Create IDOCs from DMEE Files

Can I create Custom IDOCs from the DMEE file format.
The file is getting downloaded after the DMEE Run in a specific format individual to every company code.
I want to generate IDOCs for every DMEE Run.

Take a look at this :
you need to create File port in Tr.WE21 , as file port
Then you have to sechdule the program RSEout00 to collect Idocs .
You can test it in Tr.WE19 , you can also use the Tr.BD87 to see your Idoc status
Hope this’ll give you idea!!
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  • Creating IDoc from DMEE File Format

    Hi SDN,
    Can I create Custom IDOCs from the DMEE file format.
    The file is getting downloaded after the DMEE Run in a specific format individual to every company code.
    I want to generate IDOCs for every DMEE Run.

    your problem is just like filling the segements using the data in other segements. that means if you have knowledge of enhancing the idoc and populating the enhanced segments then in the same way you can populate the BATCH segment also.
    you just go to the function module which will be creating the idoc(if its outbound) / function module which will be posting the idoc which is for inblund and then find the perform where it fills the segments ( it will be the one which you will use to fill the segment BATCH )and go that and at last of form you will find one customer function which you can use to fill the BATCH segment.
    i think this will help u,

  • Create IDoc from flat file - How to do the message mapping

    Hi everybody,
    I want to create an IDoc from a flat file.
    The file structure looks like this:
    - Node001       0...1
      - Leaf001
    - Node002       0...unbounded
       - Node003    0...1
          - Leaf002
          - Leaf003
       - Node004    0...1
          - Leaf004
       - Node005    0...1
          - Leaf005
    I have created a mapping and all the other stuff to set up the IDoc adapter.
    Now when I try to test the interface the IDoc is created properly but obviously no information from the nodes "Node003" to "Node005" is inserted in the IDoc. Only the information kept in the elements (leafs) of "Node001" are inserted.
    All IDoc segments and their "Segment" elements are linked to the root node of the file structure "MT_XYZ". I tried to link some IDoc segments only to "Node002" but then this segment is not created.
    So how can I set up the message mapping in a way that the information from "Node003" to "Node005" is transported to the IDoc? Can anyone help me here?
    Thanks in advance for all answers!
    Edited by: Torben Hönemann on Dec 14, 2009 4:26 AM

    Hi Torben,
    >>I want to create an IDoc from a flat file.
    So you are using File content Conversion on the sender side. Right?
    >>no information from the nodes "Node003" to "Node005" is inserted in the IDoc.
    Are these information available in the source XML (you can check in transaction SXMB_MONI-> Input Payload).. There is a limitation in File Content Conversion of File adapter and it is that I can make an XML structure of 3 level.. Since these nodes details are in level 4 and 5 they should be missing in Source XML structure itself (after content conversion of File adapter). check that
    >>So how can I set up the message mapping in a way that the information from "Node003" to "Node005" is transported to the IDoc? Can anyone help me here?
    So you need to take an alternate approach where you do File Content Conversion and make 3 level structure.. then using a mapping convert this three level structure to your 5 level one and then try to map with the idoc.
    Check this blog for an idea

  • Create IDOC from XML file

    I want to create Scheduling Agreement from idoc using XML file means i am receiving XML file and i want to convert this XML file into IDOC and finally process this IDOC to craete scheduling agreement.
    But i don't have any idea for tell me what should i do for this.

    You are receiving XML file and you want that to converted into the IDOC and inturn to be processed in your system, for this you need to create an XML port and you need to read the file from that port then an IDOC will be created.  Create an XML file port in WE21 transaction and then goto WE16 transaction and you can use that transaction to upload a file as an IDOC into the SAP system.
    Once the IDOC is created rest of the activity is same.

  • How to create Inbound Idoc from XML file-Need help urgently

    can any one tell how to create inbound Idoc from XML file.
    we have xml file in application server Ex. /usr/INT/SMS/PAYTEXT.xml'  we want to generate inbound idoc from this file.we are successfully able to generate outbound XML file from outbound Idoc by using the XML port. But not able to generate idoc from XML file by using we19 or we16.
    Please let me know the process to trigger inbound Idoc with out using  XI and any other components.
    Thanks in advance
    Dora Reddy

    Hi .. Did either of you get a result on this?
    My question is the same really .. I am testing with WE19 and it seems SAP cannot accept an XML inbound file as standard.
    I see lots of mention of using a Function Module.
    Am I correct in saying therefore that ABAP development is required to create a program to run the FM and process the idoc?
    Or is there something tht can be done with Standard SAP?

  • Create IDOC from file

    I have received an IDOC order file, and I know there is a standard program RSEINB00 to create IDOC in system.
    I would like to delete/add segments, change field contents in segements in the IDOC according to some of the segments in IDOC. Where can I manuplate it?
    Thanks for your advice.

    I am not test an IDOC file. I regularly receive IDOC file and need to manuplate the content, e.g. delete some of the segments, determine and fill in field content in some segments.
    I just wonder if I can change the IDOC content after it is created in system, just like what I can do in WE19, but using a program. Is there any standard program for this purpose?
    Or is there any user exit I can use when creating IDOC from file?

  • Create Idoc from transaction

    I want to create a Idoc from a transaction.
    For example, if i will execute transaction "MM02" to change the material detail then i want to create a idoc for that changed material,
    Does anyone have idea regarding this?
    {{Actually remaining configuration i have done to sent a idoc from one system to other system but right now i am generating idoc manually using transaction "BD10" in which i am selecting the material manually.
    Now i want the whole procedure to be done automatically so that whenever a change in material will be done, a idoc will be generated.}}

    Actually i have already set "Trigger idoc immediately" in WE20. I am using Transactional RFC instead of file in we21.
    Configuration for WE21 is for port defination i am using transactional RFC which is defined in SM59.
    In WE20 i am creating Logical system in which i am using message type MATMAS in outbound for which i am using transactional RFC in receiver port.Output mode i am choosing "TransferIdoc immediately". and Idoc type is "MATMAS02".
    In BD50 i am assigning change pointer to "MATMAS".
    Also i have created distribution model but i am not able to distribute which i have already told u.
    At the receiver side i am creating another logical system in WE20 in which i am defining message type "MATMAS" as inbound parameter.Process Code is "MATM". and i am choosing "Trigger immediately" in processing option.
    So this is the configuration i have done and i m able to send idoc successfully but still i cant make it automatically. I have to use transaction bd21 to create idoc from change pointer. This is the only problem i am getting.
    So anything else is required to be done????????

  • Error while creating IDOC from payment run

    Dear All,
    I 've alredy done all EDI settings for creating IDOC from payment run. But system in not generating IDOC as end with a result as "House bank is not designated as a EDI Partner'.
    Please suggest how to define house bank as a EDI partner.

    From We20 u have to create the partner profile for the bank u r using in ur transaction. In we20 select the partner type B (Bank) and as Partner no give ur bank numbrer.

  • Choose File Form Data Create Spreasheet From Data Files

    I am following the tutorial for LC 8 and when I get to the topic titled "Collecting the data in a spreadsheet" it says to "Choose File > Form Data > Create Spreadsheet From Data Files".
    However, when I try to follow that path I do not see a "Form Data > Create Spreadsheet From Data Files" menu option.
    What am I not doing properly? How do I accomplish this task?

    Thank you so much Paul. I have been trying all day to locate the method by which I could create a spreadsheet using the pdf submit route. I suppose the tutorial in CS4 should have been changed to reflect the changed explanations, but I guess that would be difficult to do. Anyway it worked and I can now do the analysis I need from my customers (lots of pupils!).
    Best wishes,
    Kevin Palmer

  • Create two different DME files in FBWE

    Hi all,
    I'd like to create two different DME files in FBWE transaction, depending on payment metod (or depending on account used for bills of exchange receivable).
    Could anyone tell me where and how can I solve this problem?
    Many thanks

    Dear Fransca,
    when You run FBWE and You get the list, then You have several tab:
    Cust   Bill/ex data   Presenting bank  Totals   Posting params
    Please go to Posting params -->
    there is a frame named --> Create DME file
    here You can choose the DME type
    Usually for Italy we use IT01 that will produce the file on the base of CBI officila format.
    By the report RFWEDX00 You can download the file in the correct way.
    I hope this can.

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    ho to do it..??

    why do you want to do this from java?
    i just don't see the point.
    find your dba and have him/her run it for you

  • Creating spreadsheet from data files

    Why do I get the numbers in square brackets e.g. f[0].p1[0].Name[0], when I collate data using the 'Create spreadsheet from data files' command. I only want to export object names as column titles in Excel. This driving me mad!

    I got the same problem as Zali.I really need some one help regarding regarding this topic.

  • I need help to create  idoc from scrach.

    i need help to create  idoc from scrach.

    Swamy Katta,
    Please read "[the rules|]" before you post any further, and confirm that you have read them?
    => Search first, ask questions later please!

  • Reload Idoc from archive file

    I know the program RSEXARCL which will reload the idoc from archive file.
    If there is any SAP program to reload the particular outbound idoc from archive file by giving idoc number in the selection screen?
    After reloading to database ,we need to send this idoc to external system .
    Kindly help.

    Please check the below link:

  • How to create a inbound IDOC from flat file in Application server

    HI All
    Our requirement is to create the Inbound idocs from a flat file from application server with in R/3
    Could any body please let me know the steps required for this.

    1. Read the file using OPEN DATASET and read and fill up the segment info and fill the EDIDC header data
    and then call function
          IDOC_CONTROL       =  i_edidc
          IDOC_DATA          =  i_edid4.

Maybe you are looking for

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