Convert to Question Pool random questions?

We are updating a course we developed last year (prior to
Captivate 3). This year we want to apply Captivate 3's "Question
Pool random questions" to this course. Is there a way to create the
question pool(s) in this existing quiz, and then add last year's
questions to them without having to re-enter each question into the
Question Pool Manager?
Thank you for any tips!

Hi Jan
Sure thing. Just convert the version 1 or 2 project to a
version 3 project. Then define a Question Pool. Once you have done
that, switch to Storyboard view. Select the question slides you
wish to add to the pool and right-click. You should be presented
with an option to add the selected slides to the pool.
Once you have moved the question slides to a pool, you would
then insert Random slides that point to the pool.
Cheers... Rick

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  • Convert quiz question to random question?

    I'm using Captivate 3 and have a pool made up of 55 questions. Now I realize I should have created them as random questions. Is there a way to convert them? And I'm not sure where to go to specify that I want to use 50 of the questions when I publish the project. I didn't see it in the guide.

    Hi again
    You are almost there.
    sage1990 wrote:
    ...I didn't realize that the random question slide simply pointed to an existing question...
    The Random Question slides each point to a specific Question Pool. You define the pools and which questions go into each pool.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • HTML random question score incorrect.  SWF works fine

    Question pool 25 questions. Random Question slides inserted. All questions set to score 1.  24 are multichoice, all standard.
    Published as HTML
    Score reported is 1 out of x. 
    I have tested with 3, 5 and 25 random questions from the pool.  But the score is always 1 out of x
    Published as SWF
    Works correctly
    I really need the HTML version.
    Closed, reloaded.  Saved as - retested. Turned it off and turned it back on. Sacrificed a mouse...

    Correct questions
    ....Should be same as total points scored anyway as there is 1 point for
    each question.

  • AC4 - Random Question - the flv files are played automatically! What is the problem?

    I have a problem under AC4 -   random questions created from a question pool with questions containing "flv" files  -  are played automatically (as if the "Autostart" option was ticked") If I move all the questions with video (flv) into a filmstrip, I can decide when to play the video. How can I deal with this problem? I need those type of questions to be chosen randomly but the user has to decide when to play the video.  Any ideas?

    I have a problem under AC4 -   random questions created from a question pool with questions containing "flv" files  -  are played automatically (as if the "Autostart" option was ticked") If I move all the questions with video (flv) into a filmstrip, I can decide when to play the video. How can I deal with this problem? I need those type of questions to be chosen randomly but the user has to decide when to play the video.  Any ideas?

  • Questions are not randomizing in question pool

    I have 30 questions in my question pool.  I have 10 random question slides but everytime I go to quiz, the same 10 questions come up.   I need help in troubleshooting this, please.

    Once you launch a module and it sets up the specific questions that will be selected from the pool for that session, those are the only 10 questions you are going to see, no matter how many times you hit the Retake Quiz button.  That is normal behaviour.
    However, if you close down the module entirely and relaunch again at a later time, in theory you should stand a chance of seeing at least some different quiz questions.  If you are consistently seeing EXACTLY THE SAME set of 10 quiz questions even after completely closing down and relaunching the session again, then that would be regarded as a randomization failure and you should report the bug to Adobe.

  • Random Questions not selecting Pool

    Intermittently, a pool question is bypassed in Cap6.
    I have 3 random questions slides, each linked to one of three pools.  I named each question Q1P1, Q2P1, etc. for tracking purposes.  Not all pools are having questions used.
    Has anyone else been able to ensure that each pool has a question used (which is what the random question slide linked to a pool did)?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give on this issue.

    Thanks Rod. I tried both of your recommendations, and it seemed to work on my system. But, on another system, it was specifically NOT random for the pools.  It seemed to randomize the questions, just not the pools.
    Here are the test results from the other system:
    Try 1
    Q1 Pool 1
    Q2 Pool 2
    Q3 Pool 1
    Try 2
    Q1 Pool 2
    Q2 Pool 1
    Q3 Pool 1
    Try 3
    Q1 Pool 3
    Q2 Pool 3
    Q3 Pool 2
    Try 4
    Q1 Pool 1
    Q2 Pool 2
    Q3 Pool 2
    Any ideas?

  • Grabbing Random Questions for the Question Pool

    Hi Everyone,
    I am interested in exactly how the Random Question Pool
    works. Let's say there are 50 questions in the question pool and
    you want 10 questions from that question pool of 50. When you
    publish I understand you will get 10 random questions from the 50
    questions. Then when you run your published project are you always
    going to get the same 10 questions or another 10 of the 50 pooled
    questions everytime your run that same published project? Or do you
    have to publish again, calling the quiz another name to get another
    10 of 50 questions from the question pool? I appreciate the help on

    Hi slewis6337
    It is my understanding that each time you
    display the Captivate output, you see a totally random
    question. So if your question pool contains 50 questions, each time
    your Captivate output presents the random question and draws from
    the pool, it is truly drawing a totally random question.
    I do believe that Captivate does keep track of which
    questions have been used in the pool. To test this, try creating a
    pool containing three questions. Then create four random question
    slides that point at the pool. Then try running the Captivate. You
    should see that as random question number four is encountered, the
    screen goes totally gray. This is happening because you have
    exhausted the question pool.
    Sincerely... Rick

  • Captivate 8: Can I create a random question pool from existing quiz slides?

    I made a quiz for a client, published it out and everything works perfectly.  Now the client has decided that they want the questions to be random.  I have tried to add my existing question slides to the question pool, however I have no idea how to do this correctly.  Nothing I try seems to work - the only tutorial I could find was on the Adobe site and it simply said to create a question pool and then drag the slides to the timeline, replacing the question pool slides with the existing slides.  But I cannot drag the slides for some reason, and I am very confused about these directions, they don't seem to mesh with my version of Captivate.
    My questions weren't part of a question pool when I developed this quiz as I had no idea such a thing existed. And now I see through every tutorial I find, a question pool is necessary for randomizing the questions.  So, my question is... is there a way to do this with existing question slides, or will I have to start all over again? 

    Hi there
    Should be even simpler. Select the question slides and right-click. There should be an option to send them to the desired pool!
    Cheers... Rick

  • Certificate Widget and Random Question Slides

    I am in the process of evaluating Captivate 4. Twice now I have had an issue with using the random question slides with the certificate widget. In both cases I converted a Captivate 3 course in which the random question slides and corollary question pools had worked as they should. In both, I successfully added the certificate widget to the new course (Captivate 4) following the instructions in help.
    In the first course, only one question pool would work. The others simply showed up as a blank slide. I was able to fix that by merging all the questions into the one working question pool. Wasn't the way I had wanted to randomize the questions, but it allowed me to publish the course. The certificate widget did work.
    In the second course, none of the questions pools are working and the published version of the course skips right past the random questions that had been interspersed after each topic area. One again, this course had worked just fine in Captivate 3 and with Captivate 4, without the certificate widget. I do not wish to combine all the questions into one question pool. As I noted, I published the course without the widget and the questions worked just fine.
    This leads me to believe that I am doing (or not doing) something when I include the widget that is causing the problem. I can't imagine what that would be, but the fact that no one else seems to have posted this issue makes me think it is something I'm doing.
    I am not using an LMS. I'm publishing to .html file that resides on our LAN.
    I hope someone can help!

    Hi Peter,
    A number of users (myself included) have encountered issues with the random question slide feature - some of which is due to browser cacheing. If you can spare the time please use the web address I have included below to report this issue to the Adobe Captivate team.
    Adobe Captivate Feature Request/Bug Report Form 
    Best - Mark
    Visit the macrofireball blog

  • How can I get Captivate to score across multiple question pools?

    I have set up a Captivate assessment as follows:
    A core set of 50 questions will be presented to all learners
    Depending on where the learner is, he will receive an additional 10 questions from one of 5 location-specific pools
    Learners will see a total of 60 questions
    I have my question pools set up and branching correctly, and am using the Branch Aware option to assist with this and the progress indicator. Before the first question I have the learner click one of several buttons (not quiz elements) to set a location variable, and after presenting the core questions I use this variable to determine which random question slide to jump to next (with set of slides pointing to a different question pool). After asking the 10 random questions from that pool the learner is then redirected to the review slide so only one set of location-specific slides is encoutnered on each attempt.
    All of that seems to be working as designed but the scoring is not behaving as I had expected; despite the fact that all questions are asked before the review slide is presented (i.e. all questions are within the quiz scope in both the edit-time and run-time sense) the review slide only reports results from the first question pool. For example, in a test file I reduced the question slides for the first pool to only display 2 questions, for a total of 12 presented, but my results show "0 of 2 correct" or "2 of 2 correct." The pass/fail results of the module match the review slide, so this is not a simple display issue; if I miss either of the two questions from the first pool I fail regardless of what happens in the second pool.
    What am I missing? Surely there wouldn't be the option of using multiple question pools if only one could be graded ...
    I am working on Captivate 6.0.1 64-bit for Windows. FWIW the file was originally created in Captivate 5 and has since been upconverted, but the additional question pools weren't introduced until after the conversion processes so I wouldn't expect this to be related to residual crud left over from that process.

    Thanks for the quick response ...
    I had already tried deleting the review slide itself, though Captivate wouldn't let me - it just hid it. I tried again using the method you recommended but the slide remained in the filmstrip, so I tried deleting again, then re-added it from the Quiz Settings page ... no joy, same behavior as before.
    I checked the Advanced Interaction page and confirmed that all of the scored questions were configuredthe same way as the non-scored questions, with the only difference being the pool that they were drawing from.
    Other thoughts? I am by no means a Captivate expert but this one really feels like it shouldn't be this hard, and I'm more than a little afraid that it's the file itself that's jacked up ...

  • Flash Security Settings and Random Questions not Displaying

    Hey folks,
    I created a Captivate 4 project with 3 slides and a question pool of about 70 questions in which I am randomly pulling in. I am using IE7 and Flash 10. Publishing in Flash 10. If I publish or view in Preview in a web browser the project launches, plays the first 3 slides, and then goes blank when the first question should appear. Note: previewing the project AND publishing the project as an .exe does launch and display all the questions correctly. It ends up being a flash security issue. I went to the adobe site and via the Adobe Flash Player Security Manager" I entered in the main .SWF captivate-generated file as a trusted file and then re-ran the published captivate project and it ran correctly. Question is ... what do I need to do to set up flash or my project so I don't have to do this for every new project that I deploy? I don't want to have the users have to go in and add whatever I deploy as a trusted file. It's also a little confusing as to why the first three slides played and it stopped at the questions ... seems like if it's not a trusted file, that it wouldn't run at all.
    Thanks for any help!

    Hello again
    I think I'd be investigating a temporary web server to host on until things are ready. Here's where it will help.
    By providing files to the end users, if you are copying files over you end up having to explain how to save the files. You then have to walk them through setting the Flash Security so they can properly view. It all just becomes a pain in the kazoo.
    If you can find some server space, you simply upload the content and provide a link for the users to view the content.
    Other than that, if you are insistent that copying is the way to fly, I might suggest you establish a known location where you want everyone to copy their files. Perhaps C:\TestFolder. Then provide some instruction on how to configure the folder with the relaxed Flash Security. From there forward, anything they copy to the folder should need no security adjustment.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • Resolution of question pools

    I have created a pool of question from which I want to add
    random questions to a few different presentations but when I import
    the question pool and then add a random slide to the project the
    question is cut off by the size of the project. I think I was in a
    project that was 1024x768 when I created the questions but when I
    add the questions to a project that is 640x480 the question get cut
    off. I just thought the text would wrap and the answers would just
    move down but this is not happening.
    If anyone has any suggestions how I can get round this
    without having to enter in all the questions again

    Welcome to our community, IDWT
    Have you tried opening just one of the questions for editing
    in the smaller project?
    Sometimes that is all that is needed with some applications.
    You may find that the elements pop into the viewable area if you do
    Then again, it may make no difference whatsoever. Nothing
    should be lost by trying to see.
    Cheers... Rick

  • Two random questions

    hey guys.. i have two random questions..
    1) when you recalibrate your battery... after you drain the computer and leave it for 5 hours.. when you RECHARGE IT (before its fully recharged) are you allowed to use it? or are you only allowed to use the macbook AFTER it's recharged... (because in the instructions it only talks about using it for the 2 hours AFTEr it's rechaarged)
    2) also... i always wondered if there was a better alternative between amc the ripper and handbrake (since mac the ripper apparently can rip different region coded dvds)... but ir ealised mac the ripper does FULL dvd rips whilst handbrake converts it into like mp4 and stuff... is that true? (as in.. u cant do vice versa on each?)
    thanks a buncho everybody! go the mac..

    2) I use handbrake if I am planning on watching the
    DVD on my ipod etc and Mac the Ripper to copy
    (Backup) full DVDs. Obviously I do this in America as
    it's illegal for some reason in the UK.
    It is illegal in the US too. Seems "fair use" does not apply to DVDs and disabling the copy protection (which you do when you rip your DVD via mac the ripper or handbrake) is against the law.

  • Cp4 - question pool - time limit not working

    I am putting together a bunch of quiz modules & I am having so many problems with this, it's driving me crazy!
    I am using question pools & I have a bunch of questions in my pool.  I am trying to edit the questions to place a time limit on each one.  When I edit the question, I choose the Options tab & select Show time out message. I then choose the Reporting tab & enter a time limit of two minutes.  Yes, the Time limit selection box is checked.
    Now, when I look at my question slide - there is no time out message & when I publish my module... the question has no time limit!
    The crazy thing is that I have been putting these modules together all day & this is the first one that is acting this way!  I have successfully added time limits to other quiz modules.
    One thing I tried.. was to save the problem captivate file & then re-open... but when I look at each question's properties - they all have the time limit defined.  So it is saving the info, it's just not implementing it.
    I'm running into all kinds of crazy problems with my question pools... (among other things, the question pools manager won't save any of my edits to the questions!)
    any advice?
    thx in advance...

    Yes, I have a few threads going... I'm having a lot of problems!
    The other thread that Rod is helping me with is related to a different issue.... although it's still quiz-related.
    Here is a quick outline of what I'm doing here.  I have a small file that I'm using as a template.  It has 44 slides in it - 2 intro slides, 40 random quiz slides, and 2 ending slides.  I have a question pool defined that has one question slide in it - I'm just using this a placeholder for now.
    So, what I'm doing is using the template file as a starting point.  I then copy/paste question slides from other captivate files into my question pool.  I am creating a master quiz based on previous quizzes.  So there are anywhere from 9-12 captivate files that I'm taking questions from and copying into my new question pool-based quiz file.  This is where things are going wacky.  The problems I'm running into are really unpredictable.
    I'm thinking maybe the files that I'm taking the questions FROM might be corrupted in some way? Although, in the original files, the questions do NOT have a time limit.  This is something new I am adding after I bring them into my question pool.
    I will do what you suggest... if you have any other ideas, I would surely welcome those as well!!
    Thanks Lilybiri...

  • Quiz slide not advance when using question pools and advance answer options?

    I am using CP 5.5. I created a small test where I have just 2 question in a question pool.  The questions are using the advanced answer options to show some specific feedback. When I insert the questions in to the project using a random question slide, after the user answers where you should be able to press Y or click to move on, I click, but nothing happens.  You can't get off the quiz slide.  The quiz slides work fine when they are inserted in the project as reqular quiz slides, but not when they are being pulled from a question pool.
    Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround? Anyone else run in to this?

    I was having the same problem on the last Random Question slide (total 10 RQ slides), and was able to fix it by following the next steps:
    Make sure Quiz: Pass or Fail actions are set to Continue for both Passing and Failing actions in the quiz preferences.
    Delete the RQ slide not advancing, then duplicate one of the RQ slides working, and assign your question pool to the new slide if different from the original duplicate. This step will make sure you are using a good working RQ slide.
    For some reason, my last RQ slide was corrupted and wasn't advancing to the Score slide at the end of the quiz.
    I can finally finish this project.
    Good luck.

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