Create new page using wwsbr_api.add_folder.

When i try and create a new page and assign values to custom parameters using the API mentioned above i receive the following error:
ORA-06512: at "PORTAL.WWSBR_STDERR", line 45
ORA-06512: at "PORTAL.WWPOB_API_PAGE", line 5818
ORA-01403: no data found.
This is the code that i am using:
Pass in the following parameters to procedure:
p_site_id in number,
     p_parent_id in number,
     p_f_type_id in number,
     p_f_type_caid in number,
     p_name in varchar2,
     p_title in varchar2
folder_id NUMBER;
l_attributes_ids Portal.wwsbr_type.array;
l_attribute_caids Portal.wwsbr_type.array;
l_attributes_data_type Portal.wwsbr_type.array;
l_attributes_values Portal.wwsbr_type.array;
--build up the custom attributes arrays to assign to the page
l_attributes_ids(1) := 1222;
l_attribute_caids(1) := 36;
l_attributes_data_type(1) := 'boolean';
l_attributes_values(1) := '1';          
l_attributes_ids(2) := 1031;
l_attribute_caids(2) := 36;
l_attributes_data_type(2) := 'text';
l_attributes_values(2) := 'test';
folder_id := wwsbr_api.add_folder(
          p_caid => p_site_id,
          p_parent_id => p_parent_id,
          p_name => p_name,
          p_display_name => p_title,
          p_type_id => p_f_type_id,
          p_type_caid => p_f_type_caid,
          p_attribute_id => l_attributes_ids,
          p_attribute_caid => l_attribute_caids,
          p_attribute_data_type => l_attributes_data_type,
          p_attribute_value => l_attributes_values
RETURN folder_id;
return -1;
     when wwsbr_api.INVALID_NAME then
     return -1;
     when wwsbr_api.DUPLICATE_NAME then
     dbms_output.put_line('duplicate name');
     return -1;
     when wwsbr_api.MISSING_NAME then
     return -1;
     when wwsbr_api.MISSING_DISPLAY_NAME then
     return -1;
     when wwsbr_api.NAME_TOO_LONG then
     return -1;
     when wwsbr_api.URL_REQUIRED then
     return -1;
     when wwsbr_api.PLSQL_REQUIRED then
     return -1;
     when wwsbr_api.INVALID_PLSQL_EXECUTE_USER then
     return -1;
     when wwsbr_api.MISSING_PLSQL_EXECUTE_USER then
     return -1;
     when wwsbr_api.INVALID_FOLDER then
     return -1;
     return -1;
Any help would be appriciated.

Did you ever figure out your issue? I'm having the same issue after I try to set attributes.

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    Once you do that you will have to assign the format type ZPAGE to the printer which you want to use.
    Now you can use this page format in your script.
    Hope this helps.

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    If you want to create sub pages on an ordinary web site, then this is how you need to do it - you need the links on the pages that are not in the main nav bar to be able to get around the site.
    You don't have those links on your site, but as it is mainly photos then this does not matter and works for you, as you go from gallery to gallery. This will not work for everyone though - horses for courses! What works for one might not work for another.

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    I have catalogue (390 pages)
    Today i cant delete, move or create new pages.
    When i delete, move or create new pages - my Indesign CS5.5 program "freezes"
    Only with CTR: + ALT + SHIFT i can stopped my program.
    Аfter reopening everything was as before!
    I try to export like a  *.idml file, but my program crashes! Every time!
    My OS is: Windows 7
    Indesign CS5.5
    Please help me
    Thank you!
    With kind regards,
    Botev Plovdiv

    Is there anything at all related to this freeze in the Windows Event Viewer?
    Are you able to add, remove, or move pages in a new document? Are you able to export a new document to .idml?
    Yes, it is able!
    It sounds like there may be a corrupt bit of text, or an image in the file. It may be possible to isolate a page, and then an object, using "Divide and Conquer."
    Start with a copy of the file, for safety. Try to export the front half and the back half separately. If either half crashes, divide it in half aand try to export those halves. Repeat the process until you have isolated a page that crashes. Now remove half the objects from that page and try to export. If it works, put those back and remove the other half and try again. Repeat as above until you isolate an object.
    Thank you, I will try!
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    > It is basically just creating a copy of my template, and
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    > any way.
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    my guess is that you are opening the .dwt template file and
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    How can I open a new page (using "Pages") when I already have another page open?  It just keeps reverting to the page I have opened already and won't let me open another one?

    To make a new document, go to File > New From Template chooser and choose the type of document you wish to create.
    To add a new page to an existing document go to Insert > Sections > Blank.

  • Java script will not work after creating new page

    I am using dreamweaver cs3 and have a java script to rotate a banner in a template.  This script has worked fine in the past when I created pages in Dreamwever.  Now the  script works fine only when I test it in a template but when I try to upload to my ISP the script will no longer work.  At first I thought it was the ISP made changes but the person who sits next to me running the same version of Dreamweaver can create a page and the java works.  The java is placed in a template, tested by viewing in a brower and it works, however once I try to create a new page using the template the scriipt will not work.  To get around this I have the person sitting next to me save my template and then I can create pages.  Also if I save the template with my pc and it updates the pages created by the template the java will no longer work.
    This is very frustrating as I cannot create or modify my template on this pc.  What would prevent this from working?

    OK - now we are on to something ..... the script on the template only contains:
    function randomImages(){
      if(counter == (imgs.length)){
        counter = 0;
    MM_swapImage('rotator', '', imgs[counter++]);
      setTimeout('randomImages()', delay);
    However when I create a new page from the template with this javascript in it the code changes to:
    function randomImages(){
      if(counter == (imgs.length)){
        counter = 0;
    MM_swapImage('rotator', '', imgs[counter++]imgs[i]);
    function randomImages(){
      if(counter == (imgs.length)){
        counter = 0;
    MM_swapImage('rotator', '', imgs[counter++]);
      setTimeout('randomImages()', delay);

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    Hi Steven,
    Please create a quota template named "Personal site" and apply in self service site creation page, then check again.
    Daniel Yang
    TechNet Community Support

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    In my application, I need to write certain data in excel sheet. For that I created an excel template and I used the express vi in report generation toolkit to save the appropriate data in appropritate columns. I need a new file created everyday by that day's name and write the data to it rest of the day. I am having problems creating new file using this express vi. I tried using the low level vi's but not been able to it properly.
    Attaching my code and excel template.
    Please help.
    Go to Solution.
    excel ‏119 KB
    Book2111.xltx ‏8 KB

    r_te wrote:
    The thing is everyday there cannot be a file provided.
    Sure there can.  Don't you see the input on the Express VI for a file? "Path To Save Report" is the name of the input you want.
    There are only two ways to tell somebody thanks: Kudos and Marked Solutions
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