Convert new projects to older...

Just uppgraded to Final Cut Pro 5.1.4 - at home
Have an ongoing project made from FCP 5.0 - at work
I would like to continue editing in 5.1.4 for a while and then continue workin
on the other mac, where the 5.0 version still i installed.
Is there any way to convert a 5.1.4 project down to 5.0?
Best regards and thankfull of any help.

But that will only get you the sequence. All the footage in your bin and all the organization you have in 5.1 will not convert to 5.0.

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  • A way around opening new project in older version

    Cummon' you tricky Wizards, there must be a way of telling my 5.1.4 FCP to read a 6.0.3 project.
    First one with a solution gets a Free Lollipop.

    Andy wins! Andy wins!

  • Converting newer Framemaker files to an older version?

    I am currently stuck on Framemaker 7.2 but have old Frame files from V8 that I would like to open with Frame 7.2. A lot of these files have formatting, tags, and techniques that I would like to be able to reference as needed for my current project.
    Word has its Office Compatibility Pack that lets people with old versions of Word open a new version. Is there anything similar for Framemaker? Even if I could convert the newer Frame file to MIF, then I could open that in my V7.2.
    I did search this forum for but could not find anything speciric to my problem.
    Michael F

    You will need to convert these files for older format using FrameMaker8. Ther are two routes through which you can accomplish the same:
    1. Open the files in FrameMaker8 and save them as "Document 7.0" files. There is option in FrameMaker8 to save FM8 files in FM7 format.
    2. Open the files in FrameMaker8 and save them as "MIF 7.0" format. You can open these MIF files in FM 7.2 and earlier versions.
    Rajat Bansal

  • Convert Project vs New Project / Import

    I currently have both PP CC 7.2.2 and 2014 8.0.0 installed on my Win 7 Pro machine, both of which have been running smooth and I personally haven't experienced and issues with 2014 8.0.0 - yet.
    Over the last several versions of PP since about CS5 or so I think, I keep occasionally seeing messages where a user might have opened an existing project file that PP has "converted" to a new project file and might have performance issues. I often see responses where someone will say "Make a new project and import the old one"...or something to that effect.
    Over the last few days I have let 2014 8.0.0 convert some of my existing 7.2.2 projects files. I would then do various test exports, work in the project, etc.
    I then created some new 2014 8.0.0 projects and imported the 7.2.2 projects, and again, did the same test exports, etc.
    I can't really find a difference or see a varying performance difference in either of the project files.
    So my question is this....What is going on "under the hood" so to speak when the new(er) version of PP converts an existing project file (no matter the version number) to the newer version of PP versus creating a new project file (in the new version) and importing the old version?
    I have hundreds of project files and I always like to convert them to the current version of the software so after several versions pass I don't get the "project is too old to convert" (which has happened to me in AE before).
    So I am debating should I just let PP convert them or is there a benefit / performance difference to creating new project files and importing the old ones?

    An event contains your media, your clips, video, audio, graphics. A project is your edited program. You can edit media from any event into any project.

  • I have MTS files imported from a Canon HD cam. They import into I movie and I see them in the Finder folders and they preview fine. I have a new project and some of the clips are freezing and some audio is now gone? Do i need a file converter and convert

    I have MTS video files that import from a Canon Vixia HF S20 HD camera. I imported into I Movie. They converted into MOV files and I see them in the movies folder in finder. They view fine and run through the events folder in Finder. In I Movie, I created a new project and used a "Theme". The project worked fine at first but then some clips started to freeze and some lost audio. The effected clips are the same in the project library and in the event library, meaning they are froze in both places. As I said when i view through finder the MOV files preview and work fine.  Is this inherent to MTS files using in I movie. SHould i consider using a file converter to convert to MOV files prior to importing into I movie.
    I found on Apple support site info that states the MTS files can only be imported through the camera. I am developing my back up procedures and now I am faced with backing up in the original MTS files but not being able to reload if necessary into I movie. Any suggestions?

    I'd like to add that after I import these clips without thumbnails, iMovie does give me an error and say that they could not be imported. No explanation as to why, though. Again, they play fine on my camera.

  • Can't burn new DVD on older iDVD project

    I made an iDVD project with all our summer pics for the kids, and burned DVDs for them. I got the pics from folders I'd made in iPhoto. Now I'm trying to burn another DVD and get the following message: Errors in Project. There were errors during the project validation. These errors have to be fixed before burning the project."
    I have no idea what the errors are - the only thing I've done since burning the original DVDs is delete the old folders in iPhoto. The pictures are all still in the library.
    Please help & thanks - J

    Does this mean that I have to somehow "save" or "lock" the folders that I've used to create an iDVD project?
    Just don't change any names or paths to images used in your active iDVD projects if you expect to reedit/reuse them.
    Once you have finished a iDVD project, save the encoded project as a disk image file. The disk image file is not dependent on the orignal source content file name/location. This will enable you to burn additional copies to writable media in the future. You can NOT reedit a disk image file without using something like DVDxDV to convert the mpg-2 content to something that can be reused by iDVD in a new project.
    If you have LOTS of external hard disk space, you can save your completed iDVD project as an iDVD Project Archive file. This will contain all the source material needed to reedit the project and as a result may be very large!

  • Converting RoboHelp project from v.4.1 to 8

    I have problems with converting RoboHelp project created in
    RoboHelp Office for Word version 4.1 into RoboHelp for Word version
    The project contains documents made in polish language.
    Project opens fine in new version of RoboHelp, but during help
    compilation to .chm file, I receive some errors. I found out, that
    most of those errors are caused by polish characters in document
    names. That's no problem - finaly I can modify it. However why it
    was not problem in older version of RoboHelp ?
    Real problem I have is with TOC - after compilation I don't
    have any polish letters in topic names: they are changed for other
    letters or characters.
    I've made a little project (one simple document in polish
    with few topics) in RoboHelp 8 with the same settings like in my
    original old project - unfortunately after compilation I received
    same errors with TOC.
    I think that I missed something in project settings, but I
    don't know what it may be. My other idea: RoboHelp doesn't support
    polish language anymore :( because I don't see it in list File >
    Project Settings > Language.
    Please help me to solve this problem.

    The information she provided was from QuickTime Player.
    It would seem that the tapes were shot that way (for whatever reason).
    She can try capturing the tapes again, maybe it will make a difference, maybe not.
    A couple of things to try before starting to recapture:
    Deleting FCP Preferences:
    Open a Finder window. Set the view mode to columns:
    Click the house icon that has your name next to it.
    Click the folder "Library" in the next column.
    Find and click the folder "Preferences" in the next column.
    Find and click the folder "Final Cut Pro User Data" in the next column.
    Move the files "Final Cut Pro 4.0 Prefs", "Final Cut Pro Obj Cache" and "Final Cut Pro Prof Cache" to the Trash and empty it.
    Open the project in Final Cut Pro. Go to the menu bar: Final Cut Pro > Easy Setup > NTSC DV > OK
    Menu bar again: Sequence > Settings > Load Sequence Preset > OK > OK.
    The procedure above has reset FCP to it's default values and set the project for NTSC DV.
    If the warning still appears, it is not an FCP problem.

  • New Project - New Problems or The day the Reaper died

    Ok, this is more like telling a story than a cry for help.
    The story is about a new project, new (great) results and the disaster that followed.
    Well story starts October 21st with me upgrading rig 1 with new parts. They came for my Opteron165 setup which oc'ed nicely but didn't make it far enough. So board, cpu and ram of rig 1 (sig) got replaced by the following parts:
    The new cpu is an Athlon X2 5200+ EE (TDP 65W), 2.6ghz, 2x 1024kb L2 cache, 90nm, F3 stepping.
    The board is from MSI (of course), a K9N SLi Platinum. Very nice board and luckily it is PCB version 1.2 which features a heatpipe while the older version just had a very bad cooling, passive aluminium heat sink. The older version is the one still to be seen on MSI product site.
    The new one looks therefor way better and stays cooler:
    In addition I threw a pair of the finest ddr2 ram in it. A 2gb dual channel kit of OCZs new DDR2 PC2-6400 Reaper CL3 Edition. DDR2-800 with 3-4-4-15 (stock), guranteed to work with 2.3volts.
    So suppositions for oc were great and I started:
    First of all upgraded the bios from 1.8 to the latest 1.10. Then I thought why go step by step, why not starting big. So I set HT clock to 250mhz, resulting in a cpu clock of 3250mhz (multi 13), Hyper transport link set to 800mhz (x4), ram very relaxed (divider 667, 5-5-5-15 2T). It didn't post but I thought solution is easy, forgot to set extra voltage for cpu. Next try at 3250 mhz with 1.25v and set 0.1v extra in bios. It didn't post. I set voltage to maximum but no luck. Tried again but this time I lowered the HT link to 600mhz (x3). Now it posted even with 1v extra and it also booted XP but seemed to be not very stable. So set extra voltage to 0.15v which enhanced stability greatly.
    After minor driver problems my old XP installation worked pretty perfectly with the new setup. Time had come to see if it was stable and I started Orthos. It seemed to be ok, 1hour no problems, 2hours, 3hours and bam... 3hours 40 minutes and that's it. I thought "Damn, but it will make it with more voltage". I added more voltage (0.2v extra) and started Orthos again but no way, at 4hours 32 minutes it stopped again.   
    I'm not easy to discourage and so I added 0.25v to the 1.25v vcore and tried another time. Still 250x13 = 3250mhz.
    And it worked!
    Orthos now easiely worked six hours when I stopped it myself to see if it would also be stable with more intensed ram settings. I set ram divider to 800mhz (1:1) resulting in DDR2-929 and timings to 4-4-4-15 2T.
    I started Orthos and left the machine alone... Outstanding 16 hours later it was still working!
    After 17hours 5 minutes and 50 seconds of running Orthos I knew I had a stable beast!
    It also worked with ram set to divider 667 (resulting in 406mhz or ddr2-812) and 3-4-4-15 2T. However 1T was a real killer, thats why I left command rate at 2T and were happy so far.
    Performance was really good and I wanted to know if this would increase my 3dmark06 results which were already great with old setup because of nicely oc'ed 8800GTS 320. The opteron could do 9572 3dmarks with it.
    The new setup easiely broke the 10.000 points by reaching 10306 points with cpu at 3250mhz, ram at ddr2-929 (4-4-4-15 2T), vga as seen in sig.
    It really seemed to be finished. The rest would be just playing around and going for suicide clocks. At least that was what I thought at that time.
    Before maxing it out I wanted to have the Vista 64 Ultimate installation also running with the new setup. I hadn't booted vista since upgrading to the am2 system, so I tried for the first time....
    Vista welcomed me with a blue screen instead of a logon screen. I was pi**** but aware it might not like changing from NForce4 SLi to NForce 570 SLI. Next step was trying safe mode but vista thought of blue mode and showed a screen of that colour. I thought "ok, maybe you dislike setup change" and so I went for a clean install. I even formated the partition and gave it a go. Installation was fine 'til first start. Well, it wasn't a start to be honest as vista told me it was not able to do this. Repair wasn't successful either.
    Assumption was now system is not making the oc clocks although proved to be stable under XP. So I removed any oc and loaded fail-safe mode in bios. Relaxed ram timings to 5-5-5-18. I started installing vista again, thought I could oc again when it is installed.
    Oh boy, how wrong I were...  The 2nd installation turned out to be as faulty as the first and I tried again and again... After installation failed nine times I were finally discouraged.
    I just wanted to boot XP for now, forget about installing vista and maybe ask here if it this was a known issue.
    Well, I didn't get to see XP. I was just informed about a missing file that also prevented to boot safe mode. I took my XP cd and started automatic repair. After this was nearly finished the first errors and notifications about unknown, missing or corrupted files appeared. Although XP made it to finish install and booted successfully. But this XP wasn't a real XP as many things didn't work. I couldn't install drivers because loads of errors and crc crap made working with it impossible. Clear install time! But no way, same issues like seen in vista.
    Now I were pretty desperate and I urgently needed an idea.  I came to the solution maybe I could try with single channel, using just one mem stick. I removed one and tried installing XP again. It worked without any issue. Even driver installation and other software worked without a problem. Now I were even able to install Vista.
    But still I didn't know what caused all the trouble. I had three suspects: Mobo, ram, cpu. I doubted in faulty board but cpu (failing to control dual channel) or the ram stick I removed were my favorites. As it was the easiest to try I put the other stick back in but used a slot combination that would cause single channel.  Booting Vista now turned out to be a disaster. Errors, corrupt files and so on. Same with XP.
    Conclusion: Dual channel is not the problem. Added mem stick was now suspect no.1. I took the first one out and started memtest. Memtest didn't show errors after 8hours. I wondered and started Vista. Result was the same as seen before with two sticks. Errors and access violations. Replaced this stick with the other one and everything was fine again.
    Next day I tried with a borrowed MDT 2gb dual channel kit which also worked without a problem. 
    Sad but true one of the Reapers is K.I.A. . Damn....
    Now I'm sitting here with a borrowed kit of value ram which luckily allows me to let the cpu run at 3250mhz with mem divider at 667mhz (result: 406mhz) and which I can luckily keep 'til I get another kit of Reapers. I have to send my current Reapers back to vendor these days and wait for the rma process and wait and wait....
    So what started greatly ended not so great. For now I'm sick and tired of seeing bios screens or installing windows and I'm also pretty pi**** because of all the data I lost. Some crucial ones among them.
    Main problem remains: I have no idea WHY the Reaper died. I never set any higher vdimm than 2.3v what should be ok for it. It never felt hot and was directly in the main airflow. Also I have no clue why memtest didn't find any error with the faulty stick.

    Quote from: flobelix on 30-October-07, 06:12:31
    Be aware that you have to keep an eye on shader clocks when oc'ing the gpu. With common tools you're oc'ing gpu and shaders at the same time. Since I'm suspecting a misproportion of gpu/shader clocks to be one of the reasons for problems with factory oc'ed Geforce 8 you should try with different combinations. With the latest Riva Tuner you can change 'em seperately without having to mod the bios.
    Memory is at it's end I suppose, that's the problem with most high end cards, no potential. Seems as you have to live with that.
    That's true for HD2900 series I think but as far as I know 8800GTX needs it even for stable working.
    Could be your psu is too weak, maybe really time for the new Corsair. On the other hand should be strong enough I guess.
    You're ungrateful! That good old 3500+ oc'ed so well and was once a real performer and you call him crap.... bad boy.
    "You're ungrateful! That good old 3500+ oc'ed so well and was once a real performer and you call him crap.... bad boy. "
    yes you are right the CPU perform great, but its just old..(is not CPU fault in direct sense )
    "Be aware that you have to keep an eye on shader clocks when oc'ing the gpu. With common tools you're oc'ing gpu and shaders at the same time. Since I'm suspecting a misproportion of gpu/shader clocks to be one of the reasons for problems with factory oc'ed Geforce 8 you should try with different combinations. With the latest Riva Tuner you can change 'em seperately without having to mod the bios."
    Yes im aware about it, but not this is the case.. i got instability even with 2Mhz on the GD more...SD remain @ stock 1350 and memory stock as well.. and go instability...
    Reversed story if i put everythink is stock, but +2Mhz more on the memory i got the same instability....
    "With the latest Riva Tuner you can change 'em separately without having to mod the bios."
    hmm nope here, its locked increasing GD clock inscrease SD clock as well. they are locked and increased in parallel.(etc, both in same time)
    "Memory is at it's end I suppose, that's the problem with most high end cards, no potential. Seems as you have to live with that."
    mem. chips used are for 1000Mhz the VGA stock, MSI is not OCed them.. so they must have potencial.. also VGA is adverted with DOT... at least its designed to handle till 5-6% OC, i have done few review(don't trust much here,but anyway its an info) and user opinion no problem to OC till 2100Mhz(1050). So i doubt that is memory problem.
    "Could be your psu is too weak, maybe really time for the new Corsair. On the other hand should be strong enough I guess."
    Yes that is the only conclusion which i can stuck at the moment... Good news is that i have talked with distributor today and they ensured me that will delivered tomorow for me. So tomorow i will know more about that mistery when i install the more powerful(and hope so great) PSU.

  • New Project Setting not working?

    Good Day, All..
    I am not getting the expected results when activating one of the new Project Settings in  10.0.7.
    The Setting is: "Control Change 7/10 controls Volume/Pan of channel strip objects"
    It seems as though it doesn't matter if i use Automation  -or-  MIDI Draw. The results are still the same. The channel strip controls respond (not the channel strip's device).
    Was especially hoping to use with Kontakt multi's.
    Anyone know the proper procedure for getting this to responde as expected?
    Thoughts / Observations ?
    Thanks.....  sls

    Make sure you are dealing with CC messages and not Fader messages.  If you create the MIDI automation and then change the setting preference it converts it from control to fader.  Look in the event list to confirm.  You'll also note two additional categories in the controller drop down of the piano roll inspector.  The two (Vol/Pan Automation) are fader messages.

  • New Project From MS Powerpoint

    I've just installed and licensed Captivate 7.  I am having problems using the New Project from MSPowerpoint or the Insert / Powerpoint Slide option for a Blank Project.  I have tried this with both .ppt and .pptx files which I can open and save in Powerpoint 2007.
    When I try to create a New Project from MSPowerpoint Captivate tells me it is parsing the file, then it converts the slides (only 2 slides in the presentation), and then it freezes, and does nothing and I have to close the application down from Task Manager.  Creating a new project and then using the Insert / Powerpoint Slide option also freezes.  I have tried this with more than one Powerpoint presentation.  I have also tried this with 'Run the program as an Administrator' set.
    I have also installed the 7.01 update, and uninstalled and reinstalled Captivate to check my installation.
    Has anyone got any ideas as to how to get Captivate to import slides from Powerpoint?
    Thanks for your help. t-for-os-x-mavericks-now-available.html
    Refreshing/deleting the Preferences folder is not mentioned, but that recommendation can be found in a lot of threads in this forum. Clearing cache regularly is another good practice, not with the files you are actively working on (they provide means to recover a file, besides backup that is by default not checked in Preferences).
    When importing PPT did you check High Fidelity option?

  • Creating a new project in 24p: 24p conversion method

    Good morning,
    I have created a new project from scratch in 24p.  I ensured that my settings were for appropriate to my configuration, i.e. DLSR 24p and more.
    Everything displays that I am now working, per the below in 24p 1920 x 1080 on my info screen.   Cool.
    However, when I set up my new sequence defaults I get this slightly confusing checkbox option displayed below for my playback settings:
    Is it true that the "24p conversion method" referred to in my playback settings within the sequence defaults refers to how any interlaced video I have will be converted into the 24p format?
    Matt Dubuque, 100 Trees

    Is it true that the "24p conversion method" referred to in my playback settings within the sequence defaults refers to how any interlaced video I have will be converted into the 24p format?
    No, it dictates how 24p material will be displayed on a standard 29.97 playback device, such as a television or monitor that is displaying your Program Monitor output via a 1394 (aka FireWire) device. It's only for external monitoring; it has no effect on internal (that is, in the Program Monitor) playback.
    The bottom line is that, unless you're using a connected DV device and monitor, you can ignore this setting.

  • Directory layout for a new project

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to divide (and hopefully conquer) a project in the company. Currently we're starting a new project and the word from the manager is: take this older project and make the new one (somehow the old project is a subset of the new one, but anyway...)
    The problem is this older project consists of a base project. So the dev's created an src dir for their project and another dir, lets say core for the base project. (and we're suppused to make this into a new project!).
    I'm relatively new in J2EE, but from what I've read thus far isn't this directory layout wrong? From my point of view we should divide the project in say:
    and it's sub-directory being a sub-project? When creating an ear it can contain multiple ejb jar's right? Like having core-ejb.jar, old-ejb.jar, project-ejb.jar etc. Is my opinion correct, or am I missing something?

    We are introducing a new feature in Flex 2.0.1 that's due out
    early next year. The feature is called "Modules" and it was
    discussed at this year's MAX 2006. You can read more about it on
    Roger Gonzalez's blog:
    - check the "Modular Applications" articles. I think this will go a
    long way to making the reusable parts you are talking about.
    Flex does not build things from instructions unless they are
    written in ActionScript. We have customers that do create dynamic
    interfaces based on data loaded from a database, so it is possible.
    But if you have pre-built templates and all you need to do is
    change certain aspects at runtime, it should be pretty easy with
    Flex. Take a look at the Flex documentation, especially the part
    about the Flex framework and how Flex sources are compiled into
    You style Flex components using style sheets (CSS files).
    This also includes specifying skins for components if you decide to
    give something a whole new look.
    I'm a bit biased here, but I think using ColdFusion (version
    7.0.2) with Flex 2 is very easy. But it depends on your needs,
    budget, deployment, etc. WIth CF 7.0.2 and Flex Builder 2 you get
    wizards to be build both CFC (ColdFusion components) and matching
    ActionScript objects so that you exchange objects, not just data,
    between Flex and CF.
    WebServices can also be used (with CF, too). This gives you
    more choices to the backend. If you have a large amount of data or
    it is complex, consider Flex Data Services as that has data
    management capabilities.
    Flex 2 has localization capabilties. You create a 'resource
    bundle' in various languages and build SWFs for each one. When the
    end user choses their preference, take them to the page that loads
    the appropriate SWF.

  • Problem import to "New project" in 3.1.2?

    After update to 3.1.2 import to "New Project" has started to show unexpected behaviour. Some pictures won't show in one project.
    Ex import creates two new projects"apr 23, 2011" and "apr 24, 2011". apr 23 shows all photos as it should. arp 24 do not show any photos. If I hover the mouse over the apr 24 project it indicates that there are "2 Versions" there should be 7 Versions?
    Both projects are in an Album structure "2011->April". When I select the whole album "April" I see the "missing" photos.
    I can create a new project and move the photos to it. That works.
    Anyone seen this in 3.1.2? It may be in older versions as well - but I just recently started noticing this.
    /regards Roger

    It could've been. I'm not very satisfied with how "Automatically split" correlates the date of the image with the date of the project. Oftentimes the last couple of pictures of the day (and not really late at that) gets assigned to the next day, and more often the first pictures of the next day gets sorted into the previous days project.
    I'm using iPhone and a couple of Canons. And I have checked the time on all of them recently as we changed to "Daylight Savings Time" not long ago. But I would have thought that that only would affect pictures taken around midnight, give or take an hour. And even so I'm only off GMT by an hour or two. Not many of my photos gets taken between 2200 and 0200 :-)
    But for the last incident I'm quite sure it has little to do with time as those photos that didn't show as expected were shot in the afternoon.
    And further clarify - during import I saw the photos under the correct date/project, blue tickbox and all. ANd they got imported into Aperture. Only they fail to be visible when I select the project where they were supposed to go. On one occasion they re-appeared after re-start of the application. But on another (other photos/in another project) did not. And re-start Aperture after import just to continue to work is not a good workflow for me ...

  • Trouble with iMovie '11 transitions and themes? I'm running Lion, Mac OS X and just noticed today that the transitions and themes don't seem to be working at all when I start new projects or try to add to old projects.  What is the solve here?

    Trouble with iMovie '11 transitions and themes? I'm running Lion, Mac OS X and just noticed today that the transitions and themes don't seem to be working at all when I start new projects or try to add to old projects.  What is the solve here?
    I've seen notes about clearing the cache but it seems that this is an older OS and I can't find the plist mentioned here because it's an older system. 
    Thoughts?  Anyone? 


  • Whats going on when after i have put my new project it tells me that cannot burn because my encode it too large for DVD

    I am trying to convert a video into a dVd i did one and it will not play on my blueray, but, at least it will do on my computer.  Now i am trying to do a different dvd and it tells me after i have downlowed my new project, that i cannot burn the idvd because it is too large check my encoded?

    The reason why your DVD will not play maybe your choice of disk.
    Was it a DVD + or DVD - ?
    Always use a good quality DVD blank disk, at least Verbatim and check what format your player will play.
    Next, to achieve the best quality export from iMovie, Share your Project to Media Browser.
    Then open iDVD and use the media button (bottom right) to import your movie.
    A possible reason that you are getting a too large error message is the time length of your DVD.
    The default setting in iDVD for Encoding is Best Performance (60mins) and you need to change this to either High Qualirty or Professional Quality which will allow more to be encoded on the disc (120 mins).
    iDVD > Project > Project Info > Encoding to change this setting and see on the Capacity slider if your project will fit.
    Otherwise check how much free space you have on your HD.
    PS Slow your burn speed down to x4 for error free results.

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