Content submit by email

I have been able to figure out how to create a form in
dreamweaver. However, I would really like to find out how to set
everything up so that when the form is completed it is sent by
email and not to the server. For my purpose it would be much easier
if the form is the filled out and then sent to email instead of
being posted to the server.
Any help would be really appreciated.
Thank you

What type of hosting, and is there a pre-installed form to
email script
already? See the hosting's FAQ/Support section for info on
scripting or
forms, and look in your "control panel" if there is one.
if no pre-installed script:
for php, i suggest
{tip- set up the recipient array in the script, and you can
use an alias as
the recipient in the form, keeping the real email address out
of the form so
it won't be harvested by spambots}
for tutorials and links to other scripts and info on building
a custom
and- at
there is a free dw extension; KaosMailer
that will write a quick simple ASP or PHP or ColdFusion
script for you.
download it, install it in dw with the Extension Manager, and
follow the
help instructions. A one minute task filling out a
dreamweaver dialog box,
about as simple as it will get.
As for the "thank you page", each of the above scripts have
ways to handle
that. See the readme instructions. In phpformmail, you put a
hidden form
field in your form that tells the script what to do.
<input type="hidden" name="redirect"

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    Before you go too far on the on e-mail submission, what is the purpose of the form in terms of distribution and are you having the PDF or the data submitted. The PDF is an issue, as is e-mail submission itself. They both have problems and more information is needed before you bother with completing what you are trying to do.
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    Or you could include a width to your body style:
    body {
    background-image: url(Logo/sky1.jpg);
    background-position: center center;
    background-attachment: fixed;
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    It might work or not depending on your other color scheme.

  • Submit By Email button not working in FireFox 25.0.1

    If the form is saved to desktop or opened in IE, we are not seeing any issues. However, when clicking on the submit by email button in in FireFox 25.0.1, a pop-up appears to choose the default email program or a web email program. We use Outlook and it is set by default. After checking the Outlook option, the form freezes for about a minute and the email window with the PDF attached never appears.
    I'm using the built-in Submit By Email button in Livecycle Designer 9.
    <event name="event__click" activity="click">
    <submit format="pdf" textEncoding="UTF-8" target="mailto:[email protected]?subject=EBSS User Renewal Request- Approval Needed Request"/>

    If the PDF submits to a server-side script URL it can bypass client-side email software.
    Try the online PDF submission examples and see if it works for you in Mozilla FireFox:
    You should also make sure the browser is using the Adobe Reader plugin as the default PDF reader.

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    I am using the codes below for a regular submit button to submit by email and having a problem of CC address. I hard-coded the CC address but it does not seem to recognize it, it keep taking the address in the "To" to put on the CC address. Can any one please check for me if there is any wrong with the codes below on the mouse up event:
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    var cCCAddr = "[email protected]";
    //Set the subject and body text for the e-mail message
    var cSubLine = "Craft Issue Tracking Form";
    var cBody = "Please see the attached form.";
    // Send the form data as an FDF attachment on an e-mail{bUI: true, cTo: cToAddr, cCc: cCCAddr, cSubject: cSubLine, cMsg: cBody});
    Thanks in advance,
    Han Dao

    Try this..
    If you are using a regular Button then place the below code in the click event of the button.{cURL:"mailto:"+ cToAddr + "?cc=" + cCCAddr + "&subject=" + cSubLine + "&body=" + cBody,cSubmitAs:"PDF"});
    var cToAddr = "[email protected]";
    var cCCAddr = "[email protected]";
    //Set the subject and body text for the e-mail message
    var cSubLine = "Craft Issue Tracking Form";
    var cBody = "Please see the attached form.";
    // Send the form data as an FDF attachment on an e-mail

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    You can put info into the body of the email but you are limited on formatting it. Here is a post from Stefan Cameron with sample that I think will really help you.

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    Sugestion: Upgrade Firefox to the latest stable version =>
    There are many problems with webmail (especially gmail) lately. It can be caused by the AdBlock extension. If you have it installed here's what to do:
    1. "Ctrl+Shift+F" Preferences (or right click on ADP symbol and choose preferences)
    2. 'Filters' menu > "Update all subscriptions"
    Solution from by [ dmcritchie]

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    I am having a similar issue, but with different software. We have a form on our companies intranet with a submit button. If you are an XP user the email (Outlook) box opens and you can send it off. If you are a Windows 7 user, you hit the submit button and nothing appears to happen. It is sending the email behind the scenes, but the user has no idea that it has been sent, therefore the reciever gets several unecessary emails from the same user.
    Windows 7
    Outlook 10
    Acrobat X
    Any suggestions would be grateful !!!

  • How do I change the submit to email address?

    I have made a form in Adobe Acrobat X Pro, and initially I wanted the form to be sent to one email and I entered it in, but now that person is no longer accepting the forms and it needs to be routed back to me. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to figure out how to change the submit to email address. Even when I try and make a new form, the other email autofills itself. Any help would be great. Thank you.

    Thank you.
    I actually found what I was looking for. Here is the answer:

  • Submit by Email AS a PDF (urgent - time crunch)

    I'm creating a form to be distributed externally to clients via email.  I'd like them to be able to fill in the form, then click Submit by Email and have a completed PDF sent back to me (which we save in clients files for our records in an attempt at paperlessness).  I've got the Submit by Email button in my form now, but apparently the default submission format is XML not PDF.  Is there a way to change this?
    Thanks - Sat

    Appreciating your explanations.
    I never knew that we could submit our form in these many ways.
    Your examples are informative and very useful to me.
    I have another question: Can we close the pdf after submitting the form to an email address??
    I mean, a user fills-in a User Acceptance Form and clicking on submit button. This should trigger an email (internally) and the form should close.
    Is it possible?

  • Submit by Email as PDF attachment instead of XML

    We created a form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer and added a "Submit by Email" button. When the user selects the button, an email message starts but the attachment is an XML extension. How can we change that so when the button is selected, the attachment comes as the completed form in PDF?

    If you want people to be able to submit the entire PDF instead of just the data then you will need to "Reader Extend" the form using Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES. If the volume and number of users is low (please read the EULA for complete details) then you may also extend the form using Acrobat.

  • Submit by Email - asks "as a link or an attachment"

    Have designed a form in Acrobat that we want our customers to fill out and return to us via email by clicking on a button.
    We have created a button that has the submit by email function.
    We have enabled reader rights on the document.
    However, when we click the button, the user gets a screen asking:
    "How would you like to email this document?
    Send a link (URL) to the original, unmodified pdf file on the web?
    Send a copy of the pdf file, including your changes, as an attachment?"
    All we want to happen is the last option: Send a copy of the pdf file. Is there a setting somewhere that we can tag to skip the scenario above and just proceed to open Outlook and attach the pdf as a file.
    Thanks for any suggestions

    Apparently this happens if the client is using a webmail client.
    If Outlook is the default, Outlook creates a new email with the form as an attachment without a problem.
    Not sure about OE or other email clients.
    Due to the number of people using webmail, I would be cautious about using the "send as email" function in Adobe.

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    A form designed in LiveCycle Designer with a Submit By Email button, doesn't launch Outlook 2010 (Standard Edition) when clicked, although Outlook is properly configured as Default Mail Client.  Checked with Microsoft and followed all proper steps yet the button doesn't invoke Outlook onClick.  However, Outlook is launched if a link or html button, set to the mailto syntax is clicked.  Is this a PDF form issue for LiveCycle or is there something I am missing?  Please any ideas?

    I have this problem on Win7 64bit, but it seems to work fine with XP and Vista. Not sure about Win7 32bit.
    I've also seen the problem in the past with programs like Thunderbird set to be the default email client (on XP).
    I've never been able to figure out if it's an Adobe or Microsoft problem. Adobe uses the MAPI settings to find the email client.

Maybe you are looking for