Conversion Agent Serializer

Hi All,
I am doing an IDOC to EDI File scenario, and EDI Conversion using Conversion agent. I have designed the Serializer from the standard library in Conversion agent studio. I need to to add the Line wrap for the output EDI file. How can i do this in Conversion agent studio?
Suman [original link is broken]

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  • Conversion Agent - Mail Adapter integration issue

    Hi Experts,
    I have a Conversion Agent Serializer for generating a text file on the receiver side.
    The Serializer works perfectly with the File Adapter on the receiver
    side and generates the text file.
    Now I have a requirement to send this file as an attachement in an email.
    When I include the Serializer Module in the File Adapter
    (Receiver), the email is not triggered.
    The Communication Channel Monitoring shows the following:
    2007-04-29 07:34:55      Success         Message successfully received
    by messaging system. Profile: XI URL:
    http://bibox01:50000/MessagingSystem/receive/AFW/XI Credential (User):
    2007-04-29 07:34:55      Success         Using connection
    Mail_ Trying to put the message into the
    receive queue.
    2007-04-29 07:34:55      Success         Message successfully put into
    the queue.    
    2007-04-29 07:34:55      Success         The message was successfully
    retrieved from the receive queue.     
    2007-04-29 07:34:55      Success         The message status set to DLNG.
    2007-04-29 07:34:55      Success         Delivering to channel:
    2007-04-29 07:34:55      Success         MP: entering 
    2007-04-29 07:34:55      Success         MP: processing local module
    2007-04-29 07:34:55      Success         TransformationName:
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         CM_Transformation_succeeded  
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         MP: processing local module
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         Mail: message entering the
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         Mail: Receiver adapter entered
    with qos ExactlyOnce  
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         Mail: calling the adpter for
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         Mail: call completed 
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         Mail: continuing to response
    message 4ee64c80-f5d0-11db-8932-000bcdcf4920  
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         Mail: sending a delivery ack
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         Mail: sent a delivery ack    
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         MP: leaving  
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         The message was successfully
    delivered to the application using connection
    2007-04-29 07:34:56      Success         The message status set to DLVD.
    The Audit log above states that the Serializer was executed successfully
    and the the Mail Adapter was called.
    The Message Content shows the Payload being generated correctly. But the
    Email is still not triggered.
    Could someone please provide some help with pinpointing the issue over here.
    Michael, are you there??
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Ahmad,
    The mail adapter works perfectly fine when I remove the Conversion Agent module from it. And the Conversion Agent module works perfectly fine with the File Adapter on the receiver side. So that authenticates that both the objects (Mail Adapter - receiver & Conversion Agent Serailizer module) are configured correctly as individual objects.
    I have used the following parameters in the receiver mail adapter:
    Transport Protocall: SMTP
    Message Protocall: XIPAYLOAD
    URL: smtp://
    Content Encoding: Base64
    Keep Attachments: <TICKED>
    Processing Sequence==>>
    Module Name: localejbs/
    Type: Local EJB
    Module Key: 1
    Module Configuration==>>
    Module key: 1
    ParameterName: TransformationName
    Parameter Value: <SerializerServiceName>

  • Conversion agent; CMException: Request IF_EXEC2 returned null

    Hi all,
    "CMException: Request IF_EXEC2 returned null"
    I'm trying to use a conversion agent serializer to ouput a file from PI 7.1 and am getting the above message in the receiver comm. channel monitor.  No idea what it means.
    This is my first use of conversion agent, so I'm not sure that everything is correctly in place, but the Conversion agent console set-up test works, and I've followed all the blogs I can find so I'm reasonably happy with it.
    Executing the script from the CM console gives me the transformation I want, so my serializer seems OK.
    The PI configuration scenario works fine if I use a receiver channel without the CMTransform bean module (i.e I get an xml file output), so that's OK.
    I get nothing in the NWA logs.
    I'm running out-of-process (64 bit PI system) and the console config looks OK per the admin guide.
    Any ideas folks ?

    That's an odd thing.
    When I run it in studio, it completes without any obvious error, but there's no "results" file.
    We had initially installed the 32 bit version (when I was on XI 3.0), and I ran the studio on the XI machine and the results file showed in studio.  But now, my studio is on my PC (not the PI machine).
    However, all that aside, when I execute the CM_Console with my project I get exactly the output I I'm sure that the serializer is OK.

  • Help for Using Itemfeild Conversion Agent

    Hi all,
    i have read several blogs and formus on the use of Conversion Agent software for performing EDIXML To EDI format conversion. Here is the problem i have.
    we are doing an IDOC to File scenario and in the Filesender adpater we need to configure and module which does the necessary conversions(EDIXML to EDI-834). I created an Serializer using Content Master Studio and deployed the project to the Content master Engine on the XI server. When i give the transformation paramters which are mentioned in the blogs below
    SAP Conversion Agent
    There are no erros shown in the SXMB_MONI or either in the Adpater Framework, but the target file is not being created. can anyone please advice me about how the module name should be set in the File Adpater(SP 17) and how can i check the erros in the conversion module in XI.

    Can you please pass the information if you have resolved the problem?

  • ItemField Conversion Agent - ContentMaster Studio

    I'm trying to convert an XI-XML Message to HL7-XML Message and not HL7 Flat file . I would like to use ItemFiled ContentMaster Studio and develop a Serializer to read the XI-XML Document and Convert it to HL7 XML Document which needs to sent across to FDA . I trying to get some material on creating Serializer i couldnt find any . If somebody could give me some link or some ideas it would be great . I did come across a white paper written by Prasad Illapani which is using library for the HL7 . Unfortunately my requirement is not there as part of the standard library .
    eMDR - Electronic Medical Device Reporting Using HL7 for Individual Case Safety Report . (HL7 ICSR XML File) .
    I appreciate any links and pointers .

    Check this blog

  • Error in XI while using standard EDI Libraries of Conversion Agent

    We are planning to use conversion agent for EDI to XML conversion using standard libraries.
    Right now working on EDI 867 and is working fine in my local system. But when we moved the contents
    to XI server, we are getting the following error
    andResale_Report_parsers_segments.tgp(547): is_optional is not a known profile or PT”*
    Can anybody help us to solve this issue?

    The module name must be localejbs/
    The parameter name must be TransformationName.
    The parameter value must be the conversion agent project name deployed in serviceDB. In the above example, the Tutorial_3 project from the documentation in step 1 is used.
    And also it was failed to update the log.See the folder access onceagain.
    many links provided in that blog itself ,plz check.

  • Sender Mail Adapter with SAP Conversion agent

    have some1 used SAP conversion agent on attchment from XI Sender Mail adapter?
    it seems to ignore the attchment of the e-mail
    the sender configuration module tab is as follows :
    1.localejbs/AF_Modules/PayloadSwapBean transform
    2.localejbs/ CM mail
    The paramters are
    transform swap.keyName Content-Disposition
    transform swap.keyName Content-Description
    transform swap.keyValue attachment
    transform swap.keyValue codeco
    CM TransformationName ZIM_CODECO_VALIDATIONS
    The Convesion Agnet runs prefectly when using the Conversion Agent engine
    thx,Shai Rosenzweig

    check with tis may helpful for you

  • Help required regarding Integrating Conversion Agent with SAP-XI

    I want to run a simple File to File scenario which involves integrating conversion
    agent. I gone through a webblog:Integrate SAP Conversion Agent by Itemfield with SAP XI
    I deployed the module and I configured the channel in the same way what was specified in the webblog.
    But when I run my scenario I found CM_TRANSFORMATION_ERROR as the error in communication channel monitoring.
    Can u please provide me the solution for correcting the above error, this would be a great help for me..

    see the below links - cc - fcc cOUNTER - conversion agent
    with item fiels.

  • Create EDI 997 with conversion agent

    I work with conversion agent by ItemField to convert EDI messages to xi and from XI to EDI.
    I succeeded to receive EDI 850, to parse this message and to transfer it to the IDOC and create purchase order.
    Now I try to send back to the customer EDI acknowledgment (997).
    I'll be happy to hear if someone use with conversion agent to create EDI 997.

    Hi Elad,
    What are 997s?
    997 Functional Acknowledgments are EDI transactions that a receiver of EDI transaction sets sends back to the party that sent the EDI transaction sets. All EDI transactions require an EDI 997 to be sent back.
    Here is an example
    Wal-Mart sends an EDI Purchase Order to a supplier. With EDI Standard X12, Wal-Mart expects a 997 to be sent back to them. The 997 lets Wal-Mart know that the supplier received the Purchase Order. It does not say that the supplier accepts the terms or conditions of the purchase order. It simply lets them know that the supplier successfully received the Purchase Order.
    Here is another example. A supplier sends Wal-Mart an EDI Invoice. Wal-Mart will send a 997 back to the supplier. The 997 informs the supplier that Wal-Mart has successfully received the invoice.
    CovalentWorks handles all of your EDI transactions for you, including 997s, as an outsourced EDI service. If you choose us as your EDI provider, our system will automatically send and receive all your 997 Functional Acknowledgements. And every one of them is processed for you at no charge.
    Satya Kumar..

  • Conversion agent mapping

    Does conversion agent or XI provide any out of the box mapping content to map conversion agent's EDI XML schema and IDOC XML? For example is there a mapping content (in CA or XI) between EDI_MSG_850_Purchase_Order and Orders.Orders05?  If so where can I get it?
    But I know it provides conversion of native edi to xml format via adapter modules.
    I read lot of blogs and forums, but couldn't find this information.

    Why dont u got for seeburger for the EDI mapping into XML,seeburger have the standasrd mappings which are predefined and u have to define them in ur module tab in adapter.
    Coverstion agant is a tool which will convert any type data that u imazine into XML but it done have the standard mappings predifined.
    Check links on
    Conversion Agent
    Check links on Seeburger.
    Please see the below blogs
    Details on XI EDI adapter from seeburger
    Check this for Conversions-
    SAP Adapters
    EDI with XI
    Reward points if Helpful

  • Urgent: IDOC to EDI with SAP Conversion Agent

    I have a requiremetn like IDOC to EDI ( Gentran ) scenario.
    We have decided to use SAP Conversion Agent to deal the same.
    Can anybody share their experiences on this kind of scenario.
    Needed step by step information to complete would be appreciated with the full of points.

    check with tis may helpful for you

  • INVOIC96a to EDI-XML by Conversion Agent fails, Special Character Problem

    with your help in another thread, I recognized that the EDIFACT INVIOC96a Parser of the Itemfield Conversion Agent has a Problem with special characters.
    So like described in this blog SAP XI supports EDIFACT i created a Library Project and tried to test the conversion.
    It is only working when no special characters are in the EDI file. If there a special characters insight the file, conversion agent say's no error, but the xml file is corrupted. In fact you can't display it in IE or by opening it with XMLPad it says "Not well formed".
    Hope that someone has an idea for this problem
    Thank you

    I have already faced the same problem when using Itemfield Conversion Agent.
    I solved the same with change properties of the project.
    In conversion agent project :
    opne the menu :  Project --> Properties --> Encoding --> Change the output Encoding Schema (None).
    use None in that schema in place of XML.
    Your problem can be solved.
    Sandeep Kaushik

  • Error in Conversion Agent Module

    I have tried to set up a scenario using conversion agent to transform a PDF file to XML. I followed the instruction steps in this blog <a href="/people/  .But the communication channel can't work properly. I check the status of communication channel in RWB, and it gives following error message:
    2007-03-14 10:22:00 Success Channel InvoicePDF_Sender: Send binary file  "C:SharefolderDemoinvoice.pdf". Size 14378 with QoS EO
    2007-03-14 10:22:00 Success TransformationName: InvoicePDF
    2007-03-14 10:22:00 Error Transformation failed; CMException: Failure while trying to create engine log C:/Documents and Settings/admin/Application Data/SAP/ConversionAgent/CMReports/Init/Events.cme- for more information see file://internal
    2007-03-14 10:22:00 Error Attempt to process file failed with com.itemfield.contentmaster.CMException
    However I have already granted the access permission of the event folder to user "<sid>adm" and "SAPservice<sid>". Even grant full control access to everyone for the folder, the issue remains unsolved. Hope someone can help to give some advice on my case. Thank you in advance.

    The module name must be localejbs/
    The parameter name must be TransformationName.
    The parameter value must be the conversion agent project name deployed in serviceDB. In the above example, the Tutorial_3 project from the documentation in step 1 is used.
    And also it was failed to update the log.See the folder access onceagain.
    many links provided in that blog itself ,plz check.

  • SAP Conversion Agent

    I have browsed the net for quite some time to get some idea about EDI message handling in XI using the SAP Conversion Agent (CA). I have understood what is CA all about. but i still have few questions unanswered.
    1. How flexible or complex it is to use the the CA as compared to SEEBURGER ?
    2. It is a must to use the EDI message parsing templates provided in the CA library ?
    3. the cost factor. I have read that it is free for development and test landscapes. but for production landscape, we need to pay some license fee. Will this deprive us of any key functionality in the Dev and QUA landscape ?
    I have gone throught the help document. Please help me find answers for the above questions.

    Hi SreeHari,
    Please refer to the link below,which might help you.
    [SeeburgerVsConversion Agent |Re: Seeburger EDI conversion Vs XI Conversion Agent EDI conversion?;

  • ANSI X12 meta data availability in conversion agent??

    Is there a provision for availability of ANSI X12 meta data in SAP conversion agent. We are trying to process EDI orders using the X12 INDUSTRY standard. Please advise.

    SAP Conversion Agent together with SAP Net Weaver, enables  to automate complex integration activities for a multitude of data and document formats. These include unstructured and partially structured documents such as Office files, data streams, printing applications, and other application-specific formats.
    Easily integrate unstructured and semi-structured data into SAP Net  Weaver Process Integration using the Conversion Agent.
    Conversion Agent dynamically converts unstructured messages from   Microsoft Word,Excel,PDF plain text. 
    Semi-structured formats such as HL7,SWIFT,HIPA, ANSI X12 and COBOL to   PI understandable SOAP XML.
              So that it helps to easily integrate the information need into the back-end systems. Conversion can also be used as the reverse process to convert from XML to unstructured or semi-structured formats
    Conversion Agent - Handling EDI termination characters
    Conversion Agent a Free Lunch?
    Integrate SAP Conversion Agent by Itemfield with SAP XI

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  • Target costs not displayed in process order

    Hi, We have set up a small PI scenario. The issue we are facing is that the target costs are not displayed in the order. Actual costs appear after confirmation, but target costs appear as zero. We have maintianed cost relevancy in work centers, defin

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    Help, every time I try to create a dv stream video I get file to large, I have plenty of hard drive space what am I doing wrong?

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    I am using BI Publisher as a web service so I need to get information about parameters of reports those information helping me to create forms like name data type, default values I can get only the parameters names by using getReportDefinision I need