Contract of intent buy or sell? Contractor as a supplier or customer?

I am newbie to Projects.
We are implemeting oracle apps for One of Govenrment Client, Government of Gujarat(GOG).
Now GOG, Creates a Project P1 with two tasks Task1(Road Construction 5km) and Task2(Road Construction another 5km). This tasks are to be outsourced to two different contractors
should we define contractor as a customer or supplier
should we create contract of type buy or sell.
Please respond asap as same affects our Go live Milestone.
Vimal K

I'm not sure I could understand the business requirement.
Let's assume GOG has contracted contractor AAA for 100,000 USD.
Over time, that contractor will raise invoices, and GOG, the customer, should pay the supplier invoices.
You are saying that GOG require deposit from the contractor, at the begining of the project. I assume this is a method of guaranty. My understanding is that customer will want to keep that deposit and reduce the amount he is paying to supplier, until the project is finished. Only then the customer will release the deposit and pay it back to the supplier.
The method of reducing payments on invoices and delaying it to future date is usually known as retention. However, Oracle does not support retention functionality for suppliers.

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    Best Buy has the absolute worst costumer service that I have ever dealt with. I will never conduct business with Best Buy again and I'll encourage every person that I come in contact with to do the same.

    Hello molonlabe-
    I’ve been fortunate enough to not have to need service on my cell phones to this point (knock on wood), but if I ever do, I hope that my experience doesn’t match yours.  It certainly sounds like it was frustrating.
    Generally, if we are unable to collect payment on a monthly Geek Squad Protection plan three months in a row, we should be sending out an email to whichever address we have on file instructing you to contact us about this issue.  I’m sorry that this did not happen. 
    Usually, the email letting your know that your credit card information has been updated in an automated system email and Mark would not have visibility to that, though he should have been able to see when your wife called in and had the plans reinstated.  I will definitely be documenting this feedback for training opportunities.
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    Hi mjabja,
    Not being able to access Xbox Live would certainly make playing online difficult, let alone accessing your Gold membership benefits. I'd be frustrated too if I found myself in a similar situation.
    Because the Xbox 360 Entertainment for All plan is administered and billed by Microsoft, Best Buy is not able to make any modifications to your subscription or update your method of payment -- we do not have visibility or direct access to these records. Full details on the program and billing FAQs can also be found here. The best advice I can give would be to follow up with Microsoft using one of the contact methods listed on that page to see what options might be available.
    Let us know if you have any other questions.
    Aaron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • 2 year contract - GONE FROM BEST BUY?

    I was looking to upgrade my AT&T contract at Best Buy and pre-order the LG G4 (since they have a $100 Gift Card offer) and it appears that AT&T is not allowing people to get a 2-year deal at NON-AT&T stores.  This sucks since AT&T never runs good promos like Best Buy.  I have an old Family Plan that is more cost effective than the new Family Share stuff that AT&T pushes now.  So, it looks like I have to switch to NEXT or pay full cost on the phone now.  Thanks AT&T....maybe I'll just switch.

    Look at the total costs of each (contract vs. NEXT) at the end of two years. They are within $25-30 dollars of each other, and NEXT is much cheaper with 10 or more gig of shared data plan on 2 or more lines of service. Not sure how it would compare with the old Family Share Plan. Verizon works pretty similar with discounts for phones bought outright or on installment versus a 2 year contract. In my opinion, in less than a year, you won't see any carrier offering 2 year contracts. Every carrier is going to make the consumer buy their own device, either outright or on an installment plan. At lest the installment plans currently don't charge interest on the unpaid balance. It's been this way in Europe for years with Europeans thinking that Americans were crazy to lock ourselves into a 2 year contract with a particular carrier. Apparently, they like the ability to move from carrier to carrier depending on who has the best service and cheapest plan.

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