Converting PSE 4 catalog to PSE 7 catalog

I have several slideshows I put together in PSE 4 before saving them as wmv files to take over to Premiere Elements 2 to add a menu and burn to DVD. I had problems doing this and have just installed PSE 7 so I can save them as avi files instead but I am unable to find the original slideshows in the PSE 7 catalog. I did a search in Program Files for My Catalog and found the PSE 4 one but I'm not sure where to find the PSE 7 one, or how to move them over. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

1. When I did the catalog conversion in May, many of my tags and tag categories were missing or rearranged. Is there something I need to do in converting my PSE 4 catalog to 7 to prevent this from happening?
The conversion process is pretty buggy. Make sure you do File > Catalog > Recover in PSE 4 before attempting conversion.  If that doesn't work, see steps 2 and 4 of this FAQ: alogs
2. Now that I have re-installed 7, the old catalog I converted in May is still there. I need to delete this PSE 7 catalog in its entirety and reconvert my current PSE 4 catalog. When I try that, I get an error message that says "My Catalog already exists - use another catalog name". How do I get rid of the version 7 catalog from May?
You can delete the old catalog by doing File > Catalog, selecting My Catalog, and clicking Remove.
3. PSE 4 gave me the choice of showing my photos in either date sequence or in file name sequence within each folder. Does PSE 7  have the same ability to display in file name sequence? If so, I can't find it.
Display > Folder Location

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  • Convert catalog from PSE 6 to 10, is it necessary to include the jpegs?

    I am testing PSE 10 (from PSE 6) and have copied the catalog to a test XP box (but not the jpegs).  The catalog refuses to convert with an unspecic error: "Catalog conversion failed" see "Catalog Conversion Errors" for more details.
    PSE 6 can find no problems with the existing catalog and I have worked trhough eg .
    If the conversion process requires the jpegs etc. then that will certainly cause a problem, they are not visible to this PC!  On the other hand, if it is simply a matter of converting the catalog without reference to the source files then there should be no problem.
    I am reluctant to allow a conversion process to break a very considerable investment in effort in the PSE6 catalog and want to see it work (and have useful benefit to me) before committing the original.
    Some rough statistics: 45,000 images, 140GB data, catalog is around 1.5GB.  It takes about 3 mins for 'repair' to run (having forced a 'repair anyway') and under 10 mins for 'optimize'.
    I should add that I have run the psedbtool and while it finds that two drives are missing (E: and F:), there are no missing files.  E: and F: are USB backup drives and are not connected, nor would I expect them to be.  All photos are in one (top level that is) folder on one drive.  If the convertor can only run when the backup drives are connected, that seems a little odd.
    If the only option is to restore the backed up PSE 6 archive into PSE 10, that is do-able, but I was trying to avoid doing that.
    Perhaps the more pertinant question is "what does PSE 10 offer that I haven't got in PSE 6?".  So far I have not found any really useful function, maybe a couple of the irritating bugs have been fixed? (Mostly the date orderby bug)  I have lived with the multi-core hang since PSE 6 came out and don't use PSE to catalog my raw files, so that fix has no benefit to me.

    Well after an all day effort, I have a working W7 64 bit with a spare 1TB drive and all the  updates done (about a 2GB download).  That has taken about eight hours.  Then recover the PSE 6 created backup files into PSE 10, (took about three hours) and for good measure forced a repair and optimize on the catalog. No errors at any point.
    PSE 10 crashes when in slide show view.  Sometimes it gets through about two images, sometimes 100 or so, but always it crashes.  So I am ready to give up, PSE 6 is stable at least (though I have yet to try PSE 6 under W7 64bit, my standard PC is W XP 32 bit).
    One possible benefit of W7 is the color fidelity is better (I have color calibration too).  The management of the twin screen is not better though, PSE keeps vanishing from view (this is not related to the crash) and has to be coaxed back onto the secondary screen.  PSE 6 under XP gets this right.
    I checked the arm chair arm image again, it is the wooden arm of a director's portable chair seen from the side, no matter how I try I can't see a face in it.  I realise now that the 'obvious' faces that get missed are when the eyes are not horizontal, even a small turning of the head results in the face being missed.

  • Organizer in PSE 11 hangs on catalog converted from PSE8

    I just installed PSE 11 and converted my catalog from PSE 8.  I have over 50,000 images in the catalog.  Immediately the Organizer starts on the people recognition (I had all Auto-Analyze turned off in PSE8).  I am able to cancel the People Recognition but before I can do anything else (only a couple of seconds) , some other process automatically starts--the hourglass cursor appears. Task Manager states that the Organizer is not responding so it is evidently going into some long process of analyzing data.    I  have the pictures all tagged (most with multiple tags) and am not interested in having Organizer identify them.   I am running on Windows 7.    What can I do -- just let the Orgnizer run?  I have let it run for about 90 minutes with no response-- and no idea what it is doing.
    Message was edited by: Jha28

    okay, I was able to retrieve all the thumbnails - but the albums that I had created are no longer listed as albums -- guess it doesn't matter but it's very confusing to me -- and I'm not a mac or computer illiterate person - I've used PSE 8 for years and that seemed more intuitive to me!!  I guess I need to get a book -- any suggestions on one that does a step by step?  maybe I need one of those PSE 11 for dummies!!

  • Problem converting pse 6 catalog to pse 7

    I am a longtime pse user, I started with Album.  I have photos from a trip that I had in pse 6 on my laptop that I want to get into pse 7 on my desktop.  I have not found a lossless way to merge catalogs in pse so I have three catalogs.  I successfully converted my desktop catalog from pse 5 to pse 7 with no problems.  I backed up two catalogs under pse 6 on my laptop and restored them to my desktop system. I tried to covert each one but the conversion failed.  I found that I had two eSATA drives with the same volume ID so I backed up my desktop catalog (the photos resided on one of the drives) and reformatted one drive.  Pse was still confused so I reformatted the other drive as well.  Pse 7 now runs fine for my former pse 5 desktop catalog which I’ll call catalog A.  I restored the first of my pse laptop catalogs, I’ll call it catalog B, and after multiple attempts got it to convert by restoring it with pse 7, the automatic conversion after the restore was successful.  I did the same with the remaining pse 6 backup file, call it catalog C, restoring it with pse 7 but the conversion failed. I did catalog repair but it found no errors, did ‘repair anyway’.  Convert failed again.  I optimized it, convert failed again.  I checked the convert log and it says the catalog copy failed.  The log showed that pse tried to copy the catalog to the location of my photos for catalog A to a file named the same as my catalog C name.  The last line in the log is - caught exception "catalog copy failed".  This implies to me that it never got far enough to encounter a ‘poison file’.
    I have run out of ideas and any help would be appreciated.  My last choice option is to use ‘get photos’ to get the catalog C photos into catalog B to get everything running under pse 7 rather than under multiple products.
    I am going to make another forum entry but it may matter here that the catalogs of catalog B and C are in the same directories that I restored their photos to and are only found when I ask to find ‘custom location’ directories.  The psedbtool program never sees them.

    I created a new folder ‘Black Sea and Spitsbergen CATALOG’ and moved the catalog and thumbnail files to it.  Pse 6 opened it and displayed the thumbnails faster than usual.  When I do the catalog option Black Sea and Spitsbergen CATALOG shows as the current catalog.  I did the reconnect all missing files and got the no missing files message.  Did the repair catalog and got the no errors message did repair anyway.  No errors found, I did the reconnect again, no missing files.  I closed pse 6.  Opened pse 7 file>catalog>convert>find more catalogs and pointed to the folder ‘Black Sea and Spitsbergen CATALOG’.
    Pse found the catalog, I highlighted it and clicked on convert.  I got the conversion completed successfully message! Clicked OK>done>open and the converted catalog opens.  Catalog manager now shows both catalogs under the Custom Location radio button, fantastic!  I did a reconnect and got the no missing files message.
    Ok; so I think I learned the following:
    1)      The current catalog name is determined by the name of the folder it resides in.
    2)      The catalog and thumbnail files need to be in the same folder.
    3)      It works better if the catalog and thumbnail files are in a separate folder from the pictures.  I suspect performance is improved because it finds the thumbnail file faster; I have 21,000 photos in the catalog.
    I suspect this could also solve my catalog move problem because pse may be moving the contents of the folder where the catalog resides.  I am going to try it, will post the result under that discussion.
    If you would be kind enough to confirm the above three points I would appreciate it.  I will keep this open for your reply.
    Thank you again, it seems simple now that I understand a bit more, thanks for your time and for sharing your knowledge.

  • Can't convert PS Album 2 catalog to PSE 8 catalog

    I'm trying to convert a Photoshop Album 2 catalog of about 1,200 items to a Photshop Elements 8 catalog, but in the PSE 8 conversion process the operation stops with the message "The conversion operation failed.  Try repairing the catalog with the software that created it and retry the conversion. I used PS Album 2 to clean up the catalog doing a file, catalog, recover operation, then did a reconnect all operation, followed by a file, catalog, recover operation.  I got a "recovery successful message"  and there are "no non-connected files".  Still the PSE 8 conversion hangs mid-way in the process.  Can anyone give me a helpful clue on how to proceed?  Thanks.  

    See this FAQ: gs

  • More trouble trying to convert catalog from PSE 8 to PSE 9.

    I am on a PC platform using the XP operating system.   I am currently using PSE 8 and have just installed PSE 9.  I have over 85,000 photos in my catalog, so would really like to have the catalog conversion work.   What I've done so far is in PSE 8 reconnected, repaired, and optimized.   When I try to convert the catalog in PSE 9, I get an error message that I need to try to repair the catalog in the original program.   I've tried to backup the catalog to a hard drive and that fails as well.   Any suggestions would be appreciated..............

    Are you still facing this issue ? Try turning off the Auto Analyzer in preferences and also turn OFF the sync engine.

  • Converting a catalog from PSE 6 to PSE 11

    I am trying to convert a PSE 6 catalog to PSE 11.  Both are in a Windows 7 environment.  The conversion appears to proceed normally until it reaches about 36% complete, then it gets "stuck".  Eventually I receive an error message indicating that the catalog did not convert correctly.  Any suggestions on next steps would be appreciated.

    If it’s on the same computer PSE normally prompts to upgrade automatically when you install PSE9
    If transferring to a new computer, use full back-up and restore to a new location letting the program choose the set-up.

  • Cannot Convert PSE5 catalog to PSE 8

    This seems like a user error but I can't for the life of me figure out what's going on.  I have PSE 5 with a catalog of about 10K photos.  I keep trying to use the catalog convert function in PSE 8, however when I browse to the catalog's location (Find More Catalogs) and click OK, it doesn't appear to find the catalog.  No catalogs are listed.  Can anyone help!

    See this FAQ for complete information about converting catalogs from older versions of PSE: gs

  • PSE 8 - Coverting My Catalog from Photoshop Album 2.0

    My free download PSE 8 begings the conversion of My Catalog (Photoshop Album 2.0) when only 6% of the way into the process it stops giving an error message; "Failed. Try repairing the catalog with the software that created it". Frankly I am not sure where to begin.
    My entire catalog, only one by the way, was created with the Photoshop Album 2.0 application. In an attempt to identify what was in need of repair using the slideshow View over all of the photos in my catalog I did identify where some images' were not linked to the actual photo. Any such disconnect I have rectified and am able to view the entire slideshow without interruption suggesting that there is nothing to repair?
    Our use of Photoshop Album 2.0 has been unsophisticated. We download our photos from camera/s mainly using the Photoshop application which automatically stores them in the Adobe sub-folder under My Pictures. We then move these into appropriately named separate folders and mapping them onto similarly named Collections within My Catalog. Here we edit and delete where necessary and also caption. Once that exercise is complete, to reduce storage, we go back to My Pictures and remove any duplication resulting from the editing process. As a final test we take a slideshow View of each collection to insure that there are no disconnect.
    What can I try next? Is there any diagnostic tool within Elements 8 which can assist in identifying where we need to start with the repair job?

    Hi John
    Despite successfully running Reconnect and Repair, PSE 8 is still unable to
    convert My Catalog from Photoshop Album 2.0. The 'Problems converting
    catalogs to PSE 6 or 7' notes suggests that I might need to first migrate to
    Elements 5. Can I take you up on the offer find me a copy?
    Actually John I may be making life unnecessarily difficult for myself. I
    would like to upgrade my Adobe Photoshop software but have some thousands of
    photos with captions. Is there a more simple way to migrate photos, edited
    photos all with captions into PSE 8?

  • Import PSE 3 catalog into PSE 13?

    I have an old PSE 3 catalog (.psa file) that I need to open in PSE 13. I downloaded, installed, and ran Adobe's dedicated converter, per Adobe's instructions and obtained a "successful conversion" message upon completion. However, when I open the resulting catalog in PSE 13 thumbnails for the "first" images display, but when I attempt to scroll down, or "Ctrl End" to the end of the catalog (there are more than 12,000 images in the catalog), PSE 13 hangs and "stops responding". Of course, what I care about is the tags attached to the images, and used to sort them in PSE 3. How do I recover/preserve/access this tag info? or, how do I "fix" the, obviously failed, conversion so that I create a catalog from my original .psa file that PSE 13 can correctly open?

    On the new computer, in PSE9, select File->Restore Catalog, and point it to the backup you made from PSE3. You will be given several options about restoring the photos, including one that is to original directory location.
    More details are here: (which was written for PSE6, but applies to later versions of PSE as well)

  • How do I ensure that my whole catalog transfers from PSE 12 to PSE 13?

    I am moving from PSE 12 to PSE 13 on my Mac (Yosemite).  PSE 13 detects my catalog, but only seems to be able to find an older version of it, so only some of my photos (the older ones) are converted to PSE 13. I know that it is only finding an older version not just because the pictures only go up to a certain date after conversion, but also because there is some function (I forget what) that lets me see what PSE 13 thinks of a catalog it is converting, and that function shows the catalog modified only as of the older date.
    I downloaded updates to PSE 13 before my first conversion attempt.  After the first failure, I repaired and optimized the old catalog before attempting to convert it again.

    Thanks, but the Catalog Manager is the function I referred to in my earlier email as "some function (I forget what) that lets me see what PSE 13 thinks of a catalog it is converting, and that function shows the catalog modified only as of the older date."  So I should have been clearer in my initial post, but I have already tried your suggestion, and it did not work.  It converted the catalog that I wanted to convert, but it only converted the catalog through an earlier date, so it did not convert months of my more recent photos.

  • Catalog Conversion PSE 6 to PSE 10 Fails but did it?

    I have gone through all of the links regarding problems (repairing the catalog in pse 6, optiizing, reindexing, etc.) and no problems are apparent in pse 6 but I get the "comversion failed..." error when trying to convert to a pse 10 catalog.  Nevertheless, a "temporary" catalog is created and as far as I can tell it seems to be OK.  I have repaired it in pse 10 successfully, it seems to show all of my images properly in the "folders" display mode, my tags seem to work, but it bothers me that pse 10 said the conversion failed. 
    What's the deal?  I don't want to put a lot of effort and confidence into pse 10 and find out some serious flaw is there after all.

    OK, I very methodically did every step in
    for the third or more time and get the same "conversion failed."  As far as the log file here is what it says:
    conversion log: xxxRawCatalog to xxxRawCatalog temp 1
    updating volume for creation 64622
    updating volume for creation 126413
    updating volume for creation 231561
    updating volume for creation 231731
    where xxx is just the detailed path to the folders involved.  I don't see any clues as to something going amiss.
    Any further help - anyone?

  • Updating pse 9 catalog to pse 10:  images missing

    14 years of images in my pse 9 catalog
    converted catalog to pse 10:  last 4 years are missing.

    Moving this discussion to the Photoshop Elements forum.

  • PSE 5: saving of catalog impossible ?

    I had a bad crash on my PC, but to copy all files including catalog worked fine. After this I just tried to make a backup of my actual catalog of PSE 5. Now it is not possible to change the location of the catalog folder with "saving under...". It is not possible to make copy (and paste) of the catalog, too.
    Any Ideas ? Thank You
    HGBMZ from Germany

    File->Catalog->Save As should allow you to save a copy anywhere you want
    Or you can do this in Windows

  • PSE 9 to 10 Catalog hitch

    Quick question regarding PSE 10's Organizer... I received my PSE 10 and duly installed it, and when I opened up Organizer I was asked wether I wanted to import Organizer 9's Catalog, which I did. The hitch is that Org. 10 imported everything, any and all images on my computer all as one huge folder!?! In Org. 9 all my photos were in designated folders, which '10' seemed to ignore.
      So my question is, should I delete the whole catalog and start importing one folder at a time?  Is there any way for Org. 10 to restore the original folder system? Any other options?
    I had upgraded to PSE 9 from PSE 6 because 'Bridge' which was included in '6' ceased to function, despite any effort to restore it. That leads to my next question, Is 'Bridge' available as a stand-alone program?? I loved that program, it allowed me to deal with any type of file, and do what I wantedto inside those folders.
    Thanks, Forum

    Elements Organizer 10 does not change the folder structure. You can view the images by folder by changing the display view. It can be changed from Display->Folder View. By default Elements Organizer shows the images in thumbnail view.

Maybe you are looking for

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