Converting Video from 44.1K to 48K

I'm trying to convert a video file from 44.1K to 48K for the audio track. I tried using the "Export" feature, which worked fine in regards to the audio stream itself, but the new movie (which was already compressed to begin with) now looks horrible.
What is the easiest way to simply change the audio track -- Without touching the video part? Thanks!

Open the file in QuickTime Player. Export > Sound to AIFF. Use the Options button to access the 48k setting. Save the file.
Press command and J keys to access QT's Properties window. Click the audio track. click Delete at top left.
Open your newly converted 48k audio. Press command and A (select all). Bring your movie to the front. Choose Edit > Add to Movie from the menu bar. Save the new version of your movie.

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    Hi geek girl,
    The only way you can achieve this is by starting up the MacBook in TD mode, with the relevant disc in the Optical drive. You then have to connect the MacBook to a Tiger capable PPC based Mac, attach the external drive to the PPC based Mac and boot the PPC based Mac holding down the option key to access the Startup Manager. Then choose the OS DVD as the startup disc on the PPC based Mac (much as I mentioned in your thread in the iMac G5 forum)
    Of course, if you have a normally operating PPC based mac you can simply use it instead, without the need for the macBook at all! This trick is only useful to re-install an OS if the optical drive in the PPC based mac isn't working, but everything else is for example.
    In your case with your imac G5, though, I think you have a more serious issue, and simply getting an external drive with the right PPC OS on it isn't going to help you until it is resolved.

  • N97 - how to convert videos from ".flv" to ".mp4" ...

    I loaded a ".flv" video from the Internet to my Desktop computer, then converted it to ".mp4" format - to show it on my N97. Unfortunately, the phone only plays the audio - the video is not displayed.
    Any solutions?
    Thanks in advance.
    Go to Solution.

    It seems that you hadn't changed the video frame. Use format factory app to covert the videos to your desired format. You might be having some mp4 videos that play in your device. Check the frame size of those videos and then convert the FLV files to that resolution. Hope this helps.
    Nokia C7

  • Audition converting video from 23.976 to 29.97fps

    When I use the EDIT menu command "Edit in Adobe Audition", to send a sequence from Premiere Pro CS6 to Audition, my 23.976fps video file is being converted by either Premiere or Audition to a 29.97fps file.  Perhaps this is how it's supposed to function and has no consequence on the mix or sound file.  Just want to be sure this is how the exchange between programs is supposed to work.

    He gets the number by dividing 48k by the number of samples he wants per frame, using Windows built-in calculator! Is that the right way to do it? Only if there are clear-cut and defined sample boundary numbers to be observed at frame boundaries. In reality you'd never get those numbers that accurate, because clock jitter would get thoroughly in the way.
    I think that what Durin is suggesting is the obvious way to go about this - just recognise that the two apps have to display the same ruler time, and that to stop anybody getting number-blind, they should be limited to just the two decimal places...

  • Converting video from the Nokia 7610

    Hi There,
    I have been sent a video with the file extension .Mp4, from a Nokia 7610 phone. I believe that this media is of the H263 or 3gp format. I would like to convert this file into a standard AVI file for editing in Adobe Premier or Virtual Dub. Can anyone tell me how this can be done.
    I have tried downloading numerous programs and codecs but to no avail. (I'm running Windows XP)
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    Mr Wilder

    You are not alone in your quest Mr Wilder!
    I have been working on the output formats of a fairly decent program called SUPER from
    to see if I can find in input format compatible with VirtualDub!!
    Let me know if you find one!
    N82 v30.0.019 O2 Online 200 contract

  • QuickTime Pro 7.0 takes forever to convert video from Windows Media to Ipod

    I just got a new IPOD Video 60GB and to tell you the truth, i'm not one bit impressed with this product; to give you my honest opinion, i'm disappointed in the purchase and would not recommend this to anyone unless someone can provide me with a solution to the problem.
    Simply put, i'm trying to get some video clips on my new IPOD and i can't. I tunes won't let me for some reason, i do not know. I can get music fine, have not tried photos's as yet.
    Anyway, the problem is, whenever I try to convert using Quick Time Pro 7.0 from WMV (Windows Media Format) to IPOD format (MPEG4), it takes extremly long. I mean seriously outragesly long. To give you an idea, I started a conversion of a 68MB file at 5:25PM, it is now 6:24PM and it's only completed about 45% of the file.
    Is Apple insane??? who is going to wait 2-4 hrs to convert 1 simple video clip? I need to find an alternative solution otherwise i'm going to complain to Apple, and if i don't get my resolution to this problem fast, I will complain to the Better Business Bureau in Canada about this. This is such a scam. Why do i have to buy Quick Time Pro 7.0 just so i can upload video? I should be able to do this through windows directly.
    Anyone that can help please let me know.
    If i don't find something by the end of the year, you can be sure that Apple will be hearing from me in one form or another about this purchase. I spent over $600 on the company on a product that should be simpler to use than this.

    QuickTime Pro does not play .wmv files. It doesn't export them without some other third party software.
    Try reading the steps and supported file formats before your complain about what it does, or doesn't, do.

  • Converting video from Sony DSC-H1

    My Sony DSC-H1 camera produces MPEG's not compatible with Mac. I’ve tried a couple different ways to convert it into a format that can be loaded into iMovie or iDVD, but each step takes SO LONG! My goal is always to get either unedited or edited video onto a DVD so my family and others can view it. Does anyone know what is the best (and least time-consuming) process by which to do this?

    If I need to edit, then I have to convert the MPEG 2 from my camera to DV for iMovie, correct? But then I need to transfer it to iDVD in order to copy it to a DVD, is that right? It’s a lot of steps that each take a long time for the shorter way?
    If I don’t want to edit, say just keep vacation video as it comes from the camera, is there any quicker way to just get the MPEG 2 onto a TV-playable DVD?

  • Converting video from CD to iPhone 3

    I have a few videos on CD I would love to convert so i can view them on my iPhone 3, is there a way this can be done?? I downloaded image burn but have no idea on how to properly use it. Please help.
    Thanks you,

    Being an MP4 file alone is not enough.
    Copied from this link.
    Video formats supported: H.264 video up to 720p, 30 frames per second, Main Profile level 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; MPEG-4 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) up to 35 Mbps, 1280 by 720 pixels, 30 frames per second, audio in ulaw, PCM stereo audio in .avi file format.
    HandBrake includes a number of Apple default settings for a conversion including Universal, iPod, iPhone & iPod Touch, Apple TV, and a number of other Legacy defaults.
    Since I have an Apple TV, I always use the Apple TV default setting which also allows for transferring a video converted with this default setting from my iTunes library to my iPhone.
    Which default Apple setting for the conversion did you use?

  • Converting video from FCE for 5G

    I am running FCE 3.0 and I have tried several times to export a movie using the built-in iPod video output format. iTunes accepts the movie but iTunes won't sync the video to the 5G iPod, stating it is not a compatible format. I use the following sequence: File/Export/Using Quicktime Conversion/Format pulldown: iPod (320/240). A 20 minute video takes 3+ hours to convert.
    When I export the same movie to QuickTime and use QT Pro 7.03 and export the movie I can successfully move the movie to the iPod using iTunes. Plus, the format conversion only takes about 30 minutes. I have successfully converted 4-5 movies to the iPod format and have downloaded many more from the web, so I guess that iTunes & the 5G iPod are working correctly.
    Is there a known problem w/ the FCE iPod format export function? or is there some other setting I am missing? or ....

    Thanx for the feedback. I think my problem is in my video. To make my troubleshooting proceed faster, I output only a 1 minute scene of the video using the same steps I described at the start of this thread (and as you describe). I took my 1 minute video, dropped it in to iTunes as before, connected my 5G and it synced over to the 5G. My 1:00 scene video transferred to the 5G w/o complaint. Go figure.
    Now I have to incrementally add scenes, output it and see when it balks again. Ughhh.
    If you are interested, there are some useful links in a similar thread:
    Thank you,

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    I took some old videos out to a service to have converted, but didn't want a finished DVD so I could edit them. I got the data back on 2 dvds, one I converted and stored on an external drive. It was identified as DVD 2.m2p.mp4. This one loaded into iMovie 09 with no issues. I then tried to convert the 2nd disk and it went into iTunes when I tried to open it. It's title is DVD 1.m4v and will not transfer into iMovie. What do I do to get this into a movie format for editing?

    Where do I get the mpegstreamclip? The service that I used doesn't know anything about Mac, so they ran a sample and I brought it home and converted it. It came out like the second DVD. I assumed they did the same thing on both and really don't understand video formats all that well. I thought maybe it was something I did in Handbrake that caused the different results.

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    How do I import video in a divx format to itunes? I tried the way it says in the online instructions but i can't even import it to convert it over to itunes.

    I don't have a "File > Add File to Library" command in my list in my Finder. I have not been able to get iTunes to even acknowledge that I have a .wma file to convert in any way shape or form. I know it's not protected. The demo version of EasyWMA is able to make the first 15 seconds into .mp3, and it only works with unprotected files, too. What am I missing on iTunes?

  • Itunes/QT converts video from sound to no-sound

    I have a video that has sound. when i convert it for ipod or when I convert in QT to ipod, it ends up converted with no sound. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    iTunes and Quicktime don't much like muxed MPEG files, they lose the sound when you convert them.
    Here's a post I made with some ways around this:



    USE MPEG STREAMCLIP TO CONVERT THE MPEG AND AVI FILES (oops!! accidentally had the caps lock on) to an editable format that your chosen NLE works with natively.

  • Fasted way to convert videos from iMovie HD for Windows?

    I want to dub MiniDV films with iMovie HD 6.0.3 (OS X 10.4.11) for editing under Windows, e.g. with Movie Maker and/or VirtualDub.
    I opened the iMovie package and converted the (native) DV files with Adobe Media Converter (Windows) into DV AVI (PAL DV) -- now I can open this film with on of the above mentioned programs.
    Question: is there a shorter way to prepare the movies from iMovie/Mac for Windows?

    My plan was to make the dubbing on my second PC -- a Mac...
    I don't want to interrupt my work on my PC (und because of the larger storage on my Mac).
    But now I did it in my mentioned way: copying the DV files of iMovie to Windows, converting them with Adobe Media Encoder into DV PAL).
    Thanks for helping me!

  • Converting video from .dmg to MP4

    I have a short video (not copyrighted) that is a .dmg file after saving it on my hard drive. I need it converted to MP4. Is there a way to do this? I have seen various programs for sale but I won't do this very often and don't want to spend $30. Is there a free one out there that anyone knows of? I appreciate any help. This seems way too complicated.
    And I might add that I am relatively new to Apples so keep it simple. lol I do LOVE this machine though!

    It is saved to my desktop and when I click it, a window opens that says the name of the disk at the top and two folders are there. One is VIDEO_RM and the other is VIDEO_TS. I have done this one other time with a video and have found that so utterly confusing. Just play the disk, machine.
    Maybe I am doing something wrong in the process of saving it to the hard drive???
    Thanks for helping! I appreciate it.

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