Converting a PDF to Word 2007

I need to convert a PDF file to Word 2007 in an editable format.  Is this possible and how do I achieve it?
I want to be able to preserve the formating as well as all the text.  I want the text to be in the same format and editable in word along with all the objects and images.

I'm afraid this isn't a forum where we know a lot about PDFs either.  We're more about Photoshop and image editing here.  The Acrobat forum *might* be better... sions

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  • PDF to Word 2007

    Hello I am trying to convert a PDF to Word 2007 in an editable format while retaining the original layout of the PDF.  I have downloaded a lot of different free options online that have simply pasted the PDF into word as an image instead of a .doc
    Can anyone help me with this?

    If you want it done properly obtain Acrobat X (Standard or Pro).
    Either supports save as / export to MS Word.
    You can obtain a free 30-day trial of Acrobat X Pro at:
    Alternatively you could subscribe to Adobe's online service ExportPDF.
    Be well...

  • Acrobat Pro 9.1 no longer creates PDFs from Word 2007

    I upgraded from Acrobat 7 to 9 specifically to gain more control over settings when making PDFs from Word 2007. This worked as I had hoped until the 9.1 vulnerability upgrade was installed. Now it will no longer create PDFs from Word 2007 documents at all.
    From within Word 2007, when I click on "Create PDF" (whether in the Office menu or Acrobat toolbar) it asks for a file name, but after I click "Save" does nothing. This is true even for the simplest possible document, using the "Default" settings for PDF "Preferences."
    If I right click the file name of the document in Windows Explorer, with Word 2007 closed, and click on "Convert to Adobe PDF" in the menu, it starts and the staus box comes up, but after a few seconds quits and displays "An unexpected error occurred. PDFMaker was unable produce the Adobe PDF."
    I can still "Save As" PDF in Word 2007, but this gives me little control over the format.
    Is there any way that I can get Acobat 9.1 to do what I bought it for, and what Adobe advertises it will do?

    Try printing to the Adobe PDF printer, the more fundamental process (PDF Maker is a preprocessor for the printer). If that does not work, then try with print-to-file selected. Open the file in Distiller and see if the PDF is created. If the latter happens, then check for AcroTray running in the background. It is required to automate the process and is needed by PDF Maker.

  • How do I convert from pdf to word? I see an option to do so, however, when I click on it, Ia box opens...

    when I try to convert from pdf to word, a box opens and suggests I am to click on (select) the file I want to convert. It sounds all well but it does not work. I really really just want my files back in word, all of them, no matter, because after having to reinstall windows 7 (done by techs) and me having to re-download all my HP drivers, and tools, and other software, which I imagine included adobe reader, now I see some pdf files won't open. It says, "access denied" and boy that really makes me wantt o scream. I am the ONLY user, it is my notebook, I am the administrator so I can't figure out why some files open and some don't. I can't ascertain any difference.
    I would be grateful for any help. This has become just too exhausting. After reinstalling sooooooooo much, then to have to go through this with what is a free application? I say I think not.
    This should NEVER happen with any free application and boy there is NO help to be found. They blow you off the phone fast telling you it's a free application. Then why are you putting in this kind of  stuff that it won't open? This is NOT a shared notebook, it's mine. I am the only user, personal use.
    HP probook, if anyone needs that info.
    Please, will someone help?
    I would be so grateful.

    Gee, Pat, this is a  real big help.
    Nobody could possibly think anyone would ask for help without first trying to fix the issue oneself. Or maybe you do. I have opened the file and looked under security. I have changed it to owner-notebook (which is what the techs called me) and clicked accept but geepers it didn't work.
    Maybe someone else has an idea.
    Take Ownership of a File or Folder
    The above should be a link. At least I copied and pasted the link. I did what was stated in there. It isn't like brain surgery. But it is not working. I ended up being able to open some pdf files after transferring them from one partition category to another. I wish it was that easy as you seem to think.
    Thanks for the help. Have a great year.

  • I have converted a pdf to word. How can I access the Word file from my online account?

    I have converted a pdf to word. How can I access the Word file from my online account? When it says 'download the converted file' I choose a location on my PC and click, but nothing happens. It seems that it can only save the converted file to my online account. I went to my online account but I see no way to look for the file

    Hey Fabrizio,
    You might need to sign up at "" using your Adobe ID credentials to convert your PDF file to Word.
    Do you get the 'download' prompt?
    Also, you can find the converted files by clicking at the 'Files' tab. 
    Please try the same using a different browser and check.
    Hope to hear from you.

  • Trying to convert a PDF to Word all it says is "An error occurred while signing in". I am signed in though?

    Trying to convert a PDF to Word all it says is "An error occurred while signing in". I am signed in though?

    Hi Sara
    I followed your link and uploaded a file. Trying to convert this file and says the following as if it does not realize I have already paid for this conversion process:
    Adobe ExportPDF
    Easily convert PDF files to Word or Excel.
    Subscribe Now
    Subscribe and add the ability to export an unlimited number of PDF files via your browser or mobile device.
    Convert PDF to Word
    Export your PDF files to editable DOC, DOCX, or RTF files.
    Convert PDF to Excel
    Turn PDF files into editable XLSX files with table formatting preserved.
    Edit scanned text
    With optical character recognition (OCR), even scanned text becomes editable.
    Please help.

  • How do I convert a pdf in word and if I did where did it go or get sent to...

    Look I am not looking to discuss anything all I want is to convert the PDF into word.... I thought I did and it even looked like I did ... but I can't find it... just want steps to convert pdf to word document

    Hi Anna,
    If you are using Adobe online service, then you need to:
    Sign up at "" using your Adobe ID credentials.
    Select PDF files to export to Word.
    A pop up will come showing the download option.
    Click on that and download the converted file onto your system.
    You can also click on 'Files' tab to locate the converted files.
    On the other hand, if you are using Adobe Reader, all you need is to sign up and convert the file to word and later download it on your computer.
    Please try and let me know if you still face any problem.

  • I've bought Adobe PDF Export  but how do I convert a pdf to word?

    I have just bought the Adobe Export PDF package for £19.99 but I can't actually find where to login to the software to convert a PDF to word?
    Any help appreciated.

    Hi Rob,
    Please login at to use Export PDF feature.
    You can also download latest free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC using this link Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Install for all versions & sign in using the same login details to use Export PDF feature.
    Let me know if you experience any issue, we will be happy to help you.

  • How do I convert a pdf to Word.  The India support people are of no help!

    How do I convert a pdf to Word.  The India support people are of no help!

    Hi John,
    I'd be happy to assist.
    Here is a 'getting started' guide that should be helpful.
    Launch Adobe Reader and open your PDF file
    Select "Tools" and click "Sign In" link to sign in with your Adobe ID and password
    Select "Export PDF"
    Click "Convert" button
    Click "Download Converted File" link to download the exported Word file to your computer.
    Let me know if you have further questions.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you!
    Regards, Stacy

  • Why won't copy/paste images appear in PDF (from Word 2007)?

    I find all places in a Word 2007 document where content copied from Power Point 2007 and then pasted into a Word 2007 document does not appear in the subsequent PDF file I generate. White space of the same size as the pasted content appears in its place. Why is this happening and are there any suggestions to work around this issue? What is curious is the free PDF creation tool that you can use to generate a PDF within Word 2007 (by choosing file save-as PDF) does NOT have this same issue. I don't want to use Word's tool since it doesn't allow for the option settings flexibility I need to produce the final PDF.
    I already tried saving the Word file as XML and then re-saving as Word .docx and regenerating the PDF from Acrobat: the graphics are still missing. I also tried in Acrobat Help> Repair Installation and then shut down/restarted my computer. Again, the regenerated PDF is missing the graphics.
    Personally, I do not use a copy/paste method; rather, I use insert>picture>from file or paste special as a grphic file type. I know the same graphics placed this way come out fine in a PDF I generate from Acrobat. However, I support a bunch of engineers who make copy/paste a shortcut habit. I will have no luck telling them not to do this.
    I appreciate any help with this.

    Preferences in Acrobat reader under Page Display are already set to Show Large Images. I assume that is the setting you mentioned.
    I don't know of any setting in Word 2007 that would make a difference. Does anyone else have work around suggestions?

  • Creating PDF in Word 2007 creates horizontal line

    This is my first post in this forum. In general, I have not had problems creating PDFs from Word 2003, or from Word 2007 - from either .doc or .docx documents.
    Yesterday, with one document, when I created a PDF, a centered horizontal line kept appearing near the top of the first 2 pages. These 2 pages
    have no header content. This line is NOT in the Word document. The rest of the PDF appears normal - with its normal header content.
    I think the problem is within Word 2007 (what a surprise!) because I can eliminate the problem by printing a .ps file of the Word doc and then
    distilling it.  The only problems with that method are that (1) It's more time-consuming, and - more important -  (2) the bookmarks are not
    automatically created. So, to create bookmarks manually takes even more time, and I don't know how to create the hyperlinks from the TOC
    (or even if that's possible).
    Any idea what's going on?  I tried making PDFs of some other user
    guides (same doc template), and they are fine.
    Many thanks!

    Hi again Raechel,
    It's such fun dealing with Word and "Microsloth", isn't it?!  IMHO, they
    should have left Office alone at the 2003 (or 2002?) versions.... Even at
    2000, styles were easier to deal with!
    Especially after using Madcap Flare for a few years, going back to Word is
    especially torturous.  I go back and forth from one to the other,
    depending on what I'm working on - product-wise or document-wise.
    Your Word certainly may have gotten corrupted, but even if that's not the
    case -- Word is still buggy as hell (forgive the minor expletive)!!
    Glad you made your printing deadline!!
    Melanie Blank
    Product Documentation Specialist
    Rochester Software Associates (RSA)
    (585) 987-6972
    [email protected]
    Raechel02 <[email protected]>
    Melanie Blank <[email protected]>
    06/15/2011 09:34 AM
    Creating PDF in Word 2007 creates horizontal line
    I read your post, and decided to spend my evening figuring out what was
    going on.  You are right about it being related to the lines in the header
    and footers, but as my document had no headers and footers, I found that
    odd.  I tried to edit the styles without success.  Now isn't that odd,
    I had to delete the header and footer styles from my document in order
    get rid of the lines.  I suspect my copy of Word became corrupted as I
    edited several documents, all with photos.  As my adult son pointed out,
    "well, they don't put their top programmers on Word, after all."  I
    my memory utilization, and it appears that Word isn't cleaning up after
    itself very well, so it loses track of some of its objects, and things get
    out of synch.
    Well, in the end I managed to re-produce my document, which is good,
    it had to go to the printer last night before midnight, and it got there
    Thanks for your help,

  • How do you convert a PDF to Word or Excel in Acrobat 9 Pro?

    How do you convert a PDF to Word or Excel in Acrobat 9 Pro?

    Refer to Acrobat 9 Help PDF (installed with Acrobat 9 is installed).
    Review the  discussion for Exporting PDFs in Chapter 5 of this Help PDF.
    The PDF is also available on Adobe's site. 
    Good to know is that the Acrobat 9.x product family passed into End of Support mid-year 2013.
    Be well...

  • I downloaded the Adobe free trial to convert a PDF to Word and it will not open.  Further, even though I have signed in, it reverts back to the sign in page over and over and over again.  How do I to convert?

    I downloaded the Adobe free trial to convert a PDF to Word and it will not open.  Further, even though I have signed in, it reverts back to the sign in page over and over and over again.  How do I convert?

    Moving this discussion to the Adobe CreatePDF forum.

  • After i convert a pdf to word doc, how do i save it in Word so i can change?

    after i convert a pdf to word doc, how do i save it in Word so i can change?

    A "picture".
    Be well...

  • I am trying to convert a PDF to word document. But it is not happening.

    I am trying to convert a PDF to word document. But it is not happening.
    When I click on the save as the document does not change.
    I am getting very frustrated trying to complete this action.
    I have signed in to acrobat.
    I have exported the document to acrobat.
    I have saved the PDF in acrobat cloud.
    I need this document as a word doc so that I can learn how to use my scientific calculator for an exam.
    could you please assist.

    Hi Sara
    From the document
            When I try the file save as other, nothing happens after I click on Word or Excel Online.
            There is no way I can click on the convert button on Export PDF.
            I am logged in as you can see.                                                                               
            When I go to Cloud Acrobat I can see the file there but only as a PDF.
            There is no word document there.
            As you can see I have tried this more than once.
    I just don’t know what to do from there.
    Hope you can help
    Many thanks

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