Converting RGB PDF to CMYK PDF

I'm looking for a way to convert RGB PDF's to CMYK PDF for printing purposes. The RGB PDF is created by an online Flash application and I'm hoping to convert the file using Acrobat via Command line. I have tried a couple of programs e.g. PStill and PDFcreator but these just don't do the job. It's important to use the command line due to the fact that the conversion must be done automatically on a dedicated server.
Important to know is that the PDF consists of texts and images and gradients. This is a RGB example which I would like to convert. This is the CMYK output I have created manually.
Other solutions next to Acrobat are also welcome as long as they do the job

In your original message you say "the conversion must be done automatically on a dedicated server" - this implies that Acrobat is being used outside the EULA, which strictly forbids installation as a server process. Acrobat is licensed for individual interactive desktop use by one person, no other deployments are allowed.
You cannot access Acrobat's editing and batch-processing functions from the commandline at all. Adobe has server-based solutions for PDF generation  (LiveCycle ES3) but they are extremely expensive and would need work to get them to do what you're looking for. Realistically, your Flash developer needs to recode his app to output in CMYK or you will need third-party software on the server to re-fry the files. I don't know of any off-the-shelf commandline tools which can perform color conversion on existing PDFs.

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  • Is there as easy way of batch converting RGB files to CMYK in OS Lion?

    Is there as easy way of batch converting RGB files to CMYK in OS Lion?
    I was using a photoshop droplet on my desktop but this no longer works due to the fact it requires rosetta support.
    Thx P

    From another forum after googling:
    Your computer came with everything you need, because ColorSync can do that and Apple provided AppleScripts for it. Go to your Applications folder and look for the AppleScript folder. Double click on the 'Example Scripts' alias and then open the ColorSync scripts. Drag and drop your images on the the 'Match to CMYK' script.
    You can open AppleScript Editor from Launchpad (it's in Utilities). Go to Help to Open Example Scripts Folder. In the ColorSync folder is a Match application. Double click to make it run.
    Now you know what it does you may need to change it for batch conversion.
    Go to AppleScript Editor and open what you've just found. And I'm sorry that's as far as my knowledge goes, hope some one can fill in the gaps.
    Or you may just want to look at something like Graphic Converter?
    Colin R.

  • Script to convert RGB values to CMYK values

    I want a script that can help me convert RGB value to CMYK values.
    I've seen this thread which explains a script to round up and down:
    but is there a script that i can actually define lets say the colour is yellow and in RGB it looks ok because its in RGB mode so you change it to CMYK and you have 6% - 9% cyan and you only want yellow
    is there a script out there that i can say
    cyan = 6%
    yellow = 80%
    magenta = 0%
    black = 0%
    then change to
    cyan = 0%
    yellow = 80&
    mangenta = 0%
    black = 0%
    I don't mind writting the code for each colour that needs to be converted as it would only need defining once but how would i make this script?
    any clues?

    Hi Carlos,
    I've got a bit further with applescript as i've used it a little but i've got an error this is my code so far:
    tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
              if exists color is equal to "C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=90" then
                        set color to "C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100"
              end if
    end tell
    The error i'm getting is "can't get color"
    the color is there however i believe i must not be using the correct variable any clues?

  • Converting RGB pdf to CMYK in acrobat 8 professional

    Hi Can anyone tell me why when i convert an RGB pdf to CMYK using convert colours in Advanced/Print production the image resolution changes as in you get a haze around the text etc!! it looks like the pdf was created in photoshop or the original image was from photoshop could it have anything to do with jpeg compression?? if so how can i get round this in acrobat i dont want to have to save as postscript and pdf it again in distiller everytime!!

    Hi Jon
    Sorry its been so long!!
    do you have an email i could send the before/after too??

  • Acrobat 8 - Settings to convert RGB colours to CMYK

    I create A1 & A0 size maps as adobe pdfs. The mapping software I use will only allow me to select R G B colours which is fine and produces the maps with the exact colours I want. However, when I want to print my pdf maps the large format printers I have access to always want to convert my RGB colours to CMYK which makes the colours dull on the printed map compared to the pdf. Are there any settings that I can alter in Acrobat 8 which will convert the RGB colours to CMYK during the pdf creation process. I will then be able to alter my RGB colours if necessary to get the right end result. I am not super technical so if there is a reasonably simple solution that would be great.
    Thank you for any help you may be able to give.
    Stephen Kilbee in the UK

    I think you will have to copy the watermarks and such to the corresponding folders in AAXI. I do not think that they will migrate in the way that you are thinking. It may take a bit of time to find the appropriate folders and files, but this is likely how I would try it. I was not concerned about it myself and did not try to copy such things.

  • How to batch convert RGB images to CMYK

    Can anyone explain in a step-by-step way how to batch-convert many RGB images to CMYK?
    Thanks in advance

    If you do want to use Photoshop for the bact conversion there are a few ways, including Batch and Image Procesor under the File>Automate or File>Scripts of PS.
    However, my preference is to use Russell Brown's script: Image Processsor Pro, via Bridge:
    As similar one is Picture Processor:
    Both allow you to do multiple conversions simultaneously, to different sizes and file types, and running actions before or after the conversions.

  • Convert RGB black to CMYK black

    I have a complex black-ink line drawing in large precentages of C, M, Y, & K. I'd like to somehow SELECT ALL PIXELS and zero out all but 100% K.
    I cannot figure out how to select all (nonbackground) pixels (no, Select>All does not accomplish) and then make them all 100%K, can you help?

    Yes, I need to end up CMYK. As you can see by my sample Photoshop converts RGB to crazy-high CMYK percentages. All I want these lines and text to be is 100% K.

  • Help converting RGB Images to CMYK?

    I am working with a CMYK Freehand design, and it includes a
    cut out image on top layer. The image is in RGB. When I export it,
    I am getting a colour shift on the transparent areas.
    Should I be working with a CMYK cut out image? If so, how do
    I convert my RGB image to CMYK, keeping the transparent areas of
    the cut out?
    Help much appreciated (ASAP)

    GmR wrote:
    > I am working with a CMYK Freehand design, and it
    includes a cut out image on
    > top layer. The image is in RGB. When I export it, I am
    getting a colour shift
    > on the transparent areas.
    > Should I be working with a CMYK cut out image? If so,
    how do I convert my RGB
    > image to CMYK, keeping the transparent areas of the cut
    > Help much appreciated (ASAP)
    > Regards
    How are you creating the transparent areas? Are you using an
    channel in the bitmap? I stopped doing that when I noticed
    shifting (even in grayscale reproduction) similar to what you
    get when
    using the raster effects. But I do miss using it because it
    convenient and sets up nicely.

  • CS2 Convert RGB Images to CMYK Within Illustrator

    Hey everyone. I desparately need some help here. I designed a file in Illustator CS2 and my file had images within it. I took it to a professional printer and he said my images needed to be converted from RGB to CMYK to print properly. The printer had CS4 and he said to change the colours you click on Edit -> then Colours, which in turn allowed him to change the pictures format from RGB to CMYK. I only have CS2 and when he told me to select Edit and then Colours, well CS2 does not have that. It's something completely different.
    If someone out there knows how to change the picture files from RGB to CMYK "within" Illustrator CS2 could you please tell me how as Adobe's phone support only deals with the most current version.
    Any help you can provide me with, would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance,

    >This is for my benefit as I have just purchased a colour laser printer and wanted to be able to print something proper like the professional printer.
    Unless you have a PostScript RIP for your laser printer (a separate driver provided either by your printer manufacturer or a third party) you cannot proof CMYK documents directly. Lacking a PostScript RIP, you can still get a pretty good idea if you have Acrobat. Print to PDF using settings that convert to, say, sRGB... then, print that PDF document on your laser printer (using its native non-PostScript driver).
    For your older documents, if your placed RGB images are embedded (rather than linked), you can try Philip's suggestion. It shouldn't matter, though. Illustrator should do the necessary space conversions at print-time.
    If the images are linked, I would suggest you convert them to CMYK in Photoshop. I'm sorry, but I do not know of a way to do the same thing within Illustrator (v12 aka CS2).

  • Converting a PDF to pure black and white

    I'm currently attempting to convert a PDF of any colorspace (RGB, CMYK, Grayscale etc) to black and white.
    Currently I'm walking the PDF using Adobe PDFLibrary, separating the contained PDEElements and identifying them (Image, text, etc).
    Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed from here? I figure the actual conversion operation will have to be written from scratch, as Adobe doesn't seem to support this. However, I'm having a hard time determining the colors of each object. I suppose I could rasterize everything and convert pixel by pixel, but I'd like to avoid that and preserve vector images and such if at all possible.
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Yes, I'm aware that there is no monochrome colorspace. However, wouldn't it be possible (likely at a very low level) to fetch and modify the colors of elements manually?
    I suspect the initial thing to do is convert images to the DeviceGray colorspace and work from there, so I have a uniform colorspace to work with when performing this operation.
    I've noticed that if I pull the ImageData object out of a PDEImage, I get an array of bytes that appear to be pixel by pixel color data. Now, in doing this have I rasterized the image? What would happen to vector images if this array were to be modified?

  • Print to RGB PDF from Freehand

    Hi everyone,
    I have been trying to work this out for a while but am only a geologist using the software for drafting purposes. I have Freehand MX on Windows XP, with Adobe acrobat 9 installed. When I print to PDF from Freehand it usually converts the colours to CMYK which is expected, but I would like them to remain RGB.
    Current Freehand settings:
    Output options: All default but I have unticked 'Convert RGB to process'
    Raster Effects: Optimal CMYK rendering is ticked but does not appear to make a difference if unticked.
    Colour Management: Kodak digital science
    Acrobat settings:
    I have tried editing the high quality print job options in acrobat distiller to 'Convert all colors to sRGB' and Document rendering intent to 'relative colorimetric'. RGB is sRGB61966-2.1.
    The only way I have successfully got to an RGB PDF from Freehand is opening the file in Illustrator CS4, and printing to PDF after telling Illustrator that the file is RGB. The conversion is still not perfect, moving text etc... and is a pain in the **** to be honest but if there was a way to go to RGB PDF from Freehand, that would make my day!
    Hope someone can help! Thanks!

    I have found only one way to do this. I'm on a Mac, so it may work differently on a PC. I find I must export to an EPS file and Distill.
    1. FHMX Color Management set to None. This can be a problem if you normally work with color management on. Colors will shift.
    2. Make sure all colors in document, including black and white, are RGB process colors. Use no spot colors, CMYK colors or Pantone library colors.
    3. Export to EPS selecting 'convert colors to RGB' option.
    4. Set Distiller color settings to 'Leave color unchanged'.
    5. Open EPS file in Distiller to create PDF.
    6. Open newly created PDF in Acrobat Pro. Colors will match FH RGB colors.
    Judy Arndt

  • Convert RGB ID Document to CMYK

    When I create a document I convert the images to CMYK in PS before I place them. However, I have a multi-page CS ID document for printing provided by a customer that is in good order except that the photos are RGB. I need to create a high res CMYK PDF. What is the best way to proceed? I see there is an option "convert to destination" in ID when you are creating the PDF. I could make the destination "Document CMYK - U.S. Web Coated." Or I could create an RGB PDF and then convert it using Pitstop. Is there another option I should be looking at?

    I have always used InDesign´s Export and it´s option to convert colors to particular destination profile.
    Of course you can convert colors afterwards too, but there´s other issues like PDF version optimization that you have to take care if you use some other method. I always try to make print-ready PDF directly from InDesign.
    And I usually use option Convert To Destination (Preserve Numbers), with that option InDesign keeps colors (CMYK values) of native indesign objects untouched. Convert To Destination (without Preserve Numbers) may cause unwanted color convertions to native vector graphics or texts.

  • Converting RGB to CMYK color

    Hi All,
    I have few BASIC Questions on converting RGB to CMYK  in Photoshop and Illustrator. Hope could get some professional insights here.
    1, Are all the DTG printers set only in CMYK color mode ?
    2, If there is no difference after viewing RGB image with 'Gamaut Warning' (Photoshop),  Does that mean I'll have the exact print result as monitor view ?
    and Basically no need for CMYK conversion  ?
    3, Please list some the most effective way to convert RGB to CMYK, and keep the final CMYK color result as close as the RGB.
    4, when I simply convert one RGB image to CMYK color, why Ps/AI don't allow me to save as PNG file ?
    ( I save the file as PDF, but I cannot edit this PDF using apple preview app  )
    5, compare Photoshop to Illustrator, which one result better final CMYK color image ?

    Thanks for the detailed reply. Sure clear some of the doubts.
    I just start to draw/design in Photoshop and illustrator, I save my files most as PNG, for a transparent background.
    After I went to officework do the poster printing, I found the color of my print image are not as vivid as Mac preview.
    To be precise, the poster I printed looks like has a very thin grey layer, it is not much noticeable, but it indeed lost some vivid color.  As I want to print out my works and keep color as close exact as Mac preview,  here is the issue of coverting RGB CMYK.
    Please feel free to add for below:
    1, Should I set color space in CMYK before drawing in PS/AI 
    2,  in PS, I convert profile from PNG file to CMYK save as psd file,  that psd file preview exactly same as PNG.
    But when saved as PDF, the file preview a bit grey.  Can someone explain this?
    3, Now im thinking, since CMYK is all about printers, it really should be the profession in printing shop who shall check my image, and edit/convert to the right color space to fit their printers.

  • Rich black when converting RGB to CMYK

    I'm working in an older version of PhotoShop (7) but any help on the topic would definitely help.
    My problem is that I am converting RGB native images to CMYK and my Key (Black) comes out rich, contains equal levels of CMY and K, instead of true black, only k.
    Currently my way around this is to do the standard convert to profile CMYK and with my path selected to the section I would like to be true black simply turn off all CM and Y channels and re-save the image but this is a little labor intensive.
    Is there a way that I can go straight from RGB to CMYK and achieve true black without alteration?

    Yes, there is. You can use a CMYK setup or ICC CMYK profile that uses Maximum black generation. Unfortunately, that will almost always hose anything photographic in your image.
    Is it typographical elements that are becoming four color? If so, then they should be done in a page layout program where they can be rasterized separately from the photographic image. If it is type you're worried about, is it large type or small? If you have to set large type in Ps, then it's probably fine to let it run four color.
    If it were me and I had to do everything in Ps, I would probably make two conversions of the file to CMYK - one with a standard black generation and one with Max K. I would then select the black you want from the max K version and paste into the K channel of the "normal" document, and then use that as a selection to delete from the other three channels.
    A third way is to do type in Ps and leave the type as a vector type layer, then save the file out as a Photoshop PDF, which is then placed in a layout app. or just sent to the printer through his RIP. That should work too, but there are too many places for things to wrong for my taste.

  • How do I convert all RGB images to CMYK for PACKAGING - InDesign CC?

    I understand that they can be exported as a CMYK pdf - but I'm splitting a project with another designer and she needs to get me all of her files - many of which are RGB - need them CMYK.  Thanks!

    You can't convert the color mode of links during packaging -- and you don't need to, most likely. Why do you think you must have CMYK? Unless you know the correct output space now, and have no plans to re-purpose the file in the future (and even if those things are true and you don't need to make post conversion adjustments to the color) there is no advantage, and plenty of disadvantage, to converting to CMYK before export.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Screen Flickering in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS4

    I experience screen flickering in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS4 when I move my mouse around on the screen. Basically any mouse movement will create flickering. The more and faster I move my mouse the more flickering occurs. System Specs - Windows 7 64b

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