Create Multiple Signature and Date fields with a custom Toolbar Button

First off, thanks in advance!  I am a scripting newbie and I am trudging my way through with very little experience with scripting of any kind.  I am good at taking other's scripts and forming them into something I need, but I can't seem to find anything to do what I want.
Using Adobe Acrobat X, I am trying to create a toolbar button that I can press to create multiple signature and date fields with predetermined locations.
Below is the script I have that is working to create just a single signature box, but I can't seem to figure out the exact syntax to have that same button create multiple fields.  In total it is 9 signature fields and 9 date fields need to be created.  If you can just give me an example of what the button would look like with multiple scripts?  I was assuming I would set up multiple variables and then in the cExec property of the toolbar button I could just call out all of those variables? 
var sigswm = "addField('sigSWM', 'signature', '0', [108, 198, 494.64, 72])"
app.addToolButton({cName: "dotbutton", cExec: sigswm, cLabel: "Place Signature and Date Blocks",});
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
Billy Sweeney

Thanks!  That was probably the only thing I didn't try.
I do have one more question.  What I want is when the signature field is clicked it fills out a specific date field. I beleive the script I want would be:
var currentTime = new Date()
    var month = currentTime.getMonth() + 1
    var day = currentTime.getDate()
    var year = currentTime.getFullYear()
    var signingTime = day +"/"+month+"/"+year
    var f = this.getField("dateSWM"); 
    f.value = signingTime;
I found this on another thread that mentioned it could be placed in the Signed tab of the signature properties dialog.  I am assuming it would be placed in my button script file as a setAction script for each signature, but I am not real sure exactly where or how?

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    Hi Lawrence,
    Please let me know the os version and hardware model of your mac.
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    I have replicated this issue for you on my mac, please refer the below screenshot and let me know if you still face a challenge.
    and this would lead to the following window :
    Now does this helps? Please feel free if you still have any question.

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    If you look at the various SD tables, VBELN and POSNR are commonly used as the document number and document line item.
    For VBAP and VBUP, it's referring to the Sales Order Line Item with the columns VBELN and POSNR as the key for both tables. However, if you look at the LIPS table, which is the Delivery Line Item table, it too has VBELN and POSNR as the key. Likewise, the VTTP table, which is the Shipment Line Item table, also has VBELN and POSNR as the key.
    While using RSOSFIELDMAP as a map is a fairly good "rule of thumb", it still needs to be used with a level of skepticism.

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    For example, you have the following key fields:
    Doc No, Doc line item (item no in the doc) and you load the following data:
    Doc# Item# Amount CALDAY
    1234  1        100       26.09.2005
    1234  1        150       27.09.2005
    1234   2        300      27.09.2005
    1235   1        400      27.09.2005
    The first two rows with the same key fields (1234-1) will be aggregated and into ODS will go amount of 250.
    What I said is true if for Amount key figure the ‘Add’ option is set.
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    Automator gets a bit unweildy when trying to vary things outside of what the actions provide.  Since you are already using an AppeScript in your workflow, might as well do the whole thing:
    set baseFolder to (path to desktop) -- the location to create the folder
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          exit repeat -- success
        end try
    end repeat
    tell application "Finder"
      try -- make new folder
        set newFolder to (make new folder at baseFolder with properties {name:folderName})
      on error number -48 -- skip errors if the folder is already there
        set newFolder to ((baseFolder as text) & folderName) as alias
      end try
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    Right now it isn’t too much trouble to first “Create Multiple Files…” then run the batch process Set Security, but it would be nice to be able to do both with a single command.
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    Thank you,

    I have uploaded the files and shared them.  These are the links
    Grade 11 Maths Standardisation Project Paper 2 2013.doc
    Grade 11 Maths Standardisation Project Paper 2 Analysis Grid 2013.doc
    Grade 11 Maths Standardisation Project Paper 2 Diagram Sheet 2013.doc
    Grade 11 Maths Standardisation Project Paper 2 Formula Sheet 2013.doc
    Grade 11 Maths Standardisation Project Paper 2 Marking Guidelines 2013.doc
    Grade 11 Maths Standardisation Project Paper I Analysis Grid 2013.docx
    The first file is the problem file.  If you create this file separately, Acrobat will convert it perfectly.  But "Batch create multiple files" and the graphics are deconstructed on page 8

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    Please check the link
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    and as Lakshmi said, check the forum before posting an issue.

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    can v create multiple billing document from delivery with single line item

    Dear Sandesh
    Go to VOV7, select your item category.  In this maintain K  for Billing Relevance
    Now go to VF01, give the delivery number and do not press Enter.  Instead click on Selection list on the next screen, select the items you want to bill and click copy and continue if necessary
    G. Lakshmipathi

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    I think you have this back to front. Unless this exception came from the server, in which case it is misconfigured, you don't have to create a certificate, you have to import the server's certificate, or that of one of its signers, into the client's truststore, and tell Java where the truststore is if it's in a non-standard location.
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