Copy Paste only from Paint

 We have a w2008 R2 terminal server for a week now and clients make a vpn connection. They copy paste pictures from local to a Word 2010 document on the terminal server.
Everthing function well before. Same clients and a w2003 terminal server with Word 2010. Users copy local picture (openend in Paint, Microsoft Photo viewer, Irfanview, etc.) and than copy paste it to a Word document on the terminal server.
Now it does not work anymore accept when they opend it local in Paint. Only than they can copy the picture.  
-I have checkt de properties on client
-I have restart rdpclip.exe on Termnal server.
-I have checked if it is a rights issue but it seems that it's not
I realy like to find a solution for this because doing it with MSPaint is al lot of work for the people. 
Does any has a answer for this?
Your help will be appreciated.

This one may help.
copy-and-paste not working
Regards, Dave Patrick ....
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Microsoft MVP [Windows]
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  • Word crash with sharepoint document and copy-pasting image from paint

    Initially I've posted this to another forum but there the rec was to post it here as well.
    I have a very annoying issue occurring in specific circumstances (but unfortunately for me that is my daily work), it happens when a document is stored on a SharePoint server. When I copy-paste an image from ms paint into word, often I get the message 'word
    has encountered an error' but then I can continue, but every 5-10 times Word crashes completely.
    When the error (not the crash) occurs, there is this nothing-saying error message stated below. Think of it.. my ‘floppy disk’ is not full, I have 8 GB of ram and I’ve all the permissions I require. The virus scanner is Symantec Endpoint
    All systems are in a world-wide enterprise environment (>20.000 users) – So I guess from that side everything is configured OK.
    There is a problem saving the file.
    Usually this is because the disk or floppy disk is too small for the file or is full, RAM memory is low, or there is a permission problem with the drive the file is being saved to.
    If the amount of disk space for a paging file is low, save the file to another drive. If the RAM memory is low, increase available RAM. If permissions to the drive do not allow you to save to that drive, save the file to another drive or request
    permissions from the administrator to save files to the drive.
    Note   This error can also occur if the computer is running a version of antivirus software that is incompatible with the Microsoft Office or must be updated.

    What is the version of Word?
    Sometimes the Preview Pane in Windows File Explorer may conflict with Word, thus the error message appears. If you have enabled the Preview Pane in File Explorer, disable it to check the result. For example, in Windows 8.1, Open File Explorer, click
    View tab on the top -> Panes -> Click Preview Pane to enable or disable it.
    If the issue persists, I suggest you collect the event logs to find the cause of the crash:
    Press Win + R, type "eventvwr" in the blank box, press Enter to open Event Viewer. Browse to Windows Logs -> Application, check if there is any error about the crash.
    You can send the event logs to our email address and we can help analyze the problem:
    [email protected]
    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support
    It's recommended to download and install
    Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office

  • I need to type in or copy/paste words from other languages (cyrillic for example) but when I do it the only thing I get is a "????????" instead of the word I want to type or insert. What should I do?

    That happens when I don't know how to write so I copy/paste words from other languages, it also happens when I copy words in other languages written in a Word document, and then paste it on a website using Mozilla. This doesn't happen when I use Internet Explorer.

    Well you second post was the correct question because I was going to say you got a second hand macbook pro, didn't change anything, and expected mail to work with your ISP.  The mail settings were thus those of the previous owner.  So you are correct to ask what your ISP's settings should be.
    Unfortunately I can't answer that.  You have to get that from your ISP.  They proably have a web page for it.
    You need to know:
    Incoming mail server (pop)
    Incoming mail server login name
    Incoming mail server password
    POP port
    Does is require SSL?
    Authentication for using POP server (probably password)
    Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
    Outgoing mail server login name (probably same as incoming)
    Outgoing mail server password (probably same sas incoming)
    SMTP port
    Does is require SSL?

  • Can you copy/paste files from the Finder to Mail in Lion, or drag them onto the Mail icon in the Dock to create a new message and attach the files to it?

    Message title says it: Can you copy/paste files from the Finder to Mail in Lion, or drag them onto the Mail icon in the Dock to create a new message and attach the files to it?
    I can't find anything in the Knowledge Base that says these two options no longer work or still do.
    I do not have a system capable of running Lion, but I need to know the answer nonetheless.

    Gee, I don't know: "paste attachments mail Lion"? ;-)
    One further question, if I may: in Panther (which is where I've aggregated nearly 7 years of mail), if you copy more than one file in the Finder, switch to Mail, and paste the files into a new message, only the file names paste in. If you copy one file and paste it into a Mail message, you get the file, not just the name. Is that still true, or has that (IMHO) bug been fixed since 10.3.9?

  • Windows 8 how to bring up copy/paste option from touch screen

    How do you bring up Copy/Paste option from touch screen?

    Adobe Reader Touch supports copying text only (not images).
    Tap on text and move "grabbers" to adjust text selection (Touch) or select text with a mouse.
    Press and hold (Touch) or right-click with a mouse to bring up the context menu.
    Select Copy from the context menu.
    You can paste the copied text to an existing sticky note or text field in Adobe Reader Touch or to other application such as Microsoft Word or Notepad.

  • How to copy-paste frames from one document to other with there respective layers intact?

    Hi All,
         I am facing an issue while copy paste frames from one document to other. I have a 3 frames in first documents each one on different layer. First document has 3 layers. The second document too have 3 layers , I am copying frames from first document to scrapdata using 'ICopyCmdData ' and 'kCopyCmdBoss'. I have 'Paste Remembers Layers' menu 'Checked' on Layer panel. I am using following function to copy frames to scrapdata.
    bool16 copyStencilsFromTheTemplateDocumentIntoScrapData(PMString & templateFilePath)
         bool16 result = kFalse;
            SDKLayoutHelper sdklhelp;
            PMString filePathItemsToBeCopiedFrom(templateFilePath);  //("c:\\test\\aa.indt");
            IDFile templateIDFile(filePathItemsToBeCopiedFrom);
            UIDRef templateDocUIDRef = sdklhelp.OpenDocument(templateIDFile);
            if(templateDocUIDRef == UIDRef ::gNull)                 
            ErrorCode err = sdklhelp.OpenLayoutWindow(templateDocUIDRef);
            if(err == kFailure)                 
            InterfacePtr<IDocument> templatedoc(templateDocUIDRef,UseDefaultIID());
            if(templatedoc == nil)               
            if(templateSpreadUIDList == nil)                  
            IDataBase * templateDocDatabase = templateDocUIDRef.GetDataBase();
            if(templateDocDatabase == nil)                  
            UIDRef templateDocFirstSpreadUIDRef(templateDocDatabase, templateSpreadUIDList->GetNthSpreadUID(0));
            InterfacePtr<ISpread> templateSpread(templateDocFirstSpreadUIDRef, IID_ISPREAD);
            if(templateSpread == nil)                 
            UIDList templateFrameUIDList(templateDocDatabase);
            if(templateSpread->GetNthPageUID(0)== kInvalidUID)                  
            InterfacePtr<ICommand> copyStencilsCMD(CmdUtils::CreateCommand(kCopyCmdBoss));
            if(copyStencilsCMD == nil)                
            InterfacePtr<ICopyCmdData> cmdData(copyStencilsCMD, IID_ICOPYCMDDATA);
            if(cmdData == nil)                 
            // Copy cmd will own this list
            UIDList* listCopy = new UIDList(templateFrameUIDList);
            InterfacePtr<IClipboardController> clipboardController(gSession,UseDefaultIID());
            if(clipboardController == nil)              
            ErrorCode status = clipboardController->PrepareForCopy();
            if(status == kFailure)                  
            InterfacePtr<IDataExchangeHandler> scrapHandler(clipboardController->QueryHandler(kPageItemFlavor));
            if(scrapHandler == nil)                 
            InterfacePtr<IPageItemScrapData> scrapData(scrapHandler, UseDefaultIID());
            if(scrapData== nil)                
            UIDRef parent = scrapData->GetRootNode();
            cmdData->Set(copyStencilsCMD, listCopy, parent, scrapHandler);
            if(templateFrameUIDList.Length() == 0)       
                return kFalse;      
                status = CmdUtils::ProcessCommand(copyStencilsCMD);    
            if(status != kFailure)
              result = kTrue;
            sdklhelp.CloseDocument(templateDocUIDRef,kFalse,K2::kSuppressUI, kFalse);
        return result;
    After this I need to close first document. Now I am opening the second document from indt file which has same number of layers as first document. I am trying to paste frames from scrap data to second document using '' 'ICopyCmdData ' and 'kPasteCmdBoss' as shown in follwoing function
    bool16 pasteTheItemsFromScrapDataOntoOpenDocument(UIDRef &documentDocUIDRef )
        bool16 result = kFalse;
               InterfacePtr<IClipboardController> clipboardController(gSession,UseDefaultIID());
                if(clipboardController == nil)
               InterfacePtr<IDataExchangeHandler> scrapHandler(clipboardController->QueryHandler(kPageItemFlavor));
               if(scrapHandler == nil)               
               InterfacePtr<IPageItemScrapData> scrapData(scrapHandler, UseDefaultIID());
                if(scrapData == nil)
                     //This will give the list of items present on the scrap
                UIDList* scrapContents = scrapData->CreateUIDList();
                if (scrapContents->Length() >= 1)
                    InterfacePtr<IDocument> dataToBeSprayedDocument(documentDocUIDRef,UseDefaultIID());
                    if(dataToBeSprayedDocument == nil)
                    InterfacePtr<ISpreadList>dataToBeSprayedDocumentSpreadList(dataToBeSprayedDocument,UseDef aultIID());
                    if(dataToBeSprayedDocumentSpreadList == nil)
                    IDataBase * dataToBeSprayedDocDatabase = documentDocUIDRef.GetDataBase();
                    if(dataToBeSprayedDocDatabase == nil)
                    UIDRef spreadUIDRef(dataToBeSprayedDocDatabase, dataToBeSprayedDocumentSpreadList->GetNthSpreadUID(0));               
                    SDKLayoutHelper sdklhelp;
                    UIDRef parentLayerUIDRef = sdklhelp.GetSpreadLayerRef(spreadUIDRef);
                    InterfacePtr<IPageItemScrapData> localScrapData(scrapHandler, UseDefaultIID());
                    if(localScrapData == nil)
                    if(parentLayerUIDRef.GetUID() == kInvalidUID)
                    InterfacePtr<ICommand> pasteToClipBoardCMD (CmdUtils::CreateCommand(kPasteCmdBoss));
                    if(pasteToClipBoardCMD == nil)
                    InterfacePtr<ICopyCmdData> cmdData(pasteToClipBoardCMD, UseDefaultIID());
                    if(cmdData == nil)
                    if(scrapContents == nil)
                    PMPoint offset(0.0, 0.0);
                    cmdData->Set(pasteToClipBoardCMD, scrapContents, parentLayerUIDRef );
                    ErrorCode status = CmdUtils::ProcessCommand(pasteToClipBoardCMD);
                    if(status == kSuccess)
                        CA("result = kTrue");
                        result = kTrue;
                }//end if (scrapContents->Length() >= 1)       
        return result;
         Here in above function its required to set Parent Layer UIDRef and because of this all frames are getting paste in one layer.
    Is there any way we can paste frame in there respective layers?
         Also I need to work this code with CS4 server and desktop indesign.
    Thanks in advance,
    Rahul Dalvi

    // dstDoc must be FrontDocument
    InterfacePtr<ILayoutControlData> layoutData(Utils<ILayoutUIUtils>()->QueryFrontLayoutData());
    InterfacePtr<ICommand> createMasterFromMasterCmd(CmdUtils::CreateCommand(kCreateMasterFromMasterCmdBoss));
    InterfacePtr<ILayoutCmdData> layoutCmdData(createMasterFromMasterCmd, UseDefaultIID());
    layoutCmdData->Set(::GetUIDRef(layoutData->GetDocument()), layoutData);

  • Can't copy-paste images from Noteshelf in iOS6

    I use an app called Noteshelf (v7.0). In iOS5, I was able to copy-paste pictures from Noteshelf into other apps, such as Keynote (v1.7.1) or in an email. However, since I upgraded to iOS6, this doesn't work anymore. As the versions of Noteshelf and Keynote are the same, the logical conclusion is that something has changed in the copy-paste functionality of iOS6. Can somebody tell me about this and, better still, give me a fix for it?

    Tell us how you are doing your copy and paste

  • Can't shown chinese text when copy & paste data from server to Outlook, Word & notepad, etc.( Office 2013)

    Can't shown chinese text when copy & paste data from server to Outlook, Word & notepad, etc.( Office 2013)

    As per the information and details provided by you, when you copy & paste a data from server to Outlook, word, notepad, then you do not receive the Chinese text.
    For Outlook, please follow these steps: -
    Close and reopen Outlook in your western locale (or switch the windows system to your Western locale if you changed that),
    Manually change the message from Western to Chinese encoding, which you can do in all versions up to Outlook 2007.
    If you want to stay in your Chinese locale in Outlook 2007, then:
    After you hit reply, go to the Option tab > More Options.
    In the Encoding drop-down menu, select the Chinese encoding you are working in (Not the encoding used by the person who will receive the message)
    To set the Chinese locale in all versions up to 2007 the controls are under.
    Tools > Options. In Outlook 2010 File tab > Options > Advanced > International options.
    Unicode (UTF-8)
    is a good setting for multilingual users.
    Check the
    Auto select 2007)/ Automatically select (2010) encoding box.
    I hope this information will be helpful for you.
    Thanks and regards
    [email protected] 

  • How can I copy/paste text from one page to another?

    I feel like I am taking crazy pills... is there really no way to copy a text box (or group) from one page to another while creating books in Aperture 3?  Lets say I have my entire book laid out and I want to add one paragraph at the end on one page which will push text and photos down a half page or so... in most programs for the last decade or so they added really cool functionality... cut/paste...  It seems like the apple developers are aware of it because they are in the context menus but they don't work on text, only photo boxes.  Additionally, you can copy/paste text but it erases all formatting.
    Seriously, am I missing something?  I have trouble believing that they can't include this function.
    Anyone else have this issue?

    Update... it seems to only happen with text boxes which I create.  So when I try an existing theme I can cut/copy/paste just fine, but in that same theme if you edit the layout and add a new text box, I can't copy paste it anywhere... the options are in the menu but nothing happens.
    Thoughts? Solutions?
    I am running 3.4.3 on a MacBook Pro OS X 10.8.3

  • --Any way to copy/paste clips from one project to another w/o LOSING TRANSITIONS...??

    I have CS5...
    I'm trying to speed up render/export time. I have multiple edited video's in about 15 different projects.
    I had a couple video's within one project and rendered the work area - consisting of 4 video's...then exported. It was much faster than just going to straight exporting so I wanted to do the same with all the other video's.
    Pull everything into one project - render first - and export from there but premiere doesn't copy transitions from one project to another. Is there any way to get it to copy/paste transitions??

    exported regularly and took 2hrs 50min's for each video....then rendered and exported - took prob around 2hrs total - including rendering/exporting.
    That seems unlikely.  If anything, the separate render/export should take slightly longer (though not that much) as you may also have to transcode the preview files (depending on your preview codec) during the render, as well as decode them for the export.  Besides adding an additional layer of compression, it also adds time.  Here's what I mean.
    Export only:
    1. Decode original media
    2. Render new frame based on sequence, effects, titles, etc.
    3. Transcode that new frame to the export codec of choice.
    Render (1-3) /Export (4-5)
    1. Decode original media.
    2. Render new frame based on sequence, effects, titles, etc.
    3. Transcode that new frame to the Preview codec (if anything less than Uncompressed, this adds time and potentially degrades quality)
    4.  Decode the rendered frame (if not Uncompressed, which adds time)
    5. Transcode that (decoded) render frame to the export codec of choice.
    So you see, the render first process has two extra steps which add time, one of which could also introduce additional artifacts (depending on your preview codec).

  • Copy-paste values from excel sheet into variable screen of SAP BI 7.0 query

    Report has selection by material in the variable screen. Users would like to to run a report for a set of materials (100+ items). He wants to copy-paste materials into material variable to avoid manual entry.
    I know its impossible. Are thee any ways to allow user not to enter this materials manually and run the report.
    Set of materials can change over the time.

    You might want to try with a text file (.txt).. place all the 100+ values into a text file.. like the notepad.. make sure you have only one column with all these number.. no headers or no blank spaces in the beginning..
    then, in the variable (variable should have been defined as "select options" or "multiple single values"), if you can go the screen where we can make multiple entries, we will have an option to import from a file.. and select the text file you have created above.. then all the 100+ values will be imported..
    we do this all the time..

  • Copy-paste HTML from firefox to Apple Mail

    When I try to copy-paste from Firefox 3 to Apple Mail, it only pastes simple text into my email message. It does not paste images or HTML-formatted text. Does anyone know a work around?
    This works for Safari to Apple Mail. I use "View in Safari" firefox add-on to make it easier to bounce to Safari when I need it. However, I would LOVE to get this working in Firefox. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for confirming.
    Does anyone know of any work-arounds, utility apps, or Apple Mail plug-ins to work it out? I tried Apples Copypaste and another clipboard enhancer that don't do the trick.

  • Copy Paste content from PDF shows a missing character

    Our website, a4academics provides a platform for sharing academic projects and seminar reports in PDF for Students. We are getting a complaint from students, that when they copy and paste the content from PDF, the word " F " is not getting copied in some reports. What might be the reason ? Is it because of the issue with the software which created the PDF report. Its happening in few PDF files only.

    Currently to download the PDF FB like is needed. That why i asked your mail id. If you dont want to give FB like, please send the mail id.
    PDF is attached at the bottom of the link  given below ct/503-home-based-wireless-health-monitoring-system
    I had copy pasted a part of the report to notepad++. Its appears as shown below. F is missing in defining
    "de ning the "Einthoven triangle" - an equilateral triangle with the heart at the centre."

  • CKEditor copy-paste problem from Lotus Notes

    I use CKEditor in my web applications. When I want to copy a content from Lotus Notes which contains images CKEditor only accepts the image in my copy content and it is in inverted version. But when I repeat same operation in Google Chrome it accepts the text from content and this is acceptable for me. I am sending screen-shots of my issue. The content is the mail that you sent me about confirmation of my Firefox Help question. The copy content is the same for both screen-shots.
    How can I handle this in Firefox?
    Firefox version : 36.0
    Operating System : Windows 7
    Installed plugins :
    * Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 11.0.10
    * Creative Cloud Desktop Plugin.v_2_0_0_0
    * AlternaTIFF v2.0.6
    * Box Edit
    * Google Update
    * ImageCapture Suite Plugin Trial
    * Intel web components for Intel® Identity Protection Technology
    * Intel web components updater - Installs and updates the Intel web components
    * NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
    * Next Generation Java Plug-in 11.31.2 for Mozilla browsers
    * Document scanning browser plugin
    * NVIDIA 3D Vision Streaming plugin for Mozilla browsers
    * NVIDIA 3D Vision plugin for Mozilla browsers
    * Notes embedded control plugin for Mozilla
    * NPWLPG
    * Shockwave Flash 17.0 r0
    * 5.1.30514.0
    * Unity Player 4.6.3f1

    Unfortunately I do not know much about this tool, however I did find a few options with a little research:
    It looks like there is an option to paste as plain text with the editor:
    As well as an advanced filter:

  • CR duplication when Copy/Pasting text from a JTextArea

    I have a typical scenario of having text in a JTextArea. When I select some of that text and try to paste it either to an external text editor or even in the same JTextArea, I am getting extra line spaces in the screen.
    For example, if I have the following text:
    <a id=1>
    </a>When I copy paste it, I get:
    <a id=1>
    </a>When I looked to see what characters were being used for the CR, I see "\r\n". This is the standard line.seperator for Windows OS which is fine. When I save this text to a file using the Java I/O libraries, it is fine (no extra lines). But when copy/pasting it prints extra lines.
    Has anyone had similar problems?

    Has anyone had similar problems? No. How are you doing the copy/paste? Did you write your own routines or are you using the default Actions. By default, when a Document is loaded it will convert the "\r\n" end of line string to "\n" and store the single character in the Document. When you use the getText(..) method the enod of line string will be expanded to "\r\n" on a Windows system, but this should not happen in a copy/paste operation. How do you add data to your text area?
    This section from the Swing tutorial on "Text Component Features" has a working example of using copy/paste:

Maybe you are looking for