Create an outbound delivery with reference to a purchase order

Hi folks, would you tell me if I can create an outbound delivery with reference to a purchase order?
I tried to use the transaction VL10B but after I run there is no data is selected. Should I set up anything else for that?
Thanks in advanced.

Yes, you can create outbound delivery with reference to a PO.
In transaction VL10B, if you are not sure about the shipping point leave it blank. ALso, you can check the shipping point from the shipping data and enter it here.
Leave the field Condition rule to create delivery blank so that it will consider PO with delivery date falling within one year.
In the Purchase order tab, enter the PO number.
Execute.  It should fetch you the PO list due for delivery.
Before doing the above, make sure PO is not subjected to release strategy. Check the quantity in the PO due for delivery.
Thanks and Regards,

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  • Creation of inbound delivery with reference to a purchase order

           Everyone on the Forum, I have an inbound delivery (ASN), z that programmatically
    (1) (2) I will develop, I found two modules function, BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE and BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE_31I. The two modules operate to create inbound delivery, only
    the first mark me an error and the second error don't mark me, but not validates me any data
    the purchase order. The error I marked in the function call function 'ME_CONFIRMATION_READ_AVIS'
    If I can help with this issue or tell me the difference between one and another.
    Thank you.

    if you want to have you can use the FM ALM_ME_GOODSMVT_CREATE
    hope it helps

  • Can we create outbound delivery with reference of purchase order

    Hi All,
    can we create outbound delivery with reference of purchase order?

    dear friend,
    as far as i know you can create it with the following references:
    -to sales order;
    -to STO;
    -to subcontract order;
    -to project;
    -without any ref
    are you talking about stock transport order ?

  • I faile to create outbound delivery with reference to scheduling agreement by using BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_SLS.

    Dear Team,
    Can you please help me by providing the BAPI name for creating the outbound delivery for Scheduling Agreement in SAP SD .
    I faile to create outbound delivery with reference to scheduling agreement by using BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_SLS.
    The system says "missing data in the BAPI interface: VBAK VBTYP E". It seems another FM should be used for scheduling agreement only.
    Thank you for your help in this regard .

    Hi Raghu.
    As much as I don't want to do this but just to resolve this error I created an enhancement implementation in include LV50R_CREACSV form routine dcs_check_so_vs_interface and modified VBTYP to blank to avoid that error message.
    Got the tip from this thread
    Unless... anybody has a brighter idea (without modifying the standards)?

  • Could we create an inbound delivery with reference to purchase requisition?

    Dear all,
    Could we create an inbound delivery with reference to purchase requisition?
    If yes, how could we customize the system?
    Kind regards,

    No, I don't think so. You have to convert it into a PO and then you can create the delivery.

  • Create Return PO using ME21N with reference to Original Purchase Order

    Dear Experts,
    Does anyone knows how to create Return POs with reference to Original Purchase Order using ME21N.  The Purchasing Department will be initiating the Stock Return to Vendor so we don't want to use MB01, 161 Movement Type to create the return PO.  Can anyone help.

    It is not possible to create a Return PO w.r.t. the original PO. Even if you will copy, it will just copy the details from PO but not store the reference of original PO in return PO.
    Better instead of creating a new return PO, add a separate line item in the orginal PO by marking it as "Return" and perform all the subsequent transactions. This will provide the better traking and reporting. But this may affect your release strategy (need to be tested).

  • How can I create a sales order with reference to a purchase order?

    How can I create a sales order with reference to a purchase order?
    Thanks in advance...

    you can't create a sales order with reference to a purchase order. You can input customer PO nuber in the sales order Purchase Order number filed.

  • With reference to contract Purchase Order Analysis report.

    I need SAP Standard " With reference to contract Purchase Order Analysis report"

    there is no standard report to get the PO list wrf to contracts,
    but you can get through SE16 from the table EKPO, where you have to pass the contract numbers ( get through ME3L,ME3M or ME3C ) in the field KONNR,
    lakshmi reddy

  • Create outbound delivery with reference to purchase order

    I've created new plant and when i make purchase order i cant see the PO in VL10B, and there for i cant create outbound delivery.
    In the PO in Item Detail there is no shipping category.
    What i need to do ?
    Thank you.

    Step1: In SPRO - Materials Management - Purchasing - Purchase Order - Set up Stock Transport Order - Define Shipping Data for Plants.
    Define the Customer number, Sales Org, Distribution channel and Division for the Plant.
    The Customer you are assigning for the Plant has to be created in the System to create the outbound delivery.
    Step2: In SPRO - Materials Management - Purchasing - Purchase Order - Set up Stock Transport Order - Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule.
        Then Assign the PO type and the supplying plant to the Delivery Type which is NL (for inter company) and Checking Rule.

  • Outbound delivery with reference to STO

    Hi all,
    When i run the Functionmodule   BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_STO in SE37. It is creating delivery but the generated delivery number is not available in LIKP or LIPS. Please tell how can this generated delivery be available in LIPS or LIKP.
    input for the function module -
    STO number.
    Thanks in advance

    Diwakar, Thanks for your reply. Actually we are trying to create outbound delivery ( OBD ) for the Stock transfer order (STO)
    in background. As of now i am using VL10B to create outbound delivery, but this works fine in foreground but cannot work in background. I have tried with bapi BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_STO this is creating deliveries but generated deliveries are not been commited in database. I am using Commit work ,  but this is of no use. Please find the code
    LS_EXT = 'My additional input'.
    LOGSYS = 'NONE'.
    VSTEL = 'HW01'.
    Synchronous RFC
    *at last.
          SHIP_POINT              = 'HW01'
        DUE_DATE                =
        DEBUG_FLG               =
        DELIVERY                = LF_VBELN
        NUM_DELIVERIES          = LF_NUM
        EXTENSION_IN            = LT_EXTIN
        DELIVERIES              = LT_DELI
        CREATED_ITEMS           = LT_ITM
        EXTENSION_OUT           = LT_EXTOUT
        RETURN                  = LT_RETURN.
    *refresh lt_return.
            WAIT = 'X'
       RETURN        = LT_RET.
          COMMIT WORK.
    REFRESH bdcdata.
    Hear the requirement is to create OBD in background.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • How to create a Inbound delivery type for a special  purchase order type

    I try to create a special Inbound delivery type for a special purchase order type (a transfer purchase order).
    In SD module, I can créate a special outbound delivery and precise the sale order type, but I don't manage to do it for a Inbound delivery type.
    Do you know if i can do it without specifiq?

    Hi Roselyne,
    What you experienced is standard system behavior. Inbound delivery type is uniquely assigned to confirmation control key. You can only specify confirmation control key on item level in PO. The assignment of Delivery type can be seen in the following table:
    1        AB                      X
    2        LA        EL           X
    3        GW       EG
    The field T163D-IBTYP is checked in different programms. For example in programm RM06ENAB (TA: ME92F). If you insist to customize the determination of delivery type by PO type, I strongly suggest you discuss with the Application consultants before making the modifications to ensure it won't impact other areas.

  • Shipping Notification with reference to a Purchase Order

    Hello all,
    I want to know how to create a Shipping notification referring to a import purchase order.

    Follow as per blw
    Go to SPRO-MM-purchasing-Confirmation-setup confirmation control
    here select the 10 and check the check box Create inb delivery
    then select the line and click on the confirmation seq and make GR relevant, MRP relevant and GR assign (all three box checked)
    Process Flow: -
    1. ME21N - In PO, Confirmation Tab, select the confirmation control key as "Shipping Notification" or "Inbound Delivery"
    2. VL31N - Create Inbound Delivery w.r.t. PO
    3. MIGO - Goods Receipt > Inbound Delivery
    If you donu2019t select the conformation control key in the PO than system wont allow you to create the Inbound delivery against the PO.

  • Creating outbound delivery with reference to inbound delivery

    Dear all,
    My requirement is as follows:
    I get an inbound delivery from my vendor for the our sales orders. (For n number of sales orders having same shipping point, shipto party ad sold to party, we get one inbound delivery) As of now we are using that inbound delivery and read data from LIPK and LIPS and using 'BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC' to create outbound delivery.
    But, it is creating one delivery each for every sales order. What we require is to create only one outbound delivery.
    I have searched in forums and tried to use VL10A, VL10C but since the delivery dates of each order are different I cant use those transactions.
    Now I have two options:
    1) Take inbound delivery as reference and create outbound delivery. Are there any FM's or BAPI's for this which will create 1 outbound for each inbound?
    2) Can we combine multiple sales orders into a single delivery when the delivery dates are different.
    Could you please help me.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Aravind,
    I am facing some issues while creating Outbound delivery using the BAPI 'BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC'. I am getting the error message in return parameter as "No instance of object type OutboundDelivery has been created. External reference:"
    If you are successful in creating Outbound delivery, please suggest what may be the issue for this message. Iam passing the exact sales order no and item no., quantty and unit of quantity. Also manual creation of Delivery using VL01N is successful but using the BAPI it is unsuccessful. Please suggest with your valuable points on this.
    Vimala P

  • ME21N Create Purchase Order with reference to previous Purchase Order

    Hello Expert,
    Previously have been using Purchase Info Records for reference when creating Purchase Orders using ME21N.  We then have deleted the Pricing Condition in the Purchase Info Record using ME12.  Now when we are trying to create a new Purchase Order with the same values (Vendor, Material, Plant and Storage Location), the transaction code ME21N automatically fetches the previous values of the Pricing Condition as if it was cached.  I remember of studying this in the MM academy but I am not sure how to disable it. 
    This error only happens when we are creating the first Purchase Order after the deletion, for the second Purchase Order, error will be prompted to the user saying that the Pricing Condition could not be found. 
    I would like to ask where in configuration can I delete this cache behaviour or is that any work around for this. 
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Antony,
    I found the "Update Prices" function in the Conditions Tab of the Item Details helps to refresh the data and fetch the new information from the Purchase Info Record.  I would like to ask is there anyway to provoke this function automatically everytime when a user runs the transaction ME21N.
    Thanks in advance again.

  • Delivery with reference to PO

    Hi all,
    Can we create Outbound Delivery with reference to the Purchase Order from customer directly?
    If yes what is the procedure.

    Hi Vijay,
    You can do it using VL10B. GIve shipping POint, Go to Purchase orders and give the PO number and execute, delivery will be created. The go to Vl02n and chcek the delivery.
    Reward if it helps

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