Contract and purchase order

Hi, my question is:
I want to know if it exist a way that numbers of the purchase order (me21n) created against a purchase contract appear in this.
Is able trough customizing?
Thanks in advance for your help

Hello Enzo,
When you go to ME33K, give the contact number and enter
Now follow the path
Select the line item, then from the menu -> Item -> Statistics -> Release Document (Cntr + Shift + F12)
Here it will show all the purchase order which is created against that contract.
I think this is the functionality you want.
Else, you can create a small ABAP query using EKPO table and field KONNR (Agreement).
Hope this helps.
Arif Mansuri

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  • How to map values between Contract and Purchase Order...

    Hi friends,
                        We are using SRM 5.0 (ECS). I am facing a problem with Purchase Order.
    . I am creating Contract locally through Live Auction. After that I am creating Purchase Order through Live Auction. So in Purchase Order Quantity, Net Price, Gross Price, and Long Text etc. not coming which is defined in Contract.  PO capturing the values from Live Auction, means no relation between the Contract and Purchase Order. After making Contract again I have to changes in the Purchase Order.
                So how to map the values from Contract to PO in SRM?  I want to map between contract and Purchase Order like R/3. At the time of creation of PO ( in R/3 )  we can adopt the Contract so all the relevant values comes from Contract to PO. In SRM how will I do?
    Please suggest me.

    When you create PO and a contract from a Live Auciton, they will not be mapped.
    While creating a PO (BBP_POC - Process Purchase Order); in the PO line item assign the contract and item reference. Only then they will be linked.
    Hope this helps.

  • How relate Procurement Contract and Purchase Order

    We are going to use Oracle Procurement Contracts and Purchasing in Oracle Apps R12.1.3 version.
    I think that modules have to work together.
    We activated Procurement Contracts and profile "PO: Contracts Enabled"
    We have in "Purchase Order" actions 'view Contract terms', and functionality to chose Contract template and clause, "Manage Contract Documents" - that all.
    Can we create from it, or relate with this PO a real Contract, that we see in Contracts Workbench?
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    Use Oracle Contract Terms module as the module for defining contract templates and clauses. Once you define it in this module, the templates will be available in Oracle Purchasing.
    I am not sure if the Contracts Workbench is integrated with Oracle PO. It was not in earlier versions but it maybe in 12.1.3. You may want to check on that.

  • Release strategyu for contracts and purchase order

    My client want both contracts and release orders (purchase order created w.r.t contract) must to go to release approval before procuring the material or service.
    Is it possible to configure seperate release strategies for contact and purchase order?
    Please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for your replies.
    Characters for contract will be
    1. Company code
    2. Aggreement type
    3. Target value
    4. Purchase group
    Characters for Purchase order will be
    1. Company code
    2. Dodument type
    3. Net value + VAT(Gross value)
    4. Purchase group
    BASED ON THE ABOVE CRITERIA, PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO CONFIGURE. Release strategy for purchase orders already existing in the system as mentioned above as per the mentioned characteristics. Now i need to configure for contracts only.
    Please help me in this regard.
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  • SRM 7 PPS contracts and purchase order on backend?

    Hi, our client wants to implement SRM 7.02 with PPS and Plan Driven Procurement. The issue here is that we need from an accepted quotation ( bid response) in srm create follow on document ( as purchase order and contracts) at the backend system (ERP).
    I know that PPS works with  Extended classic scenario, but I want to know if there´ s a possibility  implementing any badi in order to manage the purchase orders or contracts in ERP?
    Thanks for your help
    Best regards

    The only badi available to switch between scenarios is BBP_EXTLOCALPO_BADI.
    However, once you switch to classic scenario, PPS will not be valid anymore.
    Since the main difference between classic and extended classic is the local PO creation in SRM (lead PO), I guess this functionality that you are looking for is not supported.

  • Commitment in Purchase contracts and purchase order

    We are loading contract through LSMW. As account assignment we are just passing the cost center and the account is configure in OKB9.  However for some contract the flag is set in items affect commitments and the wrong account is determine. I want to know if this behavior is normal and why? How do you know how commitment is set up in the system?
    I have also seen that for some purchase order there are commitment lines that have been created in table COOI. Those pruchase order has been created through idoc and here again we do set the commitment flag.
    Thank you for your help

    Please consider that purchasing documents which do not have facility of GR, can not create commitment, hence commitment is not available for contracts.
    In case you want PR commitment to be adjusted against PO, please ensure that along with contract, PR number should also be filled in PO.Here I mean for EKPO-BANFN should be filled in PO then commitment would not be double.
    Case 1 with contract:
    When you post Purchase requisition.
    - Purchase requisition updates commitment.
    - You see purchase requisition amount in the report S_ALR_87013558.
    When you post Contract with reference to the Purchase Requistion:
    - Purchase requistion commitment stays as it is.
    - Contract doesn't update the commitment.
    - You see purchase requisition in the reprot S_ALR_87013558.
    When you post a purchase order with reference to contract:
    - Purchase requistion commitment stays as it is.
    - Contract doesn't update the commitment,
       When PO posted with reference to contract, there is no   commitment reduction for the contract either.
    - Purchase Order commitment is updated.
    - You see purchase requisition and order in the report S_ALR_87013558.
    Case 2 without contract:
    When you post Purchase requisition.
    - Purchase requisition updates commitment.
    - You see purchase requisition amount in the reprot S_ALR_87013558.
    When you post a purchase order with reference to requisition:
    - Purchase requistion commitment is reduced by PO posting
    - purchase order commitment is updated.
    - You see only the purchase order amount in the report S_ALR_87013558.
    The  attached note 151451 describes also the system behaviour.

  • Contracts and Purchase Order system messages

    Hi All,
    I have a couple of questions relating to system messages that are related to purchase orders created with reference to contracts.
    1. When should message 06 155 called? If I create a purchase order with reference to a Value Contract (WK) where the total purchase order value is equal to the Contract Target Value I would expect the message to be called as either a warning or error depending on the system settings (it is currently set as a warning). However in my system the message is not generated.
    I can get the message to generate if I put the PO on hold, then change the value of the PO above the contract target value and then set it back to equal the contract target value but this hardly seems the correct way the message should be called.
    2. Is there a standard way to restrict which purchase order document types can be created with reference to a contract?

    Hi Jurgen,
    thanks for the response. I know that the message should be called if the total PO value is equal to the Target Value of the contract, however in my system this doesn't happen.
    Contract has Target Value of £1,000,000 (Target Qty is 0 and Price is £1)
    Field ktwrt = £1,000,000
    PO created with qty 1,000,000 and price £1 (i.e. value = £1,000,000) but the message is not generated. If I change the qty to be 1,000,001 then message 06 042 is correctly generated.
    Is the message 06 155 generated correctly in your system? or I am missing someconditions that don't match between my PO and contract?

  • Contract and Purchase Order Release using field REVNO

    Can anyone explain how to use field REVNO  in both the characteristics and class so that any change in the version number requires the document have the release status blocked?

    On the Addnl data tab in the characteristic (TCode CT04) you can create a characteristic for REVNO for both PRs and POs using the following table and field names.
    Then you assign these characteristics to a class and set the revision values or range of values in class values.
    Hope this helps.

  • Workflow for SRM (contracts and purchase)

    Hi Gurus..could you send me this documentation of Workflow
    (configuration guide). I have to activate the N-Steps approval fo contracts and purchase order for SRM 5.0.
    Gustavo Nogueira

    See the foll links;
    Do reward points for  useful answers.

  • Contract and release order for service: connection and field selection

    Hi Experts,
    I have some questions about contract and release order (PO against contarct) for services.
    A -I want ot know if there is any standar way to oblige the creation of a release order to a contract. I mean i had some users  that create a release order w/o reference to the contract and it works fine anyway. The document is a copy of the NB. I cant find the way to reference the 2 purchase document clearly.
    B - Using a release order, when copying the item from contract catalogue by clicking the service selection icon,  description and net price are correctly copied:  the description is not modifiable  but the net price can be change by the user. Can some body explain me where to modify this setting? where is the field selection and where in SPRO step by step please,
    thanks in advance

    ... Nobody is so nice to suggest me any solution?  
    For the point A probably the only way is user-exit.... but for B i don't have any idea, please let me know

  • How to bifurcate production order and purchase order

    hi all,
    is it possible to bifurcate all open production order and purchase order quantity of items.
    ex:i have one item like ffp001 it is showing 100 order quantity.but i want only open purchase quantity.i checked (item master data-->righ click--->Avail to promise) its showing open production and purchase i need only open purchase quantity.
    Plz tell me the process of Bifurcation of open orders.

    By default there is no option , as a workaround you can use below method,
    Create 2 warehouse , for example Purchase , Production
    When ever you create purchase order use "Purchase" warehouse, Use production warehouse in production
    In the "Available to Promise" Report you have warehouse filter option.
    Using this filter you achieve can achieve your requirement.
    Right click "Filter Table"
    Document -> Start with-> PO
    Now you can see only PO
    Refer below image

  • Standard program for unbilled  sales orders and purchase order items

    Can anyone advice,  is there any standard program which gives the unbilled sales order and purchase order items.

    Use the T.Code VA05/VA05n for list of all the sales order s which are open.
    Take T.Code:VA05N
    Select the option "Open Sales Orders".
    It will give you all the orders which are open.
    The standard program for this is:"SD_SALES_ORDERS_VIEW".
    The same you can also get by using the T.Code VF04.
    In this if your scenario is "Order related",then select the option "Order related".
    Else if it is "Delivery related",then select "Delivery-related".
    The standatd program for this is:"SDBILLDL".
    T.Code:VF05/VF05n is for list of billing documents.
    Note:Pls search the forum.

  • Report with purchase requisitions and purchase orders: how?

    I need to get a list of items bought with their purchase requisitions and purchase orders (when they exist). This can be done looking at each purchase order (ME23N), ou purchase requisition (ME53N), and writing it down. But in some cases, I have to do it on about 450 operations. I'd like to get this list without having to search for each requisition ou order. I can get a complete list of orders and requisitions, but without any relationship between them (they are mixed as if they were the same thing, but there´s a field telling it that row is an order or a requisition). Using some macros in excel, I can find this relationship in 40% of the cases (for example, if item 421351 was purchased only once, an order for item 421351 is related to a requisition for item 421351). Is there any way to get this list automatically? Or is there any field that tell me this relationship?
    Francisco Morbiolo
    Votorantim Cimentos
    Votorantim, SP - Brazil

    Sorry, I forgot to tell this: I don´t have access to SQ01/SQ02/SQ03.
    I get the orders and requisition reports using ZGLPS020.
    Francisco Morbiolo
    Votorantim Cimentos
    Votorantim, SP - Brazil

  • Tables for credit Memo and Purchase order

    Hi all,
    I need to develop a report to dispaly all the credit memos for the open qty,
    My issue that is  there any table where we can have information for credit memos and purchase order,
    like the input fields is company code,customer number,fiscal year,
    hope you understnad,
    Please let me know if you need any more information,

    Invoice Verific. table:
    RBKP - Document Header: Invoice Receipt
    RSEG - Document Item: Incoming Invoice

  • Transaction code for sales order totals and purchase order totals

    Hi i am using alv grid report to display the sales order and purchase order totals by productline(profit center)
    Now i have to call standard transactions from first list to display the totals of sales order and purchase order.I have to display these transctions for specfic orders and their specfic lineitems only.
    in VA05n transaction it is allowing me to enter only the document numer but not item.
    Can any one help to find the standard transaction to display the totals for only specific orders and line specific line items

    Hi Polite,
    The transaction CRMD_ORDER is the superset for all the transactions mentioned by you. So it is better to remember just one transaction instead of remembring the subsets . Once you use the transaction CRMD_ORDER and then Follow the menu Business transaction -> Create (F5) you will get the list of transactions you can create this is nothing but the the transactions you have mentioned.
    If you know the transaction no. you can directly open that in transaction CRMD_ORDER. The other opetion is to use the SAP Menu instead of transactions.
    <b>Reward points if it helps!!</b>
    Best regards,

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