Conversion of MS Word Document to PDF

I want to Convert MS Wod Document to pdf document dynamically. How to convert it in jsp.

I want to Convert MS Wod Document to pdf document
dynamically. How to convert it in jsp.I do not know what you want to do.What i did is i install openoffice 2.0.4 in my system and it's sdk.then follow sample code from link below :
(Just get it..don't really try it yet)
Good Luck.

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  • Word document to pdf conversions

    We have an application written in delphi. We need to develop an automated process to convert word documents to pdf format. I was wondering what was the best way to do this. Thanks.

    The Acrobat SDK only offers that type of conversion API to plugins (written in C/C++).

  • I receive an error message when submitting a pdf file for conversion to a Word document "... an unex

    I receive an error message when submitting a pdf file for conversion to a Word document "... an unexpected error has occurred..."   - is there a way to overcome this error?

    I received your Scan.pdf sent to [email protected] and had no problem to convert it via Export PDF service. Could you try again?
    Jyh-Jiun Liou

  • Convert word document in PDF,e pub,by using third party dll in Sharepoint designer workflow 2013?

    I want to convert word document to PDF,  EPub, by using third party (.dll).
    In SharePoint designer workflow in 2013.
    So that I have question, Can we Install third party (.dll) in SharePoint workflow Designer for conversion?
    Means I have created one simple application conversion of word to e Pub, PDF, Image by using (Spire.doc dll) in Visual Studio.
    So this same conversion I want to work in SharePoint designer workflows?
    So anybody has any solution then please provide me.

    it might be worth looking at these CodePlex steps, that plug directly into the Word Automation Services.
    It'll provide you with a configurable step like the below that should help you achieve your aims
    Steven Andrews
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    My Wiki Articles:
    CodePlex Corner Series
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  • Convert word document to PDF file in SAP

    Hello experts,
    I've been searching around to get some code examples to upload a word document and convert it into a PDF file and then store it in unix. I hope one of you can help me, because many explanations and threads exist, but I did not get wiser reading them...
    I don't want to use 3rd party tools to do the conversion, but do it directly in SAP with abap coding and if necessary spool processing.
    System details:
    SAP ECC 6.0 (unicode system)
    SAP_ABA     700     0014     SAPKA70014     Cross-Application Component
    SAP_BASIS     700     0014     SAPKB70014     SAP Basis Component
    Thanks in advance!

    You can get the spool no from transaction SP01 and later use this spool no to convert the word document to PDF
    using the function module CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF and give the import parameter as ur spool id.
    once the doc gets converted to PDF u can use CALL METHOD CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>FILE_SAVE_DIALOG
    to get the path where the file is to be saved and later give the path to function module GUI_DOWNLOAD to download the file.
    or else u can manually execute the following reports:
    RSTXPDFT4  (give the spool no. as input)
    RSPO0068  (give the word doc with its full path as input)
    Hope that helps u

  • How to automate the generation of several Word documents into PDF?

    I want to generate in batch processes the conversion from Word documents into PDF. Could you tell me how?
    Thank yoou.

    Thank you for your answers.
    But I would like to launch a batch to generate PDFs and I don't find any explanation in the Adobe documentation telling how to do.
    Do you have any idea?

  • Turn Word documents into PDfs

    Is there any way to use Automator to create a command so that I can turn Word documents into PDFs in one easy step?
    Thanks, Ken

    Hi "jhaystead",
    Apologies for making an incorrect suggestion. "Batch Conversion" is a feature in Acrobat 9 and above.
    I'd suggest you use the "Open All" sequence > Double-click it to EDIT > For "2. Run Command On:" choose "Selected Folder" and BROWSE to the input folder. Similarly for "3. Select Output Location", you can choose "Same Folder as Original(s)", click OK and then "Run Sequence".
    This would invoke the PDFMaker for conversion of Word documents to PDF and save the output PDF(s) at the folder mentioned, instead of printing and prompting to save the output each time Adobe PDF Printer is called.
    Plus, could you please check if the Adobe PDF toolbar/menu options are there in Word and working fine?
    When you said,
    "The only way I can get PDFs produced is to manually open each word document, then save it as a PDF. I haven't had any luck with multiple PDF creation." Were you printing the Word documents to Adobe PDF Printer or using the PDFMaker options?

  • Convert arabic word document to pdf using Inbound Refinery

    convert arabic word document to pdf using Inbound Refinery creating problem. After pdf convert the converted pdf changes to left to right instead of right to left.

    In that case you will need to look at the Adobe LiveCycle ES PDF Generator product, as it is licensed and suitable for server-based conversion.  Adobe Acrobat can not legally be used in the environment that you describe.

  • After installing Mavericks I can no longer save a new word document or pdf by typing the name of the destination folder in the Finder window.  The save button greys out.  Solutions anyone?

    After installing Mavericks I can no longer save a new word document or pdf by typing the name of the destination folder in the Finder window.  The save button greys out.  Solutions anyone?

    Please follow these directions to delete the Mail "sandbox" folders. In OS X 10.9 there are two sandboxes, while in 10.8 there is only one. If you're running a version older than 10.8, this comment isn't applicable.
    Back up all data.
    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:
    Right-click or control-click the highlighted line and select
              Services ▹ Reveal
    from the contextual menu.* A Finder window should open with a folder named "" selected. If it does, move the selected folder—not just its contents—to the Desktop. Leave the Finder window open for now.
    Log out and log back in. Launch Mail and test. If the problem is resolved, you may have to recreate some of your Mail settings. You can then delete the folder you moved and close the Finder window.
    This action will delete any custom Mail stationery that you have created. If you want to preserve it, ask for instructions.
    If you still have the problem, quit Mail again and put the folder back where it was, overwriting the one that may have been created in its place. Repeat with this line:
    Caution: If you change any of the contents of the sandbox, but leave the folder itself in place, Mail may crash or not launch at all. Deleting the whole sandbox will cause it to be rebuilt automatically.
    *If you don't see the contextual menu item, copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination  command-C. In the Finder, select
              Go ▹ Go to Folder...
    from the menu bar and paste into the box that opens by pressing command-V. You won't see what you pasted because a line break is included. Press return.

  • I'm having a problem saving a pages document as another format, like a Word document or PDF file.  I've never had this problem in the past.  Please help me!  I need to have this fixed a.s.a.p.

    Hello everyone,
    I'm currently having a problem saving a Pages document as another format, such as a Word document or PDF file.  I've never had this problem before with Pages.  Please help me!  I need to have this completed a.s.a.p.

    To save as a PDF, you do that from Print
    To save as Wrod format, you export

  • Acrobat 11 Standard Office 2010 Pro Convert Word documents to PDF not working

    Adobe community,
    I can create PDF's inside Word 2010 using the Acrobat Add-in but right clicking a Word document or dragging a Word document into Adobe Acrobat 11 Standard does not work. I have updated both Acrobat 11 and Office 2010 with the latest updates available. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi markl16215442,
    In order to convert word document to PDF by right-clicking or dragging the file, you must have Adobe PDF printer installed.
    For Windows, please check that Adobe PDF is set as default printer under "Start > Devices and Printers"
    While for MAC, Adobe PDF printer option is no more available and as it was removed with some changes in Apple's policy regarding virtual printers.
    So, check with your OS and then let me know.

  • How do I access Adobe from Word to convert a word document to pdf?

    How to I access an Adobe command in Word to convert a Word document to pdf?

    Certain versions of Word will have an Adobe PDF menu in the ribbon, which allows you to convert the Word file you're viewing to a PDF directly, maintaining all the links, bookmarks, destinations, etc. in it.
    The other option is to use the PDF Printer and print the Word document to a PDF. This will result in a "flat" copy of the file, without any of the meta-elements described above. Basically the same as printing it out, only you use a virtual printer that generates a PDF file.

  • Merging word document with pdf file how do you renumber pages?

    After merging a word document with pdf file, how do you renumber pages?  The pdf has more pages than the word document.  I first converted the word document to a pdf, using Acrobat Standard 9.

    Hi Petek ,
    After you merge the files or combine files ,click on the Page Thumbnails panel on the left hand side.
    In the Page Thumbnail panel ,right click and you will get a drop down list .Select the option "Number Pages".
    You will see a dialog box with several options .You can renumber the pages from there as per your requirement.
    Sukrit Dhingra

  • Have an Adobe PRO 11 user converting a word Document to PDF using PDFMAKER and all of the numbering is disappearing from left column,.  Has anyone had this happen and if so what is the fix?

    have an Adobe PRO 11 user converting a word Document to PDF using PDFMAKER and all of the numbering is disappearing from left column,.  Has anyone had this happen and if so what is the fix?

    Is it possible to post a sample page some place for us to try out (dropbox or Is your Acrobat updated? What version of WORD are you using?

  • How to convert a word document to pdf

    How do I convert a word document to pdf

    Hi dionel33514362,
    You can use either Adobe PDF Pack or Acrobat to convert Word documents to PDF.
    Adobe PDF Pack is an online service, which allows you to upload files and convert them to PDF via a web interface.
    See Acrobat Help | Create PDFs with Acrobat for information about creating PDF files in Acrobat. If you don't have Acrobat, please feel free to give it a try. You can download the free 30-day trial from the Acrobat link I mentioned above.
    Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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