members of my team. As of now, the two test files I've created cannot be edited on the Vibe site.
    Of course, I realize that the add-in is beta, but I just thought I would bring this up. I'm also wondering if anyone else has observed the same behaviour. Thanks.

    This is the vibe file edit applet, right?. Not sure this has to do with desktop. Seems to be you are having problems with the editor on linux and mac. Can you upload a file without using desktop and test editing that? I think maybe you are having some of the problems described in the readme with the vibe edit applet.
    What are you expecting to happen when you click on edit in linux?
    6.7 Restrictions on Applet Support
    Applets are not supported on 64-bit Firefox on a system with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) earlier than 1.6.0_12.
    On a 64-bit operating system, updating to JRE or later enables the applets to work.
    For example, multi-file drag-and-drop from the desktop, file paste from the desktop, Edit in Place, and the graphical display in the workflow editor do not work where applets are not supported.
    6.8 Edit in Place Support for Mac Users
    For Mac users, Vibe looks for in the following directory on users Mac workstations:
    If your organizations standard location for is in a different location on users workstations, you can reconfigure Vibe to look for in your preferred location.
    Change to the following directory:
    c:\Program Files\Novell\Teaming\apache-tomcat-version\
    Open the file in a text editor.
    Locate the block of lines that start with:
    Copy that set of lines to the clipboard of your text editor.
    Open the file, which is located in the same directory as the file.
    Paste the block of lines you copied at the end of the file.
    Edit the location of the software to reflect its location in your organization.
    Save and close the file.
    Close the file without saving it.
    Stop and restart Vibe to put the new software location into effect on your Vibe site.

  • Read content of file which is ZIPed

    I need to read contents of a file which is present in ZIP file.
    The zip file is present on online server. I am able to get the Zip Input stream for the Zip file and also able to retrive the file names which are present but when I am trying to retrive the content of file is get a String which has only the file names of the zip. Please suggest what to do.
    Following is my Code.
    // aConn.getInputStream() Gives me access to Zip file present on online Server
    ZipInputStream fileIn = new ZipInputStream(aConn.getInputStream());
                 anEntry = inputStream.getNextEntry();
                 if (anEntry != null) {
                      String filename = arEntry.getFilename();
                                            byte[] b = new byte[2024];

    Reading an input stream into an array of bytes and then calling toString() on that byte array isn't going to give you the contents of the input stream meaningfully. For one thing it might not even be textual data. And secondly that's not how you get textual data.
    A better approach would probably be to get the number of bytes of the given entry from the ZipEntry.getSize method, create a byte array of that size, load only that many bytes, and then (if you're sure it's text data) send the byte array to a String constructor. Or you could use a for that. Note that you'll need to know the character encoding for this.

  • Signature Scribble field not retaining image file after saving

    I have 2 issues with my PDF dynamic file I sent out
         1) The add/remove controls is adding a random amount of extra blank rows upon saving the PDF
         2) The image files selected for the Signature Scribble field is not retaining the image file after saving. It also doesn't give an opportunity to actually draw in a signature.
    I even tried to use the Subform Instance Controls Insert/Remove/Move in my table, but I keep receiving the error "You have reached the maximum number of items allowed"
    I would appreciate any help you can give me! I have been farting around with this for too long.

    Thanks Pat.  Tried each, restarted computer each time; tried the "Accept" routine several days ago - it worked briefly and then stopped.  Uninstalled Reader and Flash as well.  Strange thing with Flash, one of my online broker programs provides streaming of CNBC.  When I clicked on the CNBC option to initiate CNBC, I got a message saying that I needed to load Flash.  I did, and it loaded again with no mention of Flash having already been installed.
    Using Internet Explorer works, as well as, clicking on the .pdf file within Windows Explorer (WE).  Expanding the window in WE makes it large enough to read.  I would still like to find a way to open the files as they are designed to open.
    I have done all of the Adobe updates as they have been presented.  Microsoft updates load automatically, and restart my computer in the process.  I do not look to see what the updates have been.  I figure if there was not a need, Microsoft would not make the updates.
    [private data removed]

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    I have recently purchased both an iPod video and the Sonic Impact i-F2 portable speakers. There is and auto standby on the speakers which means that if they are 'idle' for more than 5 mins they shut down. Does anyone know how I prevent the speakers f


    Hi, I'm trying to join some tables in one report. I was successful with it, until I added one table which has many records for one primary key in the main table. I used Order by and Limit to select only the latest row, but then I got this error: Quer