Converting wma's into mp3s

I have a Zen Xtra with about a third of my files as mp3s and the rest in wma format. I've tried converting the remaining wma's into mp3s using Creatuve Media Source but it says that 'file conversion is not supported.' Even though its not necessary to turn my wma files into mp3s, I would still prefer all the files to be of the same format. Can anyone help me out? Do I need to download an update of Creative Media Source?
Appreciate any help. Thanks.

Try updating to the latest version of MediaSource, 3.30.2, from this site.
DRM stands for "digital rights management"; it's most commonly used on files downloaded from legal download services. However, some versions of WMP add DRM restrictions to ripped music, which may block certain actions. In WMP 0, choose Tools > Options, then the Rip Music tab; make sure the "Copy protect music" box is NOT checked. (It's unchecked by default in WMP 0, but was checked by default in some earlier versions of WMP.) If it is checked, uncheck it, then re-rip the CDs.

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  • Can I turn .wma files into mp3 (or something I can use in itunes)?


    Cov99 wrote:
    Can I turn .wma files into mp3 (or something I can use in itunes)?
    iTunes for Mac can't handle WMA files, iTunes for winsloth can.
    if you have access to a PC, use iTunes there to convert the files. alternatively, you can get EasyWMA and use that app.
    the files need to be unprotected in both cases.

  • I need to find a way to convert .WMA files to .MP3 format on Lion

    I need to find a way to convert .WMA files to .MP3 format; with Snow Leopard, I could do that using iTunes, but since upgrading to Lion, I can convert the files to a .mov format in Quick Time, but cannot move the file into iTunes in order to convert it to .MP3. If you can suggest a work-around or an app that will work with Lion, would be much appreciated.

    Haven't used it myself, but worth a look

  • Urgent How to convert wav files into mp3?

    Can anyone plz tell me how can i convert wav file into mp3 using JMF? tell me any sample programme, any method in JMF........ help me plz

    Examples could be found on the JMF Solutions page.
    Only I can say about mp3 through network - it's hardly possible. I recommend GSM for compression2transmit. It could be used via GSM content descriptor. I'm not sure, but I suppose MP3 is supported only for files, there's no MP3.RTP or such (if you want to transmit files, it should not cause any problems).
    About JavaSound - it does not matter... You still need JMF to be installed on Client, and AppletCapture to be enabled. Futrher - would it be DirectSound, JavaSound, or anything else - just the deal of JMF.
    I tried to use JavaSound capture with proceeding AudioInputStream to JMF, but failed to do this.
    About your problem - best solution seems like that:
    capture sound
    put it into processor
    set format to GSM
    so then, server receives it and formats it as it likes.
    If you want to transmit exactly files, you should use just some of pure java after capturing., or such thing.

  • I have a mac ox 10.5.8 and I'm trying to download a downloader that converts video files into mp3 but none of them wont open. Can anyone help?

    I have a mac ox 10.5.8 and I'm trying to download a downloader that converts video files into mp3 but none of them wont open. Can anyone help? _free.html
    Not sure if any are PPC, oR 10.5.8 compliant, still, if you give a link to one you're trying, it may be helpful.

  • Convert quicktime music into mp3 format

    Does anybody know how to convert QuickTime music into mp3 format?

    On the App store, there's a free and really easy to use app called SmartConvertret that does all the hard work for you:
    There are also several online websites that will do this for you as well

  • Converting wma to an mp3

    I was wondering how to convert a .wma file to an .mp3 so that I can open the file in iTunes. any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for the help. Last night I copied some WMA files, that were sent to me by a friend, to my flash drive and tried to convert them on my PC laptop in Windows Media player. When that didn't work, I dragged the files into iTunes on the PC and imported them as AAC files. I then copied them back to my flash drive and copied them to the Mac where I imported them into iTunes. Why doesn't Apple allow importation of WMA files into iTunes for Mac but does on the PC version?

  • I have the new version of itunes and i cant find where i can convert my songs into mp3s... anyone know where?

    can someone help me find where the tab is for converting songs into MP3's... my copnmputer just updated iTunes and i cant convert them... i need these songs in that format and i cant find it anywhere... help!

    iTunes prefs > General - Import settings button.
    my copnmputer just updated iTunes
    Really? This option was changed in iTunes 8, about 4 years ago.

  • I know how to convert WMA to AAC/MP3 for Itunes

    I'm not sure if someone else has figured this out or not, but I figured out how to convert WMA files to AAC or MP3 for Itunes. First open the file using Quicktime. I think you need the Flip4Mac program. I'm not sure and you also need Quicktime pro. Choose Save. Select standalone movie. Choose location. It will convert song to movie, then import all your movies you selected. Organize Itunes by "Kind". Select all of your new movies files. Choose Advanced and convert to your appropriate file type.
    I looked for a while and couldn't find a good way to change wma to aac. This takes a little bit, but it works. What do you think? It works for me.

    Or, as has been pointed out in numerous posts, you can use EasyWMA.

  • How to convert AMR files into MP3 or WAV?

    I'm not sure if that's the right place to ask, but I couldn't find any more suitable one, so...
    Can anyone recommend a nice convenient application to convert my phone's recordings from AMR format to MP3 or WAV - eg. something I can conveniently listen to on my PC?
    Thanks in advance!

    Many of my friends recommend iDealshare VideoGo to convert AMR files to MP3 or WAV.
    Today i just have a try, and find it really works great in converting AMR to MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AIFF etc with high audio quality.
    what i like prefer is its drag and drop fuction and batch conversion fuction.
    Here is the step by step guide at How to Convert AMR to MP3, WAV?
    Hope it also helps for you.

  • Converting ac3 files into mp3

    Does anyone know if I can convert ac3 files that are created by compressor for DVD Studio pro into MP3 files?

    You can use MPEG Streamclip to extract the audio tracks from your DVD and re-encode them as AIFF. Then use iTunes to convert to mp3.
    I have just tried and Streamclip doesn't take just the ac3 file, you need to take them from the VOB files.
    Hope that helps . . . and hope you own the rights of the material !!

  • Converting .WMA files to .MP3???

    Ok i have no idea where to put this question but here it goes.......hope it gets answered......or if someone can direct me.
    Just as my subject do you do it? I tried to drag it into iTunes but it doesn't work........
    any help will do.

    In a few cases, the file is internally the same format in a different wrapper. For instance, using a Windows Media codec but in an AVI wrapper rather than WMV. Or the player may play both formats and look internally at the file, rather than at the filename extension, to determine what codecs to use. In those cases, changing the filename extension might work.
    But when you're trying to go from one codec to another, such as WMA to MP3, where the player won't handle the original format (and it matters not whether it's video or audio), then just changing the filename extension will not work. That's the case with iTunes; it won't play WMA files, period, and changing the filename extension won't change that. You must convert the WMA to something iTunes can play, and that takes other software such as the converters mentioned.

  • I know how to convert wma files into aac but the itunes program messed all my album how can i fix that

    When i convert my wma files and put them into my itunes program it converts them automaticly but it mess up all my albums it split albums and it put lonely song here and there and i cannot put them back were they bellong...why it does that ? How can i fix that because i do have a lot of albums and i would like to convert them all and make sure that all song are in the album were it should belong ?
    Thank in Advance.

    Filling in the Album Artist will fix things most of the time, though if you also have an older iPod then you might find the album splits up again on your device. For more information see my article on Grouping tracks into albums.

  • Converting WMA library to MP3 when transfer to the iPOD

    After long time I decided to transfer my 2000CD's to the iTunes on WMA format to loos not quality.
    The transfer job is still not finish, but I have 1 Tera with music. Now I want to transfer all, or almost all this music to my iPod Classic 160G. Obviously I have to convert to MP3.
    But I don't see how to do that without coping on the same iTunes library a duplicate of my songs on MP3. Do somebody knows how transfer my WMA iTunes music to the iPod converting on the way to MP3, and without making a MP3 duplicate on my HD?
    Thank you

    Do somebody knows how transfer my WMA iTunes music
    When you added the wma files to iTunes, iTunes has already converted them to whatever you have selected in iTunes prefs-> Advanced - Importing.
    They are not in iTunes as a wma file.
    You can set iTunes prefs-> Advanced - Importing to MP3.
    The delete the files you have added from WMA.
    Re-add the same WMA files and iTunes will convert them to MP3 as it adds them to iTunes.

  • Converting itunes songs into mp3s?

    just wondering whether there is a way? I have just got a car with an MP3 CD player and wanted to use itunes to burn an mp3 CD. However, i can't as everything is either encoded as AAC when i burnt all my CDs or i can't as i have downloaded them from the itunes site.
    Is there a way of converting them to mp3, that doesn't include burining a cd and reripping them as an mp3?

    Is there a way of converting them to mp3, that doesn't include burining a cd and reripping them as an mp3?
    Song files purchased from iTMS are copy-protected to deter music piracy so that's your only option.
    For songs you've ripped into iTunes yourself, you can have a look at this article in the Apple Knowledge Base:
    Note the warning that converting from one lossy format to another will result in the loss of some audio fidelity. So try that method out with a few songs before deciding whether you want to proceed or re-import your CD's with the new Import settings.

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