Corrupt result display during testing.

I have a custom UI running TestStand sequences. The sequences call my COM DLL to display results during testing. The results are displayed in a CWnd derived list. The results scroll in the list. If anything interacts with the list (message box, or mouse) the list becomes corrupted (blank lines etc), and eventually the process crashes. This occurs on win2000 but not on WinNT. Any similar problems, or suggestions?
Also, the COM DLL dialog is run in a user interface thread.

I have done something very similiar to what you are doing. I have an MFC User interface that runs test sequences. I also have a DLL interface to an active X automation server that the sequences call. The server also displays test progression information sent directly from client applications that the sequences call. I also had problems with my displays working correctly when we moved from NT to 2000. I resolved the problems by upgrading to MFC service pack 5.0 and rebuilt all my components in Windows 2000.
I hope this helps,

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  • I want to write a program in LabView then pass the test results to teststand to check if it pass or fail without displaying the test stand program,

    I want to write a program in LabView and create an execute but I want to be able to pass test results to test stand to find it the unit pass ar fail the test then save the data to a database. How would i go about it.

    What's confusing is your statement that you want to do this "without display the test stand program". You can minimize the TestStand UI to the task bar but if you don't want TestStand to be running, how can TestStand evaluate the result. Explain a little more please.
    In the message body of your post, you just say you want to create a LabVIEW exe and pass the results to TestStand. What I would recomend is that instead of an exe, you create a dll and use TestStand's DLL adapter to call it and return the results. TestStand will evaluate it and do the logging.

  • Display missing test results

    Post Author: sunny07
    CA Forum: General
    I would like to display missing test results in the below format.
    Group 1: product group
                                                      Test ID 1                      Test ID 2                         Test ID 3                          Test ID 4                       
    Unit Number                                                                   *
    Group 2: product group will have different tests than group 1.
                                                     Test ID 5                      Test ID 6
    Unit Number                                    *
    (* test is missing)
    Any suggestions how I should set this up in Crystal Reports?

    Post Author: sunny07
    CA Forum: General
    User will be prompted for a donation type which they will select from a drop down menu. They will only be able to select one donation type when the report is run. There are only 4 donation types that the users can choose from. There are different test Ids for each donation type. The test IDs for each donation type are not defined in the database. Any suggests how I define the test IDs for each donation type IN CR 11.5? Any suggestion how I display the test IDs as displayed below? Connecting to an Oracle database. 24BA, FINB, HBC, HCV, ABRH, ABS are examples of test IDs.
    Example running report for the donation type Bacterial Culture:
    Unit Number                              Batch ID                      24BA                   FINB               HBC              HCV
    W03305100919                     20070321HI                                                *                                                *
    Example running the report for the donation type ABO Screen:
    Unit Number                     Batch ID                           ABRH                       ABS
    W035304100926             20070320HI                          *
    W035304100932              20070320HI
    W035304100932 will appear on the report because it has ABO Screen donation type. This unit does not have any missing test results.
    *The test ID does not exist for this unit number.

  • 2006 Mac Pro + NEC 3090 - grey screen not displayed during boot

    I have a September '06 Mac Pro 1,1 (Woodcrest variant) hooked up to an NEC 3090 30" LCD monitor, running OS X 10.5.7. Previously, I was using an Eizo S2110W 21" LCD; turning the monitor and computer on would cause the following to be displayed (in order):
    1. Light grey background with dark grey Apple logo with spinning thing.
    2. Solid blue background.
    3. Leopard wallpaper.
    4. Log-in dialogue.
    Since using the NEC, the grey screen is not displayed at all: the display stays blank until the blue screen is displayed, and then the Leopard wallpaper and so on. This is using the 2560x1600 native resolution of the display, and has occurred using both 10.5.6 and 10.5.7.
    If I change the resolution to 1280x960 and boot, the grey screen is displayed. If I change it to 1600x1200, I get weird corruption on-screen during the period when the grey screen should be displayed; for some reason, this includes part of the desktop wallpaper I was using before I rebooted.
    Resetting the non-volatile RAM using Command-Option-P-R works for the very first time I boot the computer, though the grey screen is displayed at very low resolution. If I reboot from the log-in dialogue immediately afterwards, normal behaviour occurs - i.e. the blank screen.
    The upshot of all of the above is that if I want to boot into Windows, or install OS X (e.g. when Snow Leopard comes out), I have to remember to boot into my existing OS X installation, change resolution, reboot whilst remembering also to hold down the ALT/Option key. It would be much easier if I could do away with having to change resolution.
    I have tried connecting the monitor to a PPC Mac mini at 1600x1200 (it won't go any higher), using Tiger 10.4.11 (not sure of exact version - the latest). At this resolution, the grey screen is displayed.
    Using a '08 MacBook Air (first generation) and the supplied DVI adapter, also at 1600x1200, nothing is displayed on the NEC until I get to the log-in screen. This occurs if the NEC is set to be the primary display or the secondary one - the only difference is where the log-in dialogue is displayed. I am not familiar with dual-screen behaviour, so I can't say whether anything is supposed to be displayed or not (i.e. does the grey appear on both displays?).
    I have been in touch with NEC Europe support on this issue, who suggested it might have something to do with the 10.5.7 release. I know this not to be the case, as it was occurring prior to 10.5.7 being released.
    Any ideas?

    Put more of your hardware listed in your profile.
    I looked and don't see you list your graphics card anywhere.
    Graphic card it came with was either X1900 (watch for heat and dust bunnies and clogged vent);
    OEM 7300GT (seems unlikely).
    You could have replaced either with 8800GT or ATI 3870.
    Require 10.5.2+ ideally 10.5.6+.
    Some problems cropped up with 10.5.7. 10.5.7 doesn't work on some (many) 3rd party displays and stay with 10.5.6 if necessary until it is fixed or resolved.
    But you say it happens with 10.5.6 also, and was doing so before 10.5.7? which makes your problem somewhat different or unique.
    Zapping PRAM or NVRAM reset obviously shouldn't be needed repeatedly. And your graphics card probably needs to be replaced, or test with another card to rule it out.

  • Tired of graphical corruption resulting in depth changing to 256 colours.

    When will the bug in the Boot Camp WinXP ATI Radeon 2600 HD Pro (mid-2007 24" 2.8GHz iMac that causes graphical corruption resulting in colour depth switching to 256 colours be fixed? This happens after a random time running WinXP (from mere minutes to hours), and can only be fixed by restart.
    Years have gone by and Boot Camp updates, reinstalling Windows, a new 24" iMac (same model sigh), and tearing my hair out in frustration as Applecare support and bug reports achieve nothing has left me rather disillusioned. FYI - Apple Boot Camp graphics driver is the only one that works with my model iMac.
    Still, it's gone on for so long I'm nearly ready to buy a new iMac. Can anyone tell me if this problem exists in any of the new models? Hopefully not since they use different GPUs, but given Apple's inability to sort even this most basic and glaring of bugs, I thought it wise to ask first.

    This appears to have resolved the issue on restarting the system. I guess I must have accidentally moved this slider while looking through the system settings.
    It doesn't explain how rotating the display twice "fixes" (or reverts) the changes made. That's a matter for a dev team if they ever want to bother looking into it though.
    Many thanks for the help,

  • Preventing setup/cleanup from being displayed during exec.

    I am trying to prevent the setup/cleanup sections of my sequence from being displayed during execution.  (i.e. I do not want the users to see anything other than the main sequence).  This way they can see the progress being made through the sequence and the cleanup sequence will not block the view of the main sequence(and the values from individual tests).
    If anyone has a clue how to do this please let me know.
    (Note: I still want the startup/cleanup to run, just invisibly)

    This tracing option is set in the Station Options. In Sequence Editor, goto:
    Configure >> Station Options, Tab Execution: Remove the checkmark from "Allow Tracing into Setup/Cleanup".
    Regards, Guenter.

  • I updated the photos that share with Apple TV but old photos display during music

    I updated the photo file that shares with Apple TV, and they display correctly when I play the slide show, but when they play slideshow with music playing it's the old photo file. How do I get the new photos to display during music? Thanks

    Not sure what you are trying to do, but the photo is just cached.  You might try restarting ATV and see if that will foruce a cache relaod.
    What is it you did?  Did you update an image, cover art, photo stream?  It could also be that what ever you updated it not what is being displayed.  For instacne if you updated something in iPhoto, but are pointing to Photostream that will not have an effect.  Same problme if you are looking at cover art while the music is playing.

  • Button on toolbar after executing the report i.e. after result display

    Hi, after executing the report result is being displayed.Now at this stage I want a button on the application toolbar clicking on which will allow a perform to get triggered.
    I tried in following manner:
    *MOVE icon_mail TO sscrfields-functxt_01.
    *form SEND_EMAIL .
    IF sy-ucomm = 'FC01'.
    But it's not ok.The above way is not working.
    Please note: I want button on toolbar only after executing the report i.e. after result display.
    How can I do this?
    Kindly guide.
    Best regards.

    if you are using alv than just pass 3 values to function call
         I_CALLBACK_PROGRAM                = SY-REPID   " program name
         I_CALLBACK_USER_COMMAND           = 'UCOMMAND'  " subroutine name
    and check the value of UCOMM in subroutine

  • Dump during testing of ECC 6.0

    Dear All,
    My client is upgrading from 4.7 to ECC 6.0. During testing of the new system dumps for some transactions have been arising.
    For the transaction codes F-06, F-07, FBL5N and FB02 same kinds of errors have been found with similar program u201CSAPMF05Lu201D in the line no 1023. In the BSEG table the value of Docln is found out to be u201C#u201D for all the documents that have been imported from 4.7 to ECC 6.0.
    Please note that these transactions are still working fine in the 4.7 system.
    Below is the detail description of the error that we are receiving in ECC6.0 for the above mentioned transaction codes.
    Steps to recreate the dump:
    1.     Go to T-code FBL5N
    2.     Provide the u201Ccustomer accountu201D, u201Ccompany codeu201D and u201Copen at key dateu201D. Then Execute.
    3.     Double click on the Doc date and the dump occurs.
    How do we go about it..

    My issue has been resolved after running below program which SAP has recommended.
    Run this report in the Dev --->ZF_DOCLN_UPDATE_YJ
    *& Report ZF_DOCLN_UPDATE_YJ
    *&Report to update the DOCLN field in BSEG, which has a hex value and is
    *&shown as # to initial. Please note this report is not to be used for
    *&FAGLFLEXA table problems.
    REPORT zf_docln_update_yj.
    TABLES: bseg.
    DATA: BEGIN OF itab_bseg OCCURS 0,
    bukrs LIKE bseg-bukrs,
    belnr LIKE bseg-belnr,
    gjahr LIKE bseg-gjahr,
    buzei LIKE bseg-buzei,
    docln LIKE bseg-docln,
    END OF itab_bseg.
    DATA: cnt TYPE i,
    cnt_commit TYPE i.
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <docln>.
    CONSTANTS: c_badchar(2) TYPE x VALUE '0000',
    c_commit TYPE i value 10000.
    SELECT-OPTIONS: p_bukrs FOR bseg-bukrs,
    p_gjahr FOR bseg-gjahr,
    p_belnr FOR bseg-belnr,
    p_buzei FOR bseg-buzei.
    detail AS CHECKBOX.
    SELECT *
    FROM bseg
    WHERE bukrs IN p_bukrs
    AND belnr IN p_belnr
    AND buzei IN p_buzei
    AND gjahr IN p_gjahr.
    ASSIGN itab_bseg-docln(1) TO <docln> CASTING TYPE x.
    LOOP AT itab_bseg.
    IF <docln> EQ c_badchar.
    IF update = 'X'.
    ADD 1 TO cnt_commit.
    UPDATE BSEG SET docln = space
    WHERE bukrs = itab_bseg-bukrs
    AND belnr = itab_bseg-belnr
    AND gjahr = itab_bseg-gjahr
    AND buzei = itab_bseg-buzei.
    IF cnt_commit GE c_commit.
    CLEAR cnt_commit.
    ADD 1 TO cnt.
    DELETE itab_bseg.
    IF update = 'X'.
    WRITE: /'Update Run'.
    WRITE: /'Test Run'.
    WRITE: /'Report run by ',sy-uname, 'at',sy-uzeit.
    SKIP 2.
    WRITE: /'DOCLN changed for Documents'.
    WRITE: /5 'CoCode',
    15 'Doc Num',
    30 'Line no',
    45 'Fiscal Year',
    60 'Six-Figure Line Item for Ledger'.
    IF detail EQ 'X'.
    LOOP AT itab_bseg.
    WRITE:/5 itab_bseg-bukrs,
    15 itab_bseg-belnr,
    30 itab_bseg-buzei,
    45 itab_bseg-gjahr,
    60 itab_bseg-docln.
    WRITE: /1 'BSEG Line Item Update Count:', cnt.

  • How to Use synchronous RFC calls during test run for remote accesses

    there is a Setting for the usage of RFC accesses from a tested system
    using eCATT.
    'X' - Use asynchronous RFC calls during test run for remote accesses
    ' ' - Use synchronous RFC calls during test run for remote accesses
    I developed an eCATT as following :
      SAPGUI ( SAPGUI_1 , Target_system_1 ).
      SAPGUI ( SAPGUI_2 , Target_system_2 ).
    My question is how to run the eCATT in a synchronous RFC calls
    PS: I do not want to change the Target_system to the same one in the
    above script of ecatt.Because I need to run it in 2 different Target
    systems sometime.
    for example, I give a Target_system_3 when run this eCATT
    I want the SAPGUI_1 and SAPGUI_2 run the Target_system_3 but not the
    Target_system_1 or Target_system_2 .
    Could you please tell me how to make it without the changes in script?
    Edited by: Weitong Liu on Mar 24, 2011 9:44 AM

    Hi Liu,
    Weitong Liu wrote:
    > ' ' - Use synchronous RFC calls during test run for remote accesses
    This is the standard option value. Asynchronous are not the standard way and used only for very special purposes.
    Weitong Liu wrote:
    > I developed an eCATT as following :
    >   SAPGUI ( SAPGUI_1 , Target_system_1 ).
    >   SAPGUI ( SAPGUI_2 , Target_system_2 ).
    > My question is how to run the eCATT in a synchronous RFC calls
    The commands will be executed in sequence. So each call will be synchronously replayed against TS1 and TS2.
    What is you issue with this standard procedure?
    Kind regards,

  • Search Results Display Preference as "Advanced" not working in R12

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm unable to do an Advanced search in R12(12.1.3) whereas "Standard" search is working fine at 'Search Results Display Preference' in Oracle Applications Home Page.
    Advanced search throws 'http 404' error in all upgraded instances.
    Is there any patch need to be applied or setups as part of R12 upgrade. Kindly help.
    APPS - R 12.1.3
    DB -
    OS - IBM AIX
    Thanks in advance,

    Thanks for the reply.
    I got only below error in Apache log and no error message at application/server logs. - - [28/Jan/2013:10:39:41 +0000] "GET /OA_HTML/null/search/query/search?search_startnum=&search_endnum=&num=10&search_dupid=&exttimeout=false&group=null&q=&btnSearch=Search&search_p_main_operator=all&search_p_atname=Language&adn=Language&search_p_op=equals&search_p_val=en&search_p_atname=&adn=&search_p_op=equals&search_p_val= HTTP/1.1" 404 134 0 "http://myaixmachine.nonet:41400/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?OAFunc=APPSSEARCH_DEFAULT_RESULTS&SearchableGroup=All&SearchText=&searchGroupDisplayName=null&renderSESUI=Y&retainAM=Y&addBreadCrumb=RP&OAMC=K&_ti=1388080887&oapc=20&oas=JNSHKRyzArPiepE5EfDLFA.." "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; Tablet PC 2.0)"

  • When i am on the 4 step in Search Result Display options, i get errors after 2 radio buttons

    I am using Oracle portal 9.0.2 version
    When i am on the 4 step in Search Result Display options, i get errors after 2 radio buttons
    Default Search Results Page
    This Search Portlet
    An unexpected error has occurred (WWS-32100)
    User-Defined Exception (WWS-11230)
    Unknown Exception (WWC-45131)
    ORA-06512: at &quot;PORTAL.WWSBR_STDERR&quot;, line 437
    ORA-06512: at &quot;PORTAL.WWPOB_API_PAGE&quot;, line 3369
    ORA-01403: no data found
    ORA-01403: no data found (WWC-11230)
    No data found (WWS-32101)
    ORA-1403: ORA-01403: no data found
    ORA-01403: no data found (WWC-36000)
    Error: An unexpected error occurred: User-Defined Exception (WWC-43000)
    Please help me with this one
    P.S I tried to run inctxgrn.sql, but it did not solve the problem

    i solved the problem by runing 2 scripts as a portal user
    You can refer to bug - 2418089. This was fixed in
    p_path => '',
    p_name => 'searchresultpageid',
    p_level_type => wwpre_api_value.SYSTEM_LEVEL_TYPE,
    p_level_name => null,
    p_value => 6,
    p_commit => true
    p_path => '',
    p_name => 'searchresultpagesiteid',
    p_level_type => wwpre_api_value.SYSTEM_LEVEL_TYPE,
    p_level_name => null,
    p_value => 6,
    p_commit => true
    NOTE - The difference is the value of 'p_name' attribute. If u see carefully it is 'searchresultpagesiteid'. The first time u run this the value is 'searchresultpageid'.

  • Safari 3.2.1 With 10.5.6 Update = Corrupt Font Display

    Since updating to 10.5.6, Safari is corrupting the display of certain small fonts, such as the "Compose" and "Preview" tab labels at the top of this Discussion "New Topic" window, and mail subjects in Yahoo web mail. The problem is more severe with small bold fonts. I have OS X's font smoothing turned off for font sizes smaller than 12 pt, and use the CRT smoothing style, as I prefer little to no font smoothing on my LCD monitor.
    I've reset Safari, corrected duplicate fonts, validated all fonts, run DiskWarrior, FontNuke to clear all font caches, and even reinstalled the 10.5.6 combo updater; nothing has helped. If I make the font one size smaller, the corruption is mostly corrected. OmniWeb 5.8 has the same issue as Safari under 10.5.6; FireFox 3.0.5 & Camino 1.6.6 are unaffected, and render fonts as well under 10.5.6 as they did under 10.5.5.
    I've booted my 10.5.5 backup to verify that Safari 3.2.1 and OmniWeb 5.8 had no font display issues before the 10.5.6 update. The 10.5.6 update was the only software change made on my system since the 10.5.5 backup I used for comparison.
    Anyone else seeing strange font display in Safari under 10.5.6? I think you'd have to minimize OS X font smoothing as described above for the problem to become visible. I'm out of possible solutions, other than hoping for a fix in 10.5.7.

    Well, for the time being, I'm just going keep 10.5.6, and use revised font smoothing settings: "Automatic" style, and "turned off" for font sizes 10 pt and smaller. The reason is that I did a little more investigating, and found that the distorted small font issue affects the entire system, including the Finder, not just Safari.
    I checked my G4 MDD that's running 10.4.11 on two 23" monitors (1920x1200), and it has the same issue as my G5 running 10.5.6, if font smoothing is turned off. So, this is apparently a long standing OS X issue that, for some reason, never affected my lower resolution G5 system driving a 20" monitor (1680x1050) until the 10.5.6 update was installed.

  • Dunp during  testing

    Hi All,
    The following runtime error happened during testing of the  system. the t-cde sued was AS03. When we click on the mastre data the runitme error occurs. Below is the detaisl of the error.
    Runtime Errors         ASSIGN_CAST_WRONG_LENGTH
    Short text
         Wrong assignment of a field symbol in program "SAPLSDSD".
    What happened?
         Error in the ABAP Application Program
         The current ABAP program "SAPLSDSD" had to be terminated because it has
         come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
         The type assigned to one of the field symbols
         is not allowed.
    Error analysis
         In the current program "SAPLSDSD", the ASSIGN ... TYPE ... statement was
         used to assign the type "D" to the field symbol "<%_1_SYSINI>". The length
         defined for this type is 16, but the reference field is 8 characters
         long. The type to be assigned is in the field "S_DESCR-INTTYPE".
    Trigger Location of Runtime Error
        Program     SAPLSDSD
        Include     LSDSDF11
        Row     813
        Module type     (FORM)
        Module Name     PERSONAL_VALUES_CONVERT
    Please suggest...

    SAP [Note 1227426|] should solve this problem.

  • HT4623 How to turn-off tap display during passcode entry

    I recently bought Iphone 4s. I like the phone as such but one thing that I want to change is tap display while entering the passcode on lock screen. I don't want to see which keys I am entering as this can put my phone on risk as anyone close to me can see what keys I had pressed to unlock the phone.
    Please help to let me know "How to turn-off tap display during passcode entry" on locked screen.
    Thanks for the answers and suggestion.

    This cannot be done.  You should simply hide the display from others' view.
    iPhone 5S allows you to use your fingerprint instead of the passcode.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Dear Experts, When i see Sender soap adapter status in Communication channel monitoring.I am getting the status as: "Processing Errors in the Last 50 Minutes" Thanx in advance

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    Is there some way to extract all data from the Vendor Master Records in a cleansing client, so that it can then be loaded to the production client?

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    I am unable to eject CD, how can I eject it manually?

  • Replacing CS5 with CS4

    I'm considering replacing Dreamweaver CS5 with CS4 because my textbook follows CS4, and there are several new features in CS5 that are not covered by the textbook. If I do this, will my existing webpages created by CS5 be destroyed? Will I be able to

  • Bugs mobile newst beta

    when opening links from email or others places thet use jump to post like # is not working click 2 time on screen to zoom, zooms like 1% or almost nothing, need to zoom much more