Copy paste text from pdf exported from Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportViewer control with Czech specific characters produced box charactex or ?.

Used Visual studio 2012. In our project there is used the Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportViewer control. In the report handled by the control are TextBoxs with a text with Czech specific characters e.g. (ř, ě, ...) . When exporting the report to pdf,
characters are displayed correctly. However when the text with czech characters in the pdf if copied and  placed into the seach box in the pdf document only box characters are displayed. The TextBox in the report use the default font Arial. When the report
is exported to Word, and then the Word document is saved as a pdf document, its ok. Coping a text with Czech charactes in the result pdf document and pasting into the search box displays again Czech characters not box characters.
Also when in the report handled by the ReportViewer control are several Tex Boxes and some of the boxes contains Czech characters and some not, after exporting to a pdf document there is problem with text selection. When in the pdf document I'm trying to
select several paragraphs, some with Czech characters and some without them, selection behaves strangely and jumps from one paragraph to another unexpectedly.

did you managed to avoid those squares?
BTW: if any such char. is encountered in a line, the entire line of text is grabbled.
I've tried even the ReportViewer from MSSQL 2014, but got the same problem. When I've tried IL Spy, I found a code, where it is checked if the PDFFont is composite - depending on that a glyph is created. But that still only a guess.
I've tried Telerik's reporting, they have similar problem (beside other), but not with the special characters. They produced scuares for some sequences like: ft, fi, tí.
Please give any info you got.
Until then my advices for you:
a) try JasperReports (seems theyre most advanced, although it is java)
b) Developer express has quiet quality reports - and it seems they got those special chars. right :D
c) I created a ticket and waiting for Telerik's response (but if I had to choose reporting, I vould stick with a) or b)

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    I have a number of reports that I have created using Pages that include pictures, text and bar charts. For the most part, I used the Graphs function in Pages to create these charts (as opposed to using Numbers and then copying in).
    I exported these document in PDF's for my clients, but they would like to be able to select specific graphs to include in their PowerPoint presentations etc.
    I have instructed them to use the Select Tool in Acrobat Reader (these are PC users), however the quality is AWFUL...very very fuzzy to the point of being unreadable.
    So I have tried all these things:
    - Using Select Tool in Preview to select from a PDF converted in Good quality (fuzzy)
    - Using Select Tool in Preview to select from a PDF converted in Best quality (not much better)
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    - pulling the bar chart into Photoshop first then pasting into Word (awful)
    - converting the Pages document into Word document (the worst ever)
    The charts look crisp when viewed in Preview/Acrobat Reader, so I don't know why they won't copy better. If I select and copy the text boxes and the pictures (from Preview), they seem to be fine, so it is just the charts that are a problem.
    Any ideas?

    The text and line drawings will be fine, they are generally not rendered, unless they overlap some bitmap material.
    You can try simplifying the bar charts to basic line material, none of the fancy rendered versions.
    You do not need to unshadow the graphs if they are upscaled, the shadowing is the same resolution as the graph.
    I understand the scope of the work.
    I just experimented with trying to print the graph to 400% to see if that would get around the issue and just hit an amazing bug. When you do that Pages shrinks the page size!
    Apple catches you coming and going!
    ps I have +Provided Pages Feedback,+ on this and suggest you do also.

  • How can I copy/paste text from one page to another?

    I feel like I am taking crazy pills... is there really no way to copy a text box (or group) from one page to another while creating books in Aperture 3?  Lets say I have my entire book laid out and I want to add one paragraph at the end on one page which will push text and photos down a half page or so... in most programs for the last decade or so they added really cool functionality... cut/paste...  It seems like the apple developers are aware of it because they are in the context menus but they don't work on text, only photo boxes.  Additionally, you can copy/paste text but it erases all formatting.
    Seriously, am I missing something?  I have trouble believing that they can't include this function.
    Anyone else have this issue?

    Update... it seems to only happen with text boxes which I create.  So when I try an existing theme I can cut/copy/paste just fine, but in that same theme if you edit the layout and add a new text box, I can't copy paste it anywhere... the options are in the menu but nothing happens.
    Thoughts? Solutions?
    I am running 3.4.3 on a MacBook Pro OS X 10.8.3

  • How to copy/paste texts/images from webpages in iBooks Author?

    I want to copy/paste text/image contents from webpages with iBooks Author, somehow images can't be copied, only texts can be copied with copy/paste editing. Wonder if there are any ways to include images with simple copy/paste?
    Tried to search iBooks Author help, could not find answers. Please help.

    Perhaps the people who spent a lot of time and money to produce the websites.....and who own copyright ...don't want anybody using their work without payment or credits. Have you contacted the websites owners to ask permission? 
    IF any person(s)  use anything from websites without permission apart from being to lazy to email to request permission....could face a legal action if and when the sites owners fins out. 
    There is another her misconception that "free" websites and content on "social media" such as the dreaded FaceBook....can be used without consequence. Almost all "free" websites are common licence material - which requires permission and those who give permission do so only for personal or none profit reproduction.
    i Use a blocking script on my websites which apart from preventing a right click...those who try are whisked off  my website to the the UK copyright website page which explains my rights! 
    You may wish to check out your iBooks contract with Apple and read their warnings on use of others copyright material. 
    You could ..and should contact the websites...explain what you want to use and why....and ask them if they can supply media.

  • PDFs exported from InDesign cannot be printed

    Our Marketing Manager is using Adobe InDesign and exports her documents to PDF. These PDFs won't print in any of our printers in the office. It spools and then gets stuck and it actually makes our HP Coloured Laser Printer throw an error (error 79) and we'll have to restart the printer due to this error. We can print other documents and other PDFs in the printer so we know it's not a printer driver issue. In fact, we have isolated the problem to only PDFs exported from InDesign. Even if we create a blank document or add just text from InDesign and export it to PDF it still won't print. Really odd.
    **I also posted this in the InDesign thread but was asked to post it here too. I tried printing the document using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader with no luck. We tried printing directly from InDesign but it is inconsistent, sometimes it will print but most of the time it does not.

    Hmm. Yeah. The ID forum may be more help. Especially if it's also a problem in ID.
    My first suspect would be corrupt fonts or possibly an image file. Can you create a blank ID file with no text (maybe insert just an image or something that isn't on any of the other ID files) pdf it and print it?

  • Formatting of text fields when exporting from InDesign to Acrobat Pro

    How does one preserve the formatting  of a text field when exporting from InDesign CS6 to Acrobat Pro? It loses both the font and the alignment formatting in the PDF.

    Use a font that allows embedding/ check the font embedding settings in the PDF output settings.

  • Font Embedding Question in PDF exported from PageMaker v7

    I am having difficulty embedding the majority of my fonts in PDFs exported from PageMaker v7. When exporting to PDFs, a "cannot embed font" error is generated.
    Technical Details:
    The fonts I have are ALL LEGAL, and were purchased with complete licenses when required.
    The fonts properties show them to be completely embedable, with no restrictions in terms of installation, etc.
    The fonts can be placed and embedded in PDFs from all other programs I've attempted this with (Illustrator, Acrobat, MSWord, WordPerfect, etc.).
    Yes, I know PageMaker is old, and yes, I am in the process of upgrading to Creative Sutie (although, as an aside, it is extremely disappointing that even a token discount is not offered to those who have purchased every Adobe and MacroMedia software package in the past, but I digress...). However, several of my clients require PageMaker files (for a variety of reasons I won't go into here).
    Thank you in advance for any advice on what might be the underlying problem.

    When generating PDF output from Pagemaker, I've used 2 methods:
    1. File>Export>PDF
    This method works fine for a limited number of fonts (AGaramond for example), which is why I started this post. Bob Levine had suggested using Distiller instead.
    2. File>Printer Styles>Acrobat
    I usually used this method when an offset printer requires crop marks, since the other method does not provide an option for crop marks.
    This opens a window with numerous options, the pertinent ones to my question are:
    Printer: New 2002 PPD for Adobe PS Driver on file
    PPD: Adobe PDF 3015.102
    Postscript: Download Fonts (3 options):
         True Type and Type 1
         True Type Only
    When I choose download "True Type and Type 1", I get the same "cannot embed font" error if I use most of my fonts (with the exception of a few that work).
    When I choose NONE for the option, the PS file is generated without errors.
    Once the .ps file is generated, I then use Distiller 4 to open the file and output PDF file.
    If I used "True Type and Type 1" for download font option, and the font does not generate an error, the PDF file is fine.
    If I used "NONE" for download font option, when I open the PDF, it indicates that the fonts are embedded. However, since I do not download the font, I am nervous that this might cause problems when I go to an offset printer.
    I do not print to a file using a printer driver (for example Linotype, Acrobat, etc.). The 2 processes I've used seem to be independent of what the default printer is on the operating system (XP).

  • PDF export from ID6 creates disproportionately large PDF files

    When I create a PDF export from ID6 the resulting file is always disproportionately large, even though the documents contain no images, are mostly text, all graphics are vector graphics and the document is one colour. Then, after trying lots of different settings, including the lowest possible, I cannot keep the file size reasonable.
    I have also tried reducing the file size from within Acrobat 9, but this doesn't have any effect.
    The only thing that works is exporting the same document as an EPS, importing the EPS into Illustrator, and then saving that EPS as a PDF from illustrator. This creates a document which has, I think, the correct file size in proportion with its content.
    eg., 2 page ID6 doc to PDF = 12.8mb. Then the same 2 page doc saved as 2 separate EPSs, converted to PDFs and then combined as 1 document = 708kb!
    This seems to be the only way of reducing the size of the PDF, but as you might expect, creates a huge bottleneck in my workflow.
    Can anyone help?

    You could try adjusting the transparency settings or the image settings.
    Be certain you know what you're adjusting before you attempt this, though.
    I've had some luck with just going to: Document > Reduce File Size...
    I'll let some of the "real" experts chime in on this because I really don't
    want to lead you down the wrong path here.

  • Trouble with PDF Export from ID CS6

    I am having the following problem with PDF exported from an ID CS6 document. I have a couple of pages where a b&w photograph is partly covered by a non-wrapping text frame and in that text frame there is blue text. In ID it looks like this:
    It also looks like this in the exported PDF in Apple and for most of these pages they also look good in Acrobat Pro. But two are giving me trouble. They look like this:
    and sadly, they also look that way when Ingram tries to use them. I export using the typical print format PDF/X-1a:2001
    I have a minimal ID document that shows the problem with 3 such pages, one with the problem.

    Select one of the troublesome objects and open the attributes panel as well as the effects panel.
    Give us a screenshot.

  • Problem printing pdfs exported from IDCS3 to hp color laserjet 2550L

    Since upgradingn to IDCS3, whenever I print a pdf exported from ID to my hp color laserjet 2550L, the graphics print with a red overlay and other colors change as well (black type prints brown, blue prints maroon). If I print the file to a .ps file, then distill it, I don't have the problem. If possible, I prefer to export because it's quicker. Is there a fix to this?
    Thanks in advance!

    Check the HP site for a newer driver for your printer.

  • How do I transfer Adobe PDF Export from my old laptop to my new one?

    How do I transfer Adobe PDF Export from my old laptop to my new one?

    Install it like you originally did.

  • PDF exported from InDesign missing background when opened in Illustrator

    Hello, I am having a bit of a frustrating problem.
    I'm working on graphics for a large project, and I have to get some of my files from InDesign into Illustrator (they are both CS5) for our printer.
    I would have normally designed them in Illustrator but ALL my graphics are in InDesign and we just found out once we started on production that he needs AI and needs our trim path set up for our irregular shapes. 
    For MOST of the documents, its been pretty easy (exporting to PDF > opening in illustrator and making a cut path > saving as AI) however I have this one file that is making me lose my mind.
    When I export it as PDF, it opens perfectly and looks normal in acrobat, and I also check it out in preview as well. The background shows up and everything. However when I open the PDF in illustrator it completely loses the background. I noticed it doing this before for a couple graphics, but I assumed that was because they had gradients drop shadows and transparencies and all that. This file has nothing weird except for a gradient grey background.
    Help? I'm including some screenshots of whats happening in the hopes that you guys can help solve it.
    So here we have me saving it, then opening it in Acrobat to check stuff out.
    Now here is what happens when I open it in Illustrator:

    Hi, Brie. I have been running into this issue for quite some time now. I also received the same response as you did. "Stop opening exported PDFs in Illustrator." This is an unsatisfactory answer for someone that works in the large format print industry that needs to preflight directly in the Illustrator program. I've done a ton of research and have been racking my brain for the last 2 years and have finally found sufficient workarounds for this issue. The downfall with these workarounds: all spot colors located in the gradients will convert to CMYK mixes. I'm still researching to see if there is a way to keep spot colors intact in these areas.
    A little back story: InDesign is converting the gradients into something called NChannel. It enables more accurate handling of color blending by including additional dot gain and color mixing info. Both InDesign and Acrobat have the ability to display these elements whereas Illustrator, from what I’m finding, does not. Which is why we’re seeing gradient elements drop out when opened in Illustrator.
    Workaround for CMYK Gradients
    Open PDF exported from INDD in Acrobat
    Go to Tools > Print Production > Convert Colors
    Object Type: Smooth Shade (this tells Acrobat to hone in on Gradients only)
    Color Type: DeviceCMYK
    Check Embed next to Conversion Profile (should be SWOP)
    Expand Document Colors on the right and Select DeviceCMYK in Color Spaces then click ok
    Save the PDF
    Workaround for 1 Spot Color in Gradients (Converts Spot Color located in Gradient to CMYK – all other Spots stay intact)
    Open PDF exported from INDD in Acrobat
    Go to Tools > Print Production > Convert Colors
    Object Type: Smooth Shade (this tells Acrobat to hone in on Gradients only)
    Color Type: Spot Color
    Check Embed next to Conversion Profile (should be SWOP)
    Expand Document Colors on the right and Select the Spot that is located in the Gradient in Color Spaces then click ok
    Save the PDF
    Workaround for 2 Spot Colors in Gradients (Converts Spot Colors located in Gradient to CMYK – all other Spots stay intact)
    Open PDF exported from INDD in Acrobat
    Go to Tools > Print Production > Convert Colors
    Object Type: Smooth Shade (this tells Acrobat to hone in on Gradients only)
    Color Type: Spot Color
    Check Embed next to Conversion Profile (should be SWOP)
    Expand Document Colors on the right and Select the DeviceN spot color that is located in the Gradient in Color Spaces then click ok
    Save the PDF
    Please try this and let me know if you have any questions! I'm always looking for new problems to solve! Good luck!
    - Jenny

  • Aliased text on PDF export with blending modes

    So I've had this issue with a pdf, I tried to export it CMYK, RVB, interactive pdf, regular pdf, with tons of different other options, the text was still very aliased.
    I decided to take it back from scratch, openned a new document with the same size, and copied/pasted element after element from the old one to the new one, exporting as pdf between each copy/paste. The first exports went really well, the render was great… until I pasted a vector element that was applied with a blending mode (overlay).
    When I switched it to normal, the pdf export was smooth again. Tried every blending mode, everyone makes the text jaggy. Switch back, it's ok. So I'm 100% sure that this comes from blending modes, as opposed to what I could have read on other forums.
    This is a request, please, InDesign team, take care of this problem, this is quite annoying in many cases.
    Thank you for your attention!
    Twitted here as well :

    To minmize the possibility of rasterizing or outlining text when transparency is flattened, keep the text above any transparent objects. Blending modes, along with most effects, use transparency.
    You can also minimize the risk by exporting the PDF with live transparency, which is supported in Acrobat 5 or higher compatibility.

  • Copy/Paste text between Photoshop & illustrator CC not keeping formatting

    Hi, before when I copied text over from photoshop to illustrator it kept the text formatting. For example the font, font size, color.
    Now when I use CC and copy paste text from PS to AI, all text formatting is lost and everything is placed as whatever the current AI text setting is.
    HOWEVER, pasting from AI to PS WORKS as it should. All font/text formatting is maintained.
    Is this a bug or is there a setting for this that I just never knew about?

    Now when I use CC and copy paste text from PS to AI, all text formatting is lost
    Seems to work for me on Photoshop 14.0 and Mac OS 10.8.4.

  • Mac / CS6 copy-paste text error

    I´m trying to copy-paste text from mail or text edit to Photoshop CS6. PS says cannot paste text, clipboard is empty or text is corrupted. Using Mac Book Pro.

    Hello -
    Make sure you are updated to the latest version of CS6. And try resetting your preferences:
    See if that helps.

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