Copy/paste Footnotes from Word

I am writing my thesis and want to format in Pages. I did most of my work on Word, but it does not format pictures nearly as well. I copy-pasted my essay to Pages, but the new program does not recognizemy footnotes. Any help or suggestions?

Pages divorces foot notes from what it classifies as body text. If the footnotes are not preserved in the Pages body text, you will have to perform insert footnote to in the corresponding location of the original Word text.
Select the actual footnote text in word, copy, and in Pages, single click the corresponding footnote text area at the bottom of the Pages document. This will display as a box around the footnote text area. Double-click in this specific footnote text area, and then paste the content from the Word footnote text.

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  • Copy/paste text from Word doc or PDF to Robohelp

    Bolded words, indentions, paragraphs, line spacing, font, and
    text size amongst other things are lost when I do a simple
    copy/paste... Any way to relieve this?

    I'd like to answer this in a slightly different way..
    It's a good idea to format anything you paste into RH in RH
    using paragraph styles etc. Hardcoded formatting won't be under
    stylesheet control which is very bad news.
    In fact I generally paste stuff from a word doc into notepad
    first to remove any formatting soI have "clean" text to begin with.
    That way you ensure consistency when styles are updated etc
    as well maintaining consistency with what's already there.

  • Bullets which include links will prevent correct copy/paste content from word document to wiki page.

    I have a word document around 20 pages which contains the following sentence (a bullet with two links):-
    Now if I remove this sentence then copy/paste the 20 pages from word to wiki page they will be pasted correctly inside the wiki page , where all the pages, bullets, etc will be mapped correctly inside the wiki page as HTML tables, bullets ,etc.
    But the problem if I kept the above sentence then the whole 20 pages will be pasted as plain text inside the wiki page.
    So can anyone advice on this ?and how I can overcome it ?

    Hi John,
    You can try this (1) Save as Word Doc as single file web page (2) Open that file in normal text editor(notepad or so) and copy all (3) Goto Wiki page edit source and paste all (4) Save it
    Let us know how it goes.
    please 'Propose as answer' if it help you, also de-mark it if it didn't. Thank you!
    the result will be as follow, not sure if this is a valid approach can you adivce ?:-

  • Freeze when copy paste text from word to Indesign CC

    I have a problem when working with indesign CC. When i'm copying text from word to Indesign, after a while my windows system freezes. Only Indesign works. Windows and word are frozen. After a while (several minutes) the system works agian.
    This problem occurs sinc I have Indesign CC.
    Windows 8, indesign CC, Word 2013
    I hope someone has a solution.
    Ragards Bas

    It's the PDF.
    Usually, you can copy text out of a PDF, but there is no guarantee *at all*. Older software used to take shortcuts to subset fonts: first character it encountered got coded as #1, the next as #2, etc. etc. If you do a search & replace of each of the nonsense characters, you'll slowly see the original text appearing (thst's not as simple as it sounds, though).
    A similar "problem" is that sometimes spaces don't get copied (there is no need for a "Space Character" in a PDF), and that you cannot copy contiguous lines of text as a single paragraph. All of it is because a PDF is not intended nor designed to be re-used after creation.
    If you really need this text and don't want to type it in, try to get hold of the original file.

  • Copy/Paste Text from Word

    I've written a seminar on Word (Greek & English). I want
    this text on Director.
    When I copy the Word text and paste it on Director (on a text
    field) it changes the fonts.
    The problem is that, although I change the fonts on the whole
    text (to "Times New Roman Greek"), the english words sometimes look
    strange. So, I have to mark every english word and change its fonts
    from "Times New Roman Greek" to Times New Roman. As you see, it's a
    very time-consuming process and very exhausting. Is there an easier
    way doing this?

    download and extract to your director xtras folder:
    Copy the text you want to translate to clipboard, and then,
    from your
    message window, try:
    then try pasting the text.
    1253 is the code page for greek.
    For mac code pages supported by windows (values you can pass
    to the toS()
    command), check the second link - for greek, it's 10006.
    "Renos83" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:g1ehdb$a5s$[email protected]..
    > I've written a seminar on Word (Greek & English). I
    want this text on
    > Director.
    > When I copy the Word text and paste it on Director (on a
    text field) it
    > changes the fonts.
    > The problem is that, although I change the fonts on the
    whole text (to
    > "Times
    > New Roman Greek"), the english words sometimes look
    strange. So, I have to
    > mark
    > every english word and change its fonts from "Times New
    Roman Greek" to
    > Times
    > New Roman. As you see, it's a very time-consuming
    process and very
    > exhausting.
    > Is there an easier way doing this?

  • Can't shown chinese text when copy & paste data from server to Outlook, Word & notepad, etc.( Office 2013)

    Can't shown chinese text when copy & paste data from server to Outlook, Word & notepad, etc.( Office 2013)

    As per the information and details provided by you, when you copy & paste a data from server to Outlook, word, notepad, then you do not receive the Chinese text.
    For Outlook, please follow these steps: -
    Close and reopen Outlook in your western locale (or switch the windows system to your Western locale if you changed that),
    Manually change the message from Western to Chinese encoding, which you can do in all versions up to Outlook 2007.
    If you want to stay in your Chinese locale in Outlook 2007, then:
    After you hit reply, go to the Option tab > More Options.
    In the Encoding drop-down menu, select the Chinese encoding you are working in (Not the encoding used by the person who will receive the message)
    To set the Chinese locale in all versions up to 2007 the controls are under.
    Tools > Options. In Outlook 2010 File tab > Options > Advanced > International options.
    Unicode (UTF-8)
    is a good setting for multilingual users.
    Check the
    Auto select 2007)/ Automatically select (2010) encoding box.
    I hope this information will be helpful for you.
    Thanks and regards
    [email protected] 

  • Pasting text from word replaces Keynote styles

    I get documents that are styled in Word that I have to convert to Keynote. Even though my text boxes are styled in the Master Slides, when I copy and paste text from word it comes in with all of word's formatting and disregard's Keynote's styling for that text box. I tried to convert the word docs to rtf or just plain text, but the text just imports without Keynote's styling applied to it. It would be very tedious to have to style each text box as I bring it in to Keynote. Does anyone have any suggestions to make the workflow less painful?

    Welcome to the discussions, marc01.
    I don't have Omni Outliner to test with, but that does sound like something that's worth looking into. Send feedback to Omni at their site and to Apple with this link.

  • Copy Paste only from Paint

     We have a w2008 R2 terminal server for a week now and clients make a vpn connection. They copy paste pictures from local to a Word 2010 document on the terminal server.
    Everthing function well before. Same clients and a w2003 terminal server with Word 2010. Users copy local picture (openend in Paint, Microsoft Photo viewer, Irfanview, etc.) and than copy paste it to a Word document on the terminal server.
    Now it does not work anymore accept when they opend it local in Paint. Only than they can copy the picture.  
    -I have checkt de properties on client
    -I have restart rdpclip.exe on Termnal server.
    -I have checked if it is a rights issue but it seems that it's not
    I realy like to find a solution for this because doing it with MSPaint is al lot of work for the people. 
    Does any has a answer for this?
    Your help will be appreciated.

    This one may help.
    copy-and-paste not working
    Regards, Dave Patrick ....
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Microsoft MVP [Windows]
    Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties or guarantees , and confers no rights.

  • Windows 8 how to bring up copy/paste option from touch screen

    How do you bring up Copy/Paste option from touch screen?

    Adobe Reader Touch supports copying text only (not images).
    Tap on text and move "grabbers" to adjust text selection (Touch) or select text with a mouse.
    Press and hold (Touch) or right-click with a mouse to bring up the context menu.
    Select Copy from the context menu.
    You can paste the copied text to an existing sticky note or text field in Adobe Reader Touch or to other application such as Microsoft Word or Notepad.

  • Importing footnotes from Word (and making endnotes)

    I have always had great problems importing footnotes from Word. After having saved Word as an .rtf and importing the text through and Cmd/Ctrl-D the footnotes come in at the bottom of every column in the text frame.
    Is there any way of getting them to go to the end of the text whilst still keeping their numbers and the numbers in the body of the text?
    I think what I want to do is change footnotes to endnotes.
    At the moment I'm just deleting all the footnotes from each column and changing the leading to zero to close the box and then pasting all the footnotes from Word into the document as endnotes.
    This way at least I still get the superscript numbers in the text OK but it's not a very elegant solution.

    Hello Guys, Thank you so much for your answers. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I've been really busy and I've only just got back to this job where I have all the footnotes. I tried  the Footnotes2Endnotes_v23.jsx and it worked first time!!
    This will save me countless hours with this issue. I have resorted to pasting in the text and laboriously re-entered the numbers in the past!
    Thank you Eugene and David.

  • Boris title3D crashing when pasting Japanese from Word

    Doing Japanese subtitling for a feature doc.
    Not sure if this holds true for all versions of Word, but figured this might save someone a lot of pain.
    When I try and copy Japanese text from Word into Boris Title3D, FCP consistently crashes.  The solution, open up the doc in TextEdit and copy from there.
    I am using a relatively old version of Word.  May not hold true for later versions.

    Place, don’t paste.

  • Can you copy/paste files from the Finder to Mail in Lion, or drag them onto the Mail icon in the Dock to create a new message and attach the files to it?

    Message title says it: Can you copy/paste files from the Finder to Mail in Lion, or drag them onto the Mail icon in the Dock to create a new message and attach the files to it?
    I can't find anything in the Knowledge Base that says these two options no longer work or still do.
    I do not have a system capable of running Lion, but I need to know the answer nonetheless.

    Gee, I don't know: "paste attachments mail Lion"? ;-)
    One further question, if I may: in Panther (which is where I've aggregated nearly 7 years of mail), if you copy more than one file in the Finder, switch to Mail, and paste the files into a new message, only the file names paste in. If you copy one file and paste it into a Mail message, you get the file, not just the name. Is that still true, or has that (IMHO) bug been fixed since 10.3.9?

  • How to copy-paste frames from one document to other with there respective layers intact?

    Hi All,
         I am facing an issue while copy paste frames from one document to other. I have a 3 frames in first documents each one on different layer. First document has 3 layers. The second document too have 3 layers , I am copying frames from first document to scrapdata using 'ICopyCmdData ' and 'kCopyCmdBoss'. I have 'Paste Remembers Layers' menu 'Checked' on Layer panel. I am using following function to copy frames to scrapdata.
    bool16 copyStencilsFromTheTemplateDocumentIntoScrapData(PMString & templateFilePath)
         bool16 result = kFalse;
            SDKLayoutHelper sdklhelp;
            PMString filePathItemsToBeCopiedFrom(templateFilePath);  //("c:\\test\\aa.indt");
            IDFile templateIDFile(filePathItemsToBeCopiedFrom);
            UIDRef templateDocUIDRef = sdklhelp.OpenDocument(templateIDFile);
            if(templateDocUIDRef == UIDRef ::gNull)                 
            ErrorCode err = sdklhelp.OpenLayoutWindow(templateDocUIDRef);
            if(err == kFailure)                 
            InterfacePtr<IDocument> templatedoc(templateDocUIDRef,UseDefaultIID());
            if(templatedoc == nil)               
            if(templateSpreadUIDList == nil)                  
            IDataBase * templateDocDatabase = templateDocUIDRef.GetDataBase();
            if(templateDocDatabase == nil)                  
            UIDRef templateDocFirstSpreadUIDRef(templateDocDatabase, templateSpreadUIDList->GetNthSpreadUID(0));
            InterfacePtr<ISpread> templateSpread(templateDocFirstSpreadUIDRef, IID_ISPREAD);
            if(templateSpread == nil)                 
            UIDList templateFrameUIDList(templateDocDatabase);
            if(templateSpread->GetNthPageUID(0)== kInvalidUID)                  
            InterfacePtr<ICommand> copyStencilsCMD(CmdUtils::CreateCommand(kCopyCmdBoss));
            if(copyStencilsCMD == nil)                
            InterfacePtr<ICopyCmdData> cmdData(copyStencilsCMD, IID_ICOPYCMDDATA);
            if(cmdData == nil)                 
            // Copy cmd will own this list
            UIDList* listCopy = new UIDList(templateFrameUIDList);
            InterfacePtr<IClipboardController> clipboardController(gSession,UseDefaultIID());
            if(clipboardController == nil)              
            ErrorCode status = clipboardController->PrepareForCopy();
            if(status == kFailure)                  
            InterfacePtr<IDataExchangeHandler> scrapHandler(clipboardController->QueryHandler(kPageItemFlavor));
            if(scrapHandler == nil)                 
            InterfacePtr<IPageItemScrapData> scrapData(scrapHandler, UseDefaultIID());
            if(scrapData== nil)                
            UIDRef parent = scrapData->GetRootNode();
            cmdData->Set(copyStencilsCMD, listCopy, parent, scrapHandler);
            if(templateFrameUIDList.Length() == 0)       
                return kFalse;      
                status = CmdUtils::ProcessCommand(copyStencilsCMD);    
            if(status != kFailure)
              result = kTrue;
            sdklhelp.CloseDocument(templateDocUIDRef,kFalse,K2::kSuppressUI, kFalse);
        return result;
    After this I need to close first document. Now I am opening the second document from indt file which has same number of layers as first document. I am trying to paste frames from scrap data to second document using '' 'ICopyCmdData ' and 'kPasteCmdBoss' as shown in follwoing function
    bool16 pasteTheItemsFromScrapDataOntoOpenDocument(UIDRef &documentDocUIDRef )
        bool16 result = kFalse;
               InterfacePtr<IClipboardController> clipboardController(gSession,UseDefaultIID());
                if(clipboardController == nil)
               InterfacePtr<IDataExchangeHandler> scrapHandler(clipboardController->QueryHandler(kPageItemFlavor));
               if(scrapHandler == nil)               
               InterfacePtr<IPageItemScrapData> scrapData(scrapHandler, UseDefaultIID());
                if(scrapData == nil)
                     //This will give the list of items present on the scrap
                UIDList* scrapContents = scrapData->CreateUIDList();
                if (scrapContents->Length() >= 1)
                    InterfacePtr<IDocument> dataToBeSprayedDocument(documentDocUIDRef,UseDefaultIID());
                    if(dataToBeSprayedDocument == nil)
                    InterfacePtr<ISpreadList>dataToBeSprayedDocumentSpreadList(dataToBeSprayedDocument,UseDef aultIID());
                    if(dataToBeSprayedDocumentSpreadList == nil)
                    IDataBase * dataToBeSprayedDocDatabase = documentDocUIDRef.GetDataBase();
                    if(dataToBeSprayedDocDatabase == nil)
                    UIDRef spreadUIDRef(dataToBeSprayedDocDatabase, dataToBeSprayedDocumentSpreadList->GetNthSpreadUID(0));               
                    SDKLayoutHelper sdklhelp;
                    UIDRef parentLayerUIDRef = sdklhelp.GetSpreadLayerRef(spreadUIDRef);
                    InterfacePtr<IPageItemScrapData> localScrapData(scrapHandler, UseDefaultIID());
                    if(localScrapData == nil)
                    if(parentLayerUIDRef.GetUID() == kInvalidUID)
                    InterfacePtr<ICommand> pasteToClipBoardCMD (CmdUtils::CreateCommand(kPasteCmdBoss));
                    if(pasteToClipBoardCMD == nil)
                    InterfacePtr<ICopyCmdData> cmdData(pasteToClipBoardCMD, UseDefaultIID());
                    if(cmdData == nil)
                    if(scrapContents == nil)
                    PMPoint offset(0.0, 0.0);
                    cmdData->Set(pasteToClipBoardCMD, scrapContents, parentLayerUIDRef );
                    ErrorCode status = CmdUtils::ProcessCommand(pasteToClipBoardCMD);
                    if(status == kSuccess)
                        CA("result = kTrue");
                        result = kTrue;
                }//end if (scrapContents->Length() >= 1)       
        return result;
         Here in above function its required to set Parent Layer UIDRef and because of this all frames are getting paste in one layer.
    Is there any way we can paste frame in there respective layers?
         Also I need to work this code with CS4 server and desktop indesign.
    Thanks in advance,
    Rahul Dalvi

    // dstDoc must be FrontDocument
    InterfacePtr<ILayoutControlData> layoutData(Utils<ILayoutUIUtils>()->QueryFrontLayoutData());
    InterfacePtr<ICommand> createMasterFromMasterCmd(CmdUtils::CreateCommand(kCreateMasterFromMasterCmdBoss));
    InterfacePtr<ILayoutCmdData> layoutCmdData(createMasterFromMasterCmd, UseDefaultIID());
    layoutCmdData->Set(::GetUIDRef(layoutData->GetDocument()), layoutData);

  • Can't copy-paste images from Noteshelf in iOS6

    I use an app called Noteshelf (v7.0). In iOS5, I was able to copy-paste pictures from Noteshelf into other apps, such as Keynote (v1.7.1) or in an email. However, since I upgraded to iOS6, this doesn't work anymore. As the versions of Noteshelf and Keynote are the same, the logical conclusion is that something has changed in the copy-paste functionality of iOS6. Can somebody tell me about this and, better still, give me a fix for it?

    Tell us how you are doing your copy and paste

  • Copy Chinese Text from Word to SAP Script

    I need to change Chinese form. I am not able to copy Chinese text from word document to SAP Script.
    When I copy Chinese text from word to SAP Script, I am getting the Chinese text &#25215;&#36816;&#21830;&#31614; as ?????.
    I have done the following steps in my PC and SAP front end settings.
    1. At the Operating system level install the Chinees language.[Control panel - >Regional and language Option - >language Tab - > Click on Install Files for East Asian languages] If these language already installed then click on Detail and add the Chinese languages[Chinese (PRS) and Chinese(Taiwan).
    2. At SAP level click on Customizing of Local layout[Alt+F12] and click on options.Go to tab I18N and click on Activate the multi-byte functionalities to support check box.
    4.Take care of the Font while assigning to Character formar or paragraph format. Dont use normal font name. Example of chinese phone "CNSONG".
    Please help on the same.
    Thanks & Regards,

    I hope when you are changing form ,you hv logged in  chinese language .
    Sap log-in: Chinese ,PC-setting : chinese font loaded & correct charcter format in script : chinese font.
    If all this is there then you should not hv trouble in getting chinese text from word to SAP script.

Maybe you are looking for