Correcting the play count

Ok, you can tell I'm new at this, so I have a stupid question. I just added 3 songs from my computer to my library. I have noticed that the play count is not updating on these songs, is there a way to set it?

Play counts will increment after the song ENDS. So starting the song won't do it. To test, play a song all the way through or play it and slide the slider over the end and just let the last few seconds play. When it is done, it should increment.
Oh, and I am assuming you are talking about in iTunes or do you mean when you play it in the iPod?

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  • When I sync my IPod it remembers the plays and doesn't count them from 1 even though I reset the play count, any fix?

         The problem is I like to track my play counts and like it to be correct, and it was having some errors so I reset my plays on all my songs however when I sync my iPod it will remember the amount of plays for example, if I play a song once on my iPod and then sync it it will have 1 play, then if I reset the play count back to 0 and play it on my iPod again when I sync it again it will give it a play count of 2 and so forth as many times as it gets played.
         I have an iPod touch 5, the most recent iTunes update and the most recent iPod software (iOS 8.1) and am using windows 7, but I think the problem comes from the iPod because if i reset the plays and play a song through iTunes it will go to 1, but if i listened to it 3 times on my iPod when i sync it, it will then go to 4.
         I have tried restoring the iPod and syncing it so there is no music on it and then putting it all back on but the problem persists. The only other thing i can think to do is uninstall/re-install iTunes but I'm worried if I do that it will delete my music. That is not a big deal as I have back up files elsewhere on my computer but I also have album art, lyrics etc. for all my 1077 songs and id rather avoid having to get it all back.
         Anyone know how to correct this or is perhaps having a similar problem?
    Thanks, Sean.

    If you haven't done so install iTunes on your computer.
    Follow the instructions here: iPhone and iPod touch: Unable to update or restore

  • Play count question.   I have about 500 songs in my library that I know have played at least once...probably just once.  Although there is a "last played" date listed there is no number in the play count column.   Any reason for this?  thx

    I have about 500 songs in my library that have played one time.   Although a "last date played" date is noted, there is no number in the play count column.  This only happens some times.   Any reason for this, and can it be corrected?  thx

    Thanks, but the play count is not incrementing only on the very first play.  All subsequent plays are fine.  Meaning the play counts for these particular tracks are always one play short.  I double-checked some of the tracks in question and I have not shortened, or stopped them early.

  • Has anybody fixed the play count issue?

    Hey up, been having problems with play counts noy syncing and read about others with the same problems...  Ive updated to iOS 5.1 and still the same issues. Rating are fine but thats about all!

    It works, but it's still a bit quirky.
    For me, it didn't work at all until this past Sunday (March 11) when iTunes on my Mac mysteriously turned turned Match off by itself. When I turned it on again (it went through the whole process of scanning and updating, but only took a couple of minutes), the play counts updated with the information from my phone. It's  been working for me since then.
    So if it's not working for you, I suggest making sure you have the most recent version of iTunes and turning iTunes Match off (in iTunes on your computer, not necessarily on your phone or IOS device), then turning it on again.
    Sometimes it takes a long time for the information to show up. I think iTunes is still only periodically checking for changes, maybe once a day or when you log in to the iTunes store, etc. Sometimes the 1st song I play on the phone will be reflected on the Mac almost immediately, and the rest take a while longer to show up.
    I don't track my play counts closely, I really don't care much about them, so I don't know if they are updating correctly. People in other discussions report seeing one play count as two and some other oddities - but I notice that things I play on my phone do show up (within a day or so) in my "recently played" playlist on the Mac.

  • IPod Touch messes up the play count

    I was wondering if im the only one with this problem. Every time when i connect the ipod touch to my PC (currently still PC but getting a Mac on sunday), and than disconnecting it again, using it a while and connecting it again, the play count of some songs are completely wrong. For instance i listened to a song 4 times and suddenly the playcount shows like 253 or something. i dont sync the ipod touch with my pc library because i dont want to. is that the problem?
    oh and another quick question (not topic related), is it possible to copy the information files which are used for my ipod touch to keep track of such things as play count, title, artist, album etc, onto the iTunes library? because some of my songs dont have the correct info and i sorted everything on my ipods library which i wanna transfer to the computer (not the music files itself. only info files). is that possible?
    cheers and thanks

    i am having the exact same problem.
    my ipod touch puts play counts up to over 1000 after listening a couple of times..
    make sure music is just stopped, not just paused on a playlist, and you dont have it on repeat mode.
    i have had to reset all of my play counts of every song (right click in itunes > reset play count)
    i think i may take it back if this keeps happening.

  • IPod and car stereo.  Will it keep track of the play count?

    I'm currently shopping around for a head unit for my car. I was just hoping someone could tell me whether or not the iPod still keeps track of play count when connected through a USB cable to the car stereo. I'm only wondering because I wasn't sure if this situation is similar to hooking and iPod to an XBOX 360 through the USB cable (which doesn't keep track of play count). If someone could please tell me what models do and don't keep track of play count, I'd really like to know. I'm particularly interested in the Alpine iDA-X305 so if someone could let me know about that one specifically, I'd really appreciate it.
    Thank you for reading my post, and I appreciate any and all help given.

    Kenichi Watanabe wrote:
    I don't think an car audio device would be smart enough to set up a connection that is like a computer's connection to an iPod. When I use my dumb docking speaker, the play count is kept for the next sync with my Mac.
    So do you think it just has to do with the fact that an Xbox 360 is pretty much a computer, therefore the iPod reads the connection as though it was a connection to a computer?

  • When i export library,will it keep the play count?

    when i export library,will it keep the play count so it is the same when i add to another itunes?
    PS iTunes 7 Scuck thats why I want to keep play count so it stays the same when I unistall 7 to put 6 on.
      Windows XP  

    This problem has also been plaguing me today. Here are my specifics and how I solved it (Expanding on what Quentin Holmes mentioned)
    CONFIRMED WORK AROUND! The .m4v file gets created while encoding, but Adobe Media Encoder does not re-pack it back into the .mp4 unless you select the "Export Audio" in Adobe Premier export prior to queuing. If you don't want audio, mute the individual tracks and still export audio.
    My details:
    Just bought a GH4, shooting 4k 25fps MOV, trying to simply trim a few clips and export them as H.264 .mp4 with no audio. (By the way it would be nice if we could export 4k .MOV files from the camera back into .MOV once finished editing, but in premier that frame resolution is not supported)
    Specs: Mac Mini, Quad Core i7, 16GB Ram, OSX 10.9.4, Adobe Premier Pro CS6 6.0.5, Adobe Media Encoder
    Hope that helps anyone with the same prob

  • Reset the Play Count?

    I can't figure out how to reset the play count in itunes

    I finally figured it out. Highlight the song(s), right click and select reset plays. Why isn't that in the help file?

  • After installing the itunes 12 update the play count

    After installing the itunes update my Ipod Classic has difficulty syncing, It will update recently downloaded songs after a lengthy struggle, but no longer updates the Play count & Last played columns with information read from my ipod. It all updates fine when played through itunes, is there a quick fix for this or does the ipod need resetting as the memory is practically full?

    Check to see if the iPod is currently set to Manually manage music and videos.  This setting is on the iPod's Summary settings screen (in iTunes), which is what you see when you select the iPod in iTunes (click the device button in iTunes 12).  If that setting is enabled (checked), the iPod does not automatically "sync" when connected; it is being managed manually.  iTunes is not responsible for keeping the iPod's library "in sync" with the computer's iTunes library (those two libraries are independent), so supporting data (such as play count and ratings) do not automatically sync either.
    If your iPod is currently using the manual setting (not automatic syncing), and all of your songs are in your current iTunes library on the computer, you can set it to automatic syncing.  Select the iPod in iTunes.  In the iPod's sidebar, under Settings, click Music.  To the right, check the box for Sync Music.  NOTE:  If that box was not checked already, checking it enables automatic syncing.  Any songs on the iPod that are not in your computer's iTunes library will be lost.
    Below the Sync Music setting, if your entire iTunes music library fits on the iPod, choose the option to sync Entire music library.  Then click Apply.  Going forward, updates to your iTunes music library will sync automatically to the iPod without any "lengthy struggle."  Supporting data on the iPod such as play count and ratings should also sync back to the computer's iTunes library.

  • My movies on my iPad wont sync the play count??

    My movies on my iPad wont sync the play count??  How do I remedy this?  Thank you

    Yesterday I have upgraded my wife Mac to maveriks and her iPad did sync the same books I have downloaded on her iPad... why it didnt work for me??? i don´t know. I have done nothing diferent.

  • The play count in iTunes doesn't advance

    After I play a song, the plays count doesn't advance.  Any ideas what's wrong?

    This is a user forum.  To submit feedback to Apple, use the iTunes Feedback page:
    However, you will be interested to know that Forum member turingtest2 has created several scripts that do exactly what you want:  consolidate by moving rather than copying, clean dead links, etc.  The scripts are available here:

  • Downloaded an E.P. and all of the songs play fine except one which skips itself. The play count goes up and if I click later in the song it will play, but it doesn't play automatically, how do i fix this?

    Downloaded an E.P. and all of the songs play fine except one which skips itself. The play count goes up and if I click later in the song it will play, but it doesn't play automatically, how do i fix this?

    many thanks.
    I'd report the problem to the iTunes Store.
    Log in to the Store. Click on "Account" in your Quick Links. When you're in your Account information screen, go down to Purchase History and click "See all".
    Find the item that is not playing properly. If you can't see "Report a Problem" next to the entry, click the "Report a problem" button. Now click the "Report a Problem" link next to the item.
    (Not entirely sure what happens after you click that link, but fingers crossed it should be relatively straightforward.)

  • If I convert the songs on my iPhone to 128 kbps, will the play counts still sync with what's on my computer?

    If I convert the songs on my iPhone to 128 kbps, will the play counts still sync with what's on my computer? I have a lot of songs on my iPhone which are at the 256 kbps bitrate, and if I take them down to 128 kbps on my iPhone, I'll be able to fit a lot more music on my iPhone. But...I really would like to keep the play counts between my iPhone and my Mac in sync. Will that still happen if I switch, or will there be an issue?


  • Why has the new iTunes reset the play counts on all my purchased music?

    I installed iTunes 11 and discovered that it had reset the play counts on all my iTunes-Store-purchased music.  What gives?  Here's another thing, perhaps for a separate question here on the forum: play counts and "last played" do not update after a song is played unless I had specifically double-clicked it.  Weird.

    My God... I wanna know the same thing!

  • Keeping the Play Count?

    I have been using an iPod 5th gen, it's syncs auto with my PC, that haves iTunes 6...
    I recently got a notebook, iTunes 7, and I'm wondering, is there a way to maintain the playcount of both synched?
    they have the exact same songs...
    if I plug the iPod on the regular PC and then on the notebook, will it update both play count? will something happen due to the fact of: iTunes 6 and iTunes 7??

    iPods really only like to work with one computer. That is if you are doing auto sync. Normally, to use with more than one computer, you need to set iPod to manually manage contents. The only problem than is that playcounts no longer update back to iTunes.

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