Create IDOC from file

I have received an IDOC order file, and I know there is a standard program RSEINB00 to create IDOC in system.
I would like to delete/add segments, change field contents in segements in the IDOC according to some of the segments in IDOC. Where can I manuplate it?
Thanks for your advice.

I am not test an IDOC file. I regularly receive IDOC file and need to manuplate the content, e.g. delete some of the segments, determine and fill in field content in some segments.
I just wonder if I can change the IDOC content after it is created in system, just like what I can do in WE19, but using a program. Is there any standard program for this purpose?
Or is there any user exit I can use when creating IDOC from file?

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  • Create Idoc from transaction

    I want to create a Idoc from a transaction.
    For example, if i will execute transaction "MM02" to change the material detail then i want to create a idoc for that changed material,
    Does anyone have idea regarding this?
    {{Actually remaining configuration i have done to sent a idoc from one system to other system but right now i am generating idoc manually using transaction "BD10" in which i am selecting the material manually.
    Now i want the whole procedure to be done automatically so that whenever a change in material will be done, a idoc will be generated.}}

    Actually i have already set "Trigger idoc immediately" in WE20. I am using Transactional RFC instead of file in we21.
    Configuration for WE21 is for port defination i am using transactional RFC which is defined in SM59.
    In WE20 i am creating Logical system in which i am using message type MATMAS in outbound for which i am using transactional RFC in receiver port.Output mode i am choosing "TransferIdoc immediately". and Idoc type is "MATMAS02".
    In BD50 i am assigning change pointer to "MATMAS".
    Also i have created distribution model but i am not able to distribute which i have already told u.
    At the receiver side i am creating another logical system in WE20 in which i am defining message type "MATMAS" as inbound parameter.Process Code is "MATM". and i am choosing "Trigger immediately" in processing option.
    So this is the configuration i have done and i m able to send idoc successfully but still i cant make it automatically. I have to use transaction bd21 to create idoc from change pointer. This is the only problem i am getting.
    So anything else is required to be done????????

  • Create Cursor from File with big mouse cursor

    Hi All,
    I'd like to change the mouse cursor to a picture (.cur file) and back to normal again.
    With the LabView vi "Create Cursor from File" and "set cursor" VIs it works, but the cursor is limited to 16x16 pixels (it will be shrinked if I load a biger .cur file).
    Alternatively I tried to use the windows api to set the cursor (according to the example in Thread ) .
    Setting the cursor to a biger size works now, but I'm not able to set the cursor back to normal again.
    It seems to me, that the labview behaviour is overuled by the windows api.
    Soes somebody know how to store the current cursor behaviour and reset it after I changed the cursor?
    thank you
    Mario Hirth
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    Hi Mario,
    I attached you an example which worked the way you want, I guess. It's saved with LabVIEW 8.6. Copy the coursor file cross_i.cur to a location you want and change the path to that location or copy it to C: and leave the path in the path control.
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  • Error while creating IDOC from payment run

    Dear All,
    I 've alredy done all EDI settings for creating IDOC from payment run. But system in not generating IDOC as end with a result as "House bank is not designated as a EDI Partner'.
    Please suggest how to define house bank as a EDI partner.

    From We20 u have to create the partner profile for the bank u r using in ur transaction. In we20 select the partner type B (Bank) and as Partner no give ur bank numbrer.

  • Can't Create PDF "from file" using any MS Office files

    Acrobat 8.1.1 Pro. (OS = XP), as part of the CS3 premium edition.
    I can no longer get Acrobat to recognize any of the MS Office applications extensions (.doc, .ppt, etc...) for use with either Create PDF "From File" or when using the Combine Files feature to Merge or Package. The extensions are no longer even listed as an option in the dialog box, or in the Preference settings under "Convert to PDF".
    FYI- I can still use the PDF Maker functionality from within the MS Office application to create a PDF.
    Any Idea what could have happened, or more importantly how to fix?
    I have re-installed the Acrobat 8 application, and the problem still exists.
    I'm truly puzzled.

    I get this with my PC and I ran detect-repair and reinstalled. Some PDF's I can open and other's I cannot. I can send the email to a cohort and they can open fine.
    "Can't create file: Right-click the folder you want to create the file in and then click Properties on the shortcut menu to check your permissions for the folder"
    Any ideas would be great.

  • Creating PDF from File, missing Settings

    Acrobat Professional. 6.0.
    I never used Acrobats "Create PDF from file", as in my MS Office 2000 there was "Acrobat - Convert to Adobe PDF" menu item with the possibility to change joboptions settings.
    My current MS Office 2007 now has its own PDF convertor only, so I tried the Acrobats feature "Create PDF from file". It works, but the Settings button is grayed out with all Office file types. I didnt find a way how to access Acrobats settings, so I tried by first opening Distiller and changing the options there. Nothing happened, the output from Acrobat has always the same file size and quality. Of course I could make PDF out from Office by printing to Adobe PDF printer, but how with other file types which are not Office types.
    Thanks for suggestions, i.e. for showing me what I eventually didnt consider.

    As I and Bernd tried to say. AA6 does not support OFFICE 2007. The fact that you have PDF Maker from AA6 working in WORD 2007 is surprising. Since it is not a normal or supported operation, we have no idea what to tell you. It should not even be working. You are the first one I have ever heard say that they have the AA6 PDF Maker (create PDF is the way it shows up) working in OFFICE 2007!
    Thus, I may misunderstand. But I am trying to tell you that none of us have experience with the configuration. Adobe will also tell you to simply upgrade. Unfortunately, that leaves you on your own to experiment. If you have questions along the way based on your observations, we would be glad to try to help, but don't expect too much.

  • I need help to create  idoc from scrach.

    i need help to create  idoc from scrach.

    Swamy Katta,
    Please read "[the rules|]" before you post any further, and confirm that you have read them?
    => Search first, ask questions later please!

  • Creating Poster from File function causes all graphics files to distort.

    Sorry for the long subject title, didn't know how to pare it down...
    What's happening is when I add 3D content in Acrobat 3D V8 I select the option in the Poster Image window to "Creat poster from file", the graphic ALWAYS rotates the image and often distorts it as well.
    Any fix for this?
    Jeff Perkins

    I don't get this error. I've tried both JPG and BMP files, and both work. Hmmm...maybe it's due to the aspect ratio. Try at least matching the layout (portrait/landscape) between the 3D annot and the graphic file.

  • Create IDOCs from DMEE Files

    Hi SDN,
    Can I create Custom IDOCs from the DMEE file format.
    The file is getting downloaded after the DMEE Run in a specific format individual to every company code.
    I want to generate IDOCs for every DMEE Run.

    Take a look at this :
    you need to create File port in Tr.WE21 , as file port
    Then you have to sechdule the program RSEout00 to collect Idocs .
    You can test it in Tr.WE19 , you can also use the Tr.BD87 to see your Idoc status
    Hope this’ll give you idea!!
    <b>P.S award the points.</b>
    Good luck
    Saquib Khan
    "Some are wise and some are otherwise"

  • Create IDoc from flat file - How to do the message mapping

    Hi everybody,
    I want to create an IDoc from a flat file.
    The file structure looks like this:
    - Node001       0...1
      - Leaf001
    - Node002       0...unbounded
       - Node003    0...1
          - Leaf002
          - Leaf003
       - Node004    0...1
          - Leaf004
       - Node005    0...1
          - Leaf005
    I have created a mapping and all the other stuff to set up the IDoc adapter.
    Now when I try to test the interface the IDoc is created properly but obviously no information from the nodes "Node003" to "Node005" is inserted in the IDoc. Only the information kept in the elements (leafs) of "Node001" are inserted.
    All IDoc segments and their "Segment" elements are linked to the root node of the file structure "MT_XYZ". I tried to link some IDoc segments only to "Node002" but then this segment is not created.
    So how can I set up the message mapping in a way that the information from "Node003" to "Node005" is transported to the IDoc? Can anyone help me here?
    Thanks in advance for all answers!
    Edited by: Torben Hönemann on Dec 14, 2009 4:26 AM

    Hi Torben,
    >>I want to create an IDoc from a flat file.
    So you are using File content Conversion on the sender side. Right?
    >>no information from the nodes "Node003" to "Node005" is inserted in the IDoc.
    Are these information available in the source XML (you can check in transaction SXMB_MONI-> Input Payload).. There is a limitation in File Content Conversion of File adapter and it is that I can make an XML structure of 3 level.. Since these nodes details are in level 4 and 5 they should be missing in Source XML structure itself (after content conversion of File adapter). check that
    >>So how can I set up the message mapping in a way that the information from "Node003" to "Node005" is transported to the IDoc? Can anyone help me here?
    So you need to take an alternate approach where you do File Content Conversion and make 3 level structure.. then using a mapping convert this three level structure to your 5 level one and then try to map with the idoc.
    Check this blog for an idea

  • Creating IDoc from DMEE File Format

    Hi SDN,
    Can I create Custom IDOCs from the DMEE file format.
    The file is getting downloaded after the DMEE Run in a specific format individual to every company code.
    I want to generate IDOCs for every DMEE Run.

    your problem is just like filling the segements using the data in other segements. that means if you have knowledge of enhancing the idoc and populating the enhanced segments then in the same way you can populate the BATCH segment also.
    you just go to the function module which will be creating the idoc(if its outbound) / function module which will be posting the idoc which is for inblund and then find the perform where it fills the segments ( it will be the one which you will use to fill the segment BATCH )and go that and at last of form you will find one customer function which you can use to fill the BATCH segment.
    i think this will help u,

  • Create IDOC from XML file

    I want to create Scheduling Agreement from idoc using XML file means i am receiving XML file and i want to convert this XML file into IDOC and finally process this IDOC to craete scheduling agreement.
    But i don't have any idea for tell me what should i do for this.

    You are receiving XML file and you want that to converted into the IDOC and inturn to be processed in your system, for this you need to create an XML port and you need to read the file from that port then an IDOC will be created.  Create an XML file port in WE21 transaction and then goto WE16 transaction and you can use that transaction to upload a file as an IDOC into the SAP system.
    Once the IDOC is created rest of the activity is same.

  • Why did my Acrobat 9 stop being able to create PDFs from files?

    Howdy folks- my first foray here.
    I have a copy of acrobat pro 9 which I installed and used uneventfully for the last few years (windows 7). I hadn't used it in the last few months.
    Yesterday when I tried to create a new PDF from file (word doc, per usual) it gave me an error after 'opening the program the file was created in'. then it said PDFmaker or something like that wasnt working, did i want to run in repair mode?
    I said yes, waited about a half hour for it to do its repair thing, and it still didnt work. restarted twice. tried repairing again and restarting. same errors. then i uninstalled and reinstalled acrobat 9, and it still gives the same error, asking me to run in repair mode.
    i really need to be able to convert doc to PDF and there is no way i can afford a new copy. does anyone have any idea of how i can make this work again?

    Sounds like you upgraded (or maybe just updated) your Office. If you updated to OFFICE 2010, then you will have to open the file in WORD and print to the Adobe PDF printer. PDF Maker for AA 9 is not compatible with OFFICE 2010.
    If you are talking about OFFICE 2007 or earlier, and OFFICE update may have disabled the PDF Maker macro. In that case, you have to open WORD and go to the oddins option and activate the PDF Maker option. It might be possible to get the feature back by opening Acrobat and using Help>Repair to repair your installation.

  • Can't create archive from file menu

    I can't create 'archive' (tar.gz) from file menu in Color (Save Archive As...).
    I don't have authorization problem on my folder project; i can create myself a tar.gz archive in the folder Archive of my Color's project.
    The system.log file said:
    Jul 16 09:45:51 fcp1 [0x0-0x1e01e][215]: tar: Cowardly refusing to create an empty archive
    Jul 16 09:45:51 fcp1 [0x0-0x1e01e][215]: Try `tar --help' or `tar --usage' for more information.

    some other users report difficulties, crashes, freeze-ups and very long save times associated with the Operating System and Finder. There is apparently some background file compression utility that may be interfering with your save routine. There are a couple of threads related to this issue on this forum, so a bit of searching may yield a solution.
    I haven't encountered it in nearly four years of day-to-day with three separate systems in either Tiger or Leopard. Suffice to say that if you have any third-party whiz-bang utilities running, COLOR is very vulnerable to OS corruption as it is a stripped-out race car that doesn't expect or tolerate much else when it comes to sharing the computer.

  • Creating PDF from File is creating poor image quality.

    When I combine files to one PDF I am receiving terrible image quality. I'm importing PNG's and I set my preferences to maximum PNG quality.

    asv wrote:
    I tried to "print" my file to the Adobe CreatePDF Desktop Printer and control the image settings from there, but it keeps failing.
    when you say "it keeps failing" what does this mean?  Do you get any error message or messages?
    The best way to create any pdf file from Microsoft Office package is to print to the pdf file as you have already tried.  If this fails for any reasons you can save the file in PPT or any Office packages as PDF as long as you have the latest versions of Office - 2007, 2010, or 2013.  For Office 2007 you had to download an Add-in from Microsoft website to "Save as" pdf but 2010 and 2013 are automatic.
    Hope this helps.

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