Copy contacts from iPhone to Address Book in Outlook

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I'm asking to see whether it's possible to copy contacts from an iPhone to the Address Book in Outlook, reason why I ask is that I am trying to help my Managing Director with his wife's Outlook issue as described in the following link acts-wont-display-in-address-book/e7c919cd-3e68-4cab-9b21-4e0080827e21?tm=142262 7591302, if so please could you either instruct me on how to do this or to point me to some references on how to go about this.
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I have the same problem, sort of. When syncing iPhone with Windows Address Book, address entries that have more than one email address, get synced with only one email address. My only work around was to switch syncing address books from Windows Address Book to Outlook 2003. Now that iTunes 4 had messed up iPhone syncs with Outlook 2003's I've done one final sync with Windows Address Book, turn off the sync address feature in the sync window, and manually updated my address entries manually on the iPhone. I hope that Apple fixes this issue with Outlook 2003 soon, cause this is not why I shelled out $599 for a Treo upgrade!

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  • How do i import contacts from iPhone to address book?

    how do i import contacts from iphone to address book?

    Ok, I knew it was a long shot.  The merge prompt normally is only available when you first sync your device.  I'm not sure how things got out of sync in the first place, but you may have to manually delete the contacts from your phone that you don't want there at this point.  I would try adding a new contact on your phone followed by sync to confirm that it's picking up new contacts though.
    Unfortunately I need to go now, so if you're still having problems I suggest your start a new post in the forum to see if someone else can help.  Good luck!

  • How can i copy my contact from iphone to address book

    how can i copy my contact from iphone to address book

    When connection your iPhone to iTunes, go to the "info"-tab (I think it's called), and check the box "Sync contacts from Address Book". This should do the job.

  • Need help syncing contacts FROM iPhone to Address book

    I'm trying to help my dad out here. He's got about 300 contacts on his iPhone that he wants to transfer onto his computer so he can have a saved/printed copy of them. I've tried to set the contacts to sync in iTunes, but it only resulted in wiping all the contacts off of the phone, which causes me to waste an hour restoring the iPhone from backup so he doesn't kill me -_____- I don't care about copying contacts from Address book to his phone, just from his phone to Address book. How do I do this?

    I have a similar problem which should be easily fixed with the steps described but those are not working. I just got a iPhone 4GS and im trying to take the contacts off of my 3GS and onto my adress book so I can sync the 4GS with adress book and get all my contacts. I created the "dummy contact" on adress book and have tried to sync my phone a couple of times but it doesnt work. it just syncs the dummy contact onto my 3gs but doesnt transfer the contacts from my 3gs onto the adress book on the computer. it also doesnt give me the option to "merge". the kicker to this is that at the bottom of the "sync contacts with adress book tab" on itunes it tells me that my contacts are "being synced with mobileme over the air" when mobileme DOESNT EVEN EXIST ANYMORE.... help please! thank you

  • Unable to sync contacts from iPhone to Address the other way

    I am unable to have changes on my iPhone reflect in my Mac's address book. For example, I would delete a contact on the iphone, but it stays there in the Mac's address book after sync. The worst part is that now on subsequent syncs, the contact is never added back to the phone or deleted from the computer. I am able to create as many contacts as I want on the phone and sync them to the address book, but just not delete modify them.
    Creating/deleting contacts in the address book works.
    So far, I have tried:
    1. Resetting the sync history.
    2. Replacing all my iPhone contacts with those in address book.
    3. Unselecting and reselecting sync contacts from iTunes.
    4. Archiving my address book, deleting everything in it, syncing, and then repopulating it.
    5. Restoring my iPhone.
    None of this has worked, and I am close to pulling my hair out. I just fixed issues with the new Safari bookmarks sync, and now this. Can anyone please help me fix this issue? Any help would be appreciated.
    This is what my console looks like:
    3/24/08 12:43:39 AM [0x0-0x11011][143] InvalidHostID
    3/24/08 12:43:39 AM [0x0-0xaa0aa][1121] InvalidHostID
    3/24/08 12:44:48 AM [0x0-0xaa0aa][1121] Child: Can't read length for data
    3/24/08 12:44:48 AM [0x0-0xaa0aa][1121] Child: NULL command dict read, exiting...
    3/24/08 12:44:48 AM [0x0-0xaa0aa][1121] Created child to sync device with pid 1146...
    3/24/08 12:45:00 AM [0x0-0xaa0aa][1121] Sending final status from child helper tool back to parent...
    3/24/08 12:45:51 AM [0x0-0xaa0aa][1121] Created child to sync device with pid 1153...
    3/24/08 12:45:58 AM [0x0-0xaa0aa][1121] Sending final status from child helper tool back to parent...
    PS: Restoring my iPhone messed up the name in iTunes. Any way to get back the name I had earlier?
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    Thanks for the idea of looking at the Console. I've created new contacts on my MacBook and my iPhone, but neither is syncing to the other, in fact a new contact group I created in Address Book doesn't even show up in the list of groups in the Contacts sync window in iTunes. Here's what the Console says every time I sync:
    3/28/08 2:45:54 AM AddressBookSync[315] AddressBookSync (client id: error: Exception running AddressBookSync: CoreData could not fulfill a fault for '0x1a02fc0 <x-coredata://2123D5A6-CBBA-4900-B49B-0DDF0F8195A8/ABCDPostalAddress/p68>'
    3/28/08 2:45:54 AM[176] 2008-03-28 02:45:54.040 AddressBookSync[315:10b] AddressBookSync (client id: error: Exception running AddressBookSync: CoreData could not fulfill a fault for '0x1a02fc0 <x-coredata://2123D5A6-CBBA-4900-B49B-0DDF0F8195A8/ABCDPostalAddress/p68>'

  • Sync added contacts from iPhone to Address Book

    As I am out and about I add new contacts on my iPhone. But when I sync with my Mac they are ignored. This contrasts with other mobile phone suppliers who do a 'sync merge' as standard updating both the phone and PC with added and amended contacts since the last sync. How can I get iTunes to execute this most basic of functions?

    I posted earlier today, asking how to get my contacts to sync both ways, or IF they can sync both ways, but so far, no one has replied. I updated my contacts on my imac (10.6.7) and when I try and sync my iphone4, it tells me if I go forward with the sync, it will effect at least 25% of my contacts on my computer, so the iphone, with the older contacts, is going to overwrite those in my address book on my mac. 
    I have been searching other posts to see if I can find the answer, and found this post here.  So I am wondering if resetting the sync history would help me?  I went to isync and clicked on it but the message is a bit unclear, to me anyway ;-)   It sounds like resetting the isync history will cause me to loose some information?  Can you clarify?  Or help me sort out how to get the updated contacts from my mac's address book into contacts on my iphone4?

  • Can I upload one contact from my iMac address book to my iphone from iCloud?

    Can I upload one(1) contact from my iMac address book using icloud to my iphone without having to upload the whole address book??

    No, it would upload (sync) your entire address book.  If you want to get a single contact to your phone from Address Book you can select it, then go to File>Export>Export vCard and save it to your desktop.  Then email the saved vCard (.vcf file) to yourself, open the email on your phone and tap the attachment to import the contact to your phone.

  • How to copy contacts from Iphone to different GSM phone

    how to copy contacts from Iphone to different GSM phone? I am trying to copy contacts from my iphone to normal phone which is not an android phone or another iphone.

    You can sync your contacts to a compatible address book on your computer or cloud service.
    How to get them from there into your 'other GSM phone' is completely dependent on the phone. Ask the manufacturer of your phone...
    You may be able to send them via text message and save them in the other phone.  Again, ask the manufacturer or read the manual.

  • HT4623 How to copy contacts from iPhone 3gs to iphone 4.

    How to copy contacts from iPhone 3gs to iphone 4.

    First youll need to back up all your contacts to you computer, then sync your new iphone and be sure to tick the boxes to sync all you contacs. Also if your iphone 3 has icloud, back them up to icloud, and then restore your new iphone from a icloud backup, No computer needed

  • How do i copy contacts from iphone 4s to ipad?

    Can anyone help new to this How do i copy contacts from iphone 4s to ipad?

    Turn on iCloud sharing of Contacts in Settings > iCloud.

  • Can I copy contacts from iPhone to iPad

    Can I copy contacts from iPhone to iPad

    Sort of........I'm going to assume you're a Windows person?  When you sync your iPhone, you would direct where you store the iPhone contacts.  Again, assuming you're Windows, you have the option to store them in Windows, Yahoo or Google.  You do this by opening your iPhone after sync and click Information above, which is where the option to store them in Windows, Google or Yahoo is.  Once you've done that, then getting them to your iPad is easy.  After you sync your iPad, open it like you did your iPhone and again click the Information tab above and tell iPad where the contact should sync from (Windows, Google or Yahoo).

  • How to copy contacts from iphone 4s to SIM

    I am currently having iphone 4s which i got from one of my friend and used for a while. Meanwhile, I added so many contacts to phone and want to copy them into my SIM card and need to return his phone.
    Please provide how to copy contacts from iphone 4s to SIM card.

    You cannot.
    Iphone stores nothing at all to the SIM

  • How can I sync my contacts from my macbook address book to my iphone

    i have my contacts in my macbook (address book) and now i need that on my IPhone. can any one help

    on your Mac, go to System Preferences > iCloud
    Check you have the "contacts" box activated
    on your iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud
    Check if you have the same Apple ID you use on Mac (if not, please enter the same ID)
      After that, activate the "contacts" on your iPhone too.
    it is supposed to work

  • Can you copy contacts from iphone 3gs to a pc?

    I want to copy my contacts from iphone 3gs to pc so i can copy them back to my new iphone 4 is that possible?

    Contacts are designed to be synced with a supported address book application on your computer. With XP, this can be with Outlook 2003, 2007, or with 2010 if 2010 is supported with XP along with syncing calendar events and notes, or with the address book app used by Outlook Express called Windows Contacts for syncing contacts only. Not a good idea to depend on your iPhone or on any cell phone alone for this data which can be lost or stolen.
    If you don't have Outlook available and you don't use Windows Contacts - Windows Contacts is empty, before the first sync for this data, enter one contact in Windows Contacts. This will provide a merge prompt with the first sync for this data, which you want to select. Syncing contacts with Windows Contacts is selected under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes.

  • Best Practice for Shared Contacts available as an Address Book in Outlook??

    Yep so crazy that Microsoft still refuses (by design) to enable address book option for Shared contacts!!!!!!!  So I am asking what do they suggest then for my clients to have a shared contact list that is available as an address book and available
    to sync to your phone?
    I have a client that the boss has a contact list in his outlook that he has synced to his phone that is shared so that everyone else on his team can see the contacts, since it is a shared contact list users are not able to add it to their address book (by
    design..nice design)
    Solutions I know of:
    1.Use public folder for contact list...= Nope public folder contact list will not sync with his iphone/ipad...(yes there are 3rd party tools but I would prefer to not go this route)
    2.Sharepoint....I have heard this one but don't know much about it.   How does it sync to outlook and phones?  Is it seemless?  can user add contacts in outlook?
    3. ??
    Seems like this would be a huge issue that microsoft would have fixed by now.  Let me know if anyone has any ideas... 
    Sbs 2003 I will miss you !!!!

    For more methods of making Shared Contacts available as an Address Book, you can refer to the following articles:
    Add shared Contacts folder as Address Book list:
    Note: Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you. The sites are not controlled by Microsoft. Microsoft cannot make any representations regarding the quality, safety, or suitability of any software or information found there. Please make
    sure that you completely understand the risk before retrieving any suggestions from the above link.
    Hope it can help you.
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

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