Converter box not recognized

I just got a new computer with imovie 5.02 and now my Sony DVMC-DA1 converter box is not recognized. Do I need to replace it or is there a way to make this work?

I only have one firewire port to work with on my Powerbook and two empty ones to work with on the emacs. The ports are not suspect. I have hooked firewire hard disks to it and confirmed that they work by doing firewire networks between two computers as well. So I am nearly certain that the firewires are not the problem. Canon responded to me telling me to try a new firewire cable (ha ha). They also said to check out if the camera is transmitting to alternative devices (TV input jacks). If they don't work then the cameras are dead. The DV box is a Canopus OHC-55. That causes the infamous firewire error (kernel[0]: FireWire (OHCI) Apple ID 31 built-in: no valid selfIDs for more than 2 minutes after bus reset.) in the console so I know that the box could be suspect, but it still doesn't make sense why the camcorder doesn't work. I may resort to checking out some old old versions of iMovie to see if they see the camcorder. This is simply baffling. I will go to the apple store on thursday if time permits. This is really baffling.
PowerBook 12" 1.33Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   768mb RAM
PowerBook 12" 1.33Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   768mb RAM

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  • VCR/DVD combo (maybe without a tuner) to use with a converter box?

    The VCR that I've been using is starting to chew up tapes so I'm looking for a replacement.   I've had my eye on a Magnavox ZV426MG9 VCR/DVD tunerless combo since the manual I looked up online indicated that it could be connected to a converter box.  However, some negative customer reviews of that unit and the Magnavox unit WITH a tuner, ZV457MG9, make me wary of getting that one.  Also, my stepfather has said that he's had problems with previous Magnavox recording devices he's owned.  So does anyone have any recommendations for a VCR/DVD combo unit, with or without a tuner, that can be connected to a converter box that they could recommend?  Since I have a converter box, I figure I may not necessarily need a tuner but it has to be able to be connected to a converter box, not just a cable or satelite box.  I'm thinking of copying movies that I've recorded on VHS to DVD to increase my supply of usable tapes.  I record cartoons that I watch every day.  Also, since I don't have a lot of money to spend, I'm considering factory refurbished or used items.  On ebay my spending limit is up to $100.  Each time I think I think I can afford to order what I need, something else comes up that needs to be paid off and I keep having to put it off.   And I don't suppose I can put a Geek Squad service plan on something I buy somewhere else.  If I can, let me know how that can be done.

    Thanks. Changing the channel isn't really an issue for me since I usually only record one channel a day and that's cartoons in the morning.  If I need to record anything else in the evening, I've usually at home to reset the VCR and set the channel on the converter box.  I figured out how to record from a converter box on a VCR and wrote a post about it on Best Buy's digital tv transition board before they took that board down.  And I have done some research on tunerless VCR/DVD combos from looking up the manuals online and contacting the manufacturers directly and found that not all tunerless units can be set up to converter boxes. Some can only be connected to satelite or cable boxes, or at least the manuals only include instructions for connections to cable and satelite boxes and nothing else or the manufacturers claim that connections are only possible to such devices.  As for Panasonic, my stepfather bought a Panasonic unit and had terrible luck with it and so I am staying away from that.

  • Is there a way to restore photos from Drop box to my desktop iPhoto in a large batch instead of one at a time? I tried and a zip file was downloaded but won't open. Says file format not recognized.

    Is there a way to restore photos from Drop box to my desktop iPhoto in a large batch instead of one at a time? I tried and a zip file was downloaded but won't open. Says file format not recognized. I see how to do it one at a time with the "download" button in Dropbox but that's so cumbersome for lots of photos.

    Have you tried these avenues?
    Contact us - Dropbox
    Dropbox Help Center
    Dropbox Forums
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  • I can not perform software updates or download any programs. They appear in the download box as images that are not recognized. How can I fix this?

    I can not perform software updates or download any programs. They appear in the download box as images that are "not recognized". I thought maybe my antivirus software was setting up a firewall, but I have disabled it, so that's not the case. Any suggestions as to  how I can fix this?

    If the downloads are gone, it's possible that Windows is removing the downloads based on security policies set in IE. I realize that sounds strange, but it's related to Firefox's feature of submitting downloads to your virus scanner and marking them as having come from the internet.
    To test this theory, you could try disabling the scan feature. I assume you have good "real time" antivirus protection which checks every file saved to your hard drive. (If not, you really should get that, and you can use Microsoft's free [ Microsoft Security Essentials] for now until you have time to review all the available choices.)
    (1) In a new tab, type or paste '''about:config''' in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.
    (2) In the filter box, type or paste '''scan''' and pause while the list is filtered
    (3) Double-click '''''' to toggle its value.
    Firefox now should ignore Windows' download security. Does it change how Windows handles the file?

  • DNG Converter Not Recognizing .CR2 Files

    I have a new Canon EOS 5D Mark II and CS3, so I cannot view the CR2 files from the 5D in Bridge in their native format.  I read all the posts and upgraded to ACR 4.6, then upgraded the camera profiles to those in the ACR 5.2 package (the one that includes the 5D Mark II).
    I then read that I need the DNG Converter to generate DNG files from the CR2 files, so I have installed DNG 6.3.
    Problem now is that the DNG Converter will not recognize any CR2 files on my machine, neither the new 5D Mark II CR2 files of my old Rebel CR2 files.  When I navigate to a folder containing CR2 files with DNG it says "No images have been selected" in the "Select images to convert" section of the GUI.
    I have no idea what to do, I need to get the DNG Converter working to view the files from my new camera in Bridge.  Help!

    I wish I could say your solution worked - but it didn't! I have a Canon T2i, the very latest version of the  Adobe "converter" (8.4) - and it refuses to recognize/find any Canon RAW (i.e. CR2) files. My desktop is 2 years old with lot of horsepower, Win 7, plain vanilla etc.
    Step 1: Folder Selected ("Bonaire 2006")
    folder selected.jpg
    2. When I press "Convert", I get:
    No CR2 files recognized.jpg
    Another view of the problem:
    after getting this: (BTW "Bonaire" is stuffed with CR2 files). Same problem all folders
    no items match your search - say what.jpg
    I've used a thousand utility programs for any number of purposes - something is amiss here - prompts or not!

  • I find that I am unable to receive updates.  When I try to re-install, the serial number is not recognized.  I have a retail, boxed, full-version of PS6.

    I find that I am unable to receive updates.  When I try to re-install, the serial number is not recognized.  I have a retail, boxed, full-version of PS6

    Call Apple or an Apple Store in your city and ask them.  Or do a Google search.

  • I have downloaded the firefox 3.6.3, however My macbook, OS 10.6.3 has dialogue box reading" The following disk image couldn't be opened reason, not recognized. What are the next steps?

    I have downloaded Firefox 3.6.3dmg, however, when I attempt to open I get the following dialogue box: The following disk images couldn't be opened: Image Firefox 3.6.3dmg reason not recognized.
    == This happened ==
    Not sure how often
    == I tried to upgrade, it is unable to load on my Mac book with OS 10.6.3

    Make sure you download the correct version for your system. See [ this page] to see all systems and languages.
    For help installing Firefox, see [ this article].
    If the message appears even though you're doing everything right, please show me a [ screenshot] of it so we can work from there.

  • I'm trying to convert a PDF to Word. The convert box will not let me choose a format.

    I am signed in and trying to convert a PDF to Word. I can't get the convert box let me choose the format (won't light up) What am I doing wrong?

    If I understand correctly, you are using ExportPDF. If so, you should ask in here:
    This is the Reader forum.

  • Some data DVD's and External Hard Drives not recognized by Leopard only.

    1] Some data DVDs that were burned under Tiger do not show up in Leopard. Only a dialog box asking what I want to do with the blank DVD comes up when I insert the disk. On my Tiger computer, the disk shows up perfectly fine. It is a DVD+R being used on a MBP 2ghz... and was burned on that very machine in Tiger and would load fine in Tiger. Now nothing on the same computer in Leopard. I'm going to reburn the disk on my Mac Mini on a DVD-R, but still wanted to know any ideas or input as to why it won't recognize the disk.
    2] I also have an external USB2.0 HD. I formatted the disk using my G4 Mac Mini (which has Tiger) and it is not recognized on my MBP. In Disk Utility I try to reformat the drive, but it says that it cannot do so because the "resource is busy". I plug the drive back into the mac mini and it works perfectly fine. Why would this be and how do I correct it?
    Full updates on both OS's. No other problems with either computer that I know of.

    Unfortunately, commercial DVDs that you have bought 99.9% of the time will be copy protected and Apple's forum terms prohibit discussion of circumventing the copy protection.  In various places circumventing digital copy protection is potentially illegal even if you own and intend to keep the DVD.  Hence Apple do not wish DVD rippers etc discussed here.
    Another problem is that AppleTv cannot play back DVDs copied to an external drive as it does not understand the format.  So even if you can 'copy' your DVDs you then need to convert to h264 format to play on AppleTV.
    Video formats for AppleTv are limited.  They also do not support DVD like menu structures (thogh AppleTV 1 did with itunes Extras movies).
    If you have unprotected video you wish to convert eg home video on DVD, then something like Handbrake or MPEGStreamclip with Apple's MPEG2 component might do the job.  These programs are not DVD rippers but can process unprotected MPEG2 video.

  • .RAF files not recognized in bridge but PS ok.  Patch 7.1 installed.

    .RAF files not recognized in bridge but PS ok.  Patch 7.1 installed.  Anyone know the fix?

    To me it seems related to your Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) converter. Clue inhere is you only miss the Raw files and have no problems in seeing other formats like jpeg and tiff.
    The screenshot you delivered is from the wrong library, however, this same library (the one on system level) also is the location where you should be able to view the correct version of your ACR plugin. The path: library (same as per your screenshot)/Application support/ Adobe/ Plug ins/ CS6/ File Formats. inhere should be only one version of Camera Raw (called: "Camera Raw.plugin") and this should show version 8.3 (141).
    I'm not sure about your bridge version number, Bridge 5 comes with PSCS6 but my most recent version of Bridge is
    Anyway, if you have only one ACR (8.3) installed in the above mentioned path then you might want to try to delete the Bridge plist file and Bridge cache file manually.
    For this you have to Quit Bridge and find the user library (by default hidden, use menu Go in Finder and press option key to reveal).
    Inhere find the plist file (user(your user name) / library / Preferences  and inhere find and manually delete the file called: "com.adobe.bridge5.plist"
    The in same user library find Bridge Cache. User/Library/Caches/Adobe/Bridge CS6. Inhere are 2 files, the adobe Bridge plug in cache and the folder called Cache. delete (or move outside libray) both items.
    The restart Bridge (If needed also again hold option key to reset preferences) and this will create fresh files for the previous deleted items, leaving you with an almost out of the box factory set version of Bridge.

  • Roxio media manager in BB Desktop not recognizing/transfering to the device.

    Roxio media manager in BB Desktop Device Manager not recognizing/transfering to the device.
    Read some threads. Managed a cumbersome workaround by using Roxio to take songs from CD and transfer to MP3 format. Then using Explorer to drop into media card. Spent hours trying to figure out. Since I'm not very tech savvy, REALLY appreciate your help. Because I can't get any files from my PC to work. How I can convert WMA. WPL XLS DOC files so my BB can read them? Also, anyone with general info as to why emails I send to myself take days to reach my BB Curve 8330 while other senders come thru quickly?

    too many questions in a single discussion. Please re-post one question for each topic. in order to keep this forum tidy.
    The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:

  • I an getting an error with photo merge in PS cc . It gives me a code tmp00000001 using from photoshop and if I try from bridge it tell me that I need to select more than one image. It is not recognizing the photos I am selecting in bridge. please help. my

    A new problem with CS5 forced me to download PScc but the problem is still there.  I am getting tmp00000001 in photo merge when importing multiple files from inside PS and if trying from bridge I am getting a pop up box telling me I need to select more than 1 file. Photoshop potomerge is not recognizing my selections from bridge..!! please help.. my knowledge of computers is a 3 on a scale of 1-10

    if i run this particular code
    ( SELECT
    AccountDetails.HOUSEBANKACCOUNT, AccountDetails.CARMODEL, AccountDetails.CARLICENCE, AccountDetails.ARREARSBALANCE, AccountDetails.CODEBTOR, AccountDetails.GUARANTORNUMBER
    FROM AccountDetails
    ( SELECT *
    FROM Dcaaccountallocation
    JOIN DebtEpisodes ON DebtEpisodes.ACCOUNTID = Dcaaccountallocation.ACCOUNTID
    WHERE Dcaaccountallocation.dcaid = 41
    AND Dcaaccountallocation.status = 2
    AND DebtEpisodes.DCASentDate IS NULL
    AND Dcaaccountallocation.ACCOUNTID = AccountDetails.ACCOUNTNUMBER
    AND DebtEpisodes.DCAORLAWYER = 'DCA'
    This returns 1 row of data
    However if i run a small part of the above code...
    SELECT *
    FROM Dcaaccountallocation
    JOIN DebtEpisodes ON DebtEpisodes.ACCOUNTID = Dcaaccountallocation.ACCOUNTID
    WHERE Dcaaccountallocation.dcaid = 41
    AND Dcaaccountallocation.status = 2
    It returns a lot of rows with a status of 2
    Now i presume what I am going to do is to ensure that all the fields provide satisfactory requirements, with regards to the above code. Although I have many records in all the stated tables already.

  • I pod not recognized by Windows XP

    I have an IPOD Touch 2nd generation.  I'm trying to connect it via USB to a WinXP box.  The USB port is enhanced, is operation, but does not detect the IPOD.  Any suggestions?

    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    I would start by:
    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP
    Does it charge?
    I suspect that enhanced mean USB 2 port.

  • Can we control if text in a page is converted, or not, to an image?

    My experience tells me that if I use iWeb 1.0.1 and I put the text color with 80% opacity, for example, all text will be converted to an image. Most of the times I like this behavior, because the result is the same on every computer or browser.
    But after I update for iWeb 1.1.1 all text appears as text and no longer as images. Now, when I want some sites with the text converted to images I still use the older version (1.0.1).
    My question is: Can we control if text is converted, or not, to an image? Can we force a particular text box to be converted to an image, after 1.0.1?
    I search the iWeb forum and I have not find any answer for this particular question.
    Sorry for my english...
    Power Mac G4 - 867MHz   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Now answering newmacguru...
    1. Why I want text to appear as an image?
    Sometimes the graphical result is important. Most of the times, if you use a white or bright page background, what you see in iWeb is almost the same you see when browsing the page. No problem! But if the page background is black or dark, what you see when browsing the page can be different from what you see when developing the page with iWeb. And these differences can be important... Now if you tell iWeb to convert text to images, the result will be exactly the same you see in iWeb (the result you want).
    Let me show you an example. This page was published with iWeb 1.0.1. In this case all text boxes were converted to images and the result you see is exactly what I want. Normally I choose opacity of 80% in the text color to reduce the contrast between text and background (this is the graphical result I most like):
    Now if you publish the page with iWeb 1.1.1/1.1.2 the result is the same for both, but different from the pages obtained with iWeb 1.0.1. I only get the result I want if the text is converted to an image (using shadow). You can also see that with a white background you get good results even if the text remains text:
    Thanks for the suggestion of the shadow. Sometimes using a non web safe font is not a solution, remember I want “that” graphical result...
    2. Now, considering the search engines, I think I read in this forum that the search engines can do is work, even if text is converted to images, because the text still remains in the page (sorry I don’t remember where).
    Sorry for my english...
    Power Mac G4 - 867MHz   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

  • HT202274 Password change old password not recognized after 10.9.5 upgrade

    God bless you, peace.
    macbook pro 2012 user password not recognized after 10.9.4 too 10.9.5 upgrade plus tech work at apple.
    I want to change user password, it is allowing me to get into user account and admin account on computer but I recently changed it for the tech work to be done. I would like to put the password back now to old password or a new one but... The few days old new password pre update and pre tech work is not being accepted to allow me to change to another password.
    recent update, after 10.9.4 to 10.9.5 update and apple tech work done.
    1. Tech work replaced optical drive,
    2. 10.9.4 to 10.9.5 upgrade left computer endlessly booting up, then got into finder window tried to read backup drive and screen went to black curser and could not backup information as techs decided may need to be done before I left it with them.
    3. Also track pad was not (is not again) selecting text to drag unless real hard press and then only intermittently would select text or just drop the selection (not hold the selected text after a long scroll select, did work at first after tech work but back to not working). It is still not responding easily when pressed, but it is much better, as they did something with software they said. Today While typing this I am trying to select words misspelled and it does not select them unless I press not as hard it is becoming the same as before I see now, sometimes less pressure is needed but more than should be used.
    I noticed today after tech work The Spell check is not responding with a two finger tap on the red underlined misspelled words without multiple try's with two finger tap. The curser moves around after selecting words also, or when selecting words so hard the curser moves to another place not on the desired words or check box. The curser arrow tip should select the word but it does not recognize unless I put the tail of the arrow onto the word then it recognizes the misspelled word for spell check on two finger gesture.
    It looks like I need to take it back, I tried to call and check to confirm if the track pad intermittently and curser adjustment was serviced. In order to verify I had called three times to get that information to no avail. endless looped in the phone que, one would answer take info and then forward me to a endless loop dial ing phone that never was picked up, supposedly at the Bay street store tech section. Phone voice mail from apple support status on the repair, ...Juliano from Bay Street Apple repair store Emeryville, ca left a voice message... just generically said optical drive replacement is successfulI, I noticed right away three items were to be addressed but only the optical drive was mentioned, so I called three times to try and verify the other problems. One whole minute just to select this text and copy it to notes for a backup. It would not select at first, then after selected it would not copy it, then it would not paste to notes, it paste the last cut and paste I did 10 minutes ago.
    I do not have a easy excellent wifi connection for my wifi only phone and would prefer email or chat for repair help. apple Repair No: R142180337

    Try running the combo update. It fixes more files/data than the App Store upgrade.

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  • IMac shuts down unexpectedly - Mountain Lion

    Have recently installed Mountain Lion on my iMac mid -2011. Yesterday when i was on skype the mac shut down. I restarted it and then it made a funny noise nd then shut down again. Today when I leave in sleep mode it shuts down whenever I leave for mo