Controlling a Nanomotion motor with LabVIEW?

What do I need to run a Nanomotion motor with LabVIEW?
LabVIEW - Controller - Driver - Motor
The Nanomotion motor which I intend to use is a HR4, for alignment purposes in a cleanroom environment. Do you have any experience in using this or other Nanomotion motors please add a comment to this post.
Marcus Törndahl
Senior Software Designer @ Prevas AB

some years ago I have used an NI 7344 motion control board to control a Nanomotion ultrasonic actuator. I don't remember the model type of the drive, but it has provided a +/- 10 V command input. The position feedback signal came from a quadrature encoder.
In fact NI's motion control R&D has worked with Nanomotion to implement some features into the control algorithm of the 734x and 735x boards to optimize the control behavior for Nanomotion actuators. The most important parameters, that were added to support these motors are the foward and reverse offset voltages to configure the static friction deadzone.
Brief explanation: There is a deadzone of approximately +/- 2 V at the command input, where the motor doesn't react to command voltage changes. The 734x and 735x boards can avoid this deadzone. Otherwise it would be very hard to properly control the actuator.
I hope that helps,
Jochen Klier
National Instruments

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    Do you want to output and varying signal from the parallel port pins? If so you can't do it, the port pins are digital and can only be high or low, not inbetween. You can control the individual lines high or low using the In/Out Port vis in Advanced>>Port I/O. For more help on doing this search the message archives (I know I've answered a few) and NI's site, there is some good info on it out there. Try some of these for starters:
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    Thank you both for posting on NI Discussion Forums. It looks like you are close to finding an answer to your questions. Also, our engineers at National Instruments would be glad to help you find the products that you need to meet your applications needs. We are here to help.
    I believe that this post should have been made in the Motion Control board rather than the LabVIEW board. These forums are moderated by NI engineers. By posting in the correct board, the posts are routed to the correct engineering teams so that we can assist you all more efficiently.
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  • Control two stepper motors with PCI 7332 for sinusoidal movements

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    Thank you so much.

    There are two ways to do elliptical arc moves:
    Use contouring two download target position arrays to the onboard buffer
    Use arc moves in combination with gearing (shipping example). This requires three axes.
    The 7332 doesn't support contouring and gearing and it doesn't provide a third axis, so there is no way to use this board for this type of moves. The cheapest NI board that supports elliptical moves in contouring mode is the PCI-7342. As the second option requires three axes, at least a PCI-7344 is required for this method.
    Here is a link to a feature comparison table for all NI 73xx motion control devices.
    Kind regards,
    Jochen Klier
    National Instruments

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    Justo T.
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    Hi jtarula,
    I want to preface this response by saying that I am mre familiar with NI controller and driver rather than the one that you have. I am assuming that you are using the dll provided by the manufacturer here:
    With these, you should be able to interface with LabVIEW using the call library function node. What the controller is capable I am uncertain of. I am certain that you should be able to since another user has commented on the use in LabVIEW before in another forum post.
    I also want to let you know that LabVIEW 8.5 is not supported on Windows 8, which means that you may run into some compatibility issues. Here is the compatibility chart.
    Paolo F.
    National Instruments
    Applications Engineer

  • Controlling a chemical process with LabVIEW and the SC 2075 board

    I am a degree student and one of my projects is to control a chemical process using LabVIEW and the SC2075 board. The process variables i must control are temperature, pH and also several motor. Is this viable using the SC 2075 board and if so does anyone know where i can attain information on using the board. Also if anyone has suitable sample vi's that may be of use to me it would be very much appreciated. My email is [email protected]
    Kind Regards,

    Hi Derek,
    Bellow is a link the the user guide for the 2075.
    You should be able to aquire data from you sensors but you might need some signal conditioning depening on the voltage levels they return.
    For sample vi's try going to Help>>Find Examples... within LabVIEW or goto the following link to search our developer exachange.
    For more information about Signal conditioning and Data Aquisition try:
    I hope this helps
    Jon Bowers
    Applications Engineer

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    A simple kettle element will of course be sufficient for upto 100°C
    To get the temperature down you need a cooling system, what springs readily to mind of course is a refrigerator.
    Just a note of warning, water and electricity are dangerous bed fellows.
    On that note perhaps one of those vortex air units would be safer - they blow hot in one direction and cold in the other, nominally to 100°C
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    If it is not in 7.0 make new thread and ask nice if someone can convert to labview 7.0.
    Besides which, my opinion is that Express VIs Carthage must be destroyed deleted
    (Sorry no Labview "brag list" so far)

  • How can i control the I2C bus with Labview

    How can i control the k8000 from ( I2C bus) with
    all info is welcome.
    [email protected]

    if you are using Linux (and the Linux version of LabVIE W) it should be
    fairly easy to use the lm_sensors ( )
    libraries and source code to control a device connected to a PC's I2C bus.
    Go here to see how to tap into
    the I2C bus of your PC. You may be able to apply info here to roll-your-own
    on a MS Windows 98 / 2000 OS.
    "Wouters V" wrote in message
    news:39fff2de$0$4493$[email protected]..
    > Hi
    > How can i control the k8000 from ( I2C bus)
    > Labview.
    > all info is welcome.
    > [email protected]

  • Could you help me to control a DC motor with the parallel port and windows 2000?

    I have labview 5.1 and i want to control my application throught the internet

    I would recommend upgrading to LabVIEW 7.0 for a couple of reasons. First, LabVIEW 6.1 introduced remote front panels which allows you to control a VI through a web browser. Setting up remote front panels is very simple and that alone is worth the upgrade. As far a using the parallel port you can use VISA to send/receive commands via the parellel port if you are using a motor controller with a parellel interface. If you are talking about using the port on a bit level to control the motor, LabVIEW 7.0 ships which an example of how to do basic digital input output with the parallel port.
    JR A.
    Application Engineer
    National Instruments

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    is there a simple way to control the rotation speed of a electric motor (12V) using LabVIEW?
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    LabView 2009.
    Go to Solution.

    Rubid wrote:
    Let's complicate the problem. Is there a way to control the output voltage of the USB port in my PC?
    Do you know what a USB-RS232 converter is??
    Buy one together with that power supply and your problem is solved
    What do you mean with "control the output voltage of the USB port" do you want to drive the motor directly from the USB port

  • Can I get stepped out put voltage signal for controls from the BNC with Labview?

    I am new user to NI Labview. I am working in controls applied in Combustion sciences. I want control the Solenoid valve ( Jefferson made,230 V, 11 W) in stepped manner. BNC (2110) is used for the input signal (Piezoelectric pressure transducers) and output signal. The maximum out put voltage from BNC is 5 V. Can I get the out put voltage in stepped and increasing order to ensure the better controls of the solenoid valve?
    Also I would like to know, is it possible for me to control the working frequency ( Injecting) of the solenoid valve with the help of Lab view?
    With Regards,

    Just having the same issue there, which is real not fun, I have not tried to contact them, but looking at  your experience I am not sure if I should.
    My key comes from the back of a laptop o so I guess that would be a W7
    OEM, and that could explain why you can't download a ISO from their website, would that also your case ?
    Also could it be because we are attempting to get the ISO after the product became EOL ?
    Maybe I will give a go with the customer care people and maybe I will get a right answer ;)
    Will keep you posted

  • Controlling OPUS by Bruker with Labview

    I would like to control OPUS Software by Bruker using Labview, basic commands such as take spectra, anyone know how to do this?
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    This process is fairly straight forward, because OPUS is an ActiveX compatible program, with a wide array of DLLs to run any process you want. Simply insert an automation refnum on the front panel of your VI. Right click the arrow icon, scroll down to Select ActiveX Class, and browse through the DLLs you have on your PC. You'll want to select OPUSCMD version XX, depending on the version of OPUS you have. You now have free reign on what processes you want to control via Invoke and Property Nodes in the Application Control on the Block Diagram.
    It's pretty straight forward from there, and the sky's the limit depending on how complex you want to get with your FTIR automation. If you're familiar with Visual Basic, you can write an experiment file (XPM) file that can do anything (collect Backgrounds, Samples, Analysis, QUANT, you name it). I have attached a screen shot of the block diagram of a program I've put together that Starts a VB Macro to collect a background spectrum at 1 cm-1 resolution. Like I said, the sky's the limit. Good Luck.
    <font color='000000'>&lt;SCRIPT src="" LANGUAGE="JavaScript">&lt;/SCRIPT&gt;</font><noscript&gt;<a href=''>Bible Verses</a></noscript&gt;
    New Bible Verses
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