Copy of Solaris ver 2.4!

We are running solaris ver 2.4 (yes, 2.4!!) on some old sun boxes. My understanding is that the CAD software we are running on these machines requires ver 2.4 - we have problems running it on solaris 2.5.
My problem is that we have lost the ver 2.4 installation disks so should we have some sort of disaster, we cant re-install it. Can anyone advise where I can get a copy of version 2.4 on CD (or download) and will ver 2.4 run on newer hardware?

ok ....2.4 will NOT work on the sun4u architecture,
eg: ultra 1 ->
as with another copy of 2.4, I don't think there is a way of getting this. If you have a contract with Sun, give contracts a call or maybe some of the Sun resellers may have some old copies, people like computacentre, morse ...
alternatively, upgrade the hardware, solaris and CAD. you will stand a better chance of it being supported
hope this helps ...

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  • An evaluation copy of Solaris 8 (x86)

    anybody know where I can get a copy? I want to work on my Sys Admin cert. for solaris 8, but can't find a copy for my home pc.
    [email protected]

    I think Solaris 8 x86 is only available by ordering a media kit.
    You can download Solaris 9 x86 for $20:

  • Where can I find Oracle 8i intel solaris ver.?

    I installed intel-solaris on my PC. and I need to install oracle DB for study,
    but I can't find it. Should I buy oracle 8i?
    Thanks for your help.

    I got Oracle8i, I believe 8.1.5, from Sun as a part of the package, when I got my Solaris8 for Intel.
    I had to go to the Oracle Store to get Oracle8i 8.1.7. (
    I ordered the CD Pack.
    Sorry I do not know where it can be downloaded.

  • How to install a fresh copy of Solaris

    I need to figure out how to boot from my CD ROM drive, so if someone could help me out finding out what the name of that drive is on my machine (Netra T1 200) and what command specifies to boot from this drive I would greatly appreciate it, thanks alot!

    should be "cdrom", try "boot cdrom" or "boot cdrom - install" from the OK prompt.

  • Vista and Solaris 10, are they compatible?

    I have attempted to follow dual boot guides found everywhere, but none tailor specifically to (or eve mention) Vista. This is a problem, because Vista does not use the same method of boot as previous versions of NT.
    So far, in my many failed attempts at creating a Vista dual boot, I have experienced this:
    When I install Solaris 10 on any partition (Solaris installs correctly and works great), and then attempt to install Windows Vista, Vista says all of my partitions do not meet its requirements for installation (that the drive is NTFS and at least 12 GB is all it tells me). Even after formatting, deleting, recreating, and reformatting a drive, the drive is still unusable. Only after deleting ALL drives, including Solaris 10, and recreating and brand new first partition does Vista allow me to install. If I create a partition that Vista allows me to use, and also a partition to use with Solaris, and THEN install Solaris, the partition that Vista liked can no longer be used!
    When I install Windows Vista first (and it works fine) (which is what I tried first and reasoned is what I should be doing), and then install Solaris 10 on a partition (it installs correctlt and works great), I load up my computer and go into the GRUB bootloader. I can select Windows. However, when attempting to load windows, I get an error (in the Vista font by the way) that says my operating system cannot be loaded. When I load my Vista install disc, it cannot find any installations of windows, and it cannot repair the master boot record, saying something like the filesystem is corrupt. However, just as an experiment, I loaded Vista onto the former Solaris drive, and looked at my first partition. Every file was there, intact.
    I have attempted this with Windows Home Premium 32 bit, Windows Business 32 bit, and Vista Ultimate x64. I don't want to believe that it's impossible to load Vista and Solaris simultaneously, I've seen as much stating its impossibility as I've seen documents telling me how to do it (<- cold irony).
    As long as I can get AN INSTALLATION of Solaris 10 on my machine at the same time I have Vista able to boot, I'm fine, but I seem to have lost on all fronts.
    Edited by: ZetaZeta on Sep 19, 2007 12:30 AM

    In Solaris Express, this is not an issue, according to this weblog:
    For versions of Solaris Express prior to buid 70, this method was described for creating a dual-boot with the oh-too-picky Windows Vista:
    I am going to assume that setting up a dual-boot with Solaris 10 is similar to, if not the same as, Solaris Express, since the only steps specific to Solaris are the files I copy from Solaris.
    I hope this helps anyone else with a problem similar to mine.

  • How can I transfer the music files from my iTunes ver: 9.0.? on my external hard drive to my new laptop with the latest version of iTunes?

    A few years ago I had copied my iTunes, ver:9.0.?, from my old laptop tom my external hard drive. The music on it was already loaded onto my other devices. My old computer crashed andI bought a new one, put iTunes on it and kept it updated. The problem is I forgot to keep the iTunes on my ecternal hatd drive updated. I tried to open the external hard drive iTunes but received a error with something to the effect that there was a newwerversion of iTune. I was hoping to either put the external Itunes music on my device. How can I go about that now?

    Type "move itunes library" into the google search bar.

  • I did a COPY of some text from a web page, and then did a PASTE into notepad.exe (Windows). The text from each line was duplicated -- on the line! Instead of "Fred", it became "Fred Fred".

    I just recently installed Firefox for the first time. It seems nice and quick. The version is reported as: "10.0.1".
    I wanted to save some text from a web page, so navigated to that page, selected the text, and pressed the Control-C combination to COPY the selected text to the buffer. For example, the text I selected looked something like this:
    NOTE: Each line of text has a small icon to the left of the text.
    It is not reasonable to COPY and PASTE each line individually, as there can be hundreds of lines of data. I recall, however, that
    doing a COPY and PASTE on this data into Microsoft's Excel will produce cells which have the icons included in the cell, but unfortunately one cannot can't get rid of them! At least I've never found a way to remove them, but that's another issue. :)
    Once I'd done the COPY operation I switched to a Notepad window and did a PASTE operation. To my surprise, the text from each line was duplicated. It looked like this:
    Harry Harry
    Ron Ron
    Hermione Hermione
    Hagrid Hagrid
    Albus Albus
    Thinking that there might be something unusual about the web page I looked at the source, but it appeared "normal" -- that is, as expected.
    Note: I have done this operation several times before, and have never seen this occur before.
    Note: In the actual data some of the lines have quoted text in them. Curiously there is weird behavior on these lines. In some cases the entire line is shown only once. (These occur at the top of the line, and the quoted text is at the beginning of the name.)
    When quoted text appears "later" in the name, in some cases the quoted text is duplicated, and in other cases the quoted text is missing altogether! I have also noticed an error with the quoted text, and so will be reporting that to the web site which generates the HTML.
    Note that each line of "text" is "anchor text", so if I click on a name the browser navigates to a page for that name.
    I believe that the problem is that the COPY operating in Firefox is not simply copying the visible text, but also the ALT=
    Below is a sample of what the source HTML looks like:
    &lt;a class="lnk" target="_blank" href="http://details.aspx?id=Harry">
    &lt;img width="16" height="16" alt="Harry" class="tb_icon" src="http://.../Harry.gif"/>
    (Because of the true length of the lines in the source HTML, I have stripped out the actual URL of the site.)
    To make sure I wasn't imaging this difference I repeated the process within Internet Explorer. In that browser I did not get duplicated data.

    *Extended Copy Menu (fix version):

  • Oracle 8.1.6 and Solaris 2.6 Issues

    Is anyone aware of any "major" issues/bugs with Oracle ver. 8.1.6 running on a Solaris Ver. 2.6 SPARC environment?
    Our installations "mainly" use Oracle 8i DBMS Server, Parallel Server, Application Server, & WebDb. Most of the business applications that we have are Pro*C, JAVA, and PL/SQL. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    Two of the bugs I know of are the following:
    - DCD (Dead Connection Detection) does not work with Multi Threaded server. This means that when a client connection chrashes, its session on the database server is not cleaned up (bug 1394008).
    - Instance crashes after 248 days. After an uptime of 248 days of the machine, the instance hangs because of a timer overflow. (bug 1227119) There is a patch for this problem.
    There may be more issues, but these are the major issues I know of

  • Solaris 2.5 or earlier?

    I'm russian OS/Researcher and technical writer. Unfortnataly, very poor, so using only GNU/free/open/shareware, but need to Solaris for learning. I can't use 8/9, because my computer very weak (AMD K6-200/64Mb RAM/3Gb HDD) and my host system is OS/2 Warp4 (require 32-48Mb RAM for himself). Other OSes (Minix, Linux, PicoBSD, Menuet, etc) launched in the VirtualPC/2 or Bochs/2. Anybody have unneeded copy of Solaris x86, which can work with 16Mb RAM (2.1, 2.4, 2.5)? Please, help me! May be, you can donate me? May be, you offer me another option or choice? Thanks for attention. Sorry, if offtopic. I know, my english is ugly... but i read better, than write :)
    Vadim Tukaev (wah DEEM too KAH yeff) AKA shiz0rat, non-staff journalist at russian "Xakep" e-Zine (

    I checked the error and accesslogfile.
    Nothing there only a gap in time !!!!
    You only see something in the error logfile during the startup again :
    [09/Apr/2003:13:00:21 +0200] - iPlanet-Directory/5.1 Service Pack 1 20020606 B2002.161.2234 starting up
    [09/Apr/2003:13:00:21 +0200] - Detected Disorderly Shutdown last time Directory Server was running, recovering database.
    [09/Apr/2003:13:00:43 +0200] - slapd started. Listening on all interfaces port 2389 for LDAP requests
    [09/Apr/2003:13:03:31 +0200] - cos_cache_getref: no cos cache created

  • Solaris 10 x86 stable on Intel Xeon Woodcrest CPUs?

    We are looking at deploying Solaris 10 x86 for a new mail server project (using ZFS as the FS). In the past, we've purchased mostly Dell PowerEdge servers, and this will be our first foray into Solaris. I'm looking at using a HP Server for this project, and would like to use one of the new models that has the Intel Xeon 51xx "Woodcrest" family of CPUs. I see that there is a kernel patch available that enhances the stability of Solaris under this platform, and wanted to hear experiences from others as to the stability of Solaris 10 x86 with the Woodcrest Xeon's.

    FYI, I was able to install a copy of Solaris 10 x86 8/07 on my GX150.
    I guess there is some changes in the Kernel between releases that have caused the incompatibility.

  • Solaris 8

    Is Solaris 8/x86 free ? If so, can someone please give me a link where I can get it ?

    You found another web site with a forum and posted your question over there, as well.
    You have received a number of good responses and reasonable advice over there:
    Your PC is woefully lacking resources for a current release.
    You might at least consider adding more RAM.
    If you decide really really need to use Solaris 8,
    you may need to wait for someone to sell it on Ebay.
    Hopefully someone decides to sell their commercially packaged version.
    ( I own such a copy of Solaris 8x86 from Feb 2000,
    manufactured/packaged/sold by Sun, but intend to keep it.)
    Solaris 8 is a discontinued product. Sun doesn't offer it any longer.

  • Netra t1 105: Solaris 8 & 9 install failures

    Hi Everyone,
    I have two (2) Sun Netra T1 105 machines, each with a single 360MHz Ultra SPARC IIi and 256MB RAM. Both have 18.2GB drives that have been wiped clean.
    I am connecting using Winblows 2000 and Hyperterminal, serial port B, 9600,8,n,1.
    I want to install a fresh copy of Solaris 9 on these systems, but I am having absolutely no luck. I boot from the Solaris 9 install CD and the systems just hang. I've also tried to do network installs, and they hang as well.
    I thought it might be my Solaris 9 install media, so I tried to install Solaris 8 using several different releases - 4/01, 10/01 & 2/02. Each time, I get the same result - the boxes just hang.
    I make it this far (serial, MAC, and hostid x'ed out to keep our security folks happy):
    Netra t1 (UltraSPARC-IIi 360MHz), No Keyboard
    OpenBoot 3.10.25 ME, 256 MB memory installed, Serial #XXXXXXXX.
    Ethernet address 8:0:20:XX:XX:XX, Host ID: XXXXXXXX.
    ok boot cdrom
    Boot device: /[email protected],0/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]:f File and args:
    SunOS Release 5.9 Version Generic 64-bit
    Copyright 1983-2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
    Use is subject to license terms.
    And then it hangs forever. In the OBP, I've set the input and output ttys to ttyb to eliminate LOM interference.
    Here is a snapshot of the printenv output:
    ok printenv
    Variable Name Value Default Value
    tpe-link-test? true true
    scsi-initiator-id 7 7
    keyboard-click? false false
    watchdog-timeout 65535 65535
    watchdog-enable? false false
    ttyb-rts-dtr-off false false
    ttyb-ignore-cd false true
    ttya-rts-dtr-off false false
    ttya-ignore-cd false true
    ttyb-mode 9600,8,n,1,- 9600,8,n,1,-
    ttya-mode 9600,8,n,1,- 9600,8,n,1,-
    cpci-probe-list 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b, ... 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b, ..
    pcia-probe-list 1 1
    pcib-probe-list 1,2,3 1,2,3
    mfg-mode off off
    diag-level min max
    d7s-flipped? false false
    #power-cycles 67
    last-poweroff-cause 0 0
    env-monitor disabled enabled
    shutdown-temperature 74 72
    warning-temperature 69 67
    fcode-debug? false false
    output-device ttyb ttya
    input-device ttyb ttya
    load-base 16384 16384
    auto-boot-retry? false false
    use-boot-table? false false
    boot-command boot boot
    auto-boot? false true
    watchdog-reboot? false false
    diag-device net net
    boot-device disk net disk net
    local-mac-address? true false
    net-timeout 0 0
    ansi-terminal? true true
    screen-#columns 80 80
    screen-#rows 34 34
    silent-mode? false false
    use-nvramrc? false false
    security-mode none
    security-#badlogins 21
    oem-logo? false false
    oem-banner? false false
    diag-switch? false false
    I have the feeling I am missing something very simple, but I am at a loss. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
    Chad E. Carlson
    Skandia Technology Center, Inc.
    Shelton, CT USA

    This could be part of the problem. How exactly did you wipe the disks in the other machine, and what type of machine was it?I installed the disks into a Sun Netra T1125, partioned (using format) and newfs'd them to create basic file systems.
    How about a "boot cdrom -s"? If it boots this way, does "format" see the disks ok?Tried this, same result. The systems don't make it past the licensing terms message.
    As for the mini tests - I ran them against every device, and everything seems OK. The floppy test threw an error because I didn't have a floppy drive installed.
    I have a 4 port QFE card installed in the machine - all of the loopback tests passed, but the transceiver tests failed. None of the ports are connected (no cables). The two built in Ethernet ports also passed loopback, and 1 passed the transceiver test (the other failed) - the transceiver that passed has a network cable installed.
    Testing /[email protected],0/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/SUNW,[email protected],1
    Internal loopback test -- succeeded.
    Transceiver check -- failed
    Selftest failed. Return code = -1
    Testing /[email protected],0/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/SUNW,[email protected],1
    Internal loopback test -- succeeded.
    Transceiver check -- failed
    Selftest failed. Return code = -1
    Testing /[email protected],0/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/SUNW,[email protected],1
    Internal loopback test -- succeeded.
    Internal loopback test -- succeeded.
    Transceiver check -- failed
    Selftest failed. Return code = -1
    Testing /[email protected],0/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/SUNW,[email protected],1
    Internal loopback test -- succeeded.
    Transceiver check -- failed
    Selftest failed. Return code = -1
    Testing /[email protected],0/[email protected],1/[email protected],1
    Internal loopback test -- succeeded.
    Transceiver check -- failed
    Selftest failed. Return code = -1
    Testing /[email protected],0/[email protected],1/[email protected]
    Testing /[email protected],0/[email protected],1/[email protected],1
    Internal loopback test -- succeeded.
    Transceiver check -- passed
    Could I be experiencing problems because of the QFE card?? Doesn't seem logical, but.... perhaps I will yank it out and try again....

  • Solaris 8 4/01 Installation rebooting

    I am trying to install the 4/01 copy of Solaris for the intel and it keeps rebooting the system in the middle of the install. It gets past the point where it is scanning the system and then proceeds to load the kernel. It then reports an error and reboots. I am trying to see the error but it happens fast.
    [email protected]

    Hi Seron,
    Check your system hardware with Solaris 8 hardware compatibility list from this URL:
    Technical Support Engineer
    Developer Technical Support
    Sun Microsystems, Inc.

  • Any Solaris 8 SPARC 10/00 2 of 2 CD's Out There?

    I was given a copy of Solaris 8 (10/00 SPARC Media) because it has a bad 2 of 2 Installation Software CD. Does anyone have one of these on the shelf as a spare that they don't use and/or want anymore? If so, I would appreciate an E-mail so that we can work something out. [email protected]

    Kalpesh - do you work in support? Most users don't have the luxury
    of spare media or systems to experiment with:-)
    Perhaps the original poster could tell us the exact HW config so
    others can offer suggestions?

  • Error starting Solaris Management console

    I have recently installed a fresh copy of Solaris 9 on an intel p4 x86 platform. When I open the management console, i get a msg saying that the console server is not running. I tried to start the server using the following
    /etc/init.d/init.wbem start
    Still no luck. Can anyone help me?

    I have recently installed a fresh copy of Solaris 9 on an intel p4 x86 platform. When I open the management console, i get a msg saying that the console server is not running. I tried to start the server using the following
    /etc/init.d/init.wbem start
    Still no luck. Can anyone help me?

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    Hi All, We have the ESS 2004 installed and patched to SP14. We are currently using the TEM apps only. When creating an Expense Report, credit card receipts are selected from the buffer which is then transfered to the expenses table. What we noticed i