Convert Numbers spreadsheet to vertical vs horizontal layout

for example, caligrapher wants names and addresses for invite list to be vertical as she would address envelopes, not spreadsheet style that was created in Numbers.

Your use of "caligrapher" implies that the addresses will be hand written/hand printed on the envelopes, and the change from a row to a column is needed only to ease the task of the person doing that hand writing/printing.
A second table, using the formula shown should be sufficient to the task:
Enter the formula into A2 of the second table, then fill down.
Column D of the 'Data' table contains a single space in each cell. This text in necessary to produce the 'empty' line after each address. Left empty, the value of these cells would be interpreted as 'zero', as seen in row 10, containing the value transferred from Data::A4, an empty cell.
Functions used are described in the iWork Formulas and Functions User Guide, which also provides further examples of using these functions. The guide may be downloaded via the Help menu in Numbers '09.

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  • How do I rotate a Numbers spreadsheet for vertical printing?

    Have a mental block on this one. Can't believe its not blindingly obvious! But how do I rotate a spreadsheet to vertical so it will fit an A4 sheet in one piece?

    Knew it was obvious! and for those that dont know and would like to; orientation icons are at the very bottom of the page.

  • Help, How do I get rid of the grid marks when converting Numbers spreadsheet to PDF?

    I'm having an issue when Converting numbers documents in to PDF. When I export to PDF, I get an additional page or two of gridlines..
    I also get the chart lines and cell lines showing up on my PDF.
    My equipment is MacBook Pro Mid 2012 - OSX 10.9.2
    Running Numbers version 3.1

    Resize the table so it only contains the relavent cells for what you are printing by dragging the table resize controls:
    activate the table, then drag size control:
    Sized for data:
    you can also use the scaling control in the print dialog to adjust the content to fit the page:

  • I am having trouble getting a numbers spreadsheet to hold different formats in the same column.  A column with a date formatted heading will not convert to $ for the cells below.   Any suggestions would help.

    I am having trouble getting a numbers spreadsheet to hold different formats in the same column.  A column with a date formatted heading will not convert to $ for the cells below.   Any suggestions would help.

    Hi Wayne,
    Thank you for this response.  I have tried this but when I start enterring $ amounts some, such as $6.00, go in OK others such as $4.00 appear as a date ie 4 Oct 12.  
    Kind regards

  • Center vertically and horizontally with a single layout?

    verticalLayout has the horizontalAlign property, and horizontalLayout has the verticalAlign property.  How can you use a particular layout to determine the flow of the children, but also specify vertical and horizontal alignment?  In Flex 3 this was as simple as <VBox verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center">...

    Take a look at
    If you don't want to use extra containers then you could use Spacer components.
    For example to align vertically in the center:
    <s:VGroup width="200" height="200" horizontalAlign="center>
      <mx:Spacer height="100%" />
      <s:Button label="center aligned" />
      <mx:Spacer height="100%" />
    Or at the bottom:
    <s:VGroup width="200" height="200" horizontalAlign="center>
      <mx:Spacer height="100%" />
      <s:Button label="center aligned" />

  • Vertical & Horizontal layouts

    Hi All,
    Need some advice if possible? We have been give the task to covert a printed magazine into a digital iPad format. The client has sent us only the PDF's that are sent to the printers! we have cut and added them into a Vertical layout but we need to add them to a Horizontal layout - which we have done - problem is we are seeing double the horizontal spreads...
    We are new to DPS and folio builder and can’t seem to figure this out.
    This is how we see it - that is if its possible at all?
    Page 1_v   (veritcal)
    Page 1 & 2 (stitched together) for _h  (horizontal) mode
    So when they turn the iPad they can see it in landscape view... simple!
    Problem is we have when we come to “Page 2_v” we need to have “Page 1 & 2_h” again? so when the user reads it in Horizontal mode it will show “Page 1 & 2 twice” we cant have a blank missing page as the folio will say error.
    Hope that make sense...

    This is the workflow... but this is at the end off all the Horizontal pages and we still need to add verticals only after this..
    1) Set up duel layout v and h
    2) design... (this is the last horizontal page) we still have to add vertical pages only)
    3) Add in articles both V and H (as last H page)
    4) now we need to add only the vertical pages going forward..
    We add the name in  - turn off landscape layout as we have done all the H ones and wehen uploaded we get the below error...

  • How can I convert a numbers spreadsheet into a dynamic web form?

    Id like to convert my numbers spreadsheet to a dynamic web form. Can't seem to see a way.

    Not possible with Numbers.  You may submit feature requests to Apple by using the menu item "Numbers > Provide Numbers Feedback"

  • I can't open my numbers spreadsheet on my Mac, from iCloud

    I save my numbers spreadsheets to icloud as I need to access them on the go.
    Now that I have turned my Mac off and back on, I can't access any of my numbers spreadsheets from icloud.
    When I try to open one I get an error message that says "You need a newer version of Numbers to open this spreadsheet."
    I have the latest version.
    This happened a few weeks ago, and was eventually sorted when another update came through for numbers for my Mac.
    But this time I waited for the updated to catch up with Australia, but I still can't open them.
    I can however access then by sharing the document via icloud, but I can't use it in numbers on my Mac, and I cant save it to my Mac.
    Does anyone have any tips?

    It sounds like you may have mre than one version of Numbers installed on your Mac. and that the older one is attempting to open these files.
    If you were previously using Numbers '09, and upgraded to Numbers 3, the older version will still be on the Mac, enclosed in a folder named iWork '09, found in your Applications folder.
    Numbers 3 will also be in the Applications folder, but not enclosed in another folder.
    The two versions have different feature sets, and I would caution against removing the earlier version before ensuring that any features you have been using and that you need are supported in Numbers 3. Both versions can coexist on the same machine (and according to reports, can both be running at the same time).
    To ensure that you are launching the newer version, make sure you have it's icon on the Dock, and that you use that icon to start the launch. The icons for the two versions are similar—both are vertical bar graphs in 3D format. The difference is in the number of bars—three for Numbers '09 and four for Numbers 3. Once you ahve launched the needed version, use File > Open (or File > Recent items) to locte and open the file.

  • How can I make a title (text) on a postcard vertical not horizontal text?

    How can I make a title (text) on a postcard layout vertical not horizontal text?

    Insert it in a Text Box then rotate this one.
    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) lundi 13 juin 2011 16:20:28
    iMac 21”5, i7, 2.8 GHz, 4 Gbytes, 1 Tbytes, mac OS X 10.6.7
    Please : Search for questions similar to your own
    before submitting them to the community
    To be the AW6 successor, iWork MUST integrate a TRUE DB, not a list organizer !

  • How do I  save a Numbers spreadsheet as an ASCII spreadsheet

    I need to convert an Appleworks spreadsheet to a Numbers spreadsheet and then save it as an ASCII file in order to upload it to my internet site.
    Conversion of the AW SS to Numbers is no problem. However, unlike AW, there is no selection I can make in the "Save As" menu to save the Numbers file as an ASCII.
    Any suggestions?

    As you suggested, I copied and pasted my 450 row Numbers table into Pages (12 pages in total) and then converted it to text - I saved it to my desktop and renamed the file with a ".txt" tag. Then I uploaded to the server.
    The result when seen on the net is a page with 10 offices with total sales volume, units sold, etc. However, using the above procedure, while I do get the names of the 10 offices, I get no numbers.
    If any of you wish to contact my by email, I will direct you Peggy, Jerry and Brie, to the site to see the present result and future effort results.
    Thank you for your time and efforts.
    [email protected]

  • Exporting/ Sharing - Converting Numbers to HTML5?

    Is there a way - or a utility / app - to convert a numbers file to HTML5?
    I have a lot of numbers spreadsheets that contain popups, checkboxes, etc - and none of it will convert to Excel. I need to be able to exchange my files with other users, some of which don't have Numbers.
    Any suggestions for alternative ways to share are welcomed - provided I can maintain all my popups and other features. Thanks in advance.

    If you need to share with others it is important to settle on THAT before you develop the solution.  That said I am not aware of a translator.

  • How do i get a numbers spreadsheet from my mac to my iphone have the numbers app so

    i have a numbers spreadsheet on my macbook and the numbers app on my iphone.How do i get the spreadsheet from the mac onto the app on the phone so it updates through icloud

    Not according to Apple.
    From the document you referred to:
    iCloud makes it easy to move Pages, Keynote, and Numbers documents between your computer and your iOS devices. Just sign in to in any modern web browser, and all your iWork for iOS documents will be there — complete with your most recent edits.
    Also, according to Ted Landau (emphasis mine):
    To convert an iOS-formatted iWork document to a Mac-compatible format and transfer it from iCloud to your Mac, you must download the file from the iCloud website via a web browser.
    Which makes the syncing hack he describes in the rest of the article, which I do not recommend, far less useful.

  • Save a numbers spreadsheet as a simple text document?

    How do you save a numbers spreadsheet as a simple text document? I can't seem to find this option anywhere. Simply renaming the extension also seems to maintain rich text.

    An extension name is just a reminder helping us and the operating system to recognize which kind is the contents of a given file.
    Changing a trousers against a dress will not change Mr. Obama in Mrs. Clinton;-)
    Same thing for the files.
    At this time, Numbers doesn't offer the ability to export as a text file.
    Happily, our machines are delivered with TextEdit.
    Copy the block of cells of your choice to the clipboard
    Paste in an empty TextEdit document
    Format > Convert as text
    That's all folks.
    Of course, you may
    _Go to "Provide Numbers Feedback" in the "Numbers" menu_, describe what you wish.
    Then, cross your fingers, and wait _at least_ for iWork'09
    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE mardi 5 août 2008 18:07:34)

  • UIX: horizontal layout for messageRadioGroup

    We use UIX 2.1.7.
    In our application we have a few UIX xml pages that create a (dynamic) list of screen items based on database
    content. These screen items can be text items, date items, choise fields, checkboxes or radio groups, depending on what got queried from the database. In the UIX xml, we have implemented this by a table iterating over a DataObjectList with fields, and a switcher bean to render the corresponding UI widget for each field in the list.
    This all works very well, there is only one layout shortcoming we can't seem to fix. When rendering a field as a radio group, we use the messageRadioGroup tag, and use the childdata attribute to create the individial radio buttons. Unfortunately, these buttons are stacked vertically, while we would really like to have them horizontally because of the huge amount of screen space this would save (we sometimes have dozens of radio groups, all with 4 radio buttons. There does not seem to be a way to do that using the messageRadioGroup.
    I am aware of the possibility using the radioButton tag, but due to some issues with our (already very complex, conditional and nested) databinding and the code responsible for handling the screen when the user presses 'save', we REALLY prefer having just a single UI widget in the UIX page for a radio group, just as for all the other widget types as described above.
    Is there anything we overlooked in the messageRadioGroup tag, and if not will it be possible to include this functionality in a future release?

    Peter -
    We would much prefer to avoid introducing new layout behaviors into the radioGroup - and encourage clients that require different types of layouts to use the radioButton component. In your case, it sounds like you might benefit from putting your "horizontal" radioGroup layout into a UIX template, so that it can be easily accessed from your uiXML pages. For example, here is a sample template which implements a horizontal layout for radio buttons:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <templateDefinition xmlns=""
    <!-- define the template's type information -->
    <type base="ui:inlineMessage">
    <attribute name="childData" javaType=""/>
    <!-- define the content of the page -->
    <inlineMessage data:prompt="[email protected]:rootAttr">
    <contents data:childData="[email protected]:rootAttr">
    <radioButton data:name="[email protected]:rootAttr"
    And here is a sample UIX page which uses both a standard messageRadioGroup as well as a horizontalMessageRadioGroup to render the same set of inline data:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <page xmlns=""
    <templates xmlns="">
    <templateImport source="horizontalMessageRadioGroup.uit"/>
    <dataScope xmlns="">
    <data name="RGData">
    <btn txt="Longer name" val="Val0"/>
    <btn txt="Name2" val="Val1" selected="true"/>
    <btn txt="Name3" val="Val2"/>
    <!-- First, a vertical group of radio buttons -->
    <messageRadioGroup name="group1"
    prompt="Verical Group"
    data:childData="[email protected]"/>
    <!-- Now, a horizontal group -->
    <demoTmps:horizontalMessageRadioGroup name="group2"
    prompt="Horizontal Group"
    data:childData="[email protected]"/>
    Please give this solution a try and let us know the results.

  • Horizontal layout for images or video

    Hi, Sir
    May Check with you how coldfusion can layout for images or
    video in horizontal way? the default is vertical when we use
    cfoutput. what founction and tag support, or we had to design a
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    The example web page horizontal layout is the,
    like URL:,
    All the video were layout in horizontal.
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