Corrupted Links & Missing Rollovers and Actions

I don't know what the hell just happened... I've been working on this page all damn day and I must've toggled something by accident because all of a sudden the page has lost all rollovers, links and actions. I mean, they're GONE. And I can't seem to bring them back. Sometimes I'll restart and everything will be there, although it still won't work in the Live Render Window, and the next time there won't be anything but blank palettes where the info should be. I tried opening the html page in a browser and it won't work there either.
Anybody have any idea what I did? The code seems to be there and all the rest of my pages work fine. I'm at my wits end and have basically lost the last 12 hours of work. I'm hoping I accidentally keyed some obscure toggle and this can be easily rectified. Otherwise... ugh.
Any and all suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know if it helps, but here's the first part of the code on my page:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />
<meta name="generator" content="Adobe GoLive" />
<script type="text/javascript">
window.resizeTo(1054, 630);
<csactionitem name="c3fd440e3"></csactionitem>
<title>The Main Page</title>
<link href="../css/basic.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" />
<style type="text/css" media="all"><!--
body { margin: 0; }

Can you upload the page somewhere or post the lot?
I put both in a zipfile attached to this post.
The first part of the page doesn't show what we need to see. Specifically we will first of all look at the link to the CSScriptLib.js file which should be in your GeneratedItems folder.
I included that in the zipfile.
Are you working with the site window open?
Nope. Just with the Live Preview Window.
Are the actions Head actions or are they attached to a link somewhere on the page?
They're attached clicks on images.
Have you recently changed any GoLive preferences?
Not that I'm aware of. But who knows, maybe I accidentally typed a key combination that screwed me.
Thanks you for our help!

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  • Tried Everything, still cant get rollovers and actions to work

    So ive gone thru page after page of this and that and nothing is working. I have a site file of my webpage (
    working in GoLive CS2. I am still in the learning stages, but think that this should have been fixed a long time ago.
    I know its the Generated Items (CSScriptLib) but cant seem to figure out exactly how. I have made sure everything is linked to its appropriate file on the server. I have encoded into page and vice versa. I have flattened the CSScriptLib. and made sure that it (GenItems Folder) is on the server as well and in the same row as the index4 page. And Synched. Everything that I can rake up to try.
    I know that Im missing something stupid. But I just cant seem to get it after looking through everyone else's similar problems.
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    Okay, so I even tried the Rebuild Script Library Option in the site setting area of my site window tool bar..but nothing. Soooo, I've started over from scratch and everything is going great,....thanks for asking....but now my problem is one ive had before with hidden layers that ive applied time editorness to, and that is that the image with an action to play scene is having that particular scene play in the upper left corner of its own layer box. aldfjlghdgh. So, i would move it in the editor and it would be okay. (that i know of) but this doesn't have a time editor "shadow layer" adfkjaljflaf. that makes no sense does it. forgive me. but anyhoo. this makeshift button doesn't wana show/hide the layer in the spot it's supposed to be in because it's unruly like my kids. It instead puts it into the top left corner of itself when activated. weird huh? haha. im sure this happens all the time to inexperienced fools like myself.

  • SharePoint 2013 - Site Settings - Users and permissions - "Access Request and invitations" link missing

    I am site collection administrator and have configured the outgoing email in Central administration but "Access Request and invitations" link  is missing, pl advice any additional configurations for this link to show up
    I was though able to configure access requests by going to Site Settings->Users and permission and on the ribbon selected "Access Request Settings"
    What is the difference in either of the approaches?

    Hi there,
    I noticed this post, and didnt really find an appropriate solution to your issue. I noticed the same issue when dealing with Access Requests. First of all to make sure that the Request feature is enabled, you need to access 
    Site Settings -> Site Permissions -> Access Request Settings -> Make sure the
    'Allow access requests' option is enabled.
    The Allow access screen just allows you to enable the feature and also to specify a email address that notifications are sent to. Whereas the 'Access Requests and Invitations' section provides a screen to manage Access Requests and request history.
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    Hope it helps

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    Hey Guru's
    I'm missing the links to Address and Bank info in the personal information tab for some reason. Anyone have any idea what could have been changed to do so?
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    Hi Terry,
    In Home-Pageframework Check in - Country specific services
    Define Services
    eg Employee_personfo_address     40 employee_address_in_service
       Employee_personfo_address05     40     employee_address_in_service05
    Assign Services to Subarea and assign the position     

  • I am on the Adobe Cloud, but for the past few days every time I attempt to open indesign I get the message missing plug-in Actions. RPLN, and the app will not open.

    I am on Adobe Cloud but over the past few days every time I try to open indesign I get the message that there is a missing plug-in Actions. RPLN, and the app will not open. Any ideas?

    Hi, when I try to open indesign itself this message comes up:
    Adobe Indesign cannot load the ACTIONS.RPLN plug-in. The plug-in requires
    the 10.1 version of indesign.. Please contact the vendor to get a
    compatible version of ACTIONS.RPLN.
    I am not able to click off the message to make the box disappear, so have
    to crash out.

  • Links Missing Under Travel And Expenses After Upgrade To EHP3

    We have upgraded our ECC 6.0 to enhancement package 3 and our portal to BPERPESS 1.3, now the links under travel and expenses are missing, we were having all the links under it before upgrading the ECC 6.0 to enhancement package 3. Is there any configuration missing on the ECC side, please advice.

    Check in SDM whether the Business Package has be update successfully. there may be some problem during the deployment of Eh P3

  • Missing link between Itunes and Music Loaded from CDs

    Somehow itunes no longer recognizes the link between itunes and music loaded from my Cds (error message in itunes indicates original file could not be found). I can establish this link manually one by one and the songs play but how can I establish this link other than manually one by one in itunes ?

        Hi again!
         I saved the last message by accident which caused the reply to be sent off and so I had not finished what I wanted to write. Aploogies.
         I didn't find the new iMac hybrid SSD/Disk system easy to understand when it arrived over a year ago. I eventually decided that the 256 SSD section would be best suited to having the Operatin System for greater speed and I must have decided to put the music files on the 1TB internal hard drive along with photos and raw video clips. I can't honestly remember. There was a lot to take in. I wasn't even aware until this failure that iTunes had a default location.
         In addition to having the iTunes folder on the internal 1TB hard drive, I used Time Machine to store the entire computer contents on a 1TB Western Digital external hard drive. I had done my last Time Machine back-up on the 13 February and so I was hoping that by opening one or two songs on the back-up, they might reactivate the 'old' interface with the original playlists on it. That didn't happen but I then realised, while I was still in the Tme Machine back-ups on the WD external hard drive, that in the iTunes Media folder contained within the iTunes folder on the default Users/Username/Music location there was only an Add automatically to iTunes folder which was empty. While still still looking through the Time Machine back-upsI saw that the music instead was stored on the 1TB of internal hard drive as outlined on the first post:
         'The music files are located in folders (name of artists), within a folder (iTunes Music), within a folder (iTunes), within a folder (Music), within a folder (username) on the 1TB of internal disk drive.'
       The iTunes.itl file was last modified on Monday at 21:52. Created on 17th February, 2012. Size 386KB

  • Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing.

    I'm having the error "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" and I can't read/write CDs/DVDs. When I try to update the driver  I have the message that it is already up to date.
    I can't find the driver to dowload and try to fix the problem. Where can I download it or solve somehow my problem?

    Hi juigarashi,
    Microsofts automated troubleshooting service on the link below may help
    CD/DVD Repair
    Hope it works for you.
    ****Click the White thumb to say thanks****
    ****Please mark Accept As Solution if it solves your problem****
    ****I don't work for HP****
    Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience

  • Missing files and improperly working programs

    I'm posting this question on behalf of a friend who is having some serious problems with her eMac (G4 700Mhz running OS10.3), which seem to have just started tonight.
    So far she's found problems in a few areas.
    iPhoto: When she looks the files up through finder (user>pictures>iPhoto Library) a large number of the folders and pictures are missing. When she launches iPhoto, no images come up.
    Mail: When she launches Mail, her address book isn't accessible. That's to say, it's not even there any more.
    iTunes: She looked quickly through her iTunes library and is pretty sure that some of her music is missing as well, though she wasn't absolutely sure on that as she had only just discovered the problems when she called me in a panic.
    It sounds similar to a problem another friend had when they inadvertently changed the name of their "Home" user file and all the settings and many files were "lost" (a problem we resolved with the help of someone on here), but I am assured that that is not the case with this situation.
    I haven't seen the computer myself as of yet as we live in different cities, but conveniently I am going to visit this weekend and was hoping I might show up with some idea of what might have happened.
    Are there any current Mac based viruses out there that could do this? She's never had a virus before (nor have I, in 7 years with a mac), she doesn't use any p2p's or download any files through torrents or sites (though that doesn't mean her husband doesn't). Is there a good anti virus program to use for mac? Preferably a free one to start with.
    I recently picked up a copy of techtool pro and thought I'd bring it and give it a try, but as I haven't used it yet myself I'm not sure of it's full capabilities. I also have some recovery software i can try. Is she best to just leave the computer as is for the next 2 days till we can run some programs or should she try running disk utility or something else?
    I realize it's an older computer, though she's had no problems before this, and now is not the time to be buying a new one if possible.
    Sorry for the length of this, just trying to be thorough for you. Any help/advice would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    Message was edited by: x2pher

    Thanks for the reply. I'll look into that program, but from what I just read about it, it sounds like the copy of Techtool Pro I have will do all of that and more, but hey, everything helps.
    So, I just got here last night and this morning is the first chance I've had to look at the computer so thought I'd give a bit of an update.
    From what I can see it's like random files have just gone missing. There's no trace of certain files, a number of the iPhoto "date" folders are missing, of the ones still present, half of them are completely empty not even containing the "data", "thumbs", or "originals" folders. Most of the folders that still contain images, are still missing the "data", "thumbs", or "originals" folders that should accompany them. And when I open iPhoto, it says the library is empty, it's almost as if the file (3mb in size) has been corrupted or that iphoto is just looking in the wrong place for the iPhoto Library. I'm a little lost here as it's not like with iTunes where you can select the location of your Library.
    The missing songs in iTunes, are just missing songs and are easily replaced, but the missing photo's are obviously important. I have a data recovery program I'm going to try, but if we could prevent this from happening in the future that would be great. Though to do that we need to know what's happened.
    Oh, and as for the missing address book link in the Mail program, it's not just that, the entire address book program is no longer on the computer, the only remaining files related to it are those in the users > name > application support > address book folder.
    Haven't looked to see what else may be missing, but as far as my friend can tell, she says nothing else is missing that she knows of.
    So far I've only run Verify Disk permissions/Disk, and that turned up nothing.
    It's like someone's just gone through and deleted all these random files/programs, but why in such a random pattern?
    Message was edited by: x2pher

  • Linking the Employees and Departments Reports - 2Day+ tutorial

    Hi Guys,
    I am APEX newbie and started off with the 2DAYPLUS tutorial. Got stuck in the "Linking the Employees and Departments Reports" part.
    I followed the instructions (even did it twice) where you you create a select list of department which will populate your employee table according to the Department you select.
    Can't seem to make it work. So when I select Accounting or anything form the drop down list, the Employee table remains unchanged. Anyone else had similar issue? Not sure if its me or there is a step or two missing in the tutorial.
    Section in TUTORIAL:

    For search engines:
    I missed the part:
    b.Select List Control Type - Select Select List with Submit and click Next.
    Well actually didn't miss it, there wasn't that option in my APEX installation (maybe tutorial is a bit outdated for earlier version of APEX).
    If you have already created the Item and it does not work then:
    1) Go to EDIT for that P3_DEPARTMENT_ID
    2) Scroll down to SETTING section
    this achieves the same result as (b) above.

  • Bios is corrupt or missing (error 501)

    I downloaded the newest version of the bios.  Under system info, it identifies this newest bios as the bios.  But the computer shuts down every 30 minutes or so.  The computer shuts down.  Then it restarts, on its own, and a message comes up, saying "The bios is corrupt or missing (error code 501)." I tried recovering the bios using a press key combination, but it doesn't work.  I don't think the computer supports this function.   I do have a HP_Tools volume.  It has a folder "Hewlett Packard/Bios/Current" with files "68SAD" and "68SAD.sig".  The "Previous" folder has the same files.  The "New" folder is empty. I've always updated the Bios from the system drive, rather than from an external Flash drive.  I don't know if this matters or not.   I retried updating the Bios several times, thinking I did something wrong.  The computer still keeps shutting down, on its own, while doing things.  Then it restarts on its own with the "bios is corrupt or missing" message.  I can't turn off the computer without it restarting on its own and coming up with that message.   I'm desperate.

    Hi @HP-salum 
    Thank You for your inquiry, I will do my best to assist you.
    It is my understanding that when you turn on your notebook you are receiving the Bios application 501 is missing or corrupt.
    You will need to restore your bios.  Here is a link to assist you with that process. Restoring the BIOS
    If you are unable to  restore the bios using the Windows key plus B method, if you can access the bios by pressing F10 approximately once ever second after pressing the power button to start the notebook to enter the system configuration screen you can try restoring the defaults.  There will be an option along the bottom of the screen.
    If you are unable to install  the HP_Tools on a USB key as instructed in the previous document you can go to the download page for your notebook and look for a bios update which you can download and install on the USB key to  recovery your notebook.
    Here is a link to Drivers & Downloads where you will need to input your exact model to display a list of software and drivers for your notebook.  This is where you can look for a bios update for yours.
    Good Luck!
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • [CS5.5] Recovering a "corrupted" link

    I recently opened a document, and observed this in my Links panel :
    In my document, I have three picture frames. Two of them are "corrupted" : in the link panel, there is no little preview at the left of the link name (the second and the third in my screenshot). The first one is well-formed and behaves correctly.
    The problem is when I drop a new picture in the frames with corrupted links :
    Here, I have dropped a new picture in the frame associated with the link "109325315.lay". The picture in the frame is left unchanged (is there a problem with low def preview ?), and the old link is preserved. When I click on that frame, the old link and the new link are highlighted in the Links panel.
    I tried, via the SDK, various ideas :
    * delete the link before the drop (ILinkFacade::DeleteLinks)
    * delete the resource before the drop (ILinkFacade::DeleteResources)
    * Relink the link during the drop (ILinkFacade::RelinkLink)
    * Reinit the resource during the drop (ILinkFacade::ReinitResource)
    * Reattach the link during the drop (ILinkFacade->AttachLink)
    * Update the link after reinit the resource or after relink the link (ILinkFacade::UpdateLink)
    It seems the resource is valid, because the contained URI is correct.
    In all these cases, I can't get the situation back to a normal one. It looks like there is someting wrong in the link or in the resource, but I can't see what.
    Has anyone an idea of what I could investigate further to get more informations and help me in my debug ?
    Edit : What is responsible for mapping between source object (here the picture frame) and the link ? I can't see any reference in the lin or in the resource to the source object. Maybe this mapping is broken ?

    Try using a Forum search or a Google search - 'Using Adobe Dynamic Link with After Effects requires Adobe Production Premium' was quite common error. Deactivating and reactivating the Suite resolved the issue in most cases.

  • Missing images and not able to use copy and paste anymore - just blank rect

    I've a problem that really scares me.
    I use severall png and pdf images. But at one point keynote looses the media and just displays these grey rectangles instead of some images. I tried to figure out if it just happens with pdf images and replaced the missing pdf images through png24 images with transparency. It first worked fine (they showed up) and then it tells images can not be saved. If I open the presentation again, the images are missing. And it seems that the more images and slides i put in the presentation, the more images are missing…
    But there is more: I even can't copy and paste these images anymore. If I try to copy one of the images I just have replaced (because they have been lost by saving), it just pastes the blank grey rectangle instead of the image.
    This really is a problem because I now have to repetitive tasks (like same animation for the same image in the same size) over and over again. And when I save the doc – they are al gone again…
    It really scares me and I don't have an idea how to solve this.
    It also happens, if I repleace an pdf image with an png image and than try to copy this new png image. However I am able to drag the image from the Finder again.
    I am working on a PB G4, 1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM.
    My Keynote Version is 3.0.2.
    The Keynote Dokument is saved and opened from a G4 X-Serve wich is only used by Macs (so no Windows Filesystem anywhere). I still have anough space on both, my local and the server volume. I don't transfer the Keynote document. So it should not be a problem with the names on the files… And the files are just exported from Adobe Illustrator (png 24 files with "save for web" and the pdf files are saved as Illustrator pdf) – so they should really be fine and not corrupted…
    At this time the Keynote document has a size of 179 MB (because of a video) and only 16 slides. And the theme was built from scratch – so no import from Powerpoint or so…
    I looked through the Keynote preferences and found a thing like (sorry self-translated from german version to english) "scale placed images to slide-size". I wondered if keynote saves a copy of the sacaled image after that and corrupts the image itself? But I don't think so.
    I've had these problems with earlier versions of Keynote, but it occured just sporadically and I could solve it through pasting it again. But this time I can not solfe it anymore.
    Does anybody encounter same problem? Or has a hint?
    I really would appreciate, because I have to finish the presentation very soon and are not able to work properly with that. Furthermore, I am scared of saving and opinging the presentation again, because the lost files can not be replaced…

    I now have a hint:
    As a colleague said, he encountered some problems with usagerights on our fileserver (XServe). He said he wasn't able to read files he put on the server himself again…
    If this is true, the same could have happened to Keynote for placed images, as Keynote writes these images as separate files in the doc package…
    I will try to work on my local volume and see if it solfes the problem.
    But sooner or later I will have to place the whole thing on the server again…
    Do you think this is the reason?

  • Error message "Firefox is already running but is not responding" - I have read and action the KB - no fix

    So before we start - I have read the KB ( and actioned the advice on how end the processes, delete the parental lock, etc. This gives a temporary but one time only fix and does not resolve the overall issue.
    I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the application.
    So why do I get the Error message "Firefox is already running but is not responding"?

    See also:
    Note that in Firefox 13+ (expected to be released June 5) the parent.lock file is no longer deleted after closing Firefox to make it possible to check for startup crashes, so the presence of that file will in the future no longer indicate a problem.
    Create a new profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problems.
    See "Basic Troubleshooting: Make a new profile":
    There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "Tools > Add-ons > Extensions & Plugins" in case there are still problems.
    If the new profile works then you can transfer some files from the old profile to that new profile, but be careful not to copy corrupted files.

  • MacBook 2006 w/Snow Leopard; HP B210 printer; print problem; error message: One or more components of the HP printing software are corrupted or missing. Reinstalled software but Mac will not cause printer to print.

    ? MacBook 2006 w/Snow Leopard; HP B210 printer; print problem; error message: "One or more components of the HP printing software are corrupted or missing..." Reinstalled software but Mac will not cause printer to print.  My MacBook Pro works fine with same wireless printer.

    Hi ArielAce , thanks for getting back to me!
    I would recommend downloading and running the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
    Please keep me posted!
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