Copy Chinese Text from Word to SAP Script

I need to change Chinese form. I am not able to copy Chinese text from word document to SAP Script.
When I copy Chinese text from word to SAP Script, I am getting the Chinese text 承运商签 as ?????.
I have done the following steps in my PC and SAP front end settings.
1. At the Operating system level install the Chinees language.[Control panel - >Regional and language Option - >language Tab - > Click on Install Files for East Asian languages] If these language already installed then click on Detail and add the Chinese languages[Chinese (PRS) and Chinese(Taiwan).
2. At SAP level click on Customizing of Local layout[Alt+F12] and click on options.Go to tab I18N and click on Activate the multi-byte functionalities to support check box.
4.Take care of the Font while assigning to Character formar or paragraph format. Dont use normal font name. Example of chinese phone "CNSONG".
Please help on the same.
Thanks & Regards,

I hope when you are changing form ,you hv logged in  chinese language .
Sap log-in: Chinese ,PC-setting : chinese font loaded & correct charcter format in script : chinese font.
If all this is there then you should not hv trouble in getting chinese text from word to SAP script.

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    Hello, I am a beginner and wanted to simply copy Chinese characters from MS WOrd to indesign CS 5.5. But it showed up in indesign as a bunch of squares. ANyone knows how to do it right? Thanks

    Joel Cherney wrote:
    If you cannot find any of these, the InDesign installation disk comes with a bunch of free high quality fonts, courtesy of Adobe.
    Use those.
    The chances are quite small that you will offend your Chinese readership by setting text in an overtly Japanese font like Mincho or Kozuka - but the chance is a non-zero chance. All the right glyphs are there, of course (thank you Unihan), but typographic standards differ between the two languages, and there's no sense in taking the risk.
    Ah -- apologies! Wait, let me check my ID ... I got
    * Apple LiGothic, Apple LiSung (installed by default on OS X)
    * BiauKai (umm, don't know)
    * Adobe Fan Heiti
    * STHeiti
    * LiHei Pro
    * LiSong Pro
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    * Hei
    * Heiti SC
    * Adobe Heiti Std
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    * Kai
    * Adobe Kaiti Std
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    .. and yet even more. If you are working on Windows, you get a couple of "MS Xxx" fonts as well, and in that case you are definitely better off with Adobe's set.
    I must admit I only see the difference because Japanese fonts usually do not include a "full" set of glyphs (at least, not the "usual" 3,000 to 10,000). Joel, care to point out some tell-tale glyph forms?

  • Freeze when copy paste text from word to Indesign CC

    I have a problem when working with indesign CC. When i'm copying text from word to Indesign, after a while my windows system freezes. Only Indesign works. Windows and word are frozen. After a while (several minutes) the system works agian.
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    I hope someone has a solution.
    Ragards Bas

    It's the PDF.
    Usually, you can copy text out of a PDF, but there is no guarantee *at all*. Older software used to take shortcuts to subset fonts: first character it encountered got coded as #1, the next as #2, etc. etc. If you do a search & replace of each of the nonsense characters, you'll slowly see the original text appearing (thst's not as simple as it sounds, though).
    A similar "problem" is that sometimes spaces don't get copied (there is no need for a "Space Character" in a PDF), and that you cannot copy contiguous lines of text as a single paragraph. All of it is because a PDF is not intended nor designed to be re-used after creation.
    If you really need this text and don't want to type it in, try to get hold of the original file.

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    I've written a seminar on Word (Greek & English). I want
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    When I copy the Word text and paste it on Director (on a text
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    The problem is that, although I change the fonts on the whole
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    download and extract to your director xtras folder:
    Copy the text you want to translate to clipboard, and then,
    from your
    message window, try:
    then try pasting the text.
    1253 is the code page for greek.
    For mac code pages supported by windows (values you can pass
    to the toS()
    command), check the second link - for greek, it's 10006.
    "Renos83" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:g1ehdb$a5s$[email protected]..
    > I've written a seminar on Word (Greek & English). I
    want this text on
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    How to do this ?
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    Thanks in Adv.

    Hi Bhupal,
    Could you tell me how did u add the long text from CA10.  I have the same requirement.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Copy/paste text from Word doc or PDF to Robohelp

    Bolded words, indentions, paragraphs, line spacing, font, and
    text size amongst other things are lost when I do a simple
    copy/paste... Any way to relieve this?

    I'd like to answer this in a slightly different way..
    It's a good idea to format anything you paste into RH in RH
    using paragraph styles etc. Hardcoded formatting won't be under
    stylesheet control which is very bad news.
    In fact I generally paste stuff from a word doc into notepad
    first to remove any formatting soI have "clean" text to begin with.
    That way you ensure consistency when styles are updated etc
    as well maintaining consistency with what's already there.

  • Copying Japanese text from Word into InDesign CS5 - possible?

    I created an advert in English, and now the marketer has asked me to make a Japanese version.
    They have given me a Word Document with the Japenese text in it (in more or less the same paragraph structure to the English one) with instructions of what goes where.
    When I copy the paragraps into Indesign CS5, the font is just squares and shapes, not text.
    Is it possible to get the Japanese text working in InDesign? Is there a specific font selection I have to use?

    The group of Japanese fonts is the one containing Kozuka Mincho.  You do not need the  World-ready composer for simple left-to-right Japanese, and non-Japanese InDesign may do what you need.  If you need Japanese-specific text processing features (e.g., vertical text, automated application of "word" breaking rules), some are available in Adobe Illustrator and explained in its help files.  Or you could try Harbs' World Tools Pro.

  • Problems Copying Text from Word 2008 to InDesign CS3

    When I copy/paste text from Word into InDesign, the text pastes as an image. If I draw a text box in InDeign and paste the text in there, the same thing happens and the box is locked in position. I'm pretty sure there is a setting in Word I have to change, but I've tried everything! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    Why don't you try File > Place and place the .doc file? (Probably not too many Word experts in an Adobe forum.)

  • How do I copy and paste from Word into Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

    using Windows 7 Professional SP1, Microsoft Office 365 (Office 2013).
    I can copy the text within a word document, without a problem.
    However, the paste options are greyed out and "Ctrl"+"V" does not work.
    Am I missing something, as I can't work out how to copy the text from word, to use as a basis for my photo shop document.

    mattresshero wrote:
    Hey, guys. I am a complete noob to Elements 13. I need to get something done relatively quickly and I need to learn how to copy and paste from a Word document. How do I do this?
    Copy the text in WORD to place it on the clipboard
    Open PSE in Expert tab
    Open your picture file
    Get the type tool out of the tool box, click an insertion point
    Go to Edit>paste
    You should see two layers in the layers palette: background layer, and layer with the text.

  • I'm in trouble with copy paste some text from Word to DW mx 2004

    I'am a new developer in webdesign. I'm doing my first site to
    a cliente. I'm in trouble with copy paste some text from Word to DW
    mx 2004. In the Edit / Preferences / General category i have the
    spelling dictionary in Portuguese (Brasilian). If I wrote the text
    in Portuguese directly from DW i can see the letters with ( ç
    ã é ... ) and in the browser testing ( IE 6.0.2 with sp2
    and FireFox 1.0.7 ), but with copy paste from the text in Word in
    Portuguese when i bring it to DW i can see the ( ç ã
    é ... ) in the beginnig but in the Browsers testing i can't,
    and then after a while i lose the ( ç ã o ...). Can
    anyone help me !?
    I need the work finish in next monday. Thanks a lot.

    Your line breaks will most likely be incorrect if you don't turn on the Japanese Composer.
    It is almost absolutely impossible to accomplish your goal without having a font - any font - installed on your system that has that glyph. However, if it's showing up in Word, than means that you must have that glyph installed, right? What font are you trying to use in InDesign? You might already know that Word will auto-substitute fonts when it encounters a missing glyph, so we really don't know what font is being used to render that one glyph. The whole sentence might be in MS Mincho but one glyph might be pulled from another font if MS Mincho doesn't have that glyph.
    That being said, you're going to break it if you don't know how to set Japanese type in ID. It's not something where you can just copy text out of email and paste into your English layout.

  • Copy and Paste from Word to ID – as text please?

    Recently upgraded to CS4 and Office 2008. Now when I copy and paste text from Word to ID it only comes in as an image. If I'm copying a single paragraph from a lengthy Word doc, I really don't want to have to paste it into a new Word doc, save that, and then Place... into ID.
    Is there really no way to simply copy and paste some TEXT from Word to ID?? Who asked for text to be pasted as images?

    Sorry, I know this is an old post, but I'm not really finding many newer posts about this (although I did also find this article online via built-in InDesign Help, which contains a couple more recent responses: php).
    Anyway, as a long-time Mac user, I can confirm the OP's dilemma.
    I just upgraded from a pre-Intel Power Mac G5, OS X 10.5.8, CS2 Premium, Word 2004 for Mac to a late-2011 MacBook Pro, Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3, CS5.5, Word 2011.
    This definitely is working as the OP is describing. Select text in .docx file, Cmd-Tab to InDesign, paste (with nothing selected)... pastes as an image.
    Drawing a text frame in InDesign *first* and *then* pasting the text does work, though (unlike the OP, it's not pasting as an inline graphic for me, so something may have been addressed since his posts), as does pasting the text from Word into TextEdit, then copying the text from TextEdit and pasting into InDesign (it is not necessary to first draw a text frame if pasting from TextEdit).
    I can also paste the text from Word into Dreamweaver and then into InDesign, and it'll be actual text in both locations, without having to first draw a text frame in InDesign.
    For some reason, though, it's not liking the Word-to-InDesign transition.
    I even tried saving the file as a text-only file (.txt), opened that in Word, copied some text, pasted into InDesign with nothing selected... still being pasted as an image.
    So, anyway, workaround method it is, for now.
    (Yes, placing the Word doc -- as opposed to copying/pasting -- does still work, but if you're only trying to grab a few lines of text from the file, placing becomes more of a hassle.)

  • Copy text from Word '03 into RH9

    I need to copy text from Word into RH in a way that does not bring in the Word codes.  I can obviously copy the text into notepad and then into RH, but I am wondering if there is a way to do it that would be similar to the "Paste Special / Unformatted Text" command in Word? 
    We cannot have the word codes in RH because we translate our user manuals and then use the translated UM text to gain discounts when we translated the html help files.  These codes throw off the matching and cause us to gain hardly any discounts.  Even simple formatting, like a bolded word puts in the word codes into the html code. I made the mistake of thinking if I unbold the word in RH then everything is fine, but little did I know the Word code was still in the HTML. 
    I appreciate your help.
    Also, I am open to suggestions on a better way to get my Word text into RH to be help.  I've started looking into Importing and Linking, but haven't figured out if they would be all that beneficial to us.

    Hi there
    Try the link below:
    Cheers... Rick
    Helpful and Handy Links
    RoboHelp Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form
    Begin learning RoboHelp HTML 7, 8 or 9 within the day!
    Adobe Certified RoboHelp HTML Training
    SorcerStone Blog
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    I am unable to copy text from Word (for Mac) into Safari. It doesn't seem to be recognizing that I am copying a selection of text from a word document. As when I try to paste, nothing happens. Is there a way around this?

    Disregard question, found it. Right click, or Ctrl+click to use submenu to Copy.

  • URGENT: Copying text from word doc to text module in smartforms

    Hi ALl
    I have a problem, when i copy texts from word documents to smartforms, some words getting clubbed together. there is no space. I tried justified and left aligned. In both i am getting problem like this. Is there any special way to copy and paste the text to text module from word.

    Try to copy to notepad first, then copy to the text module.

  • How to call COPY web service from sharepoint in SAP

    Hello Experts,
    I want to call COPY web service from SharePoint in SAP  web dynpro / JAVA application.
    However, when I try to connect to web service and download wsdl using   http:// <hostname:port>/_vti_bin/copy.asmx?wsdl
    it results in Unauthorized error and doesnt complete the setup. Detail error is :
     Error occurred while downloading WSIL file. Error message: Deserializing xml stream  http:// <hostname:port>/_vti_bin/copy.asmx?wsdl Invalid Response Code: (401) Unauthorized. The requested URL was:"Connect to 
    http:// <hostname:port>/_vti_bin/copy.asmx?wsdl , used user to connect: userid"
    I am trying to connect with server user account. Any idea on what authorizations might be required or any help on the scenario .

    Here's an example on how to delete a list item, hopefully this helps
    package com.jw.sharepoint.examples;
    import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;
    import java.util.Calendar;
    import java.util.Date;
    import java.util.Properties;
    import org.apache.commons.logging.Log;
    import org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory;
    import org.w3c.dom.Element;
    import org.w3c.dom.Node;
    import org.w3c.dom.NodeList;
    public class SharePointDeleteListItemExample extends SharePointBaseExample {
     private String delete = null;
     private String deleteListItemQuery = null;
     private String queryOptions = null;
     private static final Log logger = LogFactory.getLog(SharePointUploadDocumentExample.class);
     private static Properties properties = new Properties();
     public Properties getProperties() {
      return properties;
      * @param args
     public static void main(String[] args) {
      SharePointDeleteListItemExample example = new SharePointDeleteListItemExample();
      try {
       CopySoap cp = example.getCopySoap();
       example.uploadDocument(cp, properties.getProperty("copy.sourceFile"));
       ListsSoap ls = example.getListsSoap();
      } catch (Exception ex) {
       logger.error("Error caught in main: ", ex);
     public void executeQueryAndDelete(ListsSoap ls) throws Exception {
      Date today = Calendar.getInstance().getTime();
      SimpleDateFormat simpleDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd");
      String formattedDate = simpleDateFormat.format(today);
      String queryFormatted = String.format(deleteListItemQuery,formattedDate);  
      GetListItems.QueryOptions msQueryOptions = new GetListItems.QueryOptions();
      GetListItems.Query msQuery = new GetListItems.Query();
      GetListItemsResponse.GetListItemsResult result = ls.getListItems(
        properties.getProperty("folder"), "", msQuery, null, "",
        msQueryOptions, "");
      writeResult(result.getContent().get(0), System.out);
      Element element = (Element) result.getContent().get(0);
      NodeList nl = element.getElementsByTagName("z:row");
      for (int i = 0; i < nl.getLength(); i++) {
       Node node = nl.item(i);
       String id = node.getAttributes().getNamedItem("ows_ID").getNodeValue();
       String fileRefRelativePath = node.getAttributes().getNamedItem("ows_FileRef").getNodeValue();
       logger.debug("id: " + id);
       logger.debug("fileRefRelativePath: " + fileRefRelativePath);
       String fileRef = properties.getProperty("delete.FileRef.base") + fileRefRelativePath.split("#")[1];
       logger.debug("fileRef: " + fileRef);
       deleteListItem(ls, properties.getProperty("folder"), id, fileRef);
     public void deleteListItem(ListsSoap ls, String listName, String listId, String fileRef) throws Exception {
      String deleteFormatted = String.format(delete, listId, fileRef);  
      Updates u = new Updates();
      UpdateListItemsResult ret = ls.updateListItems(listName, u);
      writeResult(ret.getContent().get(0), System.out);
     public void initialize() throws Exception {"initialize()...");
      this.delete = new String(readAll(new File(this.getClass().getResource("/Delete.xml").toURI())));
      this.deleteListItemQuery = new String(readAll(new File(this.getClass().getResource("/DeleteListItemQuery.xml").toURI())));
      this.queryOptions = new String(readAll(new File(this.getClass().getResource("/QueryOptions.xml").toURI())));
    Brandon James SharePoint Developer/Administrator

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